we both walked slowly across the field heading for a small stand of brush on the edge of a swamp. as we reach the stand of brush she looks and me and tells me that the bra is bothering her. so i tell her to take it off if it bothers her so much. much to my surprise she does... right in front of me. she proudly sticks her beautiful breast out in the air in that 'look at wat i've got' way. she then slowly moves twards me sticking them out at me. i take a step twards her and lowers me mouth on to her huge beautiful nipples. slowly running my tounge over them while i masage her crotch threw her pants. she finally takes off her pants and tells me to lick her pussy.

i slowly suck on her pussy lips while running a finger up and down the length of her slit. i slip my tounge into her hole as she starts moaning and rubbing her nob. she finally gets on her knee's and with lust filled eyes tells me to fuck her and fuck her hard. i press the head of my dick against her tight virgin hole and after teasing her for a while i slide my dick into her and i'm surprised to find her hymen still intact. i press harder and harder intill i feel it rip, she screams out in pain/ pleasure as i begin to fuck her. she starts to feel pleasure as i pump in and out and once in a while i reach up to fondel her breasts.

we must have been making a lot of noise because no sooner as i began to cum inside my beautiful sister my 19 year old cousin walks into the stand of brush. as i lay there regaining my strenght i see my cousin stripping and then to my surprise she lays me down and squats over my face and pulls out her tampon and begins to piss in my mouth. by this time i'm hard again and cant wait to fuck my cousin senseless. after i eat out her bloody pussy she gets into a 69 possition with my sister and begins to eat her out. with my cousin on top i climb up behind her and slips into her from behind, feeling her pussy full of period juices was truelly exciting. i press in a ways and again am surprised to find a small resistance. my cousins a virgin to! i couldnt beleive my luck. i press against and break threw as she too crys out in pain/pleasure right into my sisters freshly fucked pussy. she looks at me with lust filled eyes, "cum in my pussy, cum now" and i was happy to ablige. filling her wet pussy with my seed.

after i dismount we all got dressed and walked back to the house to take a shower were we again fucked each other.

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2012-11-29 23:30:56
too slow to old girls from what could tell.

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2012-01-07 22:30:02
Lmao how the sweet blue FUCK, does this story make the writer a "Pedophile"? clearly says his cousin's 19 years old...and fails to mention his sister's age...which may be the authors way of leaving that number to the reader's imagination.....which if I'm right about that...that would make YOU the pedophile haha Short story but nicely written anyways compared to a LOT of stories I've read on here....I do agree it coulda been longer tho...

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2011-08-10 17:40:03
Great idea for a story, CRAP STORY

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2010-11-03 15:26:09
utter rubbish--------

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2009-03-22 20:14:59
ok the story sucked but you dumbass bitches complaining about child porn should go read some of the really nasty story's on this site if that offended you this was mild by comparison but then again some are actually pretty good where as this just sucked

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