So. I guess I'll write a six after this. One that discusses what happen when Nyx and Caden encounters Nyx's father. Expect high, realistic drama in the last as you've seen in these last five. Thank you for reading, fans. :]

“I can’t fucking believe you,” he screams at me, his fist raised in the air and a finger pointing directly to my chest. “You’ve done this for what? To ruin me? And I gave in to you, trusted the love between us, and you spat in my face for it. Nyx,” he says, then holds his breath.

I gasp, wanting him to forgive me, to hold me in his arms, to make me feel like I’m worth his love even when I know I’m not.

Then he says it.

Just like that.

Like a bullet fired from a fucking gun.

“We. Are. Done.”

Three words shattering my heart like it’s a piece of glass. And I know it’s my fault, know that I’ve fucked everything over, not him. I fall to my knees and cry alone in the middle of the woods.



“Who’s he, Nicolas,” I say, fixing the rim of my boxers over my waist. Walking to the side of the truck, I look dead ahead of me and see the other standing there. Spanish skin, and Nyx’s personality formed into a guy a little shorter than I, but a bit older still. And his age shows in the way he holds himself with little immaturely. The boy sheds a tear, then wipes his eyes and pulls the hoodie to his black jacket over his head.

Nyx nearly collapses in the back of the truck.

The boy rushes forward, but one look at me stops him dead in his track. Something triggers in him that lets him know immediately not to come close.

Not while I’m around.

I grab the back of the truck and pull myself up. Nyx lies on the cold metal shaking, shivering, hardly breathing for what it’s worth. “I’m…He’s…” his voice catches and he chokes.

And I can’t help but think something bad is about to happen. Something totally unexpected.

The boy walks up beside the truck and says, “My name is Alarico.” As he talks, a silver ball can be seen on his tongue. I’m not much of a tongue ring guy.

“Yeah,” I say and grabs Nyx’s hand. “What’s that mean, huh? Who are you?”

“I…uh…I,” but he can’t finish a sentence. Instead, he looks down at his feet and bites his bottom lips. Scratching the back of his neck and pushing hair from his eyes, Alarico finally peers back at me and admits, “I slept with him, okay?”

Slept? With Nyx? But…but…Nyx was supposed to be a virgin when we got together. I mean, he tells me everything. Pulling him into my arms, I grab his chin delicately and pull his face to mine. His eyes flick to the side. He refuses to look at me. “Nicolas,” I say, tears are starting to threaten at my eyes. If he really slept with this Alarico guy, then that means he’s cheated on my.

“What,” Nyx cries, tears flooding his face harder than before. “What do you want?”

“I want to know what he’s talking about. Now,” my voice is firm, direct. I really look down at him lying in my arms. His hair is starting to have a slight wave to it from not being taken care of that morning. His eyes are swollen, his cheeks hot with red color. He’s naked, and his body poses no sexual tension. Instead, he lays there nearly limp, almost like he’s ready to give up on his life. Almost like…like what is suddenly being thrown in my face without warning is true.

He shakes his head and pushes out of my arms. “I can’t,” he mutters and grabs his boxers in his hands. “I just can’t, Caden.” Slipping the fabric up to his waist, he throws himself off the bed of the truck and nearly falls in the fallen leaves on the woods’s ground.

Alarico jumps for him and helps him back to his feet. I watch attentively, catch the smile that seems to bounce minutely from the stranger’s lips to Nyx’s, and grow horrified.

What’s going on?

Soon, however, Nyx sees how he stands and pushes out of the other’s touch. I take a step forward from the truck, but he throws his hands up into the air. “Please,” he screams, fresh tears suddenly attacking his cheeks. “Please…”

“Nyx,” my voice breaking, my heart beating faster than every before. How could such a great, passionate, heated morning turn into such a disaster so fast? And how did this boy know where to find us? “What’s going on.”

Nyx back away, waving his hands in front of him. “I…I…,” he stutters, shaking his head. “Don’t know. How did you get here?” His eyes dart to the stranger.

Alarico stands on the toes of his feet and bites his bottom lip. “I come here everyday for the last two months. Every single day. I thought something special happened between us.”

Something special? Between them? TWO MONTHS AGO? Suddenly, out of left field, my heart goes into overdrive and I feel woozy. I fall to my knees, loses my breath, and sees Nyx run through the woods before my head hits the bed of the truck.


I run. Fast. Faster. And faster still.

My biggest secret, my biggest fear, my biggest mistake suddenly sending fire through my veins.



Through woods that hold many obstacles in my way, but I manage to get past them.

Until my foot hits against a root and I’m sent flying through broken branches and vines. Then, I lay there. Nearly paralyzed. Conscience slipping…slipping…away…


He stood before me, a smile pleasantly planted on his face. His hair, his eyes, his style, almost everything was just like me. A twin. Minus the then strikingly blue highlights and facial piercing.

My mind was blown. No excuse, but had I been sober, I wouldn’t have dared come here. With drunken breath, I fell down to my knees in front of him. He smiled even wider, laughed, played with his tongue ring with his teeth. Caden was miles and miles away in the back of my mind. He was at home, thought I was going out with some friends from a different school. He had the flu. I should have been there with him, but my friends he didn’t know well were bad. They were hateful to me. Knowing my past, I knew very well that I didn’t tolerate alcohol very well.

And they fed it to me like a baby craving milk.

At first, I didn’t know. Spiked sodas without the harsh taste of alcohol, extremely minty gum, and when the buzz kicked in I couldn’t help but crave the bottle itself.

I promised I wouldn’t tell Caden.

They brought in this guy—Alarico. I thought he was pretty hot, found him tantalizing and overwhelmingly sexy. But nothing like Caden.


Then, hidden away in the woods away from my friends some twenty feet away, I allowed him to lure me into his trap. He fed me passionate kisses, playful tugs on my jeans, bites on my neck. Thoughts of Caden swam feverishly in my mind, but I shoved them away.

I knew he wasn’t there.

Before long, I was on the ground. Completely naked. My knees digging hard into the leaves and sticks and dirt that blanketed the woods floor. tugging away at his jeans, I was immediately reward with a cock nearly hitting me in the face as it bounced up from its hold. Nearly nine inches, uncut like mine, not the thickest, and a rich caramel color with the pinkest head I’d ever seen sitting atop its enormous shaft.

He pushed his tool into my face, onto my lips, forced my hand to wrap around it and jerk. I resisted for a moment, knowing that even looking at his cock was a mistake in itself, but he insisted. He grabbed my head, pushed into my mouth, nearly ripped my jaw wide open.

He wasn’t, however, forceful, harsh, and rough.

There was a slight gentlness to his touch.

No matter, I could have called it rape, but after a few moments I willingly took it into my mouth. Fed it to my desire. Every inch, every vein, every bit of muscle that I could get to fit into me went there. And I loved every moment of it.

Sucking on him, faster, and faster still, I eventually pulled away so I could breathe. It almost gave me no breath at all.

He laughed. “C’mon, baby,” he says and slaps the side of my cheek with it. “Don’t stop now.”

“I really shouldn’t,” I said, and pushed him away. But he insisted again, shoved himself closer to me, and watched as my eyes eyed him hungrily.

My mouth opened like it had a mind of its own. I wrapped my hands around him and started to play with his ass. My fingers dug their way to touch his ass hole and gently massaged his. Meanwhile, his hips thrust into me as his cock buried itself deep into my throat and back out. I gagged, and he didn’t spare me any air. Each time I gagged, he moaned. And the more he forced himself on me, the more I seemed to feel like I couldn’t take him any more.

Minutes later, he was cumming all over my face, down my chin, his thick sperm coating me entirely. Well, not exactly that much, but enough to put myself to shame.

And it did. I wasn’t supposed to do that. And I knew it, too.

As I stood back to my feet, I turned away and twisted my body so that I was standing erect with a tree. I leaned into it, closed my eyes, started crying.

His hands were immediately on me, caressing my body to his, pulling me into the very deep abyss of his arms. He held me tightly, whispered he was sorry in my ears, uttered he loved me even though we had just met.

With a drugged mind, I believed him. And, though my belief never lasted, I told him I loved him back. With heaven’s embrace, I turned on the balls of my feet and felt him pick me up from the ground.

Kissing me wildly and passionately, his hand slipped around my cock and beat it to life quicker than ever before. It wasn’t long before cum covered his stomach.

He told me he loved me again, and carried me, still naked, to his car. I got dressed moments later, and pulled away from the woods with a heavy heart and a fearful mind.


You know that memory that seems to flood your mind when something bad has happened. That memory that says, “Look, you’ve had the most amazing time with this person. Don’t let it fuck things up.”

Yeah. It hit me like a car slamming into the trees.

The memory was immediately shattered to pieces, my heart breaking with it, and I immediately fell into the depths of its remembrance…

Nyx fell over my body, his smooth skin like honey over mine. I had been out all morning with my family playing a game of football. The family reunion comes every year, and as it appeared this year was the year it happened at my house.

On my turf.

Given that, I had a little alone time in the afternoon to do what I wanted. My cousin Nash offered to come with me to the bedroom to chill, but I denied him the offer. He wanted to play some shit on my PS3, but I wasn’t in the mood for that. Sweaty. Tired. My adrenaline pumping a hundred miles an hour through my veins had me ready for him.

I hadn’t even hit the stairs of my house when the blood rushed from my heart to my cock. I knew Nyx was already there, lying in my bed, covered in my blankets but no clothes. I could see his body, his cock, his ass. Feel his touch, his heroin, his ecstasy. I knew he loved me.

The door to my bedroom flew open faster than I think it ever had. Once the lock clicked, I immediately peeled clothes from my body, the sweat glistening off me like stars in the night sky. For the first time, I didn’t want to be enveloped by our love. Instead, I wanted to feel the warmth of lustful embrace as we collided bodies so roughly that I felt I could bleed.

What a shock it was, though, when I didn’t find him covered. Instead, like he knew I was the only person to venture through that door, Nyx was lying completely flat, his cock curving up over his stomach fully hard in his hand. Precum beaded on his head.

I immediately crushed my lips to his as my naked body fell. He laughed as I pulled away to bite his neck, bite his ears, and bite his lips. His eyes were full of lust overpowering the love he held for me. His hands gripped on my back, nails digging into my flesh and raking down. Beads of blood were showing, I’m sure, and it was awfully painful. But I didn’t care.

I wanted to pleasure him. I wanted to make him feel like he was mine forever. I wanted to be inside of him.

But I knew I could tease him first. So I abruptly pulled away. He followed, but I pushed him back onto the bed. “No,” I said, my voice intense. “Lie there. Do as I say.”

His face showed confusion, but he played along.

I lifted his legs up over my shoulders and had him spread them as much as he could. Grabbing his cock in my hand, I stroked him as hard as I could for mere moments then slowing down to a steady beat. He gasped, moaned, bit on his lips as I sunk my face into him. My nose pressing just under his balls, my lips made contact with his ass. My tongue flicked from my mouth playfully dancing along the outer rim.

Each time I touched him, his ass clenched up only to release as he moaned. I felt his back arch from pleasure on his bed, and on my to my sides his toes curled in on themselves.

Scraping my teeth against his hole, I began to furiously stroke his cock again. He almost screamed, but I pulled away and lowered him back on the bed. “You like that?”

He shook his head, too engrossed in pleasure to speak.

Laughing, I threw my head into ass again. Instead of licking, however, I immediately started penetrating his ass with my tongue. He grunted above me and started to thrust his hips onto my face.

Lingering in my nostrils, I will never forget his musky scent as I slid my tongue back out and traced it up onto his cock. Arching backwards, I slid my tongue up the shaft, and then flicked the head several times pulling away the thick precum collected there. He wrapped his fingers through my hair as he pushed me down onto him. Sliding into my throat, his cock buried deep into me. My throat widened around his head as I swallowed only to squeeze him as I pulled away.

He bent his head up to look down at me. “You’ve gotten better at this.”

“I’ve always had your dick to practice on. ‘Course I did.” I smiled wickedly and continued performing oral.

After a few minutes, I felt his cock begin to swell in my mouth. He immediately started moaning. I pulled away, stroked his cock as hard as I could to get him as close to cumming, then let off.

His cock fell back on his stomach. Sighing, I could tell the pressure of cum built-up had released from him.

I pushed myself up to him and crushed my lips against his again. The spill of ecstasy from his lips was like honey on my tongue. I pulled away and looked down at him.

He smiled and demanded, “Fuck my face.”

I returned the smile and pushed away from him. Crawling off of the bed, I stood to my feet as he kneeled down before me like my prince. He grabbed a hold of my cock and started sucking me off to start off the heated evening. After a few minutes, however, he completely let go and started to slowly jack his dick off. With his mouth resting on my head, I grabbed his hair in both my hands like he asked me to do before and started pumping my dick into him. Everytime my dick slammed to the back of his throat, he gagged. And everytime, a part of me felt back for him, but I didn’t let that stop me.

Then out of nowhere without expectancy, his hands fell on my hips and pushed me back onto the bed. I stumbled backward and landed on top of the covers. “What was that for,” I asked.

“This.” He climbed on top of me, kissed me sweetly, and sat down on my chest. He propped a few pillows under my back and head so that I was slightly sitting up. His hand fell against the back wall, and another slid underneath my head. When his cock fell on my lips, I willing took it into my mouth.

Then, for the first time ever, I was face-fucked to the extreme. As if he was fucking an ass, his dick pounded harder and harder into my throat than I had done him. The only difference? He seemed to leave me enough room so I didn’t gag. Then again, where my head was fatter than my shaft, his seemed to shrink into a curved point ahead. His dick was cuter and hotter, though, I think.

He practically screamed as he fucked my face. With every thrust, his balls hit my chin.

I started to jack my dick.

It wasn’t long ‘til our fun was coming to an end. We had been fucking and sucking each other’s face for close to thirty minutes total from start to finished by the time he let go of the wall and held my head in his hands. I pulled away from my dick and started jacking his off. Lying on my tongue, his cock leaked of precum. Seconds later, nine jets of cum flew over my face. I was covered in fluid. The sticky cum landed in my hair, my eyes, some into my nose a bit, but most flooded my mouth.

And I drank him dry.

After his cock subsided in erection, he kissed his cum from my lips and face and slid down to jack my own dick. Five large loads covered his hands and lips as he sucked me clean of cum.

Then, we showered…

I slide off the truck as the memory faded away and I gained strength again. I walked through the leaves to pick Nyx up in my arms.

He immediately told the truth through a fountain of tears.

Then I exploded at him as we stood apart. I shove him away from me as I scream, “I can’t fucking believe you,” I point a finger in his chest and clench the other into a fist. “You’ve done this for what? To ruin me? And I gave in to you, trusted the love between us, and you spat in my face for it. Nyx,” I say, then hold my breath.

He gasps, wanting me to forgive him, to hold him in my arms, to make him feel like he’s worth my love even when he know he’s not.

Then I say it.

Just like that.

Like a bullet fired from a fucking gun.

“We. Are. Done.”

But I blink my eyes and throw that thought out of my head. Instead of saying just that, I pull his lips to mine and utter, “We’ll work through this. I can never stop loving you.”

In my chest, he cries.

Alarico peers over my shoulder and whispers, “I guess that day was a lie.”

I turn back to him. “No,” I say and hold Nyx tighter to me. “He wouldn’t lie to you if he wasn’t drunk. I know Nyx, we’ve been best friends since birth. I’m sorry.”

“No,” he retorts back. “I’m sorry.” Then, as if he never appeared, Alarico trudges back through the forest fighting tears.


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At the end of the story, where Caden tells Nyx, "We. Are. Done.," I swear, my heart skipped a fucking beat. I'm glad Caden is being the bigger person and forgiving Nyx - I don't know if I could do that, alcohol or no. Even though Nyx was drunk, he still knew what he was doing, in my opinion. I still love Nyx; but, have lost quite a bit (if not all) respect for him.

Still, a very good story. I'm completely enthralled! Time to read the next chapter...

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