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Story starts kind of slow but picks up...let me know what you think have plenty more where this came from.
Last summer I worked as lifeguard at a local pool. I would see a lot of boys and girls who I would are cute and definitely did not mind checking them out while I was ‘lifeguarding’. I was 22 at the time and I did not quite know if I was gay or not. I have had a few experiences when I was younger with other boys and I had a hook up in high school but nothing serious or long lasting. I hadn’t had a girlfriend, or a real one, but I never really found most guys attractive. So I am kind of in the middle.

The first day of the season I recognized this one boy that had always come last year. A boy, who looked about 11, was cute as hell, blonde hair and brown eyes. His name is Daniel. I remember him from last year because he would do crazy shit on the diving board. Front and back flips, side flips, one and a half’s and all of them almost perfectly. If this kid ever goes onto the diving team in high school he is going to kill it! I told him this several times. I never really talked to him much the summer prior just always watched in fascination on how this boy can do all these dive tricks. This year was different; he seemed a lot more outgoing. I can tell he matured over the last year.

Every day we talked more and more and he hung out with me in between sessions more and more. I don’t know why but he seemed to like hanging around me. I would always challenge him to do more tricks and try to perfect his technique and it got better. He knew he was getting better because he was able to flip quicker, dive cleaner and rotate smoother. Daniel was awesome. He swam everyday we were open.

One day I was driving home and saw him on his bike and stopped. We talked for a minute and asked him if he wanted to ride with me later because I ride my BMX a lot around town and on some of the back road jumps, he was excited to say yes. We met up later and cruised for hours. This turned out to be an everyday thing. He would come over to my place and we would go bike ride. I felt like I was 11 again. Daniel is so cute but he seemed to know so much. We talked about everything from A to Z. One day we were climbing the roofs at the high school and he asked me what would I thought if he became a man whore? I was caught so off guard from this question that he dismissed it but I never forgot it. Later that day I thought about it and it got me so horny that he said that. I never thought he would even be close to gay up until that point because he was such a typical boy; good at every sport, loves to be outside and loves to hang around the neighborhood – we don’t those very often. I don’t think he owned a game console.

I jacked off that day of that thought and pretty much everyday we hung out after wards. I was growing more and more attracted to him. I think he was becoming more and more attracted to me. But I didn’t want to ruin our friendship by making it sexual. Then another day we got on the subject of porn, jacking off and boners. He showed me his ‘secret stash’ of magazines, which sucked because it wasn’t even real porn. I asked him if he jacked off to it and he hesitated on answering then asked me if I jack off to porn and I said yes. He then immediately replied yes as well and told me that he jacks off about everyday. I had a raging boner at the time and wanted to jack off right then and there. I caught a glance at his pants and saw a bulge when he wasn’t looking at me. He then had to leave and go home.

I lived with my parents over the summer between school semesters so I didn’t take him over because they worked locally and be home any time without warning so Daniel rarely came inside the house. One weekend later in the summer they were gone for a vacation and had the house to myself. Daniel came over and hung out we played some video games on the first day they were gone. It was a relief knowing that we weren’t going to be bothered. I didn’t have any plans to try to do anything with him, like I said I didn’t want to ruin it. I was on my laptop while he was watching TV right next to me, and then he made a comment about looking at a porn site. “What are looking at a porn site?” he said jokingly. “Oh yeah, the whole time” I said, something like that. Then I got the idea in my head of pulling up a site. “Do you want to see a good porn site?” I asked him. He laughed for a second then said sure. I told him that he has to promise not to say anything because I could get in trouble. “Dude, that’s why I showed you my stash, I’m not going to tell and I know you’re not.” He was referring to his shitty stash of wrinkled up swim suit shots in the bushes.

I pulled up a couple of sites and I already had a boner from just thinking about Daniel. We found a site that he liked and looked at it for bit. When he was focused on the screen, I looked down at his crotch and saw his full boner through his shorts. He always wore these thin cloth shorts that were either blue or gray. Sometimes depending on how he was standing at different times I could see the outline of his dick. But I could see it clear as day. When I was looking down at his dick he looked at me and covered his pants with his hands and asked, “What are you looking at?” I thought that was a dumb question because he knew. I just thought, screw it “you’ve got a boner” I said jokingly. I shifted in the couch so my boner could be seen; he looked down at my crotch, “so do you!” “Well were looking at porn so were going to get boners, I’m probably going to jack off in minute because I’m so horny” I told him. I just told myself the hell with it, I wanted this kids so bad at this point. I wanted him to suck my dick and I wanted to suck his. “I want to jack off too.” He replied. I was just going to be happy if I could see his dick, I wondered if he had any pubes yet.

He reached into his thin gray shorts and starting stroking his dick. We both laughed a little bit and I started to stroke my cock. After a couple of minutes of stroking my cock and looking over at his when he wasn’t so I can see his full boner through his shorts I wanted to pull my cock out in full, hoping he would do the same. “I’m going to pull my dick out and jack off because it’s hard to do it through my shorts, do you care?” “No not at all, I can tell it’s big.” Is what I remember him saying. “How big is yours?” This was the classic line I used when I was his age to other boy’s cocks. At that time he pushed his pelvis up to put his outline of his cock in full view. It looked pretty normal like 4 inches fully hard. I pulled my dick and started jacking off. He looked at my dick and was amazed I think. Standing full my dick is about 6 inches cut. And I don’t have a lot of hair either. “It is big and you’ve got hair too.” “Do you not have hair yet?” “No, well maybe some peach fuzz, see?” He pulled his waistband down to his shaft to show the lack of hair. “You’ll get hair.” During the whole time I was stroking my dick hoping he would pull his pants off too. “Promise not to laugh.” He said. “Why?” “Just promise!” “OK, I won’t laugh.” He stood up and pulled his pants and boxers down and sat back down covering his dick. “So are you going to jack off?” He smiled and started to stroke it and it was so hot. We both became fixated on the screen and he stopped to change videos. That’s when I decided to look at his cock. It was so hot, about 4 inches, cut and good size balls. He looked at me and I looked at the screen. “You looking?” He said with a smile. “Yeah” He looked at my dick. “You looking at mine?” “Yeah it’s big.” “Want to touch it?” He bit his lower lip and reached for my dick and took a hold of it. I moaned a little bit because his hand felt so good on my dick. He smiled at me and slowly started to stroke it. It felt so good. I laid back and let him work. After about 15 seconds I sat back up and reached for his still hard dick and started to stroke his cock. “Does that feel good?” He asked. “Mmmmhmmm” was all I got out. We stroked each other for a couple of minutes. I stopped for a minute and took off my shirt and kicked off my pants. He let go of my cock and did the same. His hairless body was so hot.

After we got naked, we sat back on the coach shoulder to shoulder jacking each other off. “I’ve wanted to do this with you since I met you.” Daniel said. “Me too.” I replied while jacking his dick. “Do you cum yet?” I asked. “A little, I think, do you?” Yeah, I want to make you cum.” I said panting. “Me too.” He replied. “Let’s go to my bed.” “OK” He smiled. We both got up with our cocks as hard as could be. I took his hand and guided him to my room. We sat on my bed and I put my arm around his shoulder and he did the same to me and we continued jacking each other off. “Hey Daniel” “Yeah” I stopped jacking him off and tickled him. I’ve tickled him a few times before. I was tickling him than startled over him with our dicks touching each other. It felt so good. He opened up his legs and I put myself right in between them and laid right on top of him. “I guess I’m the girl.” He said. I started laughing and so did he. “Well, if you’re the girl then I have to start making out with you.” He licked his lips and that was good enough for me. I slowly lowered myself and started to kiss him. Daniel stopped “I don’t know how”, “Just do what I do”. Not before long Daniel and I were making out like no other, he caught on pretty quick. We would take turns sucking each other’s tongue and licking the insides of our lips. Not only were we making out like there was no tomorrow we were humping the fuck out of each other too. Grabbing the backs of each other’s necks and him rubbing my back, I rolled him to be on top of me, which was much better. Then I got to feel his nice ass, not too big and not too boney. He stopped for a second and smiled at each other and kept going.

He stopped kissing me and said, “I’m going to try something” I knew right away what he was going to do. He kissed my chest and slowly worked his way down to my dick. He was only able to take about half of my dick but it still felt great. I could tell he never had done this before but it worked. He worked on my head for a while and I started moaning. He tried taking my dick deeper but his gag reflex wouldn’t let him. I knew I was close to cumming because he started to jack me off while sucking my dick. I was surprise on how fast he picked this up. He stopped sucking my dick and asked “You close to cumming?” I nodded my head and moaned. He went back to sucking my dick and picked up the pace. After 10 more seconds I couldn’t take it any more. I cummed right into his mouth, he swallowed almost all of it but a little dripped out of his mouth. He licked my dick a few more times. “Was that good?” he asked. “Fuck yeah, that was you’re first time sucking a dick?” “Yeah, I just remembered some of there techniques from the movies we were watching.” I laughed and pulled him back on top of me and started kissing him again. I could still taste my cum in his mouth. I was surprised he still had a boner. I rolled him back over and did the same to him as me. But I worked slower licking his nipples and stomach. I worked my way to his dick and took all 4 inches. He moaned pretty well. I sucked his dick nice and slow. He loved every second of it. I could tell he wanted to do this with me and I have wanted to do this with him too. I think he could tell at that point. I worked on him for about 2 or 3 minutes working my hands up and down his chest feeling his smooth skin. He was putting quite a bit of motion into it himself then I could tell he was getting ready to orgasm. I didn’t know if he would cum or not or if it would be a dry shot. To my surprise he cummed from what I could taste. I didn’t bother stopping, I wanted every bit he had. His sperm actually tasted like mine bit a little bit bitter. After a few seconds of working his shaft to get all his sperm I looked at him and he looked at me and we both smiled. I went back up and we made out again. It was the hottest thing ever.

After we had finished making out again we went back into the front room where all our clothes were. We got dressed and didn’t really say much, though he did look at me and smile a few times and I smiled back. After I got dressed I sat back down on the couch and he sat right next to me leaning against my body. I lifted my arm up and put it around him. He came in tighter. I kissed him on the head. “You know we can’t tell anyone about this, ever, even if we stop doing this.” “I know, wasn’t even planning on it.” Daniel said. A moment later he looked up at me, “Who said we are going to stop?”


2017-02-20 06:11:32
vary hot

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2015-06-15 08:53:00
The story was great. Thank you for posting and sharing your encounter. There were a lot of short sentences that could've been extended or put into one longer sentence. I only saw one typo. Good job.
Oh and those who read this and posted a nasty comment or plan on posting one. Your the ones who need to get your shit straight. Reading the story and then commenting at the bottom your anger and frustrations because deep down you like it. So instead of admitting that to yourself your lashing out your own emotions at everyone else to make yourself feel better. Your a human being, no reason to feel ashamed. You all should just except this for what it is. A story. Whether it's true or not. We'll never truly know and I would never condone any sexual acts on a child. This place is to read sexual fantasies. There is sex with animals, rape, feces and water sports(urine) stories but when it's about two young boys exploring their sexuality, everyone flips shit. No pun intended.

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2015-06-12 21:40:20
love it

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2014-07-23 07:49:41
God said Adam n Eve not no damn Adam n Steve so bye with all the fag shit n don't write ever again Cuz the shit horrorible and yhu a Prevert still living with yo got dang on parents fucking neighborhood kids

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2014-07-23 07:38:47
I don't get it I mean the story was kinda good but why be gay all you can do is the ass n suck each other like that wat girls for not no fucking 11yer ol boy tf

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