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Robert meets an amazing girl, who may not be what she seems.
Robert pulled into the mall parking lot. He usually enjoyed his job as a district manager for one of the mall retail stores. But today was one of those days when he wished he could be somebody else. Due to the poor economy and a tremendous drop in sales, the store in this particular mall was getting ready to be closed down. He had managed to transfer a couple of the employees to other stores, but the majority of employees had to be let go. He sat in his car for a couple extra minutes, before finally heading in to get the closing sale underway.
As the day went on, the merchandise was moving out of the store fairly smoothly, and the staff was handling everything pretty well. Robert decided to head down to the food court and get something to eat. He went to the little café that he almost always went to whenever he was at this particular mall.
He noticed, that the same girl who had been there all summer was there again. She was about 5’4”, with her long red hair pulled back in two braids. He green eyes sparkled when she saw him, and he couldn’t help but watch her very large breasts bounce as she came up to the counter. “Hi there,” she said smiling widely. “The usual today?”
“You mean you remember what I usually get?” Robert asked.
“Of course I do. You’ve been in quite a bit this summer.” Then the girl asked, “is that because you work here in the mall?”
“You could say that,” Robert said. Then he told her what his job was and why he had been in this mall so much lately. She got a little pouty look on her face and told Robert how that was one of her favorite stores and was upset that they had to shut it down. He told her how upsetting it was for him to have to be the one to close it down. Finally his order came up, and he took it to a table and sat down, starting to eat.
After a few minutes he saw the girl from the café approaching with a drink cup in her hand. “Is it alright if I sit with you?”
Robert looked around, half expecting to find some camera crew getting him on a prank television show. Not seeing anything, and noticing that she was waiting expectantly for an answer, he told her to go ahead. She very happily sat down next to him. As she sat down he couldn’t help but watch her slide into the chair. He didn’t know what her perfume was, but it caused him to pull in a big breath and he could feel a warmth flow throughout his body. She must have sensed what she was doing to him because he noticed her trying to hide a smile.
She sat sipping on her drink as she watched him work on the last bit of his sandwich. Finally she said, “It must be really hard to deal with being forced to close down a store. Having to deal with disappointed customers and upset employees; it must be REALLY frustrating.”
Robert looked at her curiously. “Yes, it is. The customers aren’t so bad, because a disappointed customer is much easier to deal with than an angry customer. But the employee’s, especially the ones who are not getting transferred…they are the hardest part for me.”
“I could tell that it’s been hard on you,” She said comfortingly. “Every time I see you, you look more and more frustrated and depressed.” Robert was very aware of the fact that the girl had moved closer to him. He could feel her thigh pushing up against his. He was sure he was probably blushing as he could feel the heat in his face rising. Then she pointed down at his left hand, apparently at his wedding ring. “And I take it your wife is not helping relieve any of that stress and frustration is she?”
Robert was very much taken aback at this comment. He couldn’t see how it would be any of her business whether his wife was helping ‘relieve any of his stress and frustration.’ But, at the same time, something compelled Robert to answer her anyway. “No…no she hasn’t been.” He couldn’t believe he just told this beautiful young woman this. He couldn’t even remember if he had ever really noticed her name all the times he had purchased his lunch from her. And here he was telling her about his private sex life, or at least lack of a sex life.
It was while he was thinking this that he felt her hand on his thigh. She leaned close to his ear as she whispered,” I can help you with that if you would like.”
Robert couldn’t believe that this sexy young woman was even suggesting such a thing to him. He had to be at least 10 to 15 years older than she was, yet here she was, offering to help him with his ‘frustrations’. She didn’t even know his name, or anything about him other than his job, but she was willing to do…what? Robert wasn’t even sure of that at the moment. Maybe he was just letting his fantasies take hold, when she could possibly be talking about something else all together. However, as her hand slid closer to his crotch, he quickly knew she really meant what he thought she did.
He was already hard from the smell of her perfume, and the closeness of her sitting there. Now that her hand was sliding across his cock, he felt like he was going to bust out of his pants right there. Robert quickly got very nervous and started looking around to see if anyone was paying attention to what was going on. She whispered in his ear again. “Don’t worry, no one is paying attention.” He looked back at her, a huge smile on her face as he felt her rubbing his very hard cock through his pants.
“Do you think you can get up and walk?” she asked Robert as she squeezed his cock. Robert nodded, and she smiled again. She told him to follow her, and she got up from the table and headed to the far end of the food court. She paused to make sure he was following her. Once he finally got up from the table and headed towards her, she smiled and started walking again.
After passing the food court and a couple of stores, she entered an access hallway. He followed her in, knowing that both worked for the mall and would not likely be questioned about entering one of the hallways. Once he was in the access hallway, he saw the girl standing by a door to one of the stores. She took him by the hand and led him into the store.
As they moved into the room, Robert could see that the store was currently empty, just waiting for a tenant to rent it. There was some light coming in through the windows, over the top of the barrier blocking people from looking into the empty store. If there was a barrier, the public often thought this meant there would soon be a new store there. The store that had previously been here had obviously been a clothing store, as there were still a series of dressing rooms in one corner. The girl led Robert to the largest one.
As soon as they were inside the dressing room, Robert turned the girl around and immediately began kissing her passionately. It didn’t take him long to pull up here shirt and free her very large breasts from the confinement of her bra. He began kneading them as he continued to kiss the girl passionately. He pushed her down onto the little seat, and knelt down in front of her. He smiled at her as he lowered his mouth to her chest, flicking his tongue on her hardening nipple. Soon he was twirling his tongue around her areola, and then he sucked her nipple in between his teeth and bit her softly. At the intake of breath and small moan that escaped her lips, Robert bit down harder on her nipple, reaching up with his right hand to caress and pinch her other nipple.
After a few moments of sucking and biting the girl’s nipples, Robert grabbed the top of her pants at both sides, and started to pull them and her panties off of her. Once her pants and panties were off, he gently pushed her back a bit, and lifted one of her legs over his shoulder, and lowered himself to her pussy. He slowly licked her clit, and then very quickly speeding up. Soon he had two fingers sliding into her pussy as she hungrily licked and sucked on her pussy. After she came twice, he pulled away and stood up.
The girl continued to sit, but tried to pull open Roberts pants quickly. She fumbled getting his pants open, but soon managed, and pulled them down around his ankles. There, standing at perfect attention, was Robert’s 8.5” cock. She smiled up at him as she started to stroke it. “What do you want me to do?” she asked, feigning innocence. Robert told her he wanted her to suck his cock. She smiled devilishly, “Make me.”
Robert grabbed her head and pushed his cock in between her lips. She started to pull off a little, and Robert put a hand on the back of her head and pushed her head down onto his cock. He held her head as he began to thrust harder in and out of her mouth. She started gagging a bit, but continued to suck after catching her breath.
Robert didn’t know how much more he could take, and he wasn’t sure how much more the girl would be willing to do. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and pulled up to face him as best she could. He was about to tell her what he wanted to do, when she licked her lips and rubbed her nipples while she told him that she wanted him to fuck her. She turned around and bent over, her hands on the little seat. Robert could see her face and her big tits hanging underneath her in the mirror in front of her. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing, and what he was doing.
Robert took a hold of his cock and guided it into the girl’s pussy. He slowly pushed a little ways in, then grabbed the girl by the hips, and thrust hard into her. Holding onto her hips he thrust in to her hard and slow for a few minutes. But, it wasn’t long until he started thrusting harder and quicker. He reached around and underneath her, rubbing her clit as he fucked her from behind. After she had cum this way, he quit rubbing her clit and took a handful of her hair. As he did this and started thrusting, she almost immediately came one more time. She was moaning loudly, telling Robert to fuck her harder.
Robert pulled her back hard by her hair, pounding deep into her as she moaned and begged for more. He could feel himself getting closer to cumming, and said something about it. The only response he got from her was a “yes! Yes!”. Robert reached down and took one of her tits in each hand and started pulling her back on his cock as hard as he could until he finally cried out as he pushed deep into her and unloaded, filling her hot young pussy full of his cum.
He held her there for a few more moments, watching the look of ecstasy on her face. He soon pulled out, and he could see his cum starting to drip from her pussy. He couldn’t believe what he had just done. It was scary in a way, yet exhilarating as well. After they got cleaned up and dressed, they headed back out into the hallway. Just before they went back out into the mall, she grabbed him and kissed him deeply. “Thank you, that was amazing! It felt so fantastic to have your cum shooting into me. It was the first time I’ve ever let anyone do that before.” She smiled at the shocked look on his face and kissed him deeply again before heading out the door into the mall.
Robert headed out into the mall and back to his company store.

He didn’t see her for the rest of the week that the store was open, and didn’t return to that mall once the store was closed. He thought of her from time to time, and kept trying to think of a good reason for him to go to that mall, but it seemed like there was never a good time or opportunity.
One morning, about 4 weeks after school had started, Robert had to take his 15 year old daughter to school because she had missed the bus. On the way to the school, his daughter started complaining about a friend who was pregnant. It always amazed him, and he always felt so upset when he heard about high school girls getting pregnant. That’s when he barely caught the last thing his daughter said. “What did you say?!”
“She says she got pregnant by some guy at the mall this summer. Some old guy. She doesn’t even know anything about him! Not even his name. She is such a slut,” Roberts daughter said rather disgustedly. As they pulled up to the school, his daughter made a groaning sound. “Look at her there, acting like she is so cool, when she’s really just a slut. She only just turned 16 and got pregnant from some old guy!” Robert looked up to where his daughter was looking. Standing there in a very tight, low cut shirt and a skirt, with a slight bulge of her stomach, was the girl from the mall.

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2012-06-03 09:55:46
I don't think it was stupid, I think the ending was very likely, since the mall was close to his home. And the hottest part was that he was married.. I have a wedding ring fetish!

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2011-06-01 10:24:58
too stupid, could use more detail


2011-04-24 16:10:30
Risking being seen as a thief of sorts, I've borrowed "hubby"s idea and prepared a sequel you can find under mostly the same categories (I took out "blowjob", because my attempt had none). If you happen upon hornyhubby74, please tell him I've done this and ask him to post any comments here. Other readers may comment, as well, as always. No offense or thievery intended.


2011-04-08 23:33:32
Maybe the daughter can start taking her place as your slut


2011-04-08 17:05:45
Highinfidelity is right: the lead character needs to return to the girl, at first to apologize and help her, and then to resume and grow the relationship at her insistence. This story is HOT!

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