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My First Time

I’d never, in a million years, believe I’d be telling anyone about this but I just have to share this with someone.

I’ve been fucking my daughter-in-law for many years now. When she moved out of state that ended our relationship of mutual sex. Believe me, I’d give my left nut to have her back; But a man has to do what a man has to do. I was surfing the net one night and ran into a porn site I did not know existed. It was for gay men to meet other like-minded persons. As I moved through the listings and read each profile,I was amazed that people could act this way. To pass the time, I created a profile and listed my likes, and etc and posted it.

The next day as I logged into the net I received an email saying I had a message on the site. I was scared as hell to check it out but this was simply for fun, no one is going to be hurt. The email was short and to the point, it read “ Nice profile you have there. Do you have a picture that you’d like to share?” Then to my surprise he had attached a photo of himself. Not just a photo but a photo of his fully erect cock. Well you could have knocked me over with a feather as I gazed at that cock. According to his profile, he has a 7” cut cock when hard. I replied back I’d have to think about putting a photo of myself on the site and would get back with him a little later.

Now here I am a straight guy looking at another mans cock and getting this wonderful feeling that I’ve never had in my life. The more I looked at his cock the better it looked and as I grabbed my cock to pound it to resolve this feeling I thought,” Damn, does this mean I’m gay or what?” A few strokes and I shot off like a cannon. Man did it feel great.

A day or so went by and I was still thinking about posting a photo while I kept checking out his cock ever now and then. Finally I decided it was only a photo and of my cock at that. Only a few people had ever seen it and I’m sure they don’t view this site. I went into the bathroom, undressed and took a few snaps of my cock with my digital camera. Now I’m not the most endowed person in the world but do sport a good 6 ½” uncut cock when hard. But the best part is the girth. It’s been said I’m a good mouth full if you get the idea. I also shave my pubic area and it looks, to me, good enough to eat. Well that’s what my daughter-in-law told me.

I uploaded the photo to my profile and emailed Mark to let him know I had added a photo. Seems before I could log off the site he was sending me a reply. He was in surfing at the same time as I. He was very up front and friendly and asks if there was anyway we could meet, have a cup of coffee, and just talk. He told me I could select a location I felt comfortable with and he’d be there if possible. I told Mark I was only on the site and was not gay and had no desire to do anything with another man. His reply about floored me. He told me he too was not gay; he was married and had been for more than 20 years. He loves his wife but she just didn’t satisfy his needs and this site was just a way to enjoy sex without any problems. After about a half hour of our emailing back and forth, I told him I’d meet him but not to get any fucking ideas it was going anywhere other than a cup of coffee. We agreed on Friday afternoon around 4:00pm at Applebee’s in the mall. He gave me his cell number incase I needed to cancel. We ended our conversation on a happy note and the meeting was set.

Now the real problem came when I got to the restaurant. Seems I’ve only seem his cock as he has seen mine. Now what? I call the cell number and Mark answers. I tell him my problem and he says he was thinking about the very same thing. I tell him I’m driving a dark Blue Dodge Ram and I’m in front of the mall. He says to wait there and he’ll see if he can find me. About 10 minutes goes by and there’s a tap on the passengers door. I look over and see a well-groomed gentleman standing at the door so I opened it and ask if I could help him. He replies, “Hi, I’m Mark and I hope you’re the person I was to meet for coffee.” I said yes and ask him to have a seat in the truck. He gingerly slides into the seat and looks as if he’s been in this situation before. Mark says, “ I really hope you’re not to offended meeting me this way but I really didn’t know how we were going to meet otherwise. I was now more at easy with his reply and we both laughed knowing our cock photos weren’t ever going to get it. We sat and talked for about an hour. He told me about his experiences on the web site and the men he had met. I told him I had absolute no idea what the crap I was doing and found it hard to understand this type of environment. Mark asks me if I was willing to try male-to-male sex just once to see if I liked it. I was getting really nervous and told him I wasn’t sure. This was when he slid his hand up onto my inter thigh.

A guy feeling me up was a different feeling entirely; were it a woman, I’d be on her like white on rice. Mark said relax and let me know what you feel. I told him I felt really weird and didn’t know what to say. He asks me if I were willing to follow him to his apartment for a drink. I didn’t feel as if I were in any danger what so ever so without giving much thought to the situation I said ok I guess that would be fine. As I followed Mark thoughts of every thing ran through my mind. As we entered his apartment complex I was extremely surprised. It was an upscale complex and it was easily seen you had to enjoy a certain life style to live here. This made me feel even more relaxed as we pulled up in front of his apartment.

As we enter the apartment, Mark was asking if I would enjoy wine, beer, cola or etc. I said, anything would be fine, I really didn’t care. As I sat down on the sofa Mark returned with a couple glasses of white wine and sat down next to me. We made small talk and as we drank the wine his hands began to feel me up more than in the truck. He said I was welcome to touch him in anyplace I might like. “Just feel free” he said. Well not knowing what to do, I just sit there letting him grope me and play with my cock and balls to his content. With no sex to speak of I’m getting hard as a rock as it’s been some time now without any sex. Mark all of a sudden stops playing with my cock and says He’s going to take a shower and if I’d like I can join or go into the bedroom for a little more playtime. Well, I’m not getting into the shower so I say I’ll go to the bedroom. Like I know what the fuck to do once I get there. As Mark enters the bathroom he says, go ahead and remove your cloths and jump into bed. The overhead ceiling fan is turning ever so slowly and with the wine and his feeling me up I was in a state of bliss. I remove my cloths and feel really weird about this entire situation. As I’m getting up to dress, Mark enters the room with not a stitch on and sits down on the bed. I then see that cock of his in real life. To say I was not interested would be a lie. I’d been looking at the photo for days now and the real thing was standing there in front of me. He asks if I really wanted to go or would I like to simply touch his cock. At this point, I had no idea what to do. Mark reaches up and gently takes a hold of my cock. He begins to massage me and moves his hand up and down the length of my swelling cock. Pre-cum is starting to drip from the tip as he lowers his head and licks it off.

Damn, a woman has sucked my cock but a man does it oh so very nice. Mark licks the entire length of my cock and sucks my nuts into his warm mouth. Hw lets them pop out one at a time just before he takes my entire cock into his warm moist mouth. A swirl or two of his tongue and I’m yelling, “Mark, I’m going to cum and I mean right NOW”! I shot stream after stream of warm cum into his waiting mouth. He eagerly sucked and sucked every drop of cum I had in my balls. He’s still sucking and licked my cock and balls even as I start to shrink. As he released my cock from his mouth Mark has a big smile on his face that told me he was a happy camper for sure. He asks me if I’d like to try sucking or licking his cock. Well, after suck a good blowjob, I’d just gotten, I wasn’t sure if I were up for this or not. He said “It’s no big deal if I wanted too then fine, if not that’s ok too.” Now I’m feeling like a real ass. The least I could do was to lick it or try to suck it. WHAT, What the fuck am I thinking! Mark lay back on the bed and as I reach out to touch his cock he simply acts as if nothing was going on. The feel of his cock was really different. Marks cock was extremely soft to the touch but hard and rigid under the skin. I know I’ve handled my cock for many years but his felt so strange and different. He slowly became rigid and stiff unto he was standing tall as in his photo. I pumped his cock a few strokes and noticed he too had pre-cum oozing from his cock head. Not sure what to expect, I lowered my head and gave his cock a smell and no smell was noticed. I extended my tongue and licked his pre-cum from his cock. Damn, It didn’t taste bad at all. If this is what women enjoyed then why were so many not looking forward to sucking a cock? I slowly started licking his entire shaft and then slowly let his cock enter my mouth for the first time. The texture and feel of a cock in your mouth is indescribable. All I know is I really enjoy the feel and taste of this cock. As I sucked him I could tell he was getting close to coming. Mark said that unless I wanted to taste his cum, I’d better stop. I let his cock pop out of my mouth and just in time too. I pumped his cock a stroke or two he let out a grown and shot cum all over me and the bed. We lay there for a few minutes to rest and regained out composure.

As we cleaned ourselves, we made small talk and joked about the local gossip. As I was leaving, Mark slid his hand to my ass and said he’d love to get together again when I had time. He said maybe just maybe we could try anal sex but would live that for another time.

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2011-02-14 06:28:56
Guys always think It's hot when girls do that to other girls, I think it's hot when guys do that to eachother. Great story!


2011-02-12 23:15:47
great story,I wish I was there.


2011-02-12 15:29:10
Good Story...I'd like that for me to experience... o

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