This is a story about a sexy cougar milf who seduces the boy who mows her lawn. If you do not like story’s involving minors then do not read.
John sighed as he pulled the starter cord on the rusty old blue push lawnmower. It responded with a putter followed by a whine, then silence. He hated mowing the Alder's lawn. It was not much bigger than the other houses in his neighborhood, but it was cluttered with small gardens and statues. It took John a half hour longer to mow this one, and for the same price. This was John’s second year mowing lawns in his home town of Springdale. He didn't mind it all that much and he made some extra spending cash. Being twelve years old he was one of the few kids that had extra money to spend on top of his allowance.

John knelt down and adjusted the choke. He stood back up and brushed the dirt and grass off of his knees. He grabbed the pull cord and gave it another shot. This time the mower rumbled into action and John began carving threw the tall grass. After he finished the lawn he knocked on the door and Mr. Alder gave him ten dollars. John put the money in the pocket of his sports shorts and walked back over to the lawnmower to push it a few blocks back to his home.

John pulled off his baseball cap and wiped the sweat of his forehead and ran his fingers through his blonde hair. He put his cap back on and grabbed the lawnmower. When he heard someone say, "Excuse me. Excuse me."

John looked up to see the Alders neighbor Ms. Bell crossing her lawn which was quite overgrown. Ms. Bell was a widow with two daughters both who were a little older than John. He had always had kind of a crush on her youngest daughter Stacy, who he knew he had no chance with for several reasons one being that she was fifteen and already in high school with a boyfriend. John waved at Ms. Bell and walked over toward her lawn.

Ms. Bell was in her early forties, she looked young for her age. She was an in shape woman, she always had a nice tan, she had great skin tone and hardly any wrinkles. She was about 5' 10", she had blue eyes and brown hair cut on the shorter side. Her body was nice, she had a firm round ass, not too little and yet not too big, and her breasts were large and always shown off by her clothing. Today was no exception, she was wearing a spaghetti strap v cut blouse and her cleavage was abundant.

“Hi Johnny. How are you today?” She asked. She adjusted her bra and smiled at the boy. She couldn’t help but think about how cute Johnny was. He had big blue eyes and blonde hair, she knew he was twelve, but he looked so hot. He was skinny and shorter than most boys his age. He was so innocent.

Jen Belle had a thing for innocent boys. Her firsts few fucks in high school were virgins, they were shy and unsure of themselves. As she grew up she never dated any more men like that, men she could ‘show the ropes’ to. She looked down at Johnny’s shorts. She wondered how developed he was down there. Had he masturbated yet? Had he cum yet? The thoughts began to get dirtier and dirtier until she made a conscious effort to stop them. “Christ Jen, you are almost 30 fucking years older than him!” She thought to herself.

“I am fine Ms. Bell.” John responded. John was still not all that tall for a twelve year old. His head was just barely taller than Ms. Bell’s voluptuous breasts. He uncomfortably put his hands in his pockets as she stood in front of him.

Ms. Bell leaned over, exposing more of her cleavage to John and said, “I was wondering if you had any time in your schedule to maybe mow my lawn once a week Johnny? How much do you charge?”

John was not used to being called Johnny. But he didn’t mind that Ms. Bell called him that. He tried not to stare at her cleavage and replied, “Ummmm, yeah, I could mow it for you Ms. Belle. I charge ten dollars per mow. I can do it right now for you if you like.” John glanced down from her blue eyes and starred at her breasts. He knew he shouldn’t but he could not resist. He felt a stir in his shorts. He could feel an erection coming on. Ms. Bell noticed his eyes stray to her breasts. She smiled and licked her upper lip, although John didn’t see her do it. She began to feel her nipples harden, she knew he probably was going to beat off thinking about this later and it turned her on.

Ms. Belle cleared her throat to get little John’s attention. He jumped a little and immediately looked back into her eyes. She had a crooked smile on her face.

“I will pay you after you are done darling.” She said as she stood back upright. John was now blushing and stunned.

“Ahh, Okay Ms. Belle.” John stammered.

Ms. Belle laughed. She had a beautiful smile and mouth. “Call me Jen, sweetie.” She said and she spun around and went back into her home. As she walked off John admired her nice ass.

He mowed her lawn, it took about forty-five minutes and he had to re-fuel. During that time Jen watched him from kitchen window masturbating herself until she climaxed. It had turned her on so much seeing him stare at her breasts that she had to give into her sexual desires. She had finished and cleaned up before John came to collect his money. He knocked on her door. Jen opened it and thanked him. She gave him fifteen dollars and said, “I want you to keep the extra sweetie.” She placed her hand on his soft cheek and then went inside.

John went home, pushing the lawn mower just a little faster than usual to get home. He had one thing on his mind, jerking off! When he got home he put the lawnmower and gas can away. He then went inside headed to the bathroom. His mother and father were both home and greeted him as he walked by them. Once in the bathroom John pulled down his shorts and underwear and lifted up the toilet seat. He grabbed his semi hard penis and pulled back its foreskin. It’s pink head was glistening with pre-cum from all of the dirty thoughts he had been having about Ms. Belle. He let his bladder go and a yellow stream of urine flowed out of him into the toilet. After he finished pissing he washed the dirt off his hands and went up to his bedroom.

John shut his door and took of his clothes. His little penis was already starting to become erect, it’s foreskin exposing just the tip of the head. At first glance John appeared to have no pubic hair, his crotch had the beginnings of a patch but it was also blonde so it was hard to notice.

He lay down on his bed and pulled out a tub of lotion from under it. By now his cock was fully erect. His penis was curiously thick for a boy that age, but like most other things with his body it still had a ways to go. He actually measured it a few months earlier; it was just over 4 inches long when hard. He lubed up his left hand and with his right hand he pulled back his foreskin. He started to slowly stroke his cock with his left hand. His penis shot a symphony of pleasure through his young body with every stroke. In the past he liked to think about fucking Ms. Belle’s daughter Stacy, but this afternoon he couldn’t get the memories of Ms. Belle’s plump breasts out of his mind. He imagined her taking off her blouse and letting him caress and squeeze her bare tits. Before too long he felt an orgasm coming on. He picked up the pace of his stroking and soon after his teenage body exploded with an intense orgasm, cum spurted all over his youthful hairless chest.

John lay there in a daze; his penis quickly became soft and shriveled back into its cavern of skin. He cleaned up his cum and put the tub of lubrication back into its hiding place. The next week every time he jerked off he thought of Ms. Belle’s tits.

Finally when the weekend came along it was time once again to mow that part of the neighborhood. John mowed the Alder’s lawn and then mowed Ms. Belles. After he finished John knocked on the door and Stacy answered it. She was dressed in Jeans and a blouse; she looked sexy as usual John thought to himself. Stacy yelled for her mother and without a word and hardly a glance at him turned around and went upstairs. Ms. Belle came out of the kitchen and gave John some money. She asked him how he was doing and he told her he was doing fine. There was an awkward silence and John noticed Ms. Belle’s eyes had wandered down to his crotch. He glanced down and noticed the fly was down on the jeans he was wearing. Ms. Belle smiled and said to John, “Well, I look forward to seeing more of you next week-end.”

The next week John again thought about no other person than Ms. Belle when he jerked off. Finally the weekend came again and he was mowing her lawn. John was mowing a little faster than usual, the sky was dark with clouds and he knew it could rain any moment. When he was about halfway done mowing then lawn a truck pulled up to the driveway and the door to the house flung open. Stacy darted out into the truck and the truck left, just then John felt the first drop of rain. Soon a sprinkle turned into a down pour. John was soaked, then he noticed Ms. Belle open her door, she looked out cautiously, making sure the neighbors weren’t around, then she ran out to John. John gawked as she ran towards him. She was wearing a white t-shirt and a black skirt, her large breasts were bouncing free of a bra. She reached John and told him to come inside until the rain stopped. Before he could answer she firmly grasped his arm and led him into the house.

They stumbled into the house from the rain, they both were dripping wet, Ms. Belle turned and told John she would grab some towels. John noticed her braless breasts showed through the now almost transparent white t-shirt. Her areolas were large and round, he could see her nipples. He was transfixed on the sight in front of him, his damp cock began to get hard, she giggled and went into the downstairs bathroom to get towels. Ms. Belle came back from the bathroom with a couple of beach towels, she gave one to John. She quickly dried her hair then threw the towel over her shoulder making no effort to conceal her breasts. Her pussy began to tingle and get wet, she loved showing off her breasts to this horny little boy. John used his towel to quickly cover the growing erection under his shorts. Ms. Belle told him to have a seat in the living room. John sat on the couch shivering a little, more from being nervous about the situation than from being cold.

“Relax and dry off Johnny, I am going to turn the heat on.” She went upstairs. John remained on the couch shivering. He was wondering if she was trying to put the moves on him, his cock was now rock hard, he was holding the towel over his waist to conceal it. After about five minutes Ms. Belle returned. She walked into the living room and Johns heart almost stopped. She had changed into a black corsette, a black tong, complete with thigh high stalking. She stood in front of John with a devilish smile. John couldn’t even look into her eyes; he was so enraptured in her sexy body.

“Dry yet?” She asked with a smile, she then grabbed the towel from his lap. Johns twelve year old face blushed as his hard cock pitched a tent in his shorts in front of her. She smiled and threw the towel aside. She looked at him and said, “I can help you with that Johnny.” Ms. Belle knelt down in front of John and pulled his shorts down to his knees. He wasn’t wearing any underwear; Ms. Belle moaned as she looked down onto his boy cock, it was wet with pre-cum. She ran her hand down his belly through his new little patch of blonde pubic hair and grasped his cock, squeezing it. John sighed as he experienced the sensations of a woman touching his cock for the first time. “Your dick is cute,” She said, “I think it likes me.” She then brought her head down to the base of his shaft and began running her tongue slowly up the back of his teenage penis. John’s eyes rolled back as he became mesmerized by the pleasure of her wet tongue on his cock. Right as her tongue reached his pre-cum soaked cockhead John gasped and his legs began to convulse, he began to cum on Ms. Belles face, she stroked his cock as he climaxed. His cock spilled cum in her mouth and all over her face. After John’s climax Ms. Belle licked the cum off his cock head and sucked his entire cock into her mouth. John became overcome with embarrassment after his hormones allowed his mind to return to its normal state. He jumped up pulling his penis out of the sexy cougar’s mouth. He pulled his shorts up and headed for the door. Ms. Belle begged him to stop; she asked him to stay longer and told him she wanted him to feel her entire body. She knew that he must be embarrassed but he did not listen to her pleas and left the vixens home.

As John made his way home in the pouring rain his mind tried to sort out the chaos that had just happened. He was angry at himself for not being more of ‘a man’ and cumming so quickly. He knew what Ms. Belle had done was weird, but he also felt turned on by it. He also felt sexy; the fact that a hot woman wanted him turned him on even more. John kept the encounter a secret but found himself masturbating twice as often threw out the next week. By the time the next weekend arrived John no longer thought of the event as traumatic, but instead was highly sexualized by it. That morning before he went over to Ms. Belles neighborhood John masturbated with the hope that her would last longer than last time.

Jen heard the sound of the lawn mower fire up in her yard. Her mature pussy tingled with a horny anticipation. She watched John mow the lawn for a minute then she went upstairs and grabbed a lingerie outfit she had picked out earlier. She went downstairs and hoped into the shower leaving the front door unlocked.

John finally finished mowing Ms. Belle’s lawn. He was covered in sweat due to the intense heat of a nice summer day.. He went up to her front door and knocked. No one answered, then he heard Ms. Belle yell from the bathroom “Come in, I will be right out sweetheart.” John went inside and sat down in the same spot he had last week. As he waited his heart raced, fantasies for fucking Ms. Belle ran wild in his thoughts.

Ms. Belle wondered if John was going to come into the bathroom. Finally she finished her showed and spent fifteen minutes putting on make-up and perfume. She dressed into her sexy red corset with matching fishnet stockings. She slipped on a pair of crotch less red lace panties. Next she put on her bathrobe and went out into the living room. She greeted John who was fidgeting nervously on the couch. She smiled and winked at him, she could already tell from the boy’s body language that he wanted to fuck. She went into the kitchen and locked the front door. She then grabbed her purse and pulled out a five dollar bill.

“Hmmm, well Johnny, it looks like I only have five dollars this week. I think I may have some cash upstairs.” She walked into the living room and gave John the five dollars. “I will be right back,” She said, then she paused, “Have I ever shown you the upstairs?” She asked John as she waved for him to follow her.

John got up, adjusting his semi-hard cock in his pants so it wasn’t that obvious. Then he followed Ms. Belle upstairs. Her bathrobe went down to her knees. John admired her tan fit calves as her followed the slutty mother upstairs. She showed John both of her daughters rooms and then the den. After that she brought him into her bedroom. She had a huge bed, and a couple of closets and the drapes were closed, but the light was on. She walked over to the dresser and opened the top drawer. Jen shuffled threw the contents moving some panties aside to reveal a couple of sex toys. She turned around and looked at John with a smile.

“Well it looks like I am out of cash. Maybe we could work out some other kind of bargain sweetie.” Jen said as she undid the robe and dropped it to the floor. She then ran her hands down over her large breasts, grasping them.

John’s heart began to pound as he felt his cock harden. Jen walked over to him and took him into her arms, his head between her breasts. She undid his pants and pulled them off, he wasn’t wearing any underwear. She spent a minute or two embracing his hot young body, her hands grasping his butt cheeks. Next she pulled of his t-shirt and she bent over and kissed him. As they French kissed she brought one of his teenage hands between her legs. John felt the warmth between her legs; he slipped a finger between the cloth opening of her crotch-less panties, into her wet pink pussy. He felt her clit then buried his finger into her wet love tunnel. Her pussy felt warm and wet. It wasn’t as tight as he expected, he could feel many folds of tender pussy skin sliding against his finger. Jen gasped as her legs jumped with the pleasure of feeling his young finger in her starving pussy. She put her hand back onto his hand and began rocking his finger and hand to masturbate her pussy. John picked up quickly and soon she didn’t need to guide him, he was fingering her pussy himself so Ms. Belle brought her hand up to her breasts and grasped one threw her corset. She rocked her hips with John’s fingering motions. She removed her other hand from his ass and brought it around front of him to grab his hard cock. She grasped at its base and pulled up pulling his foreskin over his pink cockhead, as she did pre-cum leaked out of his young penis. He moaned as the waves of pleasure rippled through his groin. She began slowly stroking his cock this way. She moaned and said to him, “Let me know before you cum Johnny, I want this to last a while for both of us. I have been finger fucking myself all week dreaming of your cock fucking me.” She then began kissing him again. By know John was bucking his hips in conjunction with her stroking. They continued this way for another few minutes.

Jen finally withdrew from John and walked him over to her bed. She pulled her breasts out of her corset, letting them hang over it and admired John now that he was completely naked. She lay him down onto her bed and then pulled off her panties, revealing her shaved pussy. She then knelt over him and spread his legs open. With one hand she cupped his balls, and with the other she grasped his cock. She began sucking on his cockhead. John moaned as the waves of pleasure began. Soon Ms. Belle was deep-throating his cock, the hand she was using to hold his cock she now had moved up to his chest and was rubbing one of his tiny pink nipples. John was in heaven as a woman old enough to be his mother serviced his penis. He looked down, watching his cock slide in and out of her mouth, she looked up at him. He moaned as they made eye contact. Jen felt John’s leg contractions become more frequent, she knew he was getting close to climaxing. She pulled his cock out of her mouth and ran her toungue down the back of it and began to suck on his balls. The warmth and wetness of her mouth engulfing his ball sack sent a shiver up his teenage spine. Ms. Belle stroked his wet and hard cock as she sucked on his balls.

John suddenly began to call out, “I am close to cumming Ms. Belle, Ohhhh yessss, ohhhhh..”

Jen quickly sat up and then crawled up and lay down on top of John, she kissed him and said, “We wouldn’t want that quite yet now would we, I think I owe you a little more for all your hard work.” She giggled and began French kissing him again. She then grasped him and rolled over onto her back so now John was lying on top of her. She felt him trying to poke his penis into her pussy but like most virgins he was missing his target. She broke free of their kiss and told John to kiss her breasts. Without hesitation John smiled, he grasped her breasts and began licking and sucking on her large nipples. Ms. Belle moaned with pleasure and began to talk dirty to him. “Mmmmm, you are such a horny little boy slut Johnny, I bet you have been jerking your hard little cock for a few weeks while dreaming of fucking my pussy and playing with my titties. Ohhh, yes Johnny, I know you have been in my dirty thoughts and dirty slut dreams for a while, your cute lips kissing my pussy, your tongue licking my g-spot, ohhhh yesss. When I masturbate Johnny you make me cum. Now eat my pussy Johnny, kiss and lick my cunt baby…”

John slid down as Ms. Belle opened her red fishnet covered legs up for him. John felt nervous as he stared up close at her shaved pussy. He could see her clit peeking out from between her two perfectly shaped pussy lips, at the bottom of the lips he could see a tiny pink opening and just below that her tight brown asshole.

“Don’t be afraid Johnny, it’s okay,” Ms. Belle said as she put her hand on the back of Johnny’s head and pulled his face closer to her starving pussy, “I want you to lick up and down in between my pussy lips until your tongue feels a hard nub, that is my clit Johnny, I want you so lick and suck on it baby.” As his face came closer to her pussy John could smell a musky scent, like body odor, he quickly decided he liked the smell of pussy. He gently kissed her soft pussy lips then began sliding his tongue between her pussy lips, Ms. Belle moaned in response. John did as Ms. Belle had instructed and quickly found her clit. He began to suck on it and lick it, Ms. Belle cried out in response, moaning and calling his name out. Johnny reached up with his hands and began caressing her big breasts and rolling her nipples between his fingers. As they continued on like this John could tell Ms. Belle was enjoying herself, her hips would occasionally rock and buck, and she continued to talk dirty to him and cry out louder and louder. John’s mouth and lower face were now soaked with his own saliva mixed with Ms. Belles sexy pussy juices forming a love lubrication. John began swishing his mouth back and forth across Jen’s pussy while still vigorously flicking her clitoris with his tongue.

Jen was crying out in pleasure as Johnny serviced her mature and needy pussy, the waves and bursts of sexual stimulation in her lower body were now on an irreversible path towards an orgasm. She began to cry out in pleasure, “Ohhh fuckkkk yess Johnny, don’t stop, keep fucking my cunt with your mouth, yesss, I am cumming, keep eating me, yesss yessssssss….” Her words became screams of pleasure as her legs began to convulse and jerk and the most intense orgasm she had experienced in years, maybe even decades swept thru her body. She reached down with both hands holding Johnny’s head between her quaking legs. John let go of her breasts and wrapped his arms around her athletic thighs, bracing for a rough ride. He noticed small squirts of her love juices coming out of her pussy as she came. Her screams actually scared him a little, but it didn’t slow him down a bit. His cock was still rock hard and it was dripping clear pre-cum. He kept fucking her pussy with his face, and she kept cumming, he had heard some women could have multiple orgasms; Ms. Belle must have be one of them! In the midst of her cry of pleasure John began to make out Ms. Belle’s command to finger fuck her pussy. John brought one of his hands to her shaking pussy and slid his index finger fully into her tunnel. She cried out for more fingers. John inserted his middle finger. Now her pussy felt tight, he began fucking her pussy with his two fingers. She was still having orgasm after orgasm, Johns face and the bed sheet were now soaked with her sweet lust nectars. The feeling of his dirty fingers fucking her pussy drove Jen to a whole new level of orgasmic pleasure. They continued this way for at least another grueling 5 minutes, but to John it seemed like hours. Jen’s orgasm began to subside and by now his balls were aching, needing a release.

Finally Jen released his head and pulled him up until he was lying stationary on top of her. She pulled his head towards hers and began kissing his wet lips. As their tongues swirled together she lifted one of her legs and reached down to his cock. She grasped his wet hard boyhood and placed it at the entrance to her pussy. She released his cock. John pushed his throbbing penis into her wet pussy. He slid it in as far as he could, losing his virginity. He left his newly deflowered cock inside her for a moment, not moving, enjoying her tightness and warmth, and then he began to slowly slide it in and out. Before too long his sexual instincts had taken over and he was full on fucking Ms. Belle. John pulled his mouth away from Jen’s pushing himself up a little so he could admire her bouncing D-cup breasts, and further down his own four inch penis ramming in and out of his first piece of pussy. His cock was now lit up with long awaited pleasure as her moist hole clasped it. Ms. Belle’s moaning began to pick up again as her level of sexual stimulation rose from him jabbing her with his pole, and also from his body slapping up against her clitoris at every thrust.

After a few minutes she told him to stop. She got up and pushed John onto the bed on his back and she straddled him cowgirl style. John lay there in awe, his cock hard and soaked with her pussy juices lay on his belly. She brought her pussy down onto his cock while it laid against him, and let his boyhood spread her shaved pussy lips, she then began rocking her hips back and forth, causing his shaft to slide up and down the canyon between her lips, but not into her vagina. John moaned from the pleasure of feeling her pussy lips surrounding his cock, like a hotdog in a bun. Ms. Belle picked up the pace and began to whimper and moan as she masturbated her clit with John’s cock in this way. John took advantage of having two free hands and reached up with both hands and grabbed her breasts, playing with her erect nipples at the center of her big areola.

John started to feel Ms. Belles legs quiver again as her moans turned into screams. A climax again was ripping through her body. She screamed, “Put your cock in me Johnny, ohhhh yessss. I’m cumming again, fuck me with you cock, fuck me, ohhhhhhh, I want you to cum in me while I am cummmmmming…….”

She brought her hips up a bit and reached down between her legs. Before John knew it she had stuck his uncut cock into her pussy and brought her hips back down, trapping his boyhood inside her lust cavern. She quickly began rocking her hips again, still crying out and screaming dirty things to her new twelve year old sex toy. John lay there grasping her tits and rocking his hips to add to the thrust of his erect penis fucking her. Not a minute and a half later John began to feel his orgasm coming on. Everything was happing so fast to him and now Ms. Belle was really fucking him. He began to cry out, “Uhhhh Mssssss. Bellleee…. I am cumming, I am cumming…..”

“Yessssss, cum inside my horny pussy Johnny, ohhhh yessss…” Ms. Belle cried out. John’s legs tensed and slapped together as the feeling of his climax ripped through his body. His cock began to shoot spurt after spurt of cum into her pussy. Jen who was still having multiple orgasms felt his cock convulsing inside her as it emptied its payload. The orgasm that John was experiencing was by far the most intense of his life. Finally they both slowed down and Jen got up off of John and brought her head down to his cum soaked penis. He sighed and giggled as she sucked her pussy juices and cum off of his cock. She then kissed him and lay down next to him.

Ms. Belle never had to pay cash for her lawn mowing the rest of that summer.

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2013-06-18 17:24:15
very good writing. It appears you have written similar stories before.
I think every young boy fantasizes about older mature women but few ever gets to have his dream come true. It is a hot subject only thing hotter is incest. Love it.

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I had a similar experience with my friends big sister. I was 11 at the time, she was21. This story brings back nice memories. I had to jerk off reading


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Great story. Reminded me of some of the fantasies I had of women I used to cut grass for. One in particular was a plump blonde woman with big boobs named Suzanne. I say leave Stacy out of future installments. Let mommy have her fun alone.

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this is a good story and im 12 expect how hot this story is


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loved it... and yea it reminded me of the stacy's mom video. very hott too... loved the boy there.

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