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A Brother and Sisters relationship changes.
This is not just a quick sex scene, I am sorry if that’s all the you were looking for. Please leave constructive comments below and ill use them to make the second one. Thank you and enjoy.


I woke up early this morning. Something had woken me. I couldn’t figure it out but I swung my feet over the bed and sat up. I grabbed my robe and put it around me. My eight inch cock was standing tall and proud do to the usual morning wood. How it inconvenienced me at times. I walked towards my door and heard a noise. That must have been what woke me up. I couldn’t quite tell what it was . I opened my door slowly and slipped out into the hallway. I looked up at the clock and read 3:30. Who was up at this time? It sounded like it was coming from my sisters room. I headed in that direction. Our bedrooms were on the third floor and our parents were on the second. We had our own bathroom and small living room. Her bedroom was on the other end of the house than mine. I could see the moonlight flowing through her door since it was slightly open. I peeked through the crack making sure she was all right. My mouth dropped. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m 19 years old and my sisters 18. We both know that neither of us are virgins. But witnessing my sister with a silver dildo shoved in her pussy is the most erotic sight I have ever seen. She is five foot six with long auburn hair and green eyes. She is very athletic due to volleyball and cheer leading. She was moaning louder than ever. Her pace kept increasing until suddenly she shoved it as deep as she could and arched her back high in the air. She had the most intense orgasm I have seen. She looked my way with satisfied eyes and we looked at each other for a second. I got scared and ran back to my room. I couldn’t believe she had caught me watching her. What was this going to do to our relationship.

I had fallen back asleep and woke up at 10:00 am. I lazily got dressed and walked downstairs to the kitchen.
My mother was in the middle of making brunch. and my sister was sitting down drinking a cup of coffee. “Morning mom. Morning sis.”. I said groggily. Mom looked at me, “Morning son. Want some eggs?” “Yes please.” I answered. “Hey sis. Did you still want to go for a swim later today?” I looked at her wondering if she would still want too. “Sure why not. Its warm enough out.” She answered. I couldn’t believe it. Everything seemed normal enough. Nothing happened the rest of the day. We went swimming down to the river. I had gone in in just a pair of swim trunks. I wasn’t shy about my body since I worked out regularly. She laid on the ground tanning in two piece swim suit that barely covered her ass. It took everything I had not to just stare at her body, but boy didn’t my cock notice. I don’t think it went down the whole time we were there. I know she had noticed it too. After a few hours of swimming we went back home for supper. It was getting dark anyways.

Back home we went and got changed for supper. We ate as a family like we usually did. Talking about how our day went and anything else we could think of. After I was done I asked to be excused. I went up to my room, shut my door, and turned on my desktop. I sat down and brought up my folder of porn. I had to release some of the tension in my cock from all day. I slipped my cock out and started to slowly rub it up and down. I must have gotten pretty into it because I never heard my door open.

I felt someone right behind me. I went to go turn around when a hand made its way to my chest from above me. “What the?” I couldn’t believe I was caught jacking off. “Well you had watched me last night and it turned me on tremendously. I want to repay you.” She continued moving her hand down my chest and stomach. Her hand wrapped around my stiff cock. I thought I was going to cum right then and there. She stroked it slowly. Feeling every inch. She reached lower and fondled my balls. “Why don’t you turn this chair around for me?”. Without answering I turned the chair around and faced my sister. At that moment she was more beautiful then I had ever thought. She got down onto her knees. She leant foreword and licked the head. I moaned out in pleasure. She covered my cock in saliva. She moved her head and wrapped her hand around my cock .She increased her hand speed. Her mouth found my balls and sucked on them. I was on the edge of Cuming when she pulled away. I opened my eyes slowly to see why she stopped when suddenly she engulfed my cock with her mouth. She took every inch of it. She licked the underside of my cock when she took it out. She bobbed her head on my cock. “I’m going to cum sis.” I yelled out. I thrusted my hips up trying to shove my cock deeper in her mouth. She pushed down at the same time so my cock was deep in her throat. I released spurt after spurt of cum straight into her stomach. She pulled off and licked her lips. “mmm very good. I think ill have to come see you later tonight.” She kissed the head of my cock and walked out. I couldn’t wait to see what she had planned.

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2013-01-12 21:40:55
Grade chapter please update soon

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2012-02-27 16:51:34
the writer doesn't know what he is doing this was all sex and one of the shortest stories on the site. delete it and do a rewrite and make it two or three times longer with more back ground, detail and a proper end. as is it was a total waste of your time and ours

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2011-10-04 07:37:00
Use early morning kisses in ur story


2011-02-27 08:14:03
BTW - I am not a fan of this comment page turning quote marks into ". Kind of takes away from the whole scenario of what one is trying to quote.


2011-02-27 08:12:40
Ok, you want constructive criticism, here goes. First, your spelling needs work. You may have spelled most words correctly but that doesn't mean you used the correct word. Than versus then, for example. Second, grammar needs a lot of improvement. For example: "I had gone in in just a pair of swim trunks." You do not gone in in - you went in just a pair of swim trunks, maybe, but not gone in in. Third, you do not capitalize words unless they are proper nouns. Sorry, cumming is not a proper noun. Fourth, your punctuation is atrocious. Whenever you use the word "too" at the end of a sentence, a comma must precede it.

Find an editor/proof reader. Get a grammar book. But, please, before you submit your 2nd installment, improve your writing skills.

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