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My little sister
My little sister, Lindy, loved to do pageants. She was becoming a little brat by doing them though...she would call our mother "bitch" or "whore" I was (and my mother as well) about up to my ears with annoyance.

This little girl needed to be punished sometime, her being only six, she was still young enough to learn her lesson, so one all became a little.."different".

Lindy was participating in a new pageant. It was called, "Little Divas". She had been upset about the dress she got, and she wanted a new one. Our mom was a bit of a pushover and Lindy took advantage of it, so our mom made me go with Lindy to get her a dress. We were told to get a "cupcake" dress as the pageant people called them.

The dresses were very sparkly, and very short. They were tight-chested and had short and very fru-fru tu-tu's on the bottom. Lindy saw a sparkly blue dress that was different from the others, most dresses had shorts attached so the little girls wouldn't show their panties. But this one didn't. It looked like it was for the older pageant girls. I told Lindy it wasn't for her age group, it was for older girls, but Lindy, always wanting to be one step ahead said, "Shut your mother fucking mouth, this is my dress! Got it asshole?" I was already a bit agitated and gave her a good spanking, after her constant screams she tried it on.

She had some trouble getting her clothes off so I had to help her, I watched porn a lot and before we went to the store I was in a good masturbation session. My dick was still a little hard so when I saw my little sister's budding nipples attached to her soft growing cups of boob, I got a little turned on. I tried to touch them without her noticing, she knew what sex and rape was. All too well.

I never got a chance. She quickly took her Dora panties off for some reason. "Steven! Like my pussy?" "Lindy! Why the Hell are your panties off?!" "Well, Stevie, I learned that girls who show a little skin to the judges, are more likely to win!" "Lindy, they mean like, a little shoulder. Not your fucking vagina. Plus, that's for older girls." She slapped me. I got angry and took her naked young body on my lap. I started spanking her hard. "FUCK! STEVEN LET ME GO!" I started getting turned on, her screams of hurt were sounding like moans of sexual pleasure. Maybe this could be a way for her to learn her lesson...

I started getting hard, so I took my pants off. She was shocked. She stayed silent and couldn't speak a word because she was so scared of what was going to happen to her innocent young virgin body. I took her blonde ponytail and shoved it toward my cock, "You know what to do you little slut, suck it." she obeyed my every word as she sucked and sucked and sucked. She slowly stroked my shaft as I moaned and groaned in agony."Your going too slow! HARDER!" she took her mouth off and crossed her arms. "SUCK IT WHORE!" I took her ponytail and shoved it violently towards my hard 7" dick. She was choking, but that didn't stop me. I just made that little mouth suck me harder.

I cummed. She didn't swallow. So I punished her more. I toom her fragile body and forced it to the wall, I slapped her across the face and watched her tears flow. "You make a sound, and I'll punish you more." she muffled a scream as I tied my bandana around her mouth. I shoved my dick up into her tight puss, it was so tight I thought it would burst my cock. I was definately ripping her, and I could tell it by her face. She was crying so hard and trying to scream so much that she was losing her voice. Her virgin blood flowed out.

I cummed yet again. And then I spanked her more. I took her limp and frail body, and threw it in a corner. I tied her up and fucked her some more. After I cummed for the final time, I just stared at her. "Did you learn your lesson?" she nodded her head weakly. She's been descipline ever since, and now she loves fucking. She's become the slut of the school, and she now models. She is now pregnant with our 5th child. And at just 17, I intend to have a very hot life with her..and my mom, but that's another story.

She also wrote me a song:

You make me so hot
So hot
SO hot
I want to be your tater-tot
I want you to fuck me
Yes, punish me
Punish me bad
I'm a bad girl
Bad girl
Bad girl
Bad girl
I want your body
Body Body Body
I want you to fuck me
Fuck fuck fuck meeee
Please fuck me
Please fuck me
Please fuck me
My hymen had broken, and you are the key
My mind is now open to another porn story
I am a dirty girl
And I won't let you murl over me
Just fuck me
Just fuck me
Just fuck me
Ohhh please fuck me!

And be my Valentine, cause I know your mine1
Be my Valentine!
You are mine!
I am yours!
Be my Valentine, baby, be mine!
You may be mine, and I may be your be my valentine won't you please I love you dearest.
Let someone be, I'm such a mess.
You are at my best
I'm better with you!!!

I know, it's cheesy, but it was her present to me. For Valentine's.

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2012-03-28 19:56:23
You guys should stop taking these storys seriously!

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2011-10-25 04:48:54
this is my number.03154033329
Plz reply mf

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2011-10-25 04:44:12
koi hai mujh se shadi karne wali

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2011-10-25 04:42:38
randi k bacho kiyun khuwar kar rahe ho

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2011-04-05 04:08:47
Although I don't agree with sex with a very young girl, that was kind of harsh to turn her into a slut, as well as not being the right way to discipline her.

You could do a bit better than this >>> 4 / 10

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