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Three guys and three girls meet at a motel for a afternoon and evening of sexual fun.
This story is a true account of a swingers play day that took place a few weeks ago on a Tuesday in January, 2011.
A group of us got together just to have sex. To begin, there were three guys and one lady. Later in the afternoon, two bigirls joined us. There was no need for any of us to be shy, so when we arrived at the motel around 1, we got a room with two beds, and got naked as soon as all four of us got there.
A little about us first. I am 6’3” tall, weight 250 lbs., have a 6” cock and pretty thick. The second guy, (we will call Rick), is 6’ tall, weighs about 200 lbs., has an 8” penis. The third guy (we will call Jack), is 6’ tall, weighs 200 lbs. and has the shortest penis I have ever seen.
The lady, (we will call Angel), is 5’8” tall, don’t know her weigh, but she is a little above average, 38c breast with nice nipples, shaved pussy and ass, I shave she whenever she needs a shave.
When I talked to Angel about her coming to play, she told me that before we could start playing, I needed to give her a shave. I love doing this for her, so I agreed to shave her. After we all got naked, I got a towel, warm water, razor and shaving cream and went to work shaving her. She was lying on the bed, ready for me, so I washed she vagina and the area all around it. I put the shaving cream in my hand and began putting it all over the area that needed shaving. I began at the top of the area and shaved all the hair above her pussy, leaning a narrow strip. Then I had her spread her legs apart. I start at the top of her vagina an work my way down the left side, with a finger between her vagina lips. I shave the hair off the left side; the I do the right side, keeping my finger between her lips all the time slightly moving it back and forth. When I have the sides all nice and smooth, I shave the area between her vagina and her ass. All the time, keeping my finger between her pussy lips, moving it back and forth. When I have finished, I take a wash cloth and wash all the shaving cream off. Then I lean into her and start sucking her pussy, spending several minutes, licking and nibbling her clitoris. She lets my enjoy her pussy for a few minutes then tells me to stop. I do but, I really don’t want to. Now on to the rest of the story.
All the guys are bi, Angel is also bi. When Angel plays with us, she likes to direct the activities, and we are glad to let her. She loves to watch guys play, so we begin by Rick and me sucking each other’s penis hard. Rick has a nice big cock and low hanging balls. I suck his cock deep into my mouth and while I do this, I massage his balls. Rick takes all of my cock into his mouth and sucks me hard. In no time he has me ready to cum and Angel sees this and has him stop. I keep sucking him and now he is pushing his cock to the back of my mouth, trying to get it all in my mouth, I gag but he keeps pushing, I can hardly breathe, but I manage to take all of him in my mouth and he starts face fucking me. I love the feeling of all his cock in my mouth and I suck him until he is about to cum, again Angel tells him to stop. All the time Rick and I are sucking each other Jack is standing behind Angel playing with her breast, massaging them, getting her nipples hard. She may not have the biggest breast, but those nipples stand out proud and look so good.
As we watch Jack play with Angel’s titties, Rick reaches over and starts stroking my cock. He bends over to take it into his mouth again, and Angel tells him not to suck me, just stroke me. We stroke each other until Angel sits down on the bed and tells us to get on either side of the bed and start sucking her breast. We do as we are told; we take each breast in our hands and begin massaging them. She tells us to suck them hard and she pushes our face into each breast. We begin really working on them, nibbling all over them, sucking her nipples and biting them. She is beginning to moaning and is really enjoying our sucking, but tells us to do it harder. While we are doing this, Jack has gotten on the be between Angels legs and starts playing with her vagina. He has a finger in her and is moving it in and out of her vagina, rubbing her and she is beginning to get wet. He leans in and starts to suck her pussy from her clitty down to her ass. She loves having her pussy sucked and is enjoying what Jack is doing. All three of us are really into pleasuring Angel and she is moaning and enjoying what we are doing to her. She lets us suck and bit her breast while Jack is sucking her pussy for several minutes. Then she tells us it’s time for something new to happen, so we all get off her and she sits up on the bed and relaxes while we wait for her to tell us what she wants next.
Angel and I have been “playing” together for a couple years now. She has a boy-friend that works out of town and she needs more than sex one time a week, when he is home, so I have been her “play mate”. We hit if off from the beginning and have an understanding that when she calls me, I come to her and usually shave her pussy and suck her until she cums.
Angel loves oral sex and watching guys “play” together, so she says it’s time to have a little more guy/guy fun. Jack is a very nice guy but very shy and says he would like to watch for a little while. So I get between Angel’s legs and start licking her pussy. She is really wet now and I love that, so I lap up her juices as best as I can. As I am doing this, I feel a hand on my ass and I know its Rick. He starts playing with my ass, running his hand all over it and starts moving his hand into my crack. I continue sucking Angel’s vagina. I have never tasted any pussy as good as hers. I suck her from the bottom of her vagina all the way to the top; enjoy the taste and her being so wet. I keep doing this for several minutes, all the time; Rick is working his fingers into my anus. He gets two fingers in me and starts finger fucking my anus, then he gets three fingers in me and does the same thing. He is making me feel real good with his finger fucking. All of a sudden he stops and I am a little disappointed, but I keep on sucking Angel. After a minute or two, I feel some cool and wet and I know Rick is ready to pleasure my ass. He takes his cock and gets it right at the opening of my ass. He pushes it in just pass the opening and stops.
All the time, I keep working on Angel’s cunt, licking and sucking all over it. She is moaning and keeps saying, “Yes, yes, yes”. I look up and see that Jack is working on her titties while I am sucking her. I start nibbling on her clitty and she moans even loader than before. She doesn’t have a very big clitoris, but I find it and start sucking on it real hard. As I was doing this, Rick had his cock just inside my anus and was just relaxing it there. Rick usually takes it nice and slow to start and I though he was going to do that this time too. I look up and see Angel give Rick an nod, and he drives his cock all the way into my ass, driving my face deeper into Angel’s pussy. I’m still sucking her clit, and she is moving all over the bed and I think she is about to cum. But instead of cumming, she pushes me off her and just lays there having jack sucking her nipples. All the time this is going on, Rick is plowing away in my ass. He is taking deep strokes, in and out of me and I’m loving it. Angel tells him to keep fucking me and she tells him to go faster than he is. He moves in and out of me as fast as he can and I feel him getting ready to dump a load in my ass. Angel tells him to cum in my ass and as soon as she tells him, he uploads my ass, love that feeling so much. As soon as he had finished, Angel tells Jack to get down at my ass and suck all of Rick’s cum out of my ass. He gets there as fast as he can and starts sucking my ass hole, getting as much cum out as he can. While he is doing that, Angel is sucking Ricks cock clean. After everyone has finished sucking, we all just sit on the beds relaxing for a little while. We chat for a while and enjoy each other’s company. Someone notices that the time is 5:00 and mentions that the other two girls should be there soon.
Just about the time we mention they should be there, we hear a knock at the door, and I go and let them in. They come in and see us naked, and imminently they take off their clothes. They both are in their mid-twenties and are actually a “couple”, but love cock once in a while. We will call then Betty and Sam. Betty is very feminine and Sam is more masculine. Like Angel, Betty likes to run the show. They see Angel lying nude on the bed and go over to her and sit on either side of her. Betty takes one of Angel’s breast and starts playing with it. Sam does the same to the other breast. They both go right for Angel’s nipples and get them hard. The two girls suck Angel till Angel ask them to stop and she gets up from the bed. Sam lies down on the bed and Betty begins sucking her pussy. Angel gets between Betties legs and starts sucking her. Angel is very good when it comes to sucking pussy and gets Betty off in just a few minutes. Angel has to leave so she gets cleaned up and leaves the motel.
After Angel leaves, Betty and Rick begin playing with each other, they have known each other for some time and know what each other likes. They kiss for a few minutes then Rick begins to move down Bettie’s body till he reaches her cunt. He starts sucking her and she cums again, he moved back up her body until he can get his 8 cock at the opening of her cunt and begins fucking her. They fuck for about 15 minutes, Betty getting louder and louder all the time he is fucking her. She cums again and just lays there for a few minutes
While Rick is fucking Betty, I start sucking Sam. She is really wet and has a big clit. I start sucking her clit like a small cock, going up and down on it like I would suck a man’s cock. As I’m sucking Sam, Jack reaches over and gets hold of my cock and starts sucking me. His movements are so smooth and his lips are really soft, it almost feels like a girl is sucking me, I don’t last very long before I fill his mouth with my cum, he drinks it all down his throat and cleans off my cock. Sam is really getting into my sucking her and she stiffens and I feel her squirt her love juice into my mouth. She tastes pretty good, but nowhere as good as Angel. After we have all had a good cum, we just relax and order in some food. Jack and Rick have to leave now, so all that is left are the girls and me.
The three of us began playing. Betty and Sam began kissing each other and playing with each other’s tits. I was enjoying the show they were giving me and just sat there and watched them. As they were kissing they both began moving their hand down between their legs. Betty made the first move by turning and lying on her back, Sam moved from playing with Betties nipples to kissing her way down to Bettie’s vagina. She parted Bettie’s vagina lips with her tongue and started licking all over her pussy. While Sam did this, I got behind her and spread Sam’s ass apart and started rimming her hole. Betty was enjoying this and Sam was really going to town on Bettie’s pussy. Betty told Sam to stop licking her, Sam did but was confused as to why Betty wanted her to stop. Betty told Sam to go to her pile of clothes and get out her strap-on and put it on. Sam did, thinking that Betty wanted her to fuck her, but Betty had different ideas. She told me to start licking her pussy. I gladly got down between her legs and began licking her. While I was doing this Betty told Sam to fuck me. I was thrilled at this because I have always wanted to suck a pussy while getting fucked by another girl. Sam moved behind me and spread my ass cheeks apart, and put the head of the dildo at the entrance of my ass hole. She slowly pushed it into me until she had it all the way in me. I had never felt so full, that dildo must have been big, but I didn’t know how big. She began fucking me with nice long, deep, steady strokes in and out, it was great. I continued sucking and licking Betty and she was really enjoying what I was doing to her pussy, and she was watching what Sam was doing to my ass. The combination of the two get Betty really hot and she began moaning louder and louder until she literally screamed and shook all over when she came. I lapped up all her pussy juice and Sam kept fucking my ass until Betty calmed down and told her she could stop fucking me. Sam lay down on the bed and I could see how big that dildo was, 12” long, and very thick. Betty smiled and asked me if I liked it. I told her I loved it and she was happy.
Betty got up and had Sam turn over so she could take the strap-on off of her. When Betty had unbuckled the straps, Sam turned back on her back while Betty removed the strap-on. After this, Betty began playing with Sam’s pussy. I could see her run her fingers up and down between her lips and them dip her fingers into her pussy. Sam closed her eyes and was enjoying what Betty was doing to her. Betty moved over and between Sam’s legs, spreading them apart and Betty began pleasuring Sam orally. Sam began to move around on the bed but Betty stayed on her sucking and licking her. They both were enjoying themselves. I went over to where I kept all my toys and got out a 7” dildo and went back to the bed and knelt behind Betty, with her ass but in the air. I took the dildo and got to the entrance of Bettie’s fussy and began fucking her pussy while she licked and sucked Sam’s pussy. Sam was getting close to cumming, and Betty was close behind her. Betty continued sucking on Sam’s clit until I could see that Sam was filling Bettie’s mouth with her pussy juice. As Sam was finishing, Betty stiffened and she again screamed that she was cumming and I kept fucking her with the dildo until she finished and collapsed on top of Sam. The hugged each other and laid there for a few minutes, recovering from their sexual satisfaction. After this we all cleaned up, got dressed, kissed each other, promised to meet again next month, and went home.
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