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The true story of how I lost my virginity aged 15 to my high school boy crush in the locker room showers.
This is the true story of how I as I teenager I discovered my true sexuality (bi) with my teen boy crush in high school gym class. I have changed the name of the beautiful boy who made it possible, but the rest is completely and utterly true.

From the age I about 13 I began to feel attracted to boys in my class. I still hated the idea of looking at gay porn on the web, but I was lucky enough to be surrounded by some of the most beautiful young teen boys on a daily basis, and no where did I feel more attracted to them than in the locker room when changing for gym class. The sweet smell of deodorant and sweat mixed together, as I was surrounded by rippling six packs and well toned arms and legs. More than one I tried to catch a quick glimpse of a boy I liked in his boxers, the tight cotton stretched over the two gentle humps of his arse, and I my mouth dried and heartbeat quickened to see the ever growing bulges at the front, as their cocks grew bigger and bigger through the years. Unfortunately I had never got to see any of them naked; we had showers in the locker room but no one used them, although they were happy enough to walk around in their boxers and nothing else – all the better for me!

There was only one boy in the whole school who was openly gay. James was quite a small guy for his age, only around 5 foot 4 inches, with brown hair and a long fringe that he combed over at the front, and perfect features that set off his dark green eyes. Even his glasses and braces only made him more attractive to me, not to mention his amazing body that I had seen so many times in the locker room. He smiled his amazing smile that turned me to jelly, and in Math class we sat next to each other, and I would gently inhale his sweet smells, and get an incredible feeling when he brushed past me to sit at his seat, or spoke to me in his sexy deep voice.

One afternoon when we were both 15 in gym class, I had to leave early for a doctor’s appointment, and he was leaving early too at the same time. We went into the locker room together and began to get changed. I have always been very shy in the locker room, and could never understand how the other boys felt so comfortable walking around and talking to each other while standing there in their boxers shorts. But James was the complete opposite, and would hang around for ages in his underwear, and even do pull ups of the clothes rails and lockers in them. Now I decided that as I was alone with James, I would try to be cool in my boxers as well, and it gave me such a feeling in my stomach that instead of pulling off my gym shorts and immediately stepping into my pants as usual, I actually took of my shorts, then changed my shirts before going to pull on my pants, something I’d never done before.

I always wore plain white boxers, but James like the others always wore very colourful and striking boxers with colourful patterns on them. As he stripped I admired again his tough chest muscles, and his six pack pushing through his tanned skin. Then I glanced briefly down at his boxers, which were tiny! They were so tight that they stretched right over his beautiful ass, and emphasised by his small size and his tight boxers the bulge in his crotch looked bigger and more impressive than ever.

As I looked up, I saw to my horror that James had seen me looking at him. He was staring at my face as I looked up from his bewitching, tightly covered cheeks. My heart began racing, and I felt my legs go weak, but James simply smiled his incredible smile……….and looked down at my crotch too! I felt instantly self conscious, as if a thousand people were staring at me - until I saw James bulge beginning to grow. He was getting a hard on while looking at me! Our eyes met while he was still smiling at me. We were both naked except for our boxers…

Suddenly, James moved closer to me. He moved his head up towards me as I moved my head down to his – and we kissed. I had never kissed anyone before in my life like I kissed James then. My heart raced up off the scale as James’ lips met mine and he parted them slightly, and then I felt his warm tongue drift in to my mouth. He placed his arms around my waist, and we stood there snogging in the middle of the deserted locker room! As our tongues hungrily explored each other mouths, James pulled me closer to him, and I felt his abs press into my own muscle-less stomach, his hair brushing against my forehead, and his gently pulsing, semi hard cock against my own. Then, as if I a dream, I moved my hands away from James’ waist, and placed them on his incredible butt cheeks. I squeezed those hard and delicious mounds beneath the tight cotton of his underwear, and as I did so, he moved his hand down – and inside my boxers! My arms started shaking as my now rock hard 5.5 inch penis was touched for the first time by another person. I felt his soft hands stroking up and down my shaft, and tickled by balls with the tips of his fingers.

Desperate to get my hands on James’ cock, I move my hand down to his crotch, and was just pulling the waste-band away from his body, when suddenly he pulled away from me. I thought perhaps I’d gone too far, but then James smiled, raised his eyebrows seductively, and ran into the shower room, and gestured at me to follow. As I ran in I heard the sound of running water, and looked around to see James in the corner, where the flow from two showers came together, with streams of water running down from his wet hair and body and down his smooth legs through his wet boxers. He held his arms out, and I practically ran into him as we embraced again, kissing each other hard, as his sinewy and tanned arms moved across my back and chest. In the shower our boxers became drenched in water, and clung even tighter to our bodies, as the water ran down all over us. After a few seconds, James pulled away, knelt down a pulled my boxers down to my ankles! My cock sprang out into the open air so quickly that it hurt, and in less than a second I watched in amazement as James opened his mouth, and then gripping my shaft, inserted the whole thing into his mouth. I felt his soft tongue moving around over my rock hard manhood, along the veins to its tip, which he gently licked, and then back down until he pushed it right inside his mouth and I felt the back of his throat against my head. Instinctively I placed my hands on the back of his head and stroked his soft brown hair, and then as I’d seen in porn, pushed his head even more onto my cock. James needed no encouragement, and suddenly forced my dick all the way down his throat and practically swallowed it. He gagged, and as he pulled it out his hot saliva dripped from its whole length. Struggling to stop myself from cumming, he went straight back down onto it, looking up ant me with his incredible eyes a handsome features. I didn’t know what to do but keep staring into his eyes as he went up and down my cock, deeper and deeper, faster and faster, until I could feel my cum leave my balls, and orgasmed so violently I had to lean back against the wall of the shower room. As my hot cum burst into his mouth, James kept his lips firmly around my head, until I’d finished, then, as I sank down the wall of the shower room in shock, watch paralysed as he blew bubbles of my cum out of his lips, and then dripped it across his chest and six pack. He then wiped it with his finger, and licked it back into his mouth.

I was so shocked by what I was seeing that I’d forgotten that James wanted something in return. It was only when he stood up with his bulging crotch in front of my face I realised what he wanted. With shaking fingers I sat in the hot stream of water and rubbed his cock through the front of his brightly patterned boxers, as I’d seen girls do in porn movies. His dick hardened (how he’d kept it semi-hard for so long probably showed how many times he’d done this before, which only turned me on even more)and I felt the his pulse through my fingertips. I then hooked my fingers into his waste band and pulled down. I was nearly smacked in the face by his incredible 7 inch dick as it sprang out. My eyes widened at his incredible organ compared to mine. It was tanned as much as the rest of his body, unlike mine which was white and ugly, completely shaved and covered in throbbing dark veins of blood. I looked up at James, his incredible cock emphasised by his 5ft 2in height, and he just smiled again. But I knew what he wanted. Slowly I opened my mouth (how the fuck was that going to fit in my mouth?) and slid my lips down his shaft, until his hot cock was as far in my mouth as I could comfortably get it, with about half still to go. The first thing that hit me was the incredible taste, a mixture of salty cum and sweet sweat from the gym session. As I slowly moved up and down the shaft I rolled my tongue along its length as James had done and I heard him moaning above me. But I was totally focused on my task, and pushed his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth, until I was on the point of gagging. I couldn’t push it any further until I felt James’ fingers slowly caressing in my hair, pushing me gently down even further. I resisted him, but then I heard him say, “Get that down your throat dirty fucker,” in his deep voice, and his fingernail pressed into my scalp. Desperate to please him, I opened my mouth as wide as he could and pushed his penis deeper. I felt my body trying to swallow this incredible monster, and just remembered to breathe in through my noise, before I couldn’t breathe anymore. I felt the incredible sensation of James’ hot rod slide down my throat until I was gagging on it. I felt like I was going to be sick, I panicked and prayed for James to pull out, until he finally pulled out his whole length as I coughed saliva and his pre-cum all over it. I opened my eyes and looked down, amazed at he sight of James cock with my saliva dripped of its head and running down his legs to the inside of his boxers that were still around his knees. Amazed that he still hadn’t cummed, he picked me up with his strong arms, turned me over and pushed my head down into the gutter of the showers.

This time there was no mistake about what was coming next. I felt James’ nose first between my butt cheeks, then I heard and felt him spit into my hole, which was swiftly replaced by his finger. I had anally masturbated before, but James doing it took it to a whole new level. Unlike me he wasn’t afraid to go deep, and pushed his index finger in, first up to the first knuckle, then the second, and finally all the way. Having James’ finger in my arse was almost enough to make me come again, until he began pushing it in and pulling it out so strongly that the pain/pleasure sensation from my butt completely overrode any feelings in my balls. Soon his finger was replaced by his tongue, which he slowly worked around my opening, before pushing in and out, his braces pressed against my butt cheeks. He tickled my balls, but I was too distracted by his hot wet tongue darting in and out of my butt to feel it too much. Then he stopped, and I felt him adjust himself ready for his cock. Any fear of this 7 inch long 2 inch across monster heading into my hole was suppressed by excitement, as I felt his head circle my anus, then James gently inserted it, working my virgin hole slowly and gently at first, only letting an inch or two in at a time, until he began to push deeper and deeper. I felt his head push through my bowels and up into my body, with an incredible feeling coming from the entrance to my hole, as he moved his hips against my cheeks and slid his cock in and out of my butt. Although he could only get 5 inches in my tight butt, I felt his breathing get heavier and heavier, until he was groaning with every thrust into my body. I don’t know how long it took him, but suddenly I heard him whisper “yes, yes…” and his cock throbbed and pumped and then I felt a hot liquid squirt deep into my bowels. James seemed to cum for ever, it took 6 huge bursts and lots more smaller ones before he was spent, and his cock was forced from me by the increasing pressure of cum in butt as it literally flowed out of my hole. James turned me over and made sure I could clearly see him sucking his own cum out of my anus, and then smiling as it dripped down his chin, lay down over me, and I opened my mouth as he dripped his cum into my mouth. The strange and unusual taste didn’t seem to matter, and James dropped more and more into my mouth and on my chin. I sloshed it around my mouth and blew warm sticky bubbles as he had done, before opening my mouth to prove I swallowed all of his sticky liquid.

Now James rolled over onto his stomach and lay down on top of me. With his rock hard abs pushing down on my own flat stomach he pulled aside one of his heavenly cheeks and introduced me to his anus. Now knowing what to expect, I spat as he had done, and then using my finger gently widened it, before an evil streak seemed to come over me and I pushed it all the way in at once. James spasmed and gasped but made no attempt to stop me, so I did it again, and again, and again until he lost all his energy and collapsed, squashing his semi-hard cock against my chest. Not put off I continued my assault, and tensed my tongue and pushed it as far up as it would go. There was no taste of shit, only a musky taste I had tasted all around James’ body. Suddenly I felt ready, and eased myself out from under James and, kneeling up against his rear entrance, gently pressed my cock up his butt as he’d done to mine. My cock seemed so inadequate, especially between those tanned mounds, but as I felt my cock pass through his anus, then up through his bowels James began to moan. I struggled at first, but soon managed to set up a rhythm, my legs slamming against James’ cheeks as I went deeper and deeper into his butt. Unlike me, James flexed his muscles which pressed against my dick. With this incredible sensation surrounding my cock, all too soon I began to feel my sperm within my balls, and I timed my eruption deep inside that heavenly cave. I cried out at the most intense orgasm I’d ever felt, before collapsing from the effort as my dick plopped out of James butt and ran across his cum splattered cheeks. As I watched my cum drip into his boxers, I was about to lick it out, when James lay back down on top of me again, but further back so his now limp cock hung down over my lips. I needed no instructions now, as I opened my mouth and slowly hardened him up again, as I felt him do the same to me at the other end.

I was sure that I couldn’t have any more to give, and it certainly took along time for our orgasms to come, after I’d cummed twice already, and James’ well practiced self control. I worked James dick deep into my throat without thinking now, as he did the same to me at the other end, until I began to feel a third and final orgasm approaching. James timed it beautifully, as he cummed 4 great burst deep into my throat, which I swallowed instantly. I couldn’t give him much, but he lapped it all up with his tongue, until he rolled off of me, washed the rest of my cum out of his butt, and then helped me up off the floor with his strong arms. We kissed briefly, but we knew the others would come in soon, so we had to get out of there. I didn’t know what to do with my soaking boxers, but James said he’d keep them until “next time”. At the thought of a “next time” my heart quickened, but we had to get dressed quickly, and James leant me a pair of spare boxers, while he put his trousers on with no boxers at all, tucking his long cock back into his flies and zipping them up, and his incredible pleasure rod was clothed once more. After sex, wearing James’ own used boxers seemed like nothing at all as we dressed quickly. James left first, and gave me a brief peck on the lips before saying “see you in Math tomorrow”, before darting out of the locker room, leaving me there in an incredible trance as I sat there wearing James’ boxers.
One thing was for sure – I couldn’t wait until next week!

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