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A little Family fun
First just wanna give the usual disclaimers. Its just a

fantasy BLAH BLAH. If offended BLAH BLAH...

It was late August and we were on our way out to my uncles

farm. It was the yearly family picnic which meant lots of good

food and plenty of drinks for the adults. Since mom and dad

always got plowed we usually stayed the night, and I didnt

mind since there was lots to do, play in the woods, go

swimming in the pond, ride horses and quads.

I was 13 with blonde hair and blue eyes and athletic build.My

sister Tina was 11 years old also blonde hair and blue eyes

with a gymnasts body which she had been training as since she

was 6. I loved watching her and her team mates. I mean what

red blooded 13 year old boy wouldn't love watching young girls

in leotards run and jump do the splits etc... It had not

escaped my attention that Tina had recently started to

develope little boobs about the size of eggs barely needing

the training bra she wore. I had sneaked a peek at her getting

dressed the other day and noticed she was starting to get some

fuzz on her lil pussy, which had given me many good jack off


My two cousins were Karen, also 13 years old with blonde hair

and blue eyes, was well developed with nice small orange sized

breast's and a heart shaped ass to die for. We have allways

gotten along well together and last summer had let me watch

her go pee and then touch one of her tits before getting shy

on me. My other cousin Kylie was 11 years old and like my

sister was just starting to develope.

I decided to go exploring in the woods and was sneaking around

when I came across the three of them by the pond. I heard my

sister say " I cant believe I forgot my swimsuit dont you have

one I can borrow?"

"Yeah I do but its all the way back at the house." said Kylie

"I don't wanna go all the way back there" I heard my sister


"We don't have to let's just skinny dip, its just us girls."

said Karen

"I guess thats ok." said tina

I couldn't believe it I was gonna get to see three naked

girls. My dick was hard before their clothes were off. My

cousin Karen's tits were the biggest her areola's were large

and light pink with large nipples,but her pussy was completely


"How come you dont have any hair down there?" Tina asked her

"Because I shave it".

I pulled out my now very hard dick all 6 inches of it, I knew

by checking out the other guys in the locker room mine was

bigger than most other guys my age, and started stroking away.

My sister took off the last of her clothes followed by Kylie.

They could have been twins except for my sisters body had much

more defined muscle due to her gymnastics training. both had

just the slightest fuzz growing with little pussy lips that

stuck out and little egg sized tits and tiny nips that poked

out. By now I was strokin as hard as i could and I couldn't

hold back any longer I started cumming hard my knees got weak

I gasped and stumbled forward falling to my knees.

"Whats that?" asked Kylie "who's there"

The girls all tried to cover themselves up but Karen walked

over towards me and said "Its your brother drew"

"Were you spying on us?" asked Tina "I gonna tell mom and


"Please don't I'll do anything you want!" My face was red as I

hadn't even had a chance to get my pants back up. My dick was

rapidly shrinking.

I started to pull them up when Karen said "Stop right there I

have an idea. Gather round girls."

The girls all got in a circle and wispered, occasionaly

looking over their shoulder at me, then Tina said "ewww he's

my brother thats sick!" Karen appeared to be leading the

discusion and I saw Kylie look at my dick and giggle then say

"it gets hard? how!"

"But he pees from it!" Exclaimed Tina

The conference broke up and Karen walked up with the other two

close behind and said "will you do anything we ask?"

"Why what do you want?"

"We want you to make it hard and then shoot sperm while we


"I can try but first you have to help me get hard."

"How do we do that?" asked Karen

"Well show me how you play with your little pussies would do

for a start."

"I'm the only one here who has done that." said Karen

"And I wanna touch your boobs too"


As I was talking Karen started to rub her slit going up and

down, and then at the top spread her lips a little bit found

her clit and circled it a couple times. Then back down and

this time inside her pussy and I noticed when her finger came

out it was glistening. I reached out and touched her breast

rolling her nipple and she moaned. I jerked my hand back "did

I hurt you?"

"No" she replied "it felt good better than when I do it Can I

touch it?" she asked pointing at my dick.

"Sure lets lay down first."

We both laid down and I looked up at the two 11 year olds and

said "come closer so if you want."Kylie and Tina came over and

squatted by me I was looking right at Kylie's pussy as Karen

was stroking my now hard dick she said " my look how big it


"WOW! Its huge that will never fit in my pussy!" exclaimed


"Mine either!" said Tina "can I touch it?"

"Why dont you lick it?"

"Not me."

"I will." said Karen and then she put her lips on it I told

her to suck on it like a popsicle. She did and it was the best

feeling i had ever had. I reached out and pulled Kylie close

and said "do you want me to make you feel real good too?" She

nodded and and I pulled her hips so she was squatted over my

face then raised up and started licking her pussy up and down.

She started moaning and then I stuck my tounge in a little bit

she gasped hard and said "dont stop please" I then found her

little clit it was the size of a BB and just as hard I circled

it a couple times and all of a sudden she started jerking and

then fell forwards crying out "OHHH MYYYY GOOODDDDD!!!" I

realised she had just had her first orgasm and I was the one

who gave it to her ! About that time I heard "tina say can I

do that to him?" Karen stopped sucking and said "Sure besides

after I go pee I'm gonna make him lick my pussy." I felt Tina

replace Karen I said " I wanna watch you pee"

"Again?" she asked

"Yeah it turned me on last year "

"OK move of him Kylie"and she squatted by my head I could see

right into her pussy, at first it was just a couple of drops

then a steady stream I could feel my balls tighten I pulled

her over and started licking her clit while she was peeing and

with her eyes squeezed shut she yelled "OHH SHITTT IMM


"Meee TOOOO" I moaned "look out sis!!!" as rope after rope of

cum shot out of my dick. The first of wich landed in my

sisters mouth the rest on her face and tits. "Sorry about

that" I said

"Its OK as long as you do that for me too."

"As soon as I recover I would love to."

To be continued...........

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2011-07-31 17:43:47
proof read you r story not very exciting, do me a favar and quit trying to B a writer. I have had more excitement watching paint dry!

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2011-07-15 00:25:44
I'm pretty sure the author wrote the previous comments. This sucked.

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2011-05-12 21:38:21
No more s***. All posts of this qulaity from now on


2011-04-10 02:18:57
made me so wet please keep going

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2011-02-25 13:01:07
Very good. Believable unlike some others out there. Just make the chapters a little longer. Keep going. Full marks!!!

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