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God I hated it only being me and my mother some times. Like when things came up that was really hard to talk about with your mother because your father was an asshole and ran off on us when I was a baby. I was having a problem and needed a doctor, but didn’t want to tell my mother why.
I was a shy kid and didn’t have many friends; I hung out at home a lot but didn’t have internet like all the other kids. So it was just being home reading and watching TV. I didn’t know a lot about sex yet and didn’t know that I was different from other guys either.
I was having pains in my balls and didn’t know why; so I told my mother that I needed a physical for school because I was going to be a senor that year. I bought it and scheduled one for the following week. Later she told me that my old doctor retired and that the client had a new one. I told her ok and waited for the day of the appointment.
That morning I got up and showered and headed down stairs for my mother. She came down a couple minutes later and we headed to the doctor’s office. When we got there I was getting the pain I would get and the reason why I needed to come to the doctor. I had to wait for what felt like years till me name was called. A nurse came out to the waiting room and called out my name’ I got up and walked to the doorway as my mother got up too to follow me in. I turned to her and told her that I didn’t need her to come but she told me that was fine and she couldn’t stand the wining children anymore. This was not what I wanted be couldn’t tell her why I wanted to be alone; I thought that once we where in there I would figure out how to get her out of the room.
We got to the room and the nurse took my temp and blood pressure stuff and handed me a gown to put on and wait for the doctor as she walked out and closed the door. I looked and my mother and she told me that I didn’t have any thing she hasn’t seen before; i told her to turn around and close her eyes. She did and I took off my cloths all but my boxers and put on the gown.
About five minutes later the doctor came in and they weren’t what I was thinking. The doctor was a young redhead with those deep rich blue eyes and a killer body. I know that I was shy and all but I was still a guy. I didn’t take my eyes off her till she sat down; just looking at her body and how good it looked even in scrubs. The doctor started to tell me that her name was Dr. Jamie Cole but she just like to go by Jamie; I was snapped by this and stumble my words as I told her that my name was Harry. Jamie started to give the basic physical checking my breathing and heart and having me laid back and push on my stomach. Then she sat down and started to run through all the back ground questions; my mother helped me with some. When we got to the end she asked was there anything else that she needed to know about before we ended. I turned a little red in the face because I didn’t really want to tell this to a female doctor. Coming here I thought I would get a guy and this would be easier to do, but no luck. She saw that I was turning red and told me that it was ok that she was a doctor and not to worry.
I told her that it was hard because my mother was in the room; so came close to me and I whispered in her ear that I was getting these pains in my balls a lot. I told her that the pain would come and go to a point that it hurt a lot, and then if my dick got hard it would hurt more. The doctor giggled a littler making me turn even more red; she sat back and told me that I was fine and that I was having what kids called “blue ball” and it was from the build up of sperm in my balls. When she said this I turned deep red in the face because my mother was sitting right there.
Jamie told me to stand up and pull down my boxers. I told her that my mother was there, but my mother told me that it was ok and that she would just turn around. She did and I nervously pulled my boxers down for the doctor. When I got them to my knees I stood back up and the doctor picked up the gown a little to have a look. When she did; she let out a gasp with a “oh my”. I asked what was wrong and the doctor said nothing; it’s just I’ve never seen one so big. With that my mother turned around and her jaw almost hit the floor. “My. My sweety” my mother said and I yelled at her for looking and tried to push down my gown.
I didn’t know that a nine inch long very thick dick that I barely got my hand around was different, but I didn’t like my mother looking at it. The doctor said it was alright and that if she was my mother that she would want to see it too. I had a special cock and there was no shame in seeing it. She asked how many times a week did I jerk off and I told her that I did it once or twice a month. The doctor then said that was the problem because I was making a lot of cum and not releasing it. She took hold of my balls and asked if they were hurting now and I nodded yes; I guess it was the size of my cock got her horny because as she was looking me over she was stroking my cock at the same time. This was making me hard and when I had a full boner I tried to pull away but Jaime told me that she was going to help me with the pain. She asked if I was having sex and I told her no as she continued to stroke my cock.
By now I was beet red and to make matters worst my mother was there too just looking at my cock. The doctor was stroking my cock and the feeling was better then anytime I would jerk it myself. Then there was a new smell in the air; I didn’t know what it was but it smelt good. I turned my head to where the smell was coming from and there was my mother rubbing her pussy through a pair of wet panties. This was kind of hot for me seeing my mother with one high heel shoe on the edge of the counter and her pencil shirt pulled up above her thighs. She had nice legs and I guess the sight of my big dick was making her as horny as me.
The doctor turned to my mother and asked if she wanted to help with the problem I was having. My jumped at this and came over to me and put her hands around my cock and started to stroke it with Jamie. After a couple of minutes of this the doctor stood up and got behind my mother and as she was telling me that next I would need some visual to help with the problem. She started to unbutton my mother blouse; as Jamie undid the top and open it to revile a black bra that covered her big tits. My mother just kept jerking my cock and working the balls.
The doctor then undid the bra and my mother’s tits fell out and sagged down. Jamie took my mother tits in her hands and squeezed them and pinched the nipples. This was pushing me over the edge and I told them that I was about to cum.
The doctor quickly grabbed a cup from the counter and told my mother to get as much cum in it as possible. My mother took the cup from her and stroked my cock a few more time before and blew my load. The cum was so much that I got a lot all over my mother’s tits before she got the cup in front of my dick. By the time I was done the cup was about half way full and my mother had cum from her face down to your saggy tits.
The doctor handed my mother a towel to clean up, but she was just fine with eating my cum from her. Jamie took the cup and my charts and told us that she would run the cum and to hear back in a week and come back in. She also told my mother that she should help me so I didn’t get backed up again if I needed it. My mother smiled at me as she closed up her blouse. I got dressed and we headed out to the waiting room; as I was signing a form so the doctor could run the test another mother standing next to my mother tapped her on the arm and told my mother that she had something on her cheek. My mother took her finger and scooped it off and sucked it off into her mouth. She smiled at the lady and told her that she was helping her son with a problem and thanked her for pointing it out. I heard this and turned red as I looked the lady in the face and saw that she relies what it was. I grabbed my mother’s hand and pulled her to leave the doctor’s office.
In the car I told my mother that I wouldn’t need anymore help, but my mother say that she was going to make sure that I didn’t have this problem ever again.

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2014-02-15 11:50:37
nice status got hmmm horny as hell wished to fuck a doctor too

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2013-01-28 14:01:21
Don't listen to the mean comments its a good story

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2012-12-09 00:20:40
that was so fucking hot

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2012-10-30 23:08:25
Lots of grammatical errors. Doesn't anyone proofread any more? Spell check doesn't count.


2011-07-27 16:26:04
I like it. did mommy fuck you when you got home?

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