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Go to my profile and see all the stories about Leah. These stories are true.
I hadnt seen leah in a while. Her parents didnt allow us to date or see eachother so we dated secretly. Even tho we made eachother cum through phone sex and pictures and web cam videos, she still did not make me cum in person yet. I wanted that juicey pussy so bad. I wanted to violate her in every way. I fucked her ass and her pussy and had gotten head, now i wanted to fill all of those holes with cum.

There had been friction between me and Leahs friend Morah, which rubbed off on me and Leah. So finally i decided i wanted to break up with her. I was tired of all the drama and i wanted to know if what i felt for Leah was true love, or if i could find it some where else. So i sent her a text, I know. pretty shallow of me. "I want to break up. im tired of you and mariah, you always defend her. I wanna find out if i can feel what i feel for you, with some body else" she replied "NO baby :( please dont do this." before i had a chance to reply she started calling me. I ignored all of her calls. I sent her a text, "I dont want to talk on the phone. every time i do we end up argueing. im done."
this texting went on forever until i decided to start talking to her about two weeks later. What i didnt know at the time is that she had found a guy in church that she was talking to and dating.His name is Josh. She didnt tell me none of this, and she would break things off with him when we got back together but this time she didnt. She kept on dating him and she was pretty much dating me. I had a funny feeling about him because she always would talk about him but said he was a friend and that he needed help in the church and she was just being there for him. I had her facebook password so one day i decided that i was going to find out.

I called up Leah. "hello?" leah answered. "Hi babe what are you doing?" "nothing just on the computer what are you doing?" "nothing gettting ready to hop in the tub. yano...i kinda think that you are cheating on me with josh." "No im not! you always say this, you have been saying this for months now" "well i just have a feeling and my feelings are usually right." "Well this feeling isnt right" leah said angrily. "well how about if i ask him on facebook?" "alright go ahead i dont care" "alright good im glad you dont care, because im going to message him and find out" "He will tell you that we are just friends." "alright well ill message him and see what he says." "alright" we talked on the phone a little until we hung up. I had forgotten all about it, but a couple days later i got on my facebook and i decided to message him and ask him, but when i got on i didnt find him "where the hell is his facebook?" i said to myself. I got on hers and i seen where he liked her picture. I got back on my facebook and couldnt see where he liked my picture. "that bitch blocked me from his facebook" I thought to myself. i looked at my blocked list and didnt see his name. "maybe he blocked me?" I thought. So i decided to be cleaver and message him from her facebook telling him who i am. "Hey, this is Edward. Leahs boyfriend. Are you and Leah just friends or are you more?" Then i waited for a reply.

Later on I was talking to Leah on Yahoo messenger. I had the web cam up. everything was going great. then she went away for a long time all of a sudden and when she came she was crying. "Why are you crying?" I asked "No reason" she replied. "no tell me why you are crying Leah" "Me and my mom, we just got into an arguemnt. i dont want to talk about it" "alright well im here for you" I got on leahs facebook and went to her messages to check for joshes reply. then i seen why she was crying...Josh had replied "Yeah man we are dating. she just told me not to tell you, she told me she was going to tell you herself. she said she wanted to be with me and marry me and everything." I couldnt believe my eyes. I didnt want to believe it. "oh man. really? she has been telling me that you were just a friend and that she was trying to help you stay in church and stuff. wow." "No man. Ive been calling her every night for the past month putting her to sleep, she has sent me dirty pictures. im tired of her lying. Im going to tell you the truth. She told me all about you guys. She said that she wanted to have a threesome. me fucking her pussy, while she was giving you head. We also had phone sex." "Wow. is that all?" I got on Yahoo and messaged Leah " You slut i knew you was cheating on me. you was lying to me this whole time!" after a while of this she finally broke down and told me. " Im sorry i didnt want to hurt you, and i felt so alone since you broke up with me, im not trying to defend myself im just saying thats why." "whatever you dirty slut im done. you lost some one who really loved you. bye." i got off yahoo and ignored her completely. Josh sent another message "no man i gotta tell you there is more." "alright" I know it is wrong but a part of me was more turned no than I ever had been. thinking of Leah cumming because of another man made me rock hard.

he replied, "Okay so we sexted, we had phone sex, and we also kissed on new years. we hungout about a month ago after her church group came back to her cousin lexis to stay the night after going to a national youth rally. Me and Leah were sitting there watching TV. Everyone else was either asleep or not paying attention. We were cuddling with the covers over us because we were "cold". Leah rubbed her ass on my cock and looked back at me with eyes full of lust. I knew what she wanted so i reached my hand up her shirt and started playing with her massive 36D tits. Her chest flared out and she began breathing a bit heavier. I decided to reach down her skirt. I knew she was wet but WOW she was soaked! She really wanted my fingers inside her. I rubbed her damp pussy on the outside of her panties. Torturing her. making her beg for penatration. I slid my hand under her panties and rubbed around Leahs soaked lips. She was bring heavy. I could tell she needed more, and I was rock hard and wanted more as well so i pushed two fingers in, getting them drenched in her sopping wet pussy. I finger fucked her slow at first then I picked up the rythim. Leah fucked back at my fingers and in doing so she grinded her ass against my rock hard dick. All at once she stopped and started shaking, breathing hard, she couldnt help the quiet moans that were escaping from her. She having an orgasm. i felt her pussy tighten around my finges and felt her cum make her pussy wetter than ever. After a couple minutes she finally stopped. Leah got up and sat beside me. She reached her hand over and started rubbing my cock on the outside of my pants. I was so hard hard and I quietly pulled my pants down a little but not too much so that i could pull them back up easily if i had to. I pull my dick out of the slit in my boxers. She began stroking and squeezing my cock. It felt so good. She was really good at it. She stroked my bare skin, I felt like i could cum any moment. No one was looking so she started going faster. I was about to explode. She kept he pace till the last second then moved her lips over the head of my cock and sucked the cum out of me while she stroked my cock with her hand, pumping the cum out. she got every last drop and looked at me and smiled, then she swallowed. I layed thee completely satisfied. Thats everything in complete detail. i dont mean to make you mad, but Im just being honest." I had never been so turned on in my life. The idea of someone else finger fucking her and Leah jacking them off and sucking out the cum made me want to cum myself. I had mixed feelings tho because at the same time i was devistated that some one i love would do that to me. I ended up forgiving leah but I had plans for her, I had a new fantasy she needed to fulfill. I still wanted to fill her pussy with my cum, but I didnt want to be the only one to fill her pussy with cum.

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