C'est incroyable.....
...............October 24, 2009.... A Sunday.
Walter looked down at Jenny. Jenny was unconscious; hell, her entire family was knocked out colder than a mackerel. It was 11:36pm on a Sunday in October. The weather was wet and miserable, perfect for Walter purposes, a game of hide and peek.
The Ramsey’, for that was Jenny’ married name had a typical Sunday. Marty would make breakfast for the family before Church. A visit with Marty’ family after church this Sunday with the usual Sunday supper and all that entails. Marty insisted on having the family home by nine at night with the entire family bathing or showering before bedtime. In this household bathing was done in reverse order of age, with Marty last, after Jenny, Marianne, and Kristina; ladies first. The house had two hot water systems, and two bathrooms, one in the developed basement. Marty always used the basement shower.
Marty is in his late-thirties with his wife Jenny a couple of years younger. Marianne was in her late-teens, and Kristina was in her mid-teens.
Walter attends the same Church as the Ramsey’. Walter had taken the time to inquire about the children. He’d shown an interest in all the parishioners. Walter was well regarded in the community, something he fostered as part of his plan. Walter contributed free labour and consul as part of his Church related persona while stalking a family. Ya see; Walter has been stalking one family per year since 2001. The Ramsey’ are his tenth family. Walter plans on two more of these family affairs with the last one coming in 2012. Walter enjoys his own sense of humour.
Walter can afford to retire because he records most of what he does to the females of these families, selling it to the highest bidder in the porn industry. Walter loves the NET, great for business, and best of all, anonymous. This particular episode will be titled, ‘Intruder’.
Walter’s first two families resided in London, England. That is where Walter learned to appreciate wet weather as a cover for his late night visits. After those two successful ventures Walter moved to the west coast of North America, Seattle and Vancouver B.C. specifically. The total was six when he moved to Halifax for number seven. Halifax did not go well so he moved to America and New England where the seventh family more than made up for his failure in Halifax. The fair people of the American North East provided Walter with numbers eight and nine also.
Walter was driving thru the American mid-west when he accidently saw the Ramsey’ going to Church in their nice little city one Sunday. Jenny is a knock out and Walter decided to make her his target no matter how long it took to get her.
Now here he sat, looking down at this unbelievably attractive woman. Walter checked his watch to see how much time was left before the house was purged of chemical in the air. He personally had installed it when he upgraded the Ramsey’ heating system. Walter’s abilities in construction served him well when it came to helping out with home maintenance. He would take the opportunity to install a remotely controlled dispenser. This valve and dispenser looked like a filtration system, with an added feature. Walter would remove it while his intended were out and before he started playing house with the family.
Walter would install a similar apparatus in the water system as back up.
All that said and done, the time was drawing near for Walter to start this night’s entertainment under way. He was very, very proficient at this business of stalking...
Walter looked at Jenny. He thought of forgoing the girls but knew that was where the money was, sick bastards; Walter thought to himself.
It took Walter about fifteen minutes to remove the dispenser and another half hour to flush out the water system in the house. During this time frame Walter injected Marty and rolled him off to one side of the bed. Injecting additional drugs into the girls and Jenny. Two years working in a Mental Institution had trained Walter well in the use of needles. His training as a nurse’s aide helped in his knowledge of drugs.
Walter had all the necessary equipment for moving around in the dark, and recording his night invasions. With the advanced technologies these days Walter carried all he needed in a small black bag, water proof of course.
Walter got up and moved into Kristina’s room. Kristina was already bound with her covers removed as she slept in her drugged state of mind. Her pyjama bottoms removed so her naked little body was exposed for Walter’s scheme. Walter bound his girls because even in their drugged state they still moved to defend their vagina’s, and thrash about wreaking havoc with his photography
Walter sat on the edge of the bed and looked at Kristina. He was not really into this tonight. Jenny was on his mind; Jenny was all he could think about. Still, little girls, that’s where the money is; sick bastards Walter repeated to himself. Once again Walter patted himself on the back for his humanitarian methods in feeding the porn industry.
Walter was proud of himself, and showed that respect by following the Ramsey’ family tradition by going from youngest to oldest in their bat routine.
Walter had worked in the security industry for three years installing security systems. Walter knew his stuff; Walter installed two listening devices in the Ramsey’ home earlier this year. He volunteered to upgrade their system for free. Part of Walters’s good guy image.
Special eyewear on, ears covered with Bose Aviation quality headset, a high quality miniature mike placed near her mouth, and his specially re-designed video camera c/w hard-drive nestled nicely on a pillow between Kristina’s legs which doubled to elevate her knees. Walter’ equipment was all top of the line miniature, somewhat modified for his special purposes. UV, x-ray and infra-red capable, he could tote it all in one smallish black leather bag. Walter would use the light from the screen for illumination of his subject; he considered himself avant-garde in this area.
Walter started touching Kristina’ mound with the vibrator, proceeding down one thigh crossing to the other thigh; her legs bound. Walter allowed fifteen minutes for this segment.
Kristina showed no signs of arousal so he moved on to the next step; taking her cherry. Removing the anal vibrator from its case, Walter placed the pre-lubed tip adjacent to Kristina’ virgin opening ... pausing near its target for visual affect.
The vibrator is ¾ inch in diameter... no fancy ridges. Placing the tip at her opening Walter pushed inward gently, watching the tip vibrate its way in ... slowly this device of pleasure slipped through the soft pink gates of Kristina’ vagina, disappearing one centimetre after another.
Her legs tried to close in defence of this precious place in her body but they could not move. Kristina’ body flinched, tried to move to repel the invasion; to no avail. This movement by her body gave the appearance of fucking. The vibration aroused her senses leading to a slight swelling of her labia.
The camera recorded these movements and the paying customers will surely masturbate to her motions. To Walter, this was strictly business, he felt no sexual attraction what so ever.
Continuing, he gently fucked her with a little increase in penetration each time waiting for her to bleed. Walter was getting concerned as time slipped by, had she broke her hymen will riding her bicycle or in some other endeavour.
“ AH HA!”, Walter exclaimed to himself, there it is, that unmistakable thin red line. A few more in and outs to enhance the bleeding and he slowly withdrew the vibrator from Kristina’ vagina. It looked good on the 3” screen; Walter knew he would improve this video with his computer.
Walter put his equipment away, each piece having its own place, so as not to leave anything behind. He redressed Kristina, covered her with a sheet and blanket. Checking her for comfort, Walter kissed this angel and thanked her.

.............October 24, 2009... A Sunday
Walter looks at his black case, picking' it up he moves into Marianne’ room. After his session with her sister Kristina he was getting impatient. Jenny on his mind...
Marianne is bound, legs open, on her tummy with a pillow under her hips elevating her for Walter’ purposes. Marianne wore a night gown which he pulled up over her waist. Walter sits on the edge of her bed. He begins his routine with Marianne.
Soon all the pieces are in place and Walter can apply his artistic skills once more.
Walter knows Marianne though the Church and the things she likes to do; swimming, track and field to mention a couple. He marvels at her slit, so tight. Her slit reminds Walter of her purity. A small crest on each side of the thin line, in this case her crack, fuck she looks tight.
Walter has often admired athletic asses on women and girls. Marianne is no exception. Her seventeen year old ass is a marvel of fitness.
Walter takes out a vibrator with a point and begins sliding the tip along her slit. Slowly, he introduces Marianne’ young body to the vibrator. As the vibrator parts the tight little seam that runs between her legs, Marianne fidgets; not much, but enough to bring a smile to Walters face.
Video camera zooming in on Marianne’ crotch, Walter’ high quality, night sensitive equipment records the gradual revealing of this young Christian women.
Moving along her narrow furrow Walter enjoys Marianne’ reactions; as the vibrator noses its way into her young folds, Marianne’ reactions take on an erotic tempo. In only a minute or more she exhibits sexual arousal. Her young labia have grown. She tries to close her legs, ‘no chance there Walter muses’.
Walter checks the screen, the image looks fabulous. Walter zooms in to catch a close up of the small bead of honey dew appearing. Marianne’ motions are sexual now; she is pushing her pubic bone into the pillow which he’d placed under her. Soft moans escape Marianne. Walter loves the sounds of young women cuming.
Walter reaches to replace the thin tipped Bullet vibrator with a bull nosed one; he stops to watch Marianne continue moving without the stimulation of a vibrator. She is turned on Walter thinks to himself, a big grim crosses his face. Walter pulls back some and watches this young teen woman hump the pillow.
Slowly her fidgeting subsides. A quick check of the camera shows her sexual arousal is being recorded for those to see who are willing to pay a price. Walter decides to change his modus operandi.
Taking a few minutes to move Marianne about so her legs are bound wider and her bum elevated higher; adjusting the video camera and its location, and other equipment, Walter is ready to record what he hopes will be a big orgasm for this athletic seventeen year old.
Looking at her anal well, Walter presses his tongue into this well of flesh until he makes contact with her anus. Licking her and darting out his tongue in gentle stabs, Walter pushes the tip inward, rimming her. Walter applies the tip of the vibrator against her anus at the same time he is licking her.
He watches the screen to see how his new trick will look to the paying customer. It looks just fine Walter muses, but Marianne’ labia have grown wildly in these twenty or so seconds since he began.
Walter continues rimming Marianne’ virginal anus as he moves the bullet vibrator near the opening of her anus. Keeping his arm high so as not to interfere with the video he pushes this vibrating weapon of pleasure inward slowly, allowing it to enter her.
Spreading Marianne' cheeks with two fingers, he slides the vibrator into her anus, forcing this toy into Marianne’ young bum. This new sensation causes quick movement from her hips. First trying to repel, followed by accented thrusts as her virginal hole experiences this totally new feeling. Trying to close her bound legs, Marianne’ body reacts to the vibrator. Her swollen lips show this vividly on the screen.
Marianne’ moaning through the gag is getting loader, hips pumping erratically. Walter holds her down at the waist as her young body twists. Legs spread apart, her bum elevated; Marianne’ excited state continues.
Taking the clitoral vibrator in hand, Walter slides it under Marianne’ tummy and presses the vibrator against her clit. Marianne’ body flexes. The gyrations appear comical on screen as she is trying to avoid this sensation created by the vibrator. Soon she is seeking the vibrator with youthful zeal. Pressing against this plastic love toy Marianne fucks Walter's palm.

.............December 26, 2010.... A Sunday
Carter Redden pulls an extra pillow under his head and turns his attention to the TV in his bedroom. Carter had already pushed play as this show would once again be his bedtime story. Carter loved this DVD. Towel, lube and eager hands are the prerequisites needed for his enjoyment.
Carter did not mind that the disc was not Hollywood in quality. The content more than made up for any lack thereof. Carter pressed pause and got up for a pee.
Returning to his bed Carter laid back and prepared for his favourite pastime, masturbating to a whore on his screen.
The movie opens with background music and a church. The image of three pairs of female legs in dresses starts the show. One can hear their voices as they laugh on their way home. A male voice beckons. There are three pairs of legs walking; hemline below the knees. The three get to a dark car, make unknown, the younger ones get into the back seat. The camera records a display of legs. Mom gets into the passenger seat. The cameras focused on the mother from the outset.
Nice legs on that woman Carter thinks to himself. Carter has had this DVD for two weeks know and has jacked off every night since he got it. He can hardly wait for the sex. But Carter does wait because not to will spoil his night. Fuck, she’s a nice piece.
The title;”” I N T R U D E R “”... tumbles out from under the car as it pulls away.
The two girls are first. One is bigger than the other; they are hairless cunts. Carter sighs! Carter is not really into the girls so he is not disappointed when their segments are over. He admits to himself that the bondage is cool and the little bitch’s cuming gets him hard. But that’s it.

The video camera pans a woman in her bed sleeping. It doesn’t show her face, but it does show her hair and the side of her head, face just off screen. The screen darkens.

A large white silk scarf is wrapped about her head covering her nose, eyes and forehead. Leaving her mouth, chin, and blonde shoulder length hair exposed. Her hair is streaked and thick, shaped in a tapper of varying lengths.
The cover is slowly pulled down. A blue night shirt covers her breasts. The intruder stops, moving her arms over her head, binding them with white panties tied together.
The Intruder moves the covers down exposing her hips and thighs. She is twisted in her sleep, her legs together at the knees, crossed at the ankles. Her night shirt doesn’t completely cover her thighs. Her naked legs shimmering in the dimly lit scene; her soft white skin dominates the screen.
Pulling her top down her breasts come into view. Her nipples are small and light brown. The intruder rubs a vibrator over one nipple causing it to stand to attention. The tip of her nipple is very pink.
The camera angle shows her breasts and the large blindfold over her face. Her head moves to one side, it would seem she is aware of this intrusion. The vibrator moves from breast to breast, her head tips back slightly; to one side again. Her mouth opens in a perfect oval. A barely audible sigh escapes her.
The intruder inserts two fingers into her mouth, sliding them in and out slowly, finger fucking her mouth.

Carter sits up in his bed, he loves this next part: ‘this woman sucks on the fingers in her mouth’. ...Carters cock leaks pre-cum. God that is sexy he says to himself.
A cartoon like voice say’s; “this church lady sucks your fingers.”
The Intruder removes his fingers for a few seconds. A single finger moves toward her mouth, one can see a reflection from something on this finger. He inserts his finger into her mouth. He slowly fingers her mouth, but soon she has taken to whatever is on his finger. She sucks that finger like a hungry baby sucks a nipple. Her cheeks hollow as she sucks hard. Sighs escape her closed lips.
He pulls his finger from her mouth. She sucks, but there is nothing in her mouth. Her pursed lips are sucking at nothing, her throat constricts as she swallows. Slowly she stops sucking. Her face flushed.
The camera pans down showing her legs have moved, her knees are up, closed. The camera moves lower, looking under her elevated thighs, catching a view of her pussy lips, they’re swollen. A bead glistens on those lips.
A vibrator moves toward those lips. The tip touches her, gently rubbing her. This form of gentle persuasion soon has our lady starting to respond. She moves her hips. She squeezes her legs together. She opens her legs slightly, she squeezes her legs. Her erotic motions lack rhythm.
Her crotch seems to be trying to rid itself of an itch. Her fidgeting and twisting drive Carter nuts; he stops masturbating or he’ll cum to soon.
Carter watches as she squirms. It is so sexy. The vibrator presses against her opening, her clitoris, and her inner thighs. She closes her knees tightly, moving her feet into a pigeon toed position. This lady from the church rolls to one side curling her legs up. Her bound hands forcing themselves between her legs, holding her crotch.
The intruder adjusts to keep contact with her. Her ache is obvious to the viewer; Carter loves it, her anguish, her torment, this unwanted arousal she is fighting. Carter is so sure she has been drugged.
Drugged to the point where she is unconscious. Yet, her sexual urges are taking over... Carter stops masturbating again; he is awed at the beauty of her violation.
Carter puts the video on pause. He goes to the bathroom a soaks his leaking cock in a cold washcloth. He’ll never make it past the next part if he doesn’t.
Carter closes his eyes for a brief moment, envisioning Jenny form his church. I wonder what she looks like undressed. I’d give a month’s wages just to see her naked. I will bet her pussy is perfect.
Carter is back in his bed, sitting up. He pushes play.
The volume slowly increases in this video. Her breathing is definitely heavier. She twists and moves her body, partially to escape, partially from arousal. Her sighs are soft and extremely sexual.
“NO!”.... The unmistakeable pronunciation of that word, NO!
Carter groans.
The intruder presses on. Moving the vibrator from one side to the other, dancing a dance of avoidance; avoiding her hands. Touching this lady with a mechanical stimulator.
A load groan escapes her. The groan stops, but her hips are moving, bucking, fucking.
Our church lady capitulates. Her legs open wide showing the world her fucking gorgeous cunt. Her hands go over her head in a sign of surrender.
The intruder slowly pushes the vibrator in ... her hips pump ... he fucks her with the vibrator.
“Ungghh ... Uhng ...Uh ... Huhnn ... Uh... Uh... Uh... Uh,.................
She cums. Her legs seem to be searching for something to squeeze. The intruder moves forward, he is pulled to her by her legs, his white shirt appears as she squeezes him. The camera stays in place, the vibrator continues to work inside this beautiful woman. She rocks. Her muscles contact, and contract. He ass cheeks squeeze together, and squeeze, and squeeze. Her orgasm is very animated.
She is not quiet. Her animal grunts drive Carter to orgasm.
To Carters amusement the sleeping, drugged husband lies there in the background; back towards his wife, as she is violated. Brought to orgasm by the intruder with his magic vibrator and stimulants. Carter loves this video.
Walter placed a small droplet in the mouth of each daughter before he leaves. His special concoction will be diagnosed as food poisoning. The girls will suffer diarrhea which in turn will cover Walters presence. It is a mild form, for Walter is a humanist.
As for Jenny, she will struggle with the recollection of a very sexual dream.
Driving to work Carter thought about Jenny. She sure is a beauty, no doubt about that. Carter sits in his car in the parking lot and thinks about her, such a nice person, always says hello to Carter. Those light touches, warm and friendly. Kind and caring from her side; so sexy to Carter.
It is uncanny the resemblance between the woman in ‘Intruder” and Jenny.
Carter starts is Sunday shift with warm greetings to a couple of his buds.
Carter ambles over to his boss, “Hey boss, how’s it going?”
“Fine Carter.”.... Carter I want you to meet our new man.”
“Constable Carter Redden, this is Sergeant Walter Beauty. Walter will be heading up our new internet sex crimes department Carter.”

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