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boy love, masturbation,oral, boy/boy young gay teen
From: Mad Max

Subject: my friend Ben Chapter 3

Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction and all names and places are

Copyright 2011. Not to be copied or changed without the owner’s permission.
if you read this story and are under 18 then smack your bottom.


Today is the day that the two horny boys went to join the other boys for
their summer camp of fun and friendship... First stop was to the battle
Ship "USS ALABAMA. A retired battleship based near Mobile A, L that has been
turned into a tourist spot where visitors can look over fighter jets and a
sub as well. Inside the ship there is a place that local Boy scouts can
camp over night like a sleep over and do activities during the day.

"So T.J how was last night I bet that was the best night you ever had" Ben
Laughed... "Well it was all new to me but doing it with you was a blast and I
want to do it again soon. T.J replied.

The boys were going to stay at the battleship for two days and then head
onto the summer camp grounds called "Camp wickappeea" for 3 weeks in
Pensacola FL. At the camp it was all boys and the team leaders were aged
18, so the boys were happy to arrive and get their log cabins sorted out
and to put their clothes away then scope out the camp and see if any of
their friends were there.

Ben noticed Toby who was his cabin friend from last year and T.J saw his
friend Sam. "Hey guys you made it here again, it’s great to see you all
again." They both said. "Hell yeah, I would not want to miss this summer
camp as last year was so much fun." Sam replied... Toby was just thrilled
as well as he thought he might not be able to attend as he just got over an
appendix operation.

"Hey Toby show us your scar you got as Sam just told us about your Op." Ben
asked. So Toby pulled his pants down enough to show the boys his scar and
his tighty whites were showing... "You still wear those things? why don't
you wear boxers like the rest of us. T.J laughed. "Well that's what my mum
buys me and I asked her to get me some boxers but she said she does not
want her boys having their nuts hanging low" Toby replied back.

All the boys headed to the food hall for lunch and lined up for sloppy Joes
and chips, cool aid for Sam and the rest of the boys got a fruit box...
While eating the boys caught up with each other on what they did during the
last year...

After lunch all the boys headed to the lake to do their swim test so that
they could take out the row boats and do the other water activities at
camp... When done swimming the boys headed back to their cabin to have a
shower and change back in to dry clothes. Once undressed all the boys went
to the showers to wash off the lake water.

When the boys were under the showers Toby and Sam looked to see if their
friends had any pubes and what size "dinkies” they had, well that's what
Sam calls them. "Wow Ben you have grown a bit since last year and I can
see blonde pubes just like I have."Toby remarked. Sam and Toby Were
circumcised just like T.J and have 4 inches each down there.

T.J laughed when Toby remarked about Ben's wiener and Ben went deep red
when he heard Toby talk about his pubes but was glad when Toby didn't say
bad things about his foreskin as he was the only boy there with one and he
was getting over the fact that he was the only UN cut boy in the cabin.

"So why do you keep looking at my cock all the time it’s just the same as
Yours except you can't do this." Ben said and he started to pull his
foreskin back and then his purple head popped out of its cover exposing his
wet slippery head.

Erections were starting to grow and all the boys stood in front of Ben to
see more of this foreskin Ben had as in the past Ben was shy about showing
off his boy skin and decided that he would enjoy showing his foreskin with
other boys, well just with friends that is.

The show ended as other boys started to enter the shower room and the boys
went back to their beds to put their dry clothes on and then joined the other
boys in a game of base ball.

Dinner was at 5 PM so Ben and the gang went to wash up and take a pee as
It’s always hot in Pensacola and you have to drink a lot of water if out
doors a lot. Ben stood in front of the urinal and T.J and the other boys
stood next to Ben and a pee fight broke out to see who could pee up the
highest and Ben had to pull his foreskin back to do this as he was not
circumcised like the others.

"Ben I just love that when you pull your boy skin back and I can't wait
till tonight to try it out again." T.J grinned. "What was that you said?"
asked Toby... "He's going to pull Ben's skin back" Sam remarked.

So now Ben was getting redder and redder when he heard the boys talk about
his boy toy and felt a little annoyed over it but soon all was forgotten
when T.J was awarded first prize for the highest pee stain on the urinal.

Dinner was great as it was a B.B.Q with all the trimmings and cola for a
drink plus choc ice-cream for afters. The boys filled up with ice cream
went outside to sit down and talk about the day’s activities and what they

"Are you guys going to Gulf Shores for the summer fest." asked T.J. It was
the county fair and a lot of fun activities to do like treasure hunting on
the beach, going to the big arcades and playing the video games.

"Don't know if my family are going this year." said Sam "Well I will be
there" replied Toby and Ben.

Night time approached and the gang went to the fire ring to see all the
other campers make fools of themselves and have a laugh at the camp leaders
who always have stupid skits and songs?

At last the boys went back to their cabin to get ready for bed, All the
Boys undressed down to their undies and slipped under the sheets. As the
last boy was heading for his bed he turned off the lights and laughing and
farting could be heard.

"Ben come here and sleep with me, asked T.J. So Ben leapt out of his bed
and joined T.J under the sheets. "So can I touch it again Ben." T.J
pleaded. "Don't you ever get board doing that to me?" Ben enquired. "Heck
no" he said.

T.J was turning into a foreskin lover as he had this urge to feel Ben's toy
and he also loved the way Ben got hard and leaked out his boy cum. "you can
feel me up too if you want to Ben." T.J pleaded. "Oh boy it feels great
when you stroke me, go slow at first until I tell you to stop." Ben asked.

So T.J reached for some spit and rubbed Ben's boy hood and started to
pleasure Ben, as he was doing this Ben lubed up his fingers and joined T.J
with stroking his cock and quickly boned up. A Little pre
cum came out as the boys were just starting to cum and as most 12 year old
boys knew that dry Cumming could last longer than wet cums.

Around the cabin you could hear that special moaning noise as other 12 and
13 year old boys were doing the special shuffle and some bed springs were
squeaking. A couple of the boys went into the bath room only to leave
there 1/2 hour later.

As the two friends enjoyed each other’s wieners Sam and Toby were checking
out their tools as well. The two boys have been sexing with each other for
the past two summers and have also sexed up with their school friends on
the weekends, most of it was just jacking and feeling each other, oral
would come later.

Oh what a day

Day break came and so did the morning wood that most if not all boys in the
cabin got and rushed to the bathroom to take care of it. Our young lovers
went to the shower room to relieve their hard erections and went under the
water to wash off last night’s cum games. "T.J you are my best friend but
try not to use your teeth the next time you blow me as my skin is so sore."
moaned Ben.

"Well I will try but it’s hard to see under the sheets and its dark too." he
said. The boys continued to wash each other and Ben cleaned his wiener
to wash off his dried boy cum and T.J's spit. "So do you want to?
do me now before the others come in." asked T.J. It was all Ben's idea to
start sucking cock as he wanted to try it out as jacking cock was fun but
he found out about sucking cock at school and reading the notes in the boys
rest room.

Ben lowered his knees to the floor and stroked T.J's pink cut boy tool and
then lowered his mouth over his friends cock. T.J started to rise up and
become stiff with pleasure growing deep in his pre pubes balls... Ben
licked his friends head tasting some soap and dried boy cum.

After 5 minutes Ben could feel that T.J was about to let loose his hot
sticky cum as his load that was getting bigger each week. He noticed that
his cum was getting whiter with less clear stuff... Now Ben was in full
control of T.J's cock and was now starting tasting T.J's hot load as
moaning and panting was coming out of T'J's mouth... "I am coming Ben, oh
Ben move or drink me, NOOOOW oh man oh man take that load it’s hot and young
just for you." moaned T.J

Day of fun

GRITS, bacon, eggs and backed beans were the choice of breakfast of the day
including cornflakes and milk to drink... "Don’t you eat a lot of beans Ben as you?
know you blow it out of your ass and you hell stink when you let one
off. T.J pleaded. "Oh you know I love baked beans T.J but just for you I
will only have one plate full is that o.k." Ben laughed.

"Oh no you don't Ben if you want your special today NO baked beans O.K." he
said so Ben just ate his grits and eggs and bacon as he wanted to have fun
with his best friend today and even try having some fun with Toby and Sam.

The gang went to the craft shop to get some belts so that they could put
their name on them and paint the area's with special paint to make them
look Kewl.

Later all the boys had a tug of war to see what cabin would win today's
special treat at lunch, the winning team got hamburgers and fries with a
bottle of coke each and the rest of the boys in camp only received ham and
salad rolls.

Ben's cabin won and of cause they were the talk of the town as it only
happened once at camp so that was a fun treat to get. Later on the boys
went to the lake to talk about the fun they had and then someone brought
up the topic of comparing dicks.

"Do you look at the other boys when you have a shower T.J" asked Toby.
"Sure do as I want to see if I am growing or not and to see who has pubes.
Do you guys do it too?" T.J asked... "Well I do and I want to see if my
friends at school are bigger than me and if they have hair down there." Sam

Ben had been through this before and he has had a bad time in the shower
room but now he's over it when someone makes a remark about his cute boy
skin that T.J has fallen in love with it.

"Ok Ben do you look too." Toby asked. "Well I was a bit shy about other
boys looking at my cock because I am not cut and I get a lot of boys
looking at my cock. But now I don't care as a lot of boys ask me to show my
little hood and get some special care from them as well." he said.

Dinner was uneventful but enjoyable as was the camp fire but shower time
was the moment all boys wanted to do? Quickly the boys undressed and took
their shower gear to the bath room ready to have a hot shower and get close
to their friends as sharing a shower was allowed and helping another boy to
wash his back was the common excuse to be there...

The camp leaders knew that some boys want to jerk off other boys as pre
teen sex was more experimenting than having full on sex... Jacking and
kissing under the shower was the norm but not all boys did the sexing most
just went in to wash up and leave but those who wanted a feel or have some
one jack them off were already friends with other boys that enjoyed that
type fun.

All the boys went to bed, happy, full of food and a day of fun and enjoyment and now
two boys were going to have a special bonding together, “A 69 session" as
the boys have never done this before and wanting it to be special, they had
a talk about not just being best friends but lovers too as the boys were
becoming closer with their sexing and love for each other.

Was this a phase they were going through or are they gay!!! Or is this just
love for each other as 12 year old boys understand.

Have you ever been through this yourself [love] or was it just sex and a
jack off session... with other boys...

Contact me if you liked this story and would like to hear more from me.

Chapter 4 soon.

Thanks for the comments

Boys in the hood

P.S. A question about this story: yes the story does have a lot of talk
about the foreskin. Only because it’s not the norm in some countries to have
one and being the odd one out can be painful to some boys. Also it can be a
blessing to others.

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