We said hello....
It Started

A simple hello;
I like your style.
You're a lot of fun
and you make me smile.

Lets talk awhile
about almost anything.
It feels good to share;
you make my heart sing.

The touch of your hand
so tender and warm;
being held by you,
knowing nothing can harm.

Then the first kiss,
soft and tender.
sent me to a place
filled with splendor.

I now know
what I didn't before;
you are the one
I was waiting for.

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2011-03-18 10:50:21
This is the most beautiful poem I have ever read. It came down from heaven. Maybe it will get some award for being the best thing ever written yet by a human. I had an orgasm when I first read it. My daddy heard me cry out from rapture and he came in my room and, sure enough he fucked me. I got him to read it after he stopped cumming in my mouth, and he liked it too. He showed it to his poker club and they all liked it and fucked me, one by one, not all at once as I prefer. My mom works two shifts each day and is too tired to read it yet, but she'll like it when she does. I must take it to school and show my teachers, they'll give me an A if I tell them I wrote it. Will they ever believe ME. they know I can't write sumthing this great. Wish I could, I would be a rich writer instead of a skaggy girl who is regularly fucked by pop and his friends. My mom is pretty, but works too much.

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2011-03-18 10:41:50
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2011-03-09 12:44:07
Trite, been done a million times, spare us this kind of simplistic garbage. You get rave reviews for your stories where he pulls down her panties and hammers his 12 inch dick into her until she screams out with delight and tells him how big he is and she has never had such a big one before. Go back to writing that kind of stuff and keep your daytime job as a moderator.


2011-03-05 03:41:06
nice one i like your words


2011-02-14 12:54:37
What the heck is wrong with the voting system? Don voted positive, I did also, so this ought to be setting at 100%!!!

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