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We wanted to get away for the weekend because you where over. We headed down to little country cottage that my cousin owned for the weekend so it would just be me and you together. As soon as we got there we dumped are bags! As we got back into the livening room you looked at me, you had that desire in your eye to be fucked until you bled!
I realised this looked at you straight in the eyes and put my hand on your cheek pulling you closer to me so our lips touched! Then I pulled away. After that I took both your hands pined you down to the sofa kissed you passionately! I stopped i made you come into the bedroom you followed step by step behind me I then pushed you on the bed while spanking your ass to get on there. I went into one of the bags I brought pulled out a set of cuffs. You let out a small moan of delight! I cuffed your hands above your head as i was straddling you!! Then kissing your neck just below your ear lobe your pussy spasms and throbbed with anticipation!! Then i go back to the bag and pull out some rope!!! You let off a bigger moan and stare at me with even more desire! i take of your tight little undies, so that you have nothing on. I get the rope i tie it around one of your legs and tie that to a bed post then the same with the other!!! You are a spread eagle on the bed now!!!! You are mine to do hat ever i want!!!!
I am on the side of the bed next to you leaning down for a kiss as i caress your tits you let out slight moan getting harder and harder then pinching your nipples i kissing you passionately for few seconds pull away you wanted more!! So then I kneel between your spread legs, leaning over you looking at you then with no hesitation start biting your neck!! You let out very loud moan!! I stop im fed up of you moaning so loud so i find your dirty wet undies and shove them in your mouth!!! So i carry on from where i left of biting your neck kissing down toward your chest then biting one tit and caressing the other i change and do the other but this time i can feel your pussy getting very wet and warm! Then carry on down over your tummy playing with your belly bar with my tongue!!! Keep going down nice and slowly!! I lick from th top of your pussy to the bottom and on my way back up i thrust my tongue inside your hot pussy! A few times in and out then back to your clit sucking on it softly is driving you crazy!!!
I move to your kissing down it very slowly biting you hard, with my hand running my nails down your inner thy on your other leg!!! I get to your knee and swap over working back up!!! My dick is nice and hard at this point so iget to you pussy push my tongue deep into your cunt while massaging the inside of your pussy your cant get enough i can hear your moans though your bet panties. Then back up to your clit sucking on in picking up the speed running my tongue acoos i slide 1 finger into your wet pussy then another i know you’re just about to cum and i stop take my fingers out and make you taste them!!! Then leave the room for few minutes!!!
It feels like a life time for you but i com back!!! i cut your legs free bend them up sothere over my shouders and slam my dick into your pussy!! You let out the loudest moan ever!!! Thats when i slam my dick into your went pussy as well i let you lose of the hand cuffs and your hands straight on my back digging your nails into it! That makes me slam my dick harder into you you faster and harder as we pick up the pass you start shocking and erupt into a violet orgasm as i cum deep into your pussy at this point you pass out cause of the intense orgasm you had!!!

first story tell me what you think.

happy wanking:)

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2012-06-09 00:10:28

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2011-04-25 23:35:25
With writing like that, hope you really didn't go to college. If you did your teachers should have to pay back any money they received.

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2011-02-20 20:41:00
Its creepy when u write you because what if a guy is reading iit , it could be disturbing. Also Learn to spell dumbass


2011-02-18 03:35:06
unintelligent illiterate crap, go back to school little boy

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2011-02-17 22:54:11
Barely functional illiterate.

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