It was a verry hot day as i walked into the local Mcdonalds with my beautiful wife and my attractive 13 year old daughter. As we were ordering Amber (my daughter) started havving a fit because they did not have the toy she wanted in stock for the kids meal.

"Behave or you will get spanked when we get home." i said quietly to her but she kept havving her fit so I grabbed her by the arm and dragged her out of the store.

True to my word when we got home and I dragged her out of the car and up into her room I made her lift her dress and I spanked her.

"Are you gonna have a fit again in public" I asked as my hand came down hard on her little ass. She didn't respond right away so the hand came down again and again.

Her ass was bright red by the time she shouted "I'm sorry daddy I will never do it again."

"You sure wont" I said quietly. As i pulled her off my lap i noticed a wet spot on my leg. "Did my spanking you turn you on?" I asked.

She nodded and blushed then looked down at her feet.

"Your a little slut arn't you" I asked. She shook her head no and I growled "You dare lie to me you little bitch?" She kept shaking her head no but I didn't belive her. "Take off your clothes you don't get to wear them again untill I say so." I said.

She looked scared but got undressed. Then she stood there trying to hide her self with her hands.

"Hands at your side bitch," I said. when her hands were at her sides i looked her up and down. "How many boys have you let touch you." I asked.

"None daddy" she replied as I stood and walked over to her.

"Did you know you look alot like your mother?" I asked from behind her as my hand ran over her red ass.

She shuddered as I reached around and found that she was dripping wet. "You little slut you like your daddy doing this to you." I said softly. As my finger found its way into her. I knew as soon as my finger went in that she wasn't the virgin she pretended to be and I forced her to bend over. After she bent over I undid my pants and forced my cock against her anus. "You little slut I'm gonna teach you that you shouldn't lie about fucking people." I said as my the head of my cock entered her.

As the head entered her she screamed in pain. I smiled and pushed more of my 10inch cock up into you and she kept screaming in pain. After about 3 inches were in her i slamed my hips forward and all my cock ran into her little ass. She kept stcreaming in pain and I started pumping hard. I kept pumping as she screamed untill finaly I shot my load up her ass.

Just then the door flew open and her best friend walked in.

To be continued..........

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2015-03-15 16:22:44
This is stupid because a girl can lose her hymen from bike riding, horse back riding and Etc. So the fact that yyou said she wasn't a virgin was completely invalid. Another thing is that the cock size is unbelievable and her being 13 and throwing tantrums over a happy meal is not better. Do the person not lock doors or did they girls friend break in? You know what I don't even fucking care anymore good day sir. Sincerely COuRtnEY the realist


2008-11-12 20:58:06
ah my god, did this flop into your toilet one day? you like a kid telling everyone about his poop!


2008-04-21 07:53:47
wow could be better make 13 yo get spanked for stealing not a toy and make her a virgen not to mention make the dad leave after the wet incodent then have him in time aproch the girl about it then have her sit on his lap and say sorry daddy am i a bad person and so on not i spaked a 13 yo for bitching about a toy so i ramed a dick in her ass


2008-04-06 17:28:36
this story needed more detail and why did the kid sound like she was 5


2008-04-03 13:30:57
don`t bother to right a continu.
it sucks -100/10

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