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My Wife
The Beginning

I’ve been married twice and both of my wives have been very attractive. This story is about my first wife whose name is Linda. We separated and later divorced a few years back after she became involved with a friend of hers at work. In subsequent chapters I will introduce you to JJ, my second wife, who was a model in college and a very fine woman.

My first wife was a very popular girl and a real social climber in her high school. You know the type of girl I’m talking about, she’s usually on the Student Council, the Pep Committee or Booster Club and a number of other school committees and organizations. Quite often she’s a cheerleader or a member of the drill team and she thinks she’s hot stuff and so do a lot of her fellow students. Linda sure did. Linda had dark hair, green eyes and an invitingly seductive smile. Her measurements were 36D/25/ 37, she had large, firm tits with big aureoles, a narrow waist and a tight ‘bubble butt’ type of ass. In short, she had a body built for fucking and that’s what attracted me to her in the first place. She was my type of girl and any guy would have been pleased to get to know her on an intimate basis.

I had grown up in Texas and football is big in Texas. I’d played at a high school powerhouse and while doing so I’d developed a commitment to weight training. I had a rock hard body at 5’10” tall and I weighed 175 pounds. I had long brown hair, blue eyes and I have the type of skin that tans easily but doesn’t burn. Many girls referred to me as a ‘Water Baby’ because I got so dark in the summertime. I dated the hot girls and I was not a social climber, I could care less about that kind of stuff. I was interested in two things, football and sensuous young women.

I met Linda that hot summer in July following the completion of my military requirement with the U.S. Army. For those of you not familiar with Texas it gets hotter than hell in the summer and sometimes it seems even hotter. The first Union General that occupied Texas following the Civil War once said, “If he owned Hell and Texas he would live in Hell and rent out Texas.” Well, if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen, but back to my story, which incidentally is one hundred percent true. Anyway, I first met Linda at a party at a friend of mine’s house that I’d played football with when I was in high school. I didn’t change my former wife’s name or my best friend’s name that I’ll get around to in a few minutes. I was twenty-three years old at the time and Linda was eighteen almost nineteen.

My childhood development was what one would consider ‘normal’ with one exception, which I will get to in a moment. I dated many different girls, all attractive, and when I was a sophomore in high school I went steady with a senior named Kathryn who attended a nearby high school. She was both sweet and attractive and within a short time, considering how sweet a girl she was, we were having oral sex several times a week. I never fucked her but she sucked my dick while I licked her pussy to orgasm.

When I was a solpomore I lost my virginity to a girl named Sherrill Bowen, who was a freshman at Stephens College in Missouri. She had a voluptuous figure with deeply tanned skin (it was summer), dark hair, deep blue eyes and she was extremely experienced. After our second date where we had heated foreplay with much kissing along with other stimulation, she told me to, “Forget about going all the way with her”.

The following weekend her parents were out of town and when I took her home from our date she invited me into her deserted house and led me into her bedroom where she took her clothes off and I quickly undressed. I took her into my arms to kiss her and our bodies were meshed together as we embraced. My cock was so hard that it was sticking straight in her stomach as I held this her against me. She lay down on her bed and I didn’t know what to do but she guided me into her wet vagina, which bathed my penis with her wet fire. I’m sorry, I couldn’t take it; I had never been inside a woman’s vagina in my entire life. I lasted about two minutes before I emptied a copious load of semen inside her, I couldn’t help it. I apologized to her and admitted that I had never done that before and I was embarrassed. Instead of becoming angry with me, Sherrill seemed to be pleased and she took me into her arms and cuddled and kissed me and she covered my muscular chest with little love bites. I recovered quickly and we had sex again. This time I was good for over a half hour and I pounded her roughly as I drove in and out of her wet vagina. This time she had three orgasms before I exploded inside her. We took a shower and had a glass of tea and we were in each other’s arms again and when I got hard this time I fucked her for almost an hour. She climaxed again and again. That summer she taught me everything a boy in high school needed to know and a lot more.

I went through a period of time in my teenage and young adult years where I’d been a ‘peeping tom’ or a voyeur. I don’t know how I developed this fetish. But, I was curious about girls and women and what they did when they ‘thought they were alone’. I especially enjoyed being with a girl socially that I knew ‘intimately’. What I mean by that is that I found it to be a turn on to date a girl who I’d seen naked while she was taking a bath, wondering around in her bra or panties, putting her make up on, exercising or masturbating. Of course, the girl didn’t know I’d seen her naked in those situations or that I knew some of her intimate secrets. Somehow I felt I had some sort of power over her within our relationship. I enjoyed watching girls and women while they undressed and wondered around their room naked and watched television, talked on the telephone or got ready for bed. I watched some girls making out with their boyfriends and sometimes I watched their boyfriends fucking them. I even watched several young married couples; at least I think they were married, fucking.

I’d been a peeping tom even on girls I dated after I took them home when I had an opportunity and I felt that I could get away with it. I never got caught but there were several close calls and I mean close calls. On one occasion someone called the police and a patrol car running without lights dropped an officer out into the dark night in the middle of the block carrying a shotgun. I was in great shape and could run a mile without tiring at a great speed. Believe me, I ran quietly down an alley and cut over several streets to get away from that situation that night!

I saw some very interesting things while covertly watching these women under the cover of darkness as I masturbated, furiously. For some reason the pleasure I derived was extremely satisfying. I know a psychologist would have a field day analyzing my behavior. Perhaps it was this peeping tom activity that had such an impact on me. I know there has been a definite carry-over effect upon both of my marriages.

At one point in time Linda and I lived upstairs in a Garage Apartment that we rented from an elderly woman who lived downstairs. Our kitchen looked straight into the bedroom of the upstairs apartment next door. The couple that lived there didn’t bother to close their curtains and our kitchen provided a great observatory to look directly into their bedroom. When this couple made love, which was often, I would watch this interesting female suck her guy’s big dick. Sometimes she sucked him until he came in her mouth and on other occasions he would fuck her. While running at night, I had several houses that I visited on a regular basis. One night about a mile from where we lived I had seen a teenaged couple parked in front of a house. I’d waited until the car left and then I checked the house out. I was elated to find out that the girl I had seen lived there and she was stunning. The house had the typical front door entrance, but on the east side of the house there was a covered porch; which opened to a side bedroom. This was the girl’s bedroom I had seen. This side porch provided a certain amount of concealment from the adjacent neighbors. This girl was about eighteen years old and extremely hot and she had a great body. That first night I saw her in a thong and she had great tits and a perfect ass. On weekends I’d wait for her boyfriend to bring her home and on weekends and I watched her masturbating on several occasions.

Linda and I were both passionate and we had strong sex drives that were literally off the chart. We fucked five or six nights a week, sometimes two times a night. On weekends we fucked a lot more. One weekend we fucked twenty-one times between Friday evening and Monday morning. Linda could barely walk when she walked across the street to catch the bus to go to work and I was pretty well spent myself. We were a little immature when we married but so are many other couples. Not long after we married I began to ask my wife about her sexual experiences with the guys she’d dated before we met. I knew it wasn’t any of my business, but I questioned her, anyway. For some reason, I had developed an obsession and looking back I still can’t figure it all out. I wanted to know about the guys she’d dated on a serious who had turned her on and what they had done to excite her. I guess I questioned how experienced she ‘really’ was. Maybe I didn’t trust her completely and I was looking for clues. I pursued her sexual interests, even her fantasies.

In high school I had a friend named John Loudermilk. We hung out together, got drunk together, chased girls together and sometimes we got into trouble together, too. Our friendship probably wasn’t the best thing for either one of us although I didn’t think about it at the time. We tried to ‘share’ our girlfriends whenever possible. When I dated a girl and I was fucking her on a regular basis, I’d introduce her to my old buddy John if I had not done so already. Most of the girls I dated knew John because we were inseparable and most of the time we were insufferable, too. We would joke and act crazy like some teenagers do and when I could arrange it, John would end up fucking my girlfriend, too.

Hell, why not? I didn’t own her and I didn’t care, I wasn’t going to marry her. John reciprocated the favor and I fucked several of his girlfriends, too. We would date two girls at the same time and we came close to some interesting foursomes. Usually John would end up fucking my girlfriend and that turned out to be good for everyone. It didn’t matter how ‘sweet or good’ the girl was or even if she had been a virgin before I got to her that I’d been dating. We reasoned after I’d fucked her she was ‘spoiled goods’ anyway. Surprisingly, a lot of girls felt this way, as well. John could be sensitive and very engaging and charming towards a girl. So after I had used her to my satisfaction we would set up an evening where I had to disappear for some reason. This provided an opportunity for John to be alone with them. Of course, his goal was to get in their panties. While he wasn’t successful every time, most of the girls he did fuck enjoyed it, immensely. He told me how they had responded to him fucking them and sometimes I became a little jealous. It was evident from the way they acted around us later that they had enjoyed fucking him. Sometimes I fucked one of his girlfriends and we enjoyed several threesomes. While I have a nice sized cock, a straight eight, the truth was that John’s cock was huge. He was almost ten inches long and very thick. I used to laugh at him and call him ‘Horsedick’. When John fucked a girl she understood what it was like, what it felt like to be fucked by a really big dick and most of them ‘enjoyed’ their experience with him.

Linda and I had found an apartment on Cole Avenue about two blocks from US 75 at the Knox Henderson Exit. We could not wait for TGIF and we partied like most young couples party on weekends. We drank beer drink, sometimes made drinks and barbequed steaks on our small back porch on a hibachi. We liked to go to nearby clubs where we would listen to music and chat with other young people and generally have a good time. John knew I’d married Linda and he had even met her once, briefly.

One Sunday afternoon John dropped by our apartment unexpectedly. Linda and I were in bed and I was fucking her brains out which was what we did on weekends. Obviously, we were both naked. When the bell rang I went to the front door naked but when I saw it was John, even though I was naked and sporting a hardon, I let him in. It wasn’t anything he hadn’t seen many times before. He followed me into the bedroom where my young wife lay naked under a thin sheet, basking from our lovemaking. I’m sure John picked up on the musky smell of sex around us. He sat on the bed beside us and we talked and joked around while we caught up on each other’s activities. I grabbed a couple of cold beers out of the refrigerator and John and I entertained Linda with some of our past experiences.

I don’t remember how it happened but we were drinking and cutting loose and I’d forgotten about my wife being naked under the sheet and in a little while John was naked, too. I briefly saw the look of disbelief on my wife’s face when she glanced at John and saw how enormous his cock was. Her eyes widened in disbelief. John and I were sitting on the bottom of the bed and by that time both of us were sporting hardons. Without warning, I grabbed the sheet covering Linda’s luscious body and pulled it down to her to her waist exposing her ripe breasts. I wasn’t trying to instigate anything but John and I didn’t have any secrets. I wanted to show him my wife’s large aureoles that I found so sexually exciting. I was proud of her body and I wanted to show her off to him. Without thinking I told him to reach up and feel her breasts, I wanted him to see how firm they were. I watched his fingers gently tweak and pull her nipples away from her breasts. They immediately hardened and stood at attention when he took them in his hands. The image of his hands on her tits was beyond erotic in a manner I hadn’t expected. John wasn’t thinking either, because before I could say anything he moved up beside her and took one of her nipples into his mouth and began to suck on it. I watched his teeth nibble on it as his tongue traversed its surface and it grew harder within his mouth. Not hesitating, his mouth moved to the other breast and his lips closed upon that nipple, too. He sucked on it while his left hand gently kneaded the breast he’d just left, his fingers pinching and tugging her nipple.

I watched silently, unable to move. Things happened so quickly and I felt like I was hypnotized and unable to move. I wanted to shout and tell him “Stop” but my throbbing dick felt so good that I didn’t even realize my hand was furiously stroking it. From somewhere in front of me I heard my wife groaning the way she does when I’m eating her out just before she orgasms.

Throughout high school and later John and I shared our girlfriends, but this wasn’t my girlfriend. This was my wife! John didn’t hesitate and my wife made no effort to stop him. By that time it didn’t matter anyway, I knew I was going to watch him fuck her. My throat was dry and I was breathing with difficulty. I didn’t make an effort to tell my John, “Don’t fuck my wife”! I sat beside them near the foot of the bed as John parted my Linda’s shapely thighs. Then, his body was between her legs and he guided the head of his huge cock between her slipper pussy lips. I’d cum inside her before he dropped by and she was well lubricated. I watched his bloated horse-dick slide deep inside her until his heavy, cum-filled balls slapped obscenely against her asshole. John didn’t hesitate he began plunging in and out of her. He fucked her hard as he skewered her on his gigantic cock. Her pussy lips clung to his enormous penis as he drove it into her and when he pulled out her lips followed him as if reluctant to let him go. The third time that he thrust into her my wife’s hips undulated under him wife and she pointed her legs upwards with her toes upwards toward the ceiling as she tried to hold him deeper inside her. Her hands cupped his ass pulling him deeper inside her at the same time she began grind her pussy up against him, “Fuck me John; Fuck your best friend’s wife!”

John hesitated and then smiled down at her and then he stopped his movements altogether. My wife opened her eyes and looked up at him questioningly. Looking down at her he smiled lewdly, “So you love my big dick fucking your tight little pussy?” “Yes,” my wife whispered softly. John lay on top of her, impassively, still not moving, as he looked down at her he said, “It’s not that easy, slut, you’re going to have do better than that. Tell your husband that you love my big dick fucking your hungry pussy. Let your husband hear you begging me to fuck you with my big dick. Ask him if he’d like to see his wife get fucked by my big dick?”

My wife looked over at me as I kneeled on my knees beside them on our bed. My young wife had John’s huge cock buried completely inside her tight cunt as she whispered through her unseeing eyes, “Baby, I need John’s big dick inside me, its so fucking big! I want you to watch him fuck me, right now. I’m want you to watch him fuck me with his gigantic cock, I’m going to cum on it for you while you watch, Sweetheart”. Upon hearing that he began to feed her his massive cock, again. Linda groaned but continued talking to me, her face flushed, as she asked breathlessly, “You wanted to watch him fuck me, didn’t you?” My dick was about to explode as I looked into her lust filled eyes and said, “Yeah, Baby, I want to watch him make you his little whore.” When I said that John drove his cock viciously inside her and she looked up at him as her eyes rolled back in her head once more and she gasped, “Oh, Baby, Oooohhh”! John looked over his left shoulder at me and said, “I can’t believe how tightly your wife’s pussy feels. Her pussy squeezes my dick every time she cums! She is one great fuck and I’m breaking in her little pussy for you, Buddy.”

Watching my wife, her pouting, fevered expression, and her sighs and moans made me think of all the girls I’d shared with John over the years. I knew my wife was no different than them. They had loved his horse-dick stretching their tight little pussies. She began quivering under him and her legs shook uncontrollably in the air as she bucked her pussy up against him. Her eyes rolled back in her head again and she whispered in John’s ear, “Oh Baby, I want to feel you cum inside me again, Please Baby!” His oversized dick plunged in and out of her rapidly and then he growled as his cudgel drove all the way inside her and then his hips slowed down and then they stopped moving altogether. I knew John was filling my wife’s formerly tight pussy with another load of his potent semen. She lay underneath him as he rolled off of her and I looked at her swollen clitoris and into her gaping pussy as a stream of thick cum ran down her ass. Her arms were spread out on either side of her and her eyes were closed but she had a smile on her face. I didn’t hesitate as I climbed on top of my wife and drove deep inside her. I was inside her now and I was enjoying the feeling of sloppy seconds for the first time with my wife as her cum filled pussy bathed my rigid cock. I knew I couldn’t last long because her pussy was too hot and wet with cum as my scream of pleasure filled our bedroom. I was a little embarrassed because I had cum so quickly and I asked her if it was good for her. She hesitated before she replied, “Sweetheart, John is so big you know?” I did know, what she was saying without saying it was that after John, she had barely felt my cock inside of her.

Later, after John had left Linda and we decided that our experience had been a little too much, we decided that we wouldn’t repeat it, but in my heart of hearts I was a little more honest, I knew I would watch my wife get fucked again. I knew that it wouldn’t be long before she wanted another dick inside her.

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This is an exciting story in that this couple are newly weds when friend 'John' visits them. Although he's never met Linda he wants her naked body covered only by a thin sheet. His clothes come off and the husband encourages him to hold her breasts and he wants more. He's sucking her big nipples and his cock comes to full attention and then he's on the bed with her and he's fucking her like he used to fuck his high school buddy's girlfriends. The husband's young bride succumbs to her lusts as her husband's buddy fucks her hard with his horse dick. She has no hesitation now and she's begging John, "to cum inside her pussy". The husband is lost in lust as he watches his wife who just promised, "to forsake all others" only two or thee months earlier clinging to John. Her tight pussy is stretched by his huge cock as he fucks her mercilessly before emptying his sperm deep inside her. I think this hubby will want to watch his wife again and she'll want it too.

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having a small cock sucks dont it asshole i dont have a ten incher but my nine will do the job you little dick fucker

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It was hot I enjoyed it

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Negative vote. Any asshole who'd knowingly share his wife with a guy who he knows has a huge cock is too fucking stupid to know that his cock will never be enough to satisfy her again. He's a guaranteed loser and might as well start looking for her replacement.

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