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This is my second story and my friend inspired me to write this. if you have any comments leave them i will take every comment into consideration
Bryan was sitting in Mr. Cinamen’s math class and was think that this class was a drag. It was right before lunch and the teacher was threatened to be fired because he was so bad. Bryan did not have many friends but was a total sports stud. Bryan was 6 foot 210 pounds. Built like a horse! He played football, basketball, and baseball. He was still athletic being able to dunk the ball in basketball. He hated His town Kcolrut (weird name I knowwww). He got no recognition for his superb athletic skills. He completely hated his life at the moment and couldn’t wait for college.
This day in Mr. Cinamen’s class Bryan was asked by the girl in front of him named Michelle to give her a massage. Bryan obliged cause he was really good at giving massages and didn’t think of anything of it because he thought Michelle was a lesbian. Michelle has 34D tits, Huge ass! A smile that lightens up every room, Dark Hair, with dark eyes, but she is not at all girly. She one time came into class wearing a complete outfit made of duck tape. Not girly at all. My. Cinamen was giving a lecture and people were just talking not paying attention. While Bryan was giving his massage he found a knot and was working it out when he thought he heard a long but low toned moan… Bryan then realized that Michelle was squirming in his chair. Bryan couldn’t believe he was making this girl horny? Just from a massage? Well the class period ended and Michelle left the class room first and Bryan hung back a little ways to see where she sat for lunch. (Bryan eats in a computer longue place where he plays Counter Strike). He finds that Michelle headed for the closest bathroom which was the boys gym. Bryan just thought she had to use the bathroom so he just went on into the computer longue where he played Counter Strike.
Wednesday comes around and Bryan was finding himself wanting to go to math. Not to learn, but to see Michelle again. Math finally roles around and Mr. Cinamen says that it is a homework day. Bryan was bummed. Bryan wanted to give Michelle another massage and to see what she would let him get away with. But Bryan guessed he is going to have to just wait till Thursday. Then Michelle turns around and was like “Hey dude, do you understand this at all?!?!?” Bryan answered, “Mehhh I know a little bit not much, why?” Michelle turns around in her desk and said “well you’re going to help me” and when Michelle said this she gave Bryan a wink. Bryan was just dumbfounded. He had no idea how to react or what to say. So like an idiot he brushed it off and continued with explaining the problem to Michelle. Bryan did notice that she had a cut off shirt showing her cleavage very well. Bryan just stared for what seemed like a century. Michelle knew she had eyes on her cleavage and she also felt this feeling in her pussy that made her squirm just to think of having this hunk stare at her tits. Bryan finally snaps back to reality when the bell rings for lunch. He goes to stand up before noticing his raging hard-on. Michelle sees it and gives Bryan a wink. Bryan is just completely embarrassed! He just packs all of his things and leaves for lunch.
Bryan can’t believe that he had just got caught with an erection. Bryan didn’t want to go to math today, but had to anyway. Class started with a lecture and was probably going to end with the lecture. Michelle passes a note back to Bryan asking if he would give her a back massage. Bryan didn’t even reply he just put his hands on her back and started getting to work. He was midway on her back and decided to see if he would get away with touching the side of her huge D tits. As soon as Bryan barely touched the side of one of her tits she started squirming in her seat. Bryan got his confidence back and knew something was up and had Michelle thinking about him. She passed another note saying that she doesn’t really think of boys because of her last break up but she has been thinking of Bryan and his touch made her horny. Bryan could not believe what he was reading! He had this girl horny from just giving her a massage! He then responded with only his number. When she received the note she pulled out her phone and texted really fast so the teacher wouldn’t notice. The bell rang and Bryan had to adjust himself before getting up and followed Michelle once again to find she went to the bathroom again.
Later that night Michelle texted him saying the usual, “Hey, what’s up?” The conversation finally ended up to where Bryan got the balls to ask her a question “did u moan when I first gave you a massage?” Michelle replied “LOL I hoped u wouldn’t notice that! But u just drive me CRAZY!!! ;)”. Bryan just sat there in his bed completely horny but didn’t want to ruin his chances so he just played hard to get and told her he had to go to bed with a winky face. She was sad but said “alright. Night”
Bryan had a little pep in his step when he was walking to math class. He got there early so he could see her walk in. Then she appeared, wearing something that showed her cleavage and from what Bryan could make out she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her D cups were just bouncing with every step she took. Bryan got a hard on from the site. He thought her boobs were going to just pop out any moment. She sat down and turned and gave Bryan a sly smile. Bryan new it was going to be a good day. She sent a note back to him to give her a massage. Bryan gladly gave her a massage and spending extra time in the middle of her back to just have some more time with her luscious tits. She let off a moan a little louder this time and people actually looked my way even Mr. Cinamen. Bryan just smiled and said she’s a real Knotty girl with a laugh. Everyone started laughing and Mr. Cinamen continued the lecture. Michelle sent back a note saying, “I’m SOOOOOO SORRY! I didn’t think I actually moaned. U just made me so horny! I couldn’t take it anymore and had to let something out. P.s. my hand is rubbing my pussy for you ;)” This is when the bell rang and everyone gathered up their items and headed to lunch. Bryan followed Michelle once again to find her going to a remote bathroom that only had one stall. Bryan got enough courage to follow her to the bathroom. Bryan pushed on the door very slightly to find it unlocked?? And then the door flung open and Michelle pulled him in and locked the door. She said, “I was wondering on how god damn long it was going to take u to follow me in here!! Now take off your pants and show me that cock!” Bryan didn’t even say a word and scrambled to get his pants and boxers off to let his 8 inch cock spring free. Michelle licked her lips and said “Good Boy ;)”. She got down onto her knees and stuck her tongue out to lick up the precum that was on Bryan’s cock. Bryan pulled his shirt into his mouth to murmur his loud moan. Michelle was now fully engorged onto his cock and was sucking the life out of it. She had one hand on his balls and the other running up and down his stomach. Bryan knew he wasn’t going to last very long with this master cock sucker. It wasn’t more than 3 minutes he started moaning louder and louder and Michelle felt his balls tighten up and that’s when Michelle took her finger and shoved it deep into his ass. Bryan cummed on the spot! Sending strings of cum down Michelle’s throat. Finally ending his orgasm Michelle pulled her finger out of his ass and licked his cock clean. Michelle stood up and helped Bryan get his pants back on and standing straight. Bryan was completely out of it. Michelle looked out the door and said it was clear. So Bryan headed out and they walked to the point where they separate to go to their different parts for lunch and Bryan was just stunned! He didn’t even blink. He couldn’t believe what just happened. Michelle was just laughing.
Bryan just stayed in his room all weekend and didn’t even bother to check his phone. The weekend just flew by and Bryan was still trying to figure out what happened on Friday.
Bryan saw Michelle walk in with a worried face. Michelle sent a note back saying, “Bryan I didn’t mean to scare you away. I’m so sorry. It’ll never happen again I promise.” Bryan Replied “Michelle I am speechless because that was the best experience I ever had! I was just in shock that something that good could happen to me! BRYAN! “Michelle replied “Well Bryan, if you liked it that much there is more where that came from ;), just meet me in the same place as last time. See you there. MUAH.” Bryan got an instant boner. He had to wait another thirty minutes to find out what she had in store for today! The bell FINALLY rang and Bryan kept his cool and followed Michelle into the bathroom. He got in and Michelle was just standing their completely naked. Her areolas were a size of a quarter dollar and her pussy completely shaven except for a triangle of hair above her pussy. Michelle knew she had to take control because if she didn’t nothing would happen. So she reached out and grabbed his head and pulled it to her tit and told him to suck. He was very inexperienced but Michelle didn’t matter she was so wet right now and needed him to stick his juicy cock into her pussy. But Michelle knew that wasn’t going to happen. But then it was like Bryan was reading her mind. He put the next best thing in her pussy. He shoved a finger deep into her pussy. Michelle came on the SPOT! She let out a huge moan that was murmured by the shirt she was biting down on. Bryan took his pace faster and faster. Then Bryan added two fingers. Michelle was close anyway but with that second finger coming into play she couldn’t handle it anymore. She locked onto his fingers with her pussy and had a H-U-G-E orgasm. She started shaking and trembling. She shook for 2 minutes before her orgasm settled down. Michelle masturbated on a regular bases looking up porn on her itouch but never thought she would orgasm as hard as she did. She was completely done. Her pussy was so sensitive there was no point in continuing because she would cum every two seconds if Bryan continued. So this time Bryan helped Michelle and she looked out the door and said “Let’s get the fuck out of here before someone comes! ;)” Bryan can’t believe he had a couple first times in the same day! First to see tits! Pussy! And he actually made a girl orgasm! TWICE! It was going to be a good week Bryan thought.
Math came around and Michelle actually looked good for a girl! She was wearing a dress! Michelle later pointed out that since it was a game day she had to. The period came and went and nothing from her. Bryan followed her once again but this time Michelle did not go to the bathroom. Bryan was confused… Michelle sent him a text saying, “Sorry I didn’t want my pussy juice going down my legs, and people might ask questions. Come to the game tonight and watch me play!!! =]” Bryan was relieved. Later that night he went to the game and the girl won by 15. Bryan was waiting out in the gym waiting for Michelle to come out of the locker room but she never did. The other girls on the team said to her parents she twisted her ankle pretty good and will drive herself home. Bryan waited for everyone to leave the gym and then he went into the locker room. He found Michelle sitting there with an ice bag on her ankle. Bryan walks in and says, “Hey…. You alright?” Michelle says, “Hahaha I did this so my parents wouldn’t get on my butt on what time I get home tonight ;)” Bryan (Bryan’s dad is a math teacher at the high school. His dad gave him a key to his room just in case) grabs her hand and all her stuff and said come with me. Bryan takes her to the room opens it and locks it behind them. She turns him and then she embraces him into a long and passionate kiss. They close the blinds and head over to the desk where there is a little lamp so they can see but not raise suspicion. They get over there and Lays Michelle over his dads desk. He gets on top of her and starts taking each piece of clothing off by his teeth. She is just laying there completely naked and dripping wet from her pussy. Bryan then grabs the four things of rope his dad uses to tie things together in track. He ties them around her ankles and wrists and then ties them to desk. Michelle can’t believe that one of her fantasies is coming true. Bryan then returns to her and says, “Don’t worry about tonight… you’re allll mine ;)” Bryan then begins sucking on her left nipple while having his right hand run along the insides of her thighs making her want him to touch her pussy so bad. He gets the left nipple fully erect and moves to the right. Michelle is squirming and getting wetter from the anticipation. Bryan finally kisses his way down to her clit. He plants his lips onto her clit making her arch her back and moan loud! Bryan couldn’t believe he was actually doing a good job. Not only a good job but a great job. Bryan then takes his index finger and plunges it deep into Michelle’s tight pussy. She couldn’t handle the feeling and had to cum. She let out a moan and grabbed his finger and tried to hold it in place but since he is strong enough he forces it in and out of her during her climax. She got past her first climax and could actually start to enjoy the feeling Bryan was giving her. Bryan then put two fingers into her pussy and was still sucking hard on her clit. She then kept rambling on about how she wanted him in her so bad! And how crazy she was for him right now. Bryan got fed up with it and took her wet soaking panties he took off and shoves them into her mouth to use it as a gag. She couldn’t believe on how good she tasted. And how much wetness her panties actually managed to soak up. Bryan then takes his 8 inch cock out of his pants and Michelle lets out a sigh. He climbs on top of her and takes out the panties and before she has any time to speak Bryan shoves his partially hard cock into her mouth to suck. She does the best she can without being able to use her hands since they are tied down. She gets his cock hard and Bryan pulls out and places the head of his cock at the entrance of her tight pussy. She gets her panties back in her mouth and she protests and right when she protests Bryan pushes his thick cock deep into her pussy. Her protests turn into one huge moan. She loves the feeling of being helpless. Having no one being able to come and help her. And having a cock deep inside of her. She felt her climax coming and Bryan felt his coming on. Bryan was fucking so hard so fast that he couldn’t hold back any longer. Just when he thought he couldn’t hold back any longer Michelle hit her climax. Gripping his cock with her pussy sent Bryan over the edge. Bryan started sending load after load into her pussy while Michelle was laying on her back just shaking and gasping for air. Bryan cummed so much she was leaking his cum. They both finally stop and Bryan just collapsed on top of her. They both sat there for a good amount of time. Then Michelle’s phone rang saying she had a text message. Michelle tried getting up but remembered that she was tied down and started trying to get Bryan up. Bryan finally surrenders and gets up to get the phone. It was her mom saying she had to get home it was past 11 o clock. Michelle smiled at Bryan and Bryan then took out her panties. She gave another smile and said that she should probably get home. Bryan laughed and said “Alright I think we both had a good time anyway ;) oh btw im going to keep this pair of neon yellow underwear. =)” Bryan unties her helps her up off the desk. Gets her dressed and before they left they embrace in one more long passionate kiss.

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2011-03-04 19:18:13
not so much detail. I wanted more deion. And have u eva heard of seperate paragraphs? It was really hard reading this. But, overall, good story and great cock! Loved the cock!

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2011-02-26 02:20:53
I have never felt so apart of a sex story before. It's like you were reading my mind.

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