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The Farmer;s Daughter is watching a mare get breed form a crack in barn
The Farmer’s Daughter
True Story

The mare switched her tail, and the lips of her vagina blinked and squirted juice from it, as the big stallion nipped at her ribs, and smelled of her pussy. He was already in the mood. His huge cock was hanging down and swinging back and forth in anticipation ready to mount her. It was about three feet long, and as big around as a mans arm. The head of it was as large as a soft ball.
Kelly the owner of the mare was holding her, and Andy the ranch foreman, was holding the big stud . The mare was squealing and squatting waiting on the stud.
Beth was watching the show through a crack in the barn door, unbeknown to the men, who was laughing and grinning.
The big stud finally mounted the mare, then Andy grabbed the large cock of the stud , and guided it to her vagina. Then he let the big stud penetrate, and ram it forward.
Beth was so aroused by watching what was going on in the barn, that she didn’t realize that she had put her hand down her jeans and was rubbing her pussy moaning softly, as she watched the large cock ram back and forth in the mares pussy. The mare was nickering softly as the stud rammed it to her.
Suddenly the big stud rammed hard and moaned, the mare cried out. The stud let go with his load, then stopped, Beth was so breathless, her finger working fast on her clit. Then she let go with a large orgasm, and moaned.
“What was that?” The men asked.
“I don’t know, what was it you heard?”
“I don’t know it sounded like some one moaning.” Andy said
Then the big stud slid off the mare. His big cock still hard, with sperm running from the end of it. Beth still fingering her pussy, and squeezing her breasts. Beth was so weak from her experience of watching the breading, that she could hardly move.
The man took the mare back to the trailer to load and then left. Andy put the stud away in the next stall for a few minutes.
He started out the door , then he saw Beth leaning up against the door.
“Are you all right Beth ? You look kind of pale.
“Oh, I’m fine I think, I just got kind of weak there for a minute.”
“Here let me help you,” he said, then he put his arm around her to hold her up.
Beth was still hot form watching the stud and the mare with their sex, she played weak, and fell forward. Andy caught her, and pulled her to him.
Beth pushed her breasts into his chest, and at the same time , she reached down and felt his penis. He didn’t know what to do, but it did feel nice. He didn’t try to stop her. He was a little worked up his self from watching the breading. His cock started to swell, then he felt her unzip his pants, reach in and take his cock in her hand, By this time Beth is really hot.
Andy unfastens her blouse, and takes off her bra, and starts messaging her breast’s. Beth starts moaning and thrashing about. Andy reaches down and pulls her blue jeans down, so he can see her pussy.
He puts his fingers on the lips of her vagina, and she starts gyrating against his fingers.
“Oh Andy put it in, I can’t stand any more,” she says panting.
Andy gently lays her back, and pulls her blue jeans form off her legs, exposing her beautiful body and her shaved pussy. Andy leans down and spreads her legs so he can get to her pussy. Pulls he pussy apart and starts licking her clit. She starts pulling his hair, trying to get more of his face in her pussy. She is trembling with ecstasy. Her pussy is pulsing just like the mare, squirting her juice’s. She keeps arching her pussy upwards. She is so hot, she starts whining and moaning, “oh please Andy put it in, I can’t stand it,” she begs.
Andy rises and pulls down his pants reveling his hug cock. Precum had already started dripping from the end of it. Then he slides between her legs, stopping to guide his huge cock to the lips of her vagina. Just like with the big stud. She reaches down and takes it in her hand and guides it to her hole, works it up And down in between her pussy lips to get it lubricated to inter. Then he pushes downward. He feels it enter her vagina, spreading the walls, as he goes deeper into her uterus.
With her arms fraying, and her tongue probing his mouth. He drives it deeper, then he feels it hit bottom. She lets out a low scream, and an oh, then she raises her pelvic higher yet for him to go deeper
Andy is straining, pounding pelvic against pelvic, then he explodes. He can feel the warmth of his juices run into her uterus. She is still holding him tight. Her pussy sucking and pulling on his cock , trying to get more from it.
“Don’t move Andy, just lay still. I want it in there for as long as it will stay,” she begs.
Andy lays there, his large cock still throbbing inside her swollen pussy. She pulls his head down to her breast. He starts sucking her breast. Then with slow movements, he starts pumping his cock back and forth inside her pussy. She starts letting out soft moans, she arches her pelvic upwards to meet his movements. He feels it swelling inside her pussy once more, but he just lays there to feel the moment.
Then I felt my cock start throbbing. I start pounding her hard, and we were at it again pounding hard , pelvic to pelvic. Then we exploded to gether. Our body’s withering, our muscles clenching. Then we lay still. Our body’s exhausted.
After a few minutes I rise, wipe off my cock, and get dressed.
From then on, when ever a horse trailer would come in the drive way for a mare to breed. I would see Beth looking out her bedroom window. I knew Beth would be at her favorite hiding place watching. I would be as bad as the stud. When I took him from the stud barn to the breeding shed. We would both have a hard on. With anticipation !


2011-02-27 14:25:51
Crap whats the name of this girl and details

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2011-02-15 23:30:51

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2011-02-15 17:11:20
There are a LOT of 'TRUE' stories on this site that are pure bullshit. I spot them all the time. A really true one just rings true. I don't remember who wrote it but there's one on this site by an author who told about his family life and how he came to fuck his seven year old sister. The author laid out how it happened. He said an older neighbor boy told him how to lubricate his sister's pussy so his cock would go in. It sounded like the older neighbor boy wanted to fuck her, too, and might have been hoping that by helping the brother to do it, he'd get some too. THAT story rang TRUE. This one was just b.s.

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2011-02-15 17:00:21
The head of a TENNIS ball, maybe but not a SOFTball. Three feet? Nope.... two and a half, MAX. ... If you ever get a chance to see ELEPHANT'S mating, don't miss it. It's fucking spooky. The bull's cock must be all of seven or eight inches thick and close to FOUR FEET long. The damned thing must have an eye on it because he can steer it around, while he's mounted on the female, in search of her cunt. Never saw anything like it in any other species.

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2011-02-15 14:00:16
Study up on the anatomy a little. Check your spelling. You went from third person to first person. Other than that it was a very good story.

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