This is another story of 'The Early Years'
An Afternoon with Sara

This was by far the best summer of my life. Here I was, staying with a beautiful woman who I had always admired and banging her every time I wanted to. She was even paying me for the work I did, even though I would have done it for free. Yeah, I was liking it….

These were my thoughts as I watched her dress after her shower. She had given me my morning blowjob and a new treat…she had me straddle her and fuck her tits. She held them wrapped around my raging hard on and licked the head each time it poked through. Her boobs were so soft compared to my steel rod, and my balls liked grazing on her smooth skin below.

When I came, it went everywhere. The first spurt nicked her forehead and landed in her hair and up on the pillow. The second hit her under the chin and exploded on her neck. The third and fourth were inside her mouth as she had let go of her tits and stroked me with her hand. She had cum on her from her head to her chest and the warmest smile on her face. I must have done something right again, because she really seemed to enjoy it. I did too when I realized that it turned me on seeing my cum on her face and hair.

For lack of a better term, I called it her ‘fresh fucked look’. She was so warm and mellow after I did her, more so after I coaxed a couple of orgasms out of her. That was yet another thing that turned me on, and sometimes wound up in another go-round until she just wanted to sleep. I was pretty sure she was part cat.

Anyway, I was admiring her slender body as she dressed. She was wearing underwear, something she rarely did these days. When she noticed me watching, she said “It’s that time of the month, my pussy is taking a little vacation and will be ready for you in a few days”. I nodded in understanding, being the 14 year old man of the world that I was.

She looked so good in those tight jeans and cowgirl boots, her western shirt untucked and tied at the waist. Dang, if she looked like that after her pussy vacation, she would be bent over the table with her jeans at her ankles in a heartbeat.

“I’ve got to go into town for a few hours to get some groceries and stuff. I’ve also got an appointment with my attorney to start the divorce. Why don’t you saddle up the horses and see if Sara wants to go for a ride? She’s home alone today and you know she likes you, she’s always asking questions about you”. I just shrugged my shoulders and acted non-chalant, even though I thought of her ever since she busted us fucking in the barn.

“Yeah, sure, maybe after I fix that gate to the pasture”. With that, she gave me a kiss on the cheek and headed out to her pickup. “You be careful, ok?” I warned, remembering my promise to protect her. She just smiled and waved, happy and carefree now that the weight of dipstick Carl had been lifted from her.

The gate turned out to be more of a task than I thought at first. The post holding the gate was actually broke off below ground level and had to be replaced. We didn’t have another, so I grabbed the chainsaw and cut down a tree in the woods a little bigger around than the original, thinking it needed to be stronger. I replaced the broken post, restrung the wire to it and hung the gate. Bingo! Even better than new.

It was just past noon when I finished and put all the tools away. I picked a nice apple off the tree on my way to the corral and gave my best whistle for Ginger. She came trotting up to the fence, ears alert from that familiar sound and expecting a treat. I broke the apple in half and gave her the first part and went to get her bridle. She followed me all the way, munching and knowing there was another half to follow.

When she finished her apple, I slipped the bit into her mouth, slid the bridle over her ears and led her outside the gate. There were saddles and other horses, but for my purposes it was going to be bareback on one horse. I jumped on her back and headed across the field to Sara’s house.

She was cutting the grass when I first saw her. Cutoff jeans and Nikes, long blond hair in a ponytail and short halter top. Dang, she looked good. Tanned and healthy, she sure didn’t need the makeup and nail color favored by the city girls.

She stopped the mower when she saw me and walked up, brushing some of the strands of hair off her forehead. “Hey, Jesse, what’s up”? I grinned and said “Ginger here wanted to go for a walk she invited you and me to go along. Want to”? “Sure” was her quick reply. I reached down toward her to help her up, she grasped my hand with one hand, the other on my arm and bounded easily behind me.

Her arms found their way around my waist and her firm tits into my back. Her chin rested lightly on my shoulder as we started out. I was in front but could smell her freshness mixed with the scent of new mowed lawn. I liked both.

We walked out of the yard and down an old gravel road, chatting easily and just enjoying a warm, sunny day in the country. She said, “Jesse, Aunt Loni is really happy you’re helping her with her place. She talks to my mom all the time”. I wondered how much she was telling her, in the beginning it was supposed to be a secret. “Loni has been very kind to me, it’s been my pleasure”, I said smiling inside.

“She was having some rough times with Carl, but he’s been away for a while and Aunt Loni seems to be very happy”. I smiled again, but being behind me, she couldn’t see. “Really, she been the happiest I’ve ever seen her since you came here this summer. What have you two been up to”? She asked in a knowing manner.

“Nothing special, just fixing up the place and making a few repairs, like I said Loni treats me nice and I try to repay the favor”. I said still not admitting the secret or letting on that I knew that she knew. She gave me a little squeeze and said, “Just the same, I’m glad you’re here. Have you got a girl friend”? In truth, I replied “No”. I was thinking I had a woman friend, but not a girl friend.

Another squeeze, and then she continued “I don’t have a boyfriend either. The guys I know are such jerks, all they want is to get into my pants and then don’t know what to do when they get there”. I was just listening, I’m good at that. She continued, “I mean, why get a girl all worked up and then leave her hanging”? I glanced over my shoulder at her and raised an eyebrow. “I’ll tell you why, it’s because they’re inconsiderate. They don’t care about a girls feelings, it’s all about a notch in the bedpost”.

It was quiet for a while before I said, “Not all guys are like that. Maybe you are looking at the wrong faces in the wrong places.” She thought about that for a while and said “You might be right, I’m looking for the most popular guy instead of a real good guy. Jesse, you’re younger than me, but more mature than the guys my age.” Another squeeze…”Hey, it’s hot, let’s go down to the river and go swimming.”

We didn’t have swimsuits with us but in the country it’s not a big deal. “Let’s go” I agreed and turned Ginger toward the river and urged her into a full gallop. At the time I thought life couldn’t get much better, with a pretty girl holding on tight as we made our way to the water. When we got there, she proved me wrong.

She bounced off the back of the horse and bent at the waist to take off her shoes, giving me a view of her perfect ass stretching those cutoffs to the max. I slid down and led Ginger to the water for a drink, watching Sara all time. She turned and peeled her top off revealing her magnificent breasts, undid her shorts, wiggled out of them and threw them at me.

They fell a little short, but I guess it was the thought that counts. I found a nice grassy area for Ginger to graze in and left her there, she wouldn’t want to leave until I did. Then I walked down to the rivers edge to behold an angel waist deep in water, with a curled finger motioning the come here sign.

It’s nice to see that, especially from a naked girl. I undid my jeans and pulled them off, she must have liked what she saw because she sank down into neck deep water with the ‘cat ate the canary’ look. It didn’t last long, I dove into the water like a torpedo straight between her legs and upended her head first. She came up sputtering, trying to splash water at me but that didn’t work. I swim under the water as well as I swim on top of the water.

We wrestled, and she wound up on my back with her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. I could have submerged at any time to shake her off, but didn’t want to. I swam easily enjoying the feel of her arms around my neck, her bullet hard nipples in my back and her silky cunt hairs even lower.

This was very enjoyable, but not the best way in my book. I went under again and when she let go of me, I turned around so that when she grabbed me again, she was on my front side instead of the back. Still had her arms around my neck, her legs around my waist, but now I was looking into her deep blue eyes and admiring her luscious full lips. I moved to her slowly, watching as she tilted her head and closed her eyes. It was a kiss that I will remember all through my life.

It was also better than I imagined. Her lips were so soft, it seemed like they just melted into mine. We kissed for a long time, neither one wanting to end it. My cock was hardening nicely too, in spite of the cold water of the river. Now she was gently rocking her hips, feeling the top side of my dick against her cunt lips. It seemed like I could hold her up with just my rock hard boner, not using any hands, but she felt so good clinging to my chest.

I walked out of the water to a grassy place near the shore and eased Sara to her feet. She still had her arms around my neck and we continued those deep and wonderful kisses. I had a raging hard on that only got bigger as the soft skin of her belly rubbed on it. She relaxed her grip on me and moved away slightly to look down. Her eyes returned to mine with a slightly bewildered look. “Jesse, you’re huge!” One of her hands began stroking me as if she didn’t believe her eyes. I don’t know if I was that big or her hands were that small, but her thumb didn’t touch her fingers when she wrapped her hand around it. Maybe a combination of both, but it sure did feel good.

Still stroking, she began a slow descent, lightly kissing my chest on the way. She stopped when she was on her knees, gazing at my hardened shaft. Her other hand found it’s way behind my balls and tenderly caressed them. I don’t know if she realized it, but she was licking her lips as she stroked me. This pretty little country girl was just plain adorable right now. When a drop of cock juice appeared at the end, she wiped it off with her finger and put it in her mouth to taste. “Mmmmmm” she cooed with a happy smile.

She stopped stroking and began licking all around the head. Her lips were wonderful but when she tried to put me inside, all I felt was teeth. I must have jumped because she stopped. “Sorry, Jesse, you’re so big it stretches my mouth. Here, let me try again. Better?” Oh, yeah. “Much, much better.” I showed her how to slide her lips along the sides with her tongue underneath. Oh, yeah. Then I showed her how to stroke the shaft while she sucked on my balls one at a time. Oh, yeah. Then I showed her how to lick that little spot under the crown. Oh, yeah.

She caught on really quick. I was getting one of the best blowjobs of my life when she stopped and said, “C’mon, lay down” patting the grass next to her. When I laid down, she knelt by my side and slid her hot lips up and down the underside of my rod, stopping occasionally to nuzzle my balls. I was really getting into that when she rotated around with a leg on each side of my head. I was up close and personal with a golden haired pussy. “Oh, Jesse honey, eat me, lick my pussy” she urged and continued sucking.

Up until this point in my newly found glorious sex life I had mostly fucked pussy, not eaten it. But you know, she was doing such a great job on me the least I could do was return the favor. She smelled nice, a little musky, but nice. I reached my tongue out and touched that button on the top of her pussy and she almost bounced off me like a basketball. “Go easy there,“ she cautioned, “Very sensitive spot, better to trace donuts around it until later. That’s right, light touch. Oh, yeah. Up and down my lips. Oh, yeah. You can slip inside. Oh, yeah.” I must have been doing it right because the next time I got close to that button, she stiffened up for a few seconds with a “Ungnnnnn” and her pussy went berserk. It was going up and down in front of me, so I just stuck out my tongue and let her ride it.

When she calmed down a bit, she knelt by my side again and slowly ran her tongue around the head of my cock, teasing me with some humming and sucking sounds. I was stiff as a brick when she eased one leg to my other side, straddling me. I held her arm with a questioning look, she nodded and said “It’s ok, I’m on the pill.” I smiled with relief as she began rubbing the head of my dick along the folds of her cunt, coating it with her juices. She reached down and wiped her juices off my mouth before kissing me. We were locked in that kiss when she pressed back down just enough to take the head of my cock inside.

Her eyes got big as she leaned back and began some gentle motions. Around and up and down, each time taking a little more. Dang, was she tight! I let her go at her own pace, my hands caressing her nipples and sometimes toying with her lips and slipping a finger inside for her to suck on. Found yet another thing that turns me on.

In a while, she had all but a couple of inches in her and stroking nicely. When I pushed up on her downward strokes I would get a little “Eeek” so I decided to just roll with her moves. She was wet too, I could feel a couple of streams of her juices on my balls and hairs. It was then that I started drawing donuts around her button with my thumb. She sucked in some air, paused, continued slowly, paused, then began again at a fevered pitch and stiffened. It was right at that time that I held her hips and buried the last of my cock into her. It must have worked, because it took a long time for her to stop shaking.

I could feel the contractions of her pussy muscles as she came. Ok, yet another thing that turns me on, I wanted more of that also. I raised up to a sitting position and kissed her cheek, neck and nuzzled her ear. Her lips were hot and I felt them on my face and shoulders. I was brushing the sweaty hairs off her forehead when she realized there was still a very hard cock deep in her cunt. She began those wonderful kisses again, gaining more passion by the second.

I liked it, but it was time for me to be in the drivers seat. I leaned forward resting her on her back. Without losing contact, I moved my legs behind me and began some long, slow strokes, stopping just before the head of my cock came out and only stopping when my balls reached her ass. She felt so good now that her pussy was relaxed, and very juicy. It felt like she was made for me to fuck. I worked her legs over my shoulders and pulled the front part of her thighs toward me as I plunged in again and again.

I was doing fine and fucking the daylights out of her until she came again. Those contractions were sucking the cum right out of me. When she put a leg lock on my neck and squeezed my dick at the same time, something had to give. It was me, my big hard cock erupted like a volcano. I pulled her thighs tight and exploded deep inside her. I didn’t let her go for a long time, her ass was a good foot off the ground.

When I did, I was greeted with the warmest, most tender kiss ever felt. “Jesse, can we do this again?” The only thing I could think of was, “You can have me anytime you want to.” I was thinking back to Loni, and only hoped the invitation stuck in Sara’s head like it did in mine. “I’ll remember that” was all she said with a smile.

We put our clothes back on and went to find Ginger. It wasn’t hard, a quick whistle and she came trotting up to us. This time I got on her back and hoisted Sara up in front of me. It may seem as the nice thing to do, but really I wanted to mess with her from behind. She could ride a horse, but it was distracting with someone nibbling on your ear or playing with your tits while you did it. She got so flustered she turned around while Ginger walked us home, just to kiss me. She was backwards on the horse, with her legs on top of mine with her arms around my neck, deep in a kiss when we arrived at her house.

Her Mom was on the front porch watching….


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That was a good story. I can remember the first time my sister Amy let me fuck her cunt. I was around 16...she was just 11. I fucked her in our barn. She too said my cock was so big. It is long yes. I broke her hymen and fu cked her deep. I never pulled out...I shot lots up my sister's tight cunt. She is married now, but we still fuck the odd time.

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once upon a time there was a cowgirl. she met a young country farmer,he rammed and slammed her tight pussy, and they lived happily ever after. the end.

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