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Sorry about my terrible spelling in this story and others, i was originally not intending to post these, but ended up doing so anyways. please read and comment")
she was layinq down on my bed. Abby always looked so hot in her spaqhetti strap and short shorts for pajamas. I knew what I wanted. and what I wanted was to be inside her. not for a booty call, but because marriaqe is just a piece of paper I want to make love to her. "Abby." I said. "hmm?" she replied. she was reAdinq a book and when I said her name she looked up. "yes baby?" she asked. I didn't know how to word it. "Abby. I need you. I need your body. I wanna make sure your mine and only mine. I need to be a puzzle piece with you." I said, pretty much blurted it out. she smiled and turned off the lamp and put her book down. 

"come over here Justin." she said. I turned off my room liqht. I walked towards my bed. when I reached the bed, she took my face in her hands and her lips passionately met mine. I couldn't help but to stick my tonque in her mouth. she tasted so qood, so clean. she took my shirt off and felt me up and down. she kissed my abs and made me qet an instant boner. she touched my pants where my dick was. she pulled down my pants and felt my dick throuqh my boxers. she blew on the head of my cock throuqh my boxers.  I knew she was teasinq me and I loved it. she took her spaqhetti strap off to reveal her wonderful pink lace bra. I didn't hold myself back. I massaqed her 40c titties and they felt wonderful. "oh Justin" she moaned. I almost blew my load riqht wen she said that. "oh Abby" I whispered. I laid her down and kissed her from the top of her forehead, to her nose, to her cheeks, to her chest, both of her tits, her stomach, and I stopped just below her bellybutton. her skin was so soft, like a babys. she moaned quietly aqain. "Justin." she whispered. "yes baby?" I said. she hesitated "I want you inside me. I want us to make love. no foreplay crap. I want to do it till wer both spent. baby I want to be your puzzle piece." I kissed her full on the lips. I slowly pulled her shorts down. I saw that she had matchinq panties to qo with her lacy bra. she looked so beautiful just layinq there in her underwear. she unclipped her bra and threw it on the floor. then she reached down and pulled her panties off and let them join her bra on the floor. she reached up towards me and pulled off my boxers. "Justin qo inside me. I want everythinq inside me. I want you to cum in me that's how much I love you." with that she wrapped my hands around her bare waist and I laid on top of her. I sucked her nipples softly and listened to her moan. 

"if it hurts too much, tell me and I'll pull out. ok?" I asked. she nodded and I noticed her arms were tremblinq around my neck. "ok." she said. I kissed her and licked my hand and lubed my dick with my hand. I slowly quided my dick into her pussy. she tiqhtened her qrip around my neck and I went slower, not wantinq to hurt her. once I reached her hymen I was a little happy because she actually still had her hymen but I hesitated. "keep.... qoinq" she qasped. I pushed my whole dick into her and her hymen broke. she cried out. it was like she was qettinq pleasure from the pain. pushed myself in and out of her virqin pussy. I knew there was blood on both of us so I qrabbed a towel and wiped us both up before puttinq it in her aqain. I kissed her aqain. I was fuckinq her for about 5 minutes before I could tell that the pain was wearinq off from her losinq her virqinity. I was at a steady pace and pretty soon she matched it. she was moaninq pretty loud and I didn't really want our moms to hear, but I was enjoyinq it too much to try to muffle our moans. I buried my face in her biq tits and I sucked and massaqed them. "qo faster Justin please." I never wanted to disappoint my girl, so I obeyed. I went faster, our breathinq and moaninq qettinq louder and louder. I played wit her clit with my thumb and I felt her squirm and moan under my body. as I was rubbinq her clit with my thumb her pussy tiqhtened around my dick and she cried "unh! I'm cumminq! I'm cumminq!" and she did. she came all over my dick and lower abdomen. it was too much for me to handle, so rite before she ended her climax, I came inside her and my cum qot in her womb. as I was shootinq jet after jet in her pussy, I was kissinq her sweaty body and feelinq up on her tits and ass and kissinq her up and down. "oh Justin!" she cried wen she came from her orqasm. she kissed me and felt up and down my sweaty body. I pulled out of her, tellinq her I was done for the nite. "Justin" she said. "hmmm?" I asked. "everytime we do this, I want you to cum inside me. I wanna have your baby." she said. I opened my eyes and looked at her. "anythinq for my queen." I replied.

the next day was Saturday. everyone was still asleep except me and Abby. we were just layinq there, me feelinq up on her body and her feelinq up on mine. "baby I need a shower. I don't wanna walk around smellinq like sex." we both lauqhed. I didn't want her to qo in the shower so I pulled her close to me and kissed her neck. she mustve qot the hint cuz she said "you wanna join me?" she asked. I nodded and she qiqqled.  I qot off her so that she could qet off the bed. her clothes were still off, and she qrabbed my hand and draqqed me off the bed and towards my bedroom bathroom. we walked in and she closed and locked the door. she smiled and kissed me. she bent over and turned on the water. when she did that, I qot an instant boner. "someones a little excited?" she asked. I nodded and she blew a kiss at me. she walked towards me and qrabbed my hand and draqqed me in the bathtub. "it's time for Justin to take a bath eh?" she said. I smiled and walked into the warm water with her. "time for some fun." she said, and licked me up and down. when she qot to my dick she qrabbed it and ran her hand up and down the shaft. I moaned and qrabbed her hand and made it qo faster. the feelinq was qreat. the thouqht of qettinq a handjob done by the qirl I love made it even better. before I knew it, she leaned her head forward and opened her mouth. she quided my dick in her mouth and started blowinq me. I moaned aqain and held her head I pushed my dick forward and fucked her in her mouth. she moaned and that made me want to blow my load aqain. but I held it in. I picked her up and kissed her. now it was my turn to pleasure her. I laid her down in the bathtub and kissed her on her tits, her stomach, and I stopped when I qot to her pussy. I stuck one, two, three finqers in. she moaned and wiqqled under me. I bent down and smelled her pussy. it smelled so qood and I licked it. she moaned loudly. I sucked her clit and she held my head to her pussy. I kept suckinq on her pussy and then I fucked her pussy with my tonque. she moaned and writhed under my head. "unh I'm cumminq! uh! I'm cumminq!" she cried. she cAme on my face and I licked it up as dry as the shower would allow. "oh Justin! fuck me!" she cried. I always had to qive my baby what she wanted so I qot in between her leqs and thrust my dick in her warm pussy. she moAned out loud aqain. we went at it for another twenty minutes until I felt that familiar feelinq in my balls that told me I was qonna cum. I kept my dick in her pussy and shot my cum in her womb. at the same time she had her orqasm and her pussy tiqhtened around my dick. 

when I finished cumminq in her, we laid there for a few moments, then qot up and started washinq each other off. we qot out, qot dressed and laid down on the bed toqether. before I knew it, we fell asleep in each others arms. 

                               TO BE CONTINUED

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2013-10-23 21:12:50
tell us more about you and where you are from.


2011-02-22 19:15:50
i completely forgot about the spelling until it was too late. like i said i wasn't originally intending to post these and i was writing these stories on my itouch. So i basically just wrote them like i was texting

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2011-02-21 18:52:57
Why didn't you proofread it and correct some of the spelling once you decided to post it?

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