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This is an IM I had with my Real Life Master
Your cock, hard... filling me with one long stroke...... my hips raising to meet you, and your quiet laugh as you hold my hips down. One of your hands pinning mine down as a I struggle breifly and then submit to you... biting my lip softly then harder as I moan and press tight against you, trying my best to behave, to let you have the control I desperatly want you to have. I open my eyes and look up into yours, silently begging... knowing you want more, unable for the moment to do more than moan and plead with my body and eyes
finally I whisper in your ear... oh please Master, but that isn't enough for you... however its all I can say for the moment.. murmuring it over and over, desperation tinging my voice as you hold still, waiting until the words come out in a moan... Master please take me as you wish to take me, please bring me the pleasure of pleasuring you, of being smile and laugh softly.. you are already mine, and I will take you when I am ready.... a small moan of frustration passes through my lips
unable to contain myself I thrust my hips forward and you glare.... I will my body to behave but its hard.. so hard... finally I get control again and the moans don't stop... I can't control them and don't even try... finally you raise a bit and slide into me slowly then out again.. then in.... I struggle not to try and set the pace for fear that you will stop it completly and cry out as you suddenly slam into me. I can feel your balls slapping up agianst my ass and I try to move my arms to touch you, but you won't let me, and once I realize you don't want me to move, I stop fighting you
biting down on my lip again I close my eyes for a moment and relax... giving you control and finding release in it.... I lean up and gently nip at your neck, moaning in your ear, licking at the slight bite..... your free hand moves along my body, slapping my outter thigh, playing with my tits, pinching the nipples so that I arch my back into you.... it seems I can't stop moaning and I am becoming desperate... but I wait, knowing you'll give me what I need.... what I deserve
moaning I arch up into you again and this time you smile as you slam down on me. I love the feel of your balls as they slap against my ass and you know this... suddenly you pull out of me (leaving me moaning with frustration, almost teary eyed) and pull me to the end of the bed. Standing above me, you ask if I really want it.... Yes Master, Please... I want to make you happy, but I need it... I want it soo bad... you grab my legs and hook them over your elbows and pull me forward onto your cock, imapling me
I cry out and sigh at the same time in relief as you slam into me agian and again. Your giving me what I want, what I need... what I deserve.... throwing my head back I cry out again and again to each of your thrusts... my hands playing with my tits... pinching the nipples... Tug your nipples you tell me and without thought I do as you say, screaming with pleasure.... listening to your voice and your grunts as you fuck me harder and harder... getting more and more pleased by the knowledge that your getting what you want, and that it is what I want too
suddenly I hear you grunt a bit and tense as you cum (which thanks to being female I have done more times than either of us can count right now) and I cum again, pleased beyond words that you are finding your pleasure... stretching I reach forward and play with your balls, causing you to tremble and jerk forward a bit, thrusting into me harder.... moaning as you lean over me and grab one tit in your hand... squeezing it as you cum..... I sigh in pleasure and close my eyes, relaxing in the moment

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2012-06-18 00:32:59
its ciao dumb ass, nice story


2005-10-08 18:57:23
This is great !
Reminds me of my cyber master and myself.

Write more !


2005-01-11 11:48:38
instant message dickhead how rude behave ur slef go ask ur mommy little boy



2004-10-23 15:12:38
whats an IM

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