She was standing there outside Taco Bell...
Every year, a bunch of my friends and I get together for a weekend in Chicago. We golf, eat like kings, go to Wrigley for a game and drink like fishes the whole time. Usually, there's a street festival of some sort on Saturday after the game. We always have a great time, listen to some great music and flirt with some great women. I'm married and have been able to keep my cock away from where it shouldn't be. Well, this year was different...

We did our usual that Saturday...pre-party at Murphy's across from Wrigley at 9 am was always how we started. There were a few of us who smoke weed and we managed to squeeze that in as well. I had some dope called "Chocolope" that was insane stuff....smelled and tasted like chocolate and was potent as hell. Along with the beers and Bloody Mary's we'd slam, we went into the game nice and toasted. Of course during the game, we'd hammer down beer after beer until they cut off sales.

A friend of ours has a buddy who owns a house on Sheffield about 5 doors north of the park. After the game, we hit his house for some drinking before walking over to the streetfest. Of course, we'd hit a bar or two on the way to the festival. There was ample opportunity to duck out for a quick smoke as well. By the time we got to the festival, I was crocked/stoned out of my mind. When I get like this, I can't stop flirting with women and that day was no exception. There's always a live band playing at the fests and I chatted up and danced with plenty of cuties. I was somehow able to keep myself from taking things too far, even when one asked me to go back to her place.

After drinking sangria for a few hours and listening to the last band play, my friends and I...the last souls to survive the day...decided to call a cab to pick us up in front of the Taco Bell on Addison. We were told it would be about 30 minutes. No problem, so we just waited and chilled out, enjoying the cool night air and our incredible buzz. Then I saw her....

She was a tall blonde, with a slim, athletic body and a cute face. She was wearing a wristband from that day's Lallapalooza concert at Grant Park. She came out of TB and looked at our group...5 guys who were obviously in good spirits. I had an inspiration and went up to her, noticing her smiling as I approached.

"Guys" I called over to my boys, "I'd like to introduce you to my future ex-wife." I said. She and my boys all laughed. I introduced myself and she did the same. Her name was Tilde, she was from Sweden and she was a nanny for a couple on the north shore. She had her own little place not far from where we were. One of my boys saw what was going on and decided to come play wingman. He told her I was the unofficial mayor of Chicago and knew everyone in the city. She loved what we were rapping to her. She said she was waiting for her friend and friend's boyfriend. We chatted her up and she asked what we did. My buddy told her he was a software programmer, which is true. I told her I did whatever she wanted for as long as she wanted. I was wasted enough to say this, not thinking of the consequences or noticing that she was really into me. I was 40 at the time, but am still a good-looking guy and when I'm on, women love me.

Her friends came out of TB at the same time our cab rolled up. My buddies all started for the cab. I turned to look at Tilde and she grabbed my arm. "You're not going, are you?" she asked me. I said I kind of had to, unless she wanted me to stay. Again, I wasn't contemplating the consequences...I was orbiting in my own world of bullshit. She said I could go to her place if I wanted.

My boys were calling me to get in the cab. I waved them off and turned to leave with Tilde and her friends. One of the guys got out of the cab and told me to get in. I started to tell him I was staying, but another guy told him to let me be....I was in with the Swede. They all gave me looks of awe and jealousy as I picked this girl up in 5 minutes without even trying. They drove off and we started walking.

Her friends had a place on the first floor of her building. They went inside, with her friend telling Tilde to be careful. The boyfriend just smiled at me, knowing that I was gonna be having some fun real soon. We went into her place and grabbed some beers. We flopped on her couch and started talking. She had been hit on all day at the concert and turned them all down. They were all kids, mostly all were openly just asking her to go somewhere and fuck, but that didn't appeal to her. The way I was flirting with her did the trick...she loved guys who were confident in themselves and made her laugh. That was me, to a T.

I asked her if she wanted to get high and she agreed. I pulled out my dugout and we got nice and high, though I didn't need any after all I had smoked that day. As the weed boogied on her brain, she got nice and close to me. I ran my hand up her bare thigh...she was wearing a mini-skirt and blouse...and decided to go for it. I realized by this time that I was going to be fucking a woman that wasn't my wife for the first time in years. My cock sprang to attention like it hadn't in what seemed like forever.

She opened her legs for me to rub her pussy thru her panties. I could feel her clit get fully erect and her pussy lips swell up. I figured she didn't need any more prep and told her we were going to her bedroom. She got up, took my hand, and led me to it. We instantly started to undress each other in a fury. Her body was tight and firm, her skin flawless and creamy. She was shaved bald between her legs and already wet. I threw her down on the bed and attacked her. Sucking and licking those 34Cs, she was incredibly responsive, grabbing at my cock and balls. I pushed her back and told her that she was first. Then I dove between her legs.

She tasted and smelled like she had been at a concert all day and it did nothing but turn me on even more. As I licked her, she moaned and started to whimper. Her clit was a little rock as I sucked it hard and licked it. I moved down a bit and swabbed her taint and asshole for good measure. I realized that she was jabbering in Swedish. She was back to her native tongue and in ecstasy. I decided I wanted to get her off that way and really gave it to her.

As she neared orgasm, her pussy began to pulse and twitch, and she got wetter and wetter. Screaming with delight, she then let loose with a squirt of female cum and an orgasm that shook the roof. As she ground her coming cunt in my face, I slid a finger in her tight little butthole. That brought about another round of yammering in Swedish.

I crawled up onto her chest and shoved my cock in her mouth. She gagged for a second, then was able to take most of me in her mouth. I thrust in and out, but she pushed me off. I rolled onto my back and pulled her face into my crotch. She inhaled me much easier in that position and gave me a blowjob that almost drew the bedsheets up my asshole with all the suction she was applying to my cock. As good as it was, I knew it was time to fuck her.
I got up off my back and got behind her.

"Spread your pussy for me, Tilde. I'm gonna fuck you silly." She reached under herself and found her lips with her fingers. She spread that gorgeous little cunt for me and I eagerly shoved myself into her. Now, I'd been fucking a woman who squeezed 4 kids out and I had forgotten how tight a pussy could be. Closing my eyes, I commanded myself NOT to come. I had to go slower than normal to achieve this, but soon felt like I was in no danger. I proceeded to bang that little pussy for all I was worth.

As she moved with me, I went back to what i knew she liked...a finger up her ass. I wormed my thumb up there and felt her clench me with her sphincter. She was loving what I was doing and so was I. I alternated thrusts of my cock and thumb in and out of her. She was grunting in a mix of English and Swedish by now. What she said next, I understood...."Fuck my asshole. I want you there, please." Swedes are so polite.

I pulled out and rolled her over onto her back, threw her legs over my shoulder and rammed into her. I knew she was tight up there, but wasn't concerned about any of that....this was about being as free as I could be. Since I was doing the deed, I was going to make it count.

I started to pound that little butthole and could feel her getting close again. I started to slap her soaked pussy with my palm and that really got her going. I knew by this point I was going to come soon, I wanted her to get off once more before I did. I fucked her as hard as i could, hoping she'd come soon and she did. Tensing her entire body, she started to spasm all over and let loose a scream that could have woke the dead. It was like riding a bucking horse as I had to hold on for dear life. She must have come for close to a minute...she just wouldn't stop throbbing and clenching me with her asshole, and her upturned pussy just kept twitching. She went limp as she finsihed and I knew my time was at hand.

I pulled out of her and straddled her chest. She was panting and gasping for breath after that monster orgasm, so her mouth made an inviting target. I pointed my dick at her face and let loose. I shot the first rope well over her face and onto the headboard of the bed. The next 3 or 4 were perfect...big, gooey globs that spattered her face and chin. Since I hadn't come in well over a week, this as a real gusher. 3 more gooey globs oozed from my cock all over those perfectly perky tits. The last couple dribbles I managed to drip into her mouth. I fell back onto the bed next to her, exhausted.

We both must have passed out. I woke up at 3 or so and she was next to me, with my cum still caked on her face. I got up to get a drink of water and take a piss. Getting back into bed with her, I was ready for another round, but couldn't wake her. I passed out again.

It was close to 9 when she woke me up. She had cleaned herself and brought me some coffee. As I drank it, we chatted and decided to shower before I left. As we soaped each other, we managed to squeeze one more fuck in. I bent her over and pounded her from behind until we both managed to come again. This was the best way to end our thing. I didn't ask for her number and she didn't ask for mine. I grabbed a cab and headed home.

As I got back to the hotel, my buddies were eating breakfast in the coffee shop. They saw me come in and all of them gave me a standing ovation. It was beautiful.

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