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the full moon turns fifteen year old jan into a different kind of werewolf
His name was Cedric, he was thirteen had tan skin, dark brown wavy hair, and eyes as blue as the ocean, he had a girlish figure, and a soft voice, Cedric was always trusting, especially of me, I was like an older brother to him, I'm sorry I've gotten ahead of myself. My name is Jan , I am a European-American (German origin) with Blonde hair, eyes the color of Cyan, and a slightly muscular body, strong from years of track, now where was I? Oh yes. Cedric was always trusting of me; he looked up to me like he would to an older brother. When Cedric and I met, he was 5 and I was 9. He was on the ground crying, I saw him and took pity on him, I walked over to him and asked him what was wrong.
"a bully took my backpack" he said through his tears. I smiled secretly I had faced a similar problem when I was his age.
"Well I don't see why would do that" I told him. "You seem to be a very nice kid" he looked up. I smiled at him. He smiled back. I held out my hand to help him up. He took it, his soft skin felt amazing. I pulled him up.
"What's your name?" I asked him. He hastily wiped away his tears
"Cedric" he told me I let go of his hand
"Well Cedric" I said still smiling "how about I help you find you're backpack?" he stood up and thanked me. I found the kid who stole my new friends backpack and took it back from him, (sorry expecting an epic fight scene?) the kid thanked me again by hugging me. After that we only got closer, we became like brother's. Cedric slept over almost every weekend, one night I caught him masturbating in the middle of the night, when he realized I had caught him red handed, he was so embarrassed he looked like he was about to cry, He DID cry when I finished him off. By now I'm sure you're wondering why the title of this smut is called Full Moon Syndrome, Well let me speed things up for you. Both mine and Cedric's parent's were out of town for the week. With no one else to stay with Cedric came over to my house so I could keep an "eye" on him, little did I know that this would be the week I'd always remember. I suffer from a little "Problem" called Full Moon Syndrome, it's a mental disorder that when I see the full moon and I'm Exceptionally horny, I molest the closet thing that turns me on and this wouldn't you know it? Tonight happened to be a full moon. Cedric and I were in my room I was nervously watching the moon through the skylight, my "problem" had once ruined a relationship I had with a boy named Toby. I had long since realized that I had Feelings for Cedric that I may not be able to fully control on the night of the full moon. It was near midnight and Cedric was on my bed playing video games, normally I always beat him but tonight was an exception that I almost regretted making. Cedric stood up on the bed and cheered, bouncing around, he tripped and fell on me. I remember thinking "oh shit!" When my hand somehow landed on his crotch, he didn't seem to notice he was a little embarrassed because of the fall. He stood up again and somehow slipping again he fell back towards me I instinctively caught him by the waist, I realized, with a shuddering horror that I had grabbed bare skin. I tickled him a little to get him to move. He giggled the ]sexist giggle. He yawned
"Kay kiddo" I said. "lets go to bed, it's getting late"
"Ok" he said he lay his head down (inadvertently) on my crotch and closed his eyes. Oh come on I thought. I was getting more turned on by the second. I poked him in the forehead.
"Come on bud" I said trying to keep it cool. Cedric got up and walked towards his suitcase to look for some pajamas. He bent over and I saw his ass-crack. I lost it, I got silently and walked over to him, I grabbed his ass. He stood straight up in shock and looked at me.
"Yan, what are you-?" he began but I put my finger to his lips.
"shut up and take it" I said softly I turned off the lights and let the moonlight shine in through my skylight. I picked Cedric up and put him in a chair. I was drunk off the light of the full moon I felt alive more alive than I had ever felt before, like I could do anything and more! I bit down on his shirt collar and ripped it off with my teeth. Cedric gasped softly in surprise, I couldn't blame him. I had ripped his shirt off. It must have been cold in here, as Cedric's nipples were erect. I knelt down on my knees and put my mouth over one of his nipples. I played with it with my tongue, and sucked on it a little. Cedric moaned in pleasure as I slowly ran my tongue across to his other nipple and did the same. I worked my way down slowly down to his belly button. I stuck my tongue in his belly button and slowly ran it around 1...2...3 times, Cedric's moans got louder. I had reached his pants; I bit down on the button and bit it off. I spit it out and pulled his zipper down. I noticed the bulge in his pants and told him to stand up. Cedric did so; I reached for his waistband and slowly pulled them down. His cock only semi hard, acting on animal instinct I grabbed it. Cedric moaned softly. I slowly began to lift myself up on him my chest on his front, I put my arm around his shoulders and began to rub the side of his neck with one hand, and slowly fondle his balls with the other. It didn't take long before he was fully erect I bent down and forced him back into the chair. The moon went behind the cloud partially, I realized what I was doing, but couldn't stop it, this was a nightmare, it was what happened with Toby all over again. I even thought Cedric was Toby for a second.
"Oh Toby I'm so sorry" I moaned softly Cedric looked at me and said
"but my names Cedric" I looked back up at him, and through the skylight I saw the moon coming out from behind the clouds
"Different name, same fate" I said and with that I began to suck his cock. Cedric moaned in pleasure, I licked off the pre-cum slowly, savoring every drop! This went on for a couple minutes, until I felt him seize up. He was about to cum. I stopped and picked him up, and threw him unto my bed, I ripped my shirt off and positioned myself over him pinning his arms and legs. I passionately kissed him. While our tongues danced inside each other's mouth, I quietly pulled down my zipper; My rock-hard boner sprang out. We stopped kissing for a second. I looked Cedric in the eyes, afraid to see what I saw. It was with a burst of surprise and Heartbreaking gratefulness that I saw a deep, loving, PASSION, NO!! a raging hot passionate DESIRE, in cedric's young blue eyes! Without any provocation, I climaxed on Cedric's belly. I ripped my pants off and licked every drop of cum off his stomach. Still rock-hard, I reached for his sides and patted him down. His skin felt so good, I nearly came again, I flipped him over and slowly began to lick him down from the back of his neck down to his shoulders, to his lower back and finally to his ass. I gently parted his cheeks and stuck my tongue in his virgin hole I ran around his ring, until I heard him moaning and whimpering. I flipped him over and gently lifted up his upper body towards me, we kissed again, I knelt down and decided I'd kept him waiting long enough, his cock was covered in pre-cum, I licked it all off. I and lifted him on top of me gently biting his neck as to not leave any marks, I slowly jerked him off, it only took a couple of jerks. Rope after Rope, After Rope, after Rope of clear cum shot out of him. Cedric's whole body collapsed. Slowly I aligned my cock with his ass crack. I rubbed my cock on his ass until I came again. I spurted right on his hole. Now was the time, while he was still dizzy from the ecstasy he had experienced. I jammed my cock up inside him. He gasped in pain
"forgive me Cedric" I said "I Know it hurts, just bear with it, it'll be done soon" I Humped Cedric's Virgin hole until I came a third time this time my whole body relaxed. In fact I fell asleep. I awoke the next morning. And saw Cedric staring at me with a smile on his face....

Starting a sequel now, incase you were wondering Jan’s 15 and Cedric’s 13 if I’m a little off in the deion, I’m sorry my math skills suck.

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2014-06-11 02:23:28
it was good but like they said dont rush it i literaly finished this in 4min

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2013-01-23 12:32:45
it troubles him that life might be much more sipmle and less impressive than the creationists like to think it is.Think about it.. if sex was not hard wired in, would we eventually not bother? If it was boring and painful with no reward save for the new life? Worse still, what if there was nothing that made us all make faces as babies and respond so quickly the sound of them crying? Yea, we'd die out pretty fast.So, do we do the right thing because we know it is right? or does it feel right because that reward system is keeping the human race going? Both are probably true and some cooperation will measure and monetize this. Remember the Matrix film the AI tried a virtual world were everyone was happy and it failed. How do we measure the minimum required cruelty and opportunism for a stable population I wonder?

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2011-02-21 00:43:39
Great story, but Jan should be 17 according to the beginning. Oh well, I like 15 better anyways. You'd just have to make Jan 7 when he met Cedric :P

Also, slow down on the sex scenes.. It seemed a little too rushed.

Other than that, great story! Keep em' cumming ;)

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2011-02-16 07:40:07
how can they start off 4 years apart and now be 2 years apart? shot bro.

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2011-02-15 16:36:10
dont rush your story along let it lengthen its self out. you rushed in the last chapter. From a BJ to a self jerk to anal. you could of langthend it out and made it longer and more passionate

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