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It's about a 13 year old girl who fantasizes about sex, and really wants to be a part of it.
"Oh yes! Oh fuck! Yes! Fuck my pussy hard! Uhh yess I'm gonna cumm!! "
Yes, that was the sound that was coming from my computer in the middle of the night. Screams of ecstasy, hot, sexy sex just in the computer. Yeah... you probably thought right... internet porn. My name is Cassie and I'm 13 years old. I found out about porn when I was just about 10 when there was a virus on my computer. Since then, I've been addicted to watching porn. Kind of like a druggie that can't stay away from drugs. It kind of gets my hormones racing. My pussy gets so wet and I just can't help but to finger myself. It makes me so horny, I think I'm being fucked by my dad. His name is George. Your probably wondering... well... where is he? Well he's at work, he's a cop. His hot chest when he gets out the shower, I just want to take a look at his dick.
It's summer vacation, and it's hot and steamy, and I'm the only one of my friends who is still a virgin. The way my friends explain it is very intense and I want to experience it. A lot of boys told me I'm hot, well of course! I'm blonde, with already a B cup in boobs, almost a C, and the hottest pussy ever, although none of the boys has seen my hidden parts. Well tomorrow I just need something closer to a dick, so I'm just gonna go to the mall and buy a vibrator.
( Next morning )
" Hey baby how did you sleep? " asked George.
" Great dad, thanks for asking. Hey, by the way, can you drop me off at the mall? I need to buy some more umm... clothes," I asked.
" Sure thing and since your already dressed and everything, I'll just drop you off, I'll give you a $50.00 bill, that should be enough, " said George.

So we get in the car... I usually fall asleep on car rides, so the car ride was silent, but when we got to the mall, I woke up.
" Bye dad ummm I actually feel like walking home, can I? It's only a 15 minute walk back, " I asked.
" Ummm Sure I guess, " Said George.

So I get out the car and wait for my dad to pull off, then I walk into the mall. I heard the store Spencers, sold hot vibrators, so I just went inside the store. They had cool stuff in the front like lava lamps, but when I walked more into the back of the store, there was vibrators galore!
I looked at all the vibrators, and I found the one I wanted. It was a pink hard plastic vibrator, that would be great when it went up my tight, wet pussy.
So I go to the register and put the item on the counter, I was so embarrassed.
The lady scans it.
" Okay that will be $43.21 plea... hey aren't you too young to be in here? " asked the lady.
" Well I'm buying it for my bigger sister who doesn't want to be seen buying one, " I said almost blowing my cover.
I give her the 50 dollar bill, and tell her to keep the change, then i just walk out the store.

I start to walk home. It was quite warm outside, and I kept thinking about my sexy dad, and my pussy was getting wetter and wetter as I kept walking. I just had to try out the vibrator as soon as I got home no matter who was there or not.
Once I got home, I said hi to my dad and went up to my room and closed the door. Then I sat down in my blue swively chair, turned on my computer, and then opened the box that had my precious vibrator in it. I then went onto the internet and typed in I pulled down my shorts and my pink lace thong, put my headphones in and started listening to my favorite porn video.
When the vibrator went into my wet pussy, I almost screamed of pleasure and pain at the same time, since it was basically the biggest thing that ever went into my pussy. I went faster and faster, until... my dad walked in asking if I wanted some ice cream. I didn't even notice until I exploded and got my wetness all over the floor. And then I turned around and saw him in a state of shock. He left the room.
Your probably thinking right now, won't he tell your mom? No, my mom is crazy and is locked up in an insane asylum. It's a long story.
I closed my door, pulled up my thong and shorts, cleaned up the mess, and didn't leave my room for the night. I hid my vibrator under the bed.
That night was very hot at 74 degrees, so I decided to sleep in my panties and bra.
But that night at 3:00 in the morning, was a night that would change my life forever. I was sound asleep in my bed under a light blanket, when my dad walked into my room to "check on me".
Now I'm a light sleeper and I woke up to him in his underwear with his dick bulging through the material.
My pussy was getting wet.
" Dad? Is that you? " I asked.
" Yes, " He said very sneaky. He sat down next to me.
He pulled my blanket down and sat me up. He then kissed me. Not just any kiss, but like a romantic kiss.
" Cassie, your so sexy, I wanna fuck you until you cum, " said George.
Without asking permission, he split my legs open, and rubbed my pussy gently up and down through my thong.
I shook from the pleasure. I almost screamed.
He felt up to my bra, then undid it and licked my tits, till my nipples got hard. I couldn't say anything because, I didn't want him to stop. I loved it.
Then, he slightly licked my inner thighs, so close to my pussy.
He next pulled down my thong ever so slowly, and rubbed my clit very slowly.
He then asked, " Do you want me to stop? "
And I said no, I like it.
He leaned down and then put his tounge into my pussy, got up for a second and said, " We could be as loud as we want. He clapped the lights on, reached down and put his finger in my pussy. I'm and out and over again, faster and faster, till I couldn't hold it anymore.
" OHHH yess!! " I cummed all over his finger.
He then got his handcuffs, that were sitting on my desk, and handcuffed me to the bed, split open my legs, that were also tied to the bed, and he pulled down his underwear. His hard dick with precum all over it, was the biggest dick I've ever seen.
He laid down on me, and stuck the head of his dick slowly into my pussy. I was squirming with excitement because I wanted him to fuck me forever.
I thought he was gonna go slow, but then he rammed his dick up my pussy, and got a mean and mad expression on his face, and kept fucking me so hard it really hurt.
" DAD! Stop! It hurts stop! " I screamed in pain, no longer pleasure.
" Bitch! I'm gonna fuck your brains out! " he yelled.
He then got his taser, and rammed it up my pussy. I screamed, and then cried loudly in pain. He put duct tape over my mouth. tears running down my eyes I wanted him to stop. He stuck his dick up my pussy again and fucked me like an animal. It hurt to bad I was crying. Blood all over the white sheets and cum all over.
It was over. He untied me, but then picked me up and carried me to the basement. Threw me down the stairs to the basement. My naked body cold on the basement floor with cuts all over. I passed out from all the pain. Was I ever gonna live? I heard a lock from the basement door, before I go completely unconscious.
End of part 1.

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almost had a boner until u said taser. whered he get that from. needs more detail

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Amazing story plz write more:)

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