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Caught by her neighbour boy

Kaya opened the door and stepped inside. Thank God there was something like airconditioning, it was way better here than outside. She walked through the room into the hallway and started walking up the stairs. Once she came to her room, she quickly took off her shirt and bra. After all, that's what she was here for.

The moment her bra fell on the floor, Kaya noticed her sock drawer was open. She walked over there and as she wanted to close it, she saw the top of her favorite toy sticking out a little. She remembed what happened this morning, when she was busy with herself when she got called and had to get up as soon as possible, not being able to finish what she started. She realized that was probably the reason why she was feeling so turned on all the time.

How long would it take her to get off if she started now, she wondered? Would the people outside start wondering where she was, or wouldn't they even notice? She decided not to think about it too much. Suddenly she had to go to the bathroom. She ran down the stairs again, stepped inside the little room, locked the door and pulled down her pants. After she was done, she pulled up her pants again. At that point she realized she was still really turned on. Why couldn't she just have finished this morning, then she wouldnt have had this problem. She ran up the stairs for the second time and got her bikini out of her closet. That was the purpose of her being in her own room, getting ready for the big water fight.

She dropped the bikini on her bed and started to take off her pants. When she stepped out of it, she also took off her shorts, making her completely naked. Kaya couldn't resist to take another look at her half open sock drawer. The tip of her toy was still sticking out and it looked like it begged her to grab it. She thought for a few seconds, softly whispered "aww, what the hell" to herself and grabbed her black friend out of the drawer. Quickly, she jumped on her bed.

Wasting no time, Kaya took her toy in her mouth, while her free hand went down her body. When she touched her private parts for the first time, she realized she was being really aroused. Gently she slided the tip of her middle finger in her wet kitty. Deeper and deeper it went, until her whole finger was inside her. She took it out and immediately added another finger. They both went in very smooth, the sign for Kaya to take them out and use her toy. She grabbed the dildo with her right hand and stuffed it in as fast as she could. She moaned softly, knowing she left all doors open so she shouldn't make too much noise.

As she stroked her boobs with one hand, the other one made the black toy go in and out of her pussy. Faster and deeper she went, and she felt this was not gonna take long. That was the advantage of having been masturbating earlier today, she was really close to coming now. She could feel her body starting to shake a little as the toy kept slamming in and out of her. Her breath got heavier and she had to do her very best not to start making a lot of noise. She stopped caressing her tits and started sucking on her hand, fantasizing about pleasuring that cute boy from her class. She couldn't hold back anymore and was about to come.

Seconds later, Kaya banged the toy in for one last time. Her whole body shivered and she felt the big orgasm running through her body. She pressed her lips on to each other tightly, making herself unable to make any sound. After the orgasm was gone, she took out the toy and layed it down next to her. She lied on her bed for about a minute. Suddenly, she heard something. Or someone, actually. Someone was running up the stairs. "Kaya", he screamed.

Dammit, Kaya thought. It was her neighbour boy, wanting to know where she was. He knew the way, since Kaya always watched him at her place when his and her parents were out playing squash together. Her mind went blank, as she jumped up from the bed, grabbed the toy and run towards her sock drawer. She threw it in and the moment she turned around to get to her clothes, the boy opened the door. "Jake", Kaya said. Jake, who had just turned 15, was stunned. It was the first time he ever saw a girl naked, and it was his 3 years older neighbour girl standing in front of him without any clothes. Kaya was so flabbergasted about the boy staring at her, she forgot to hide her private parts from his eyes. For seconds they stood there, until Kaya's mind rebooted and she quickly put on her bikini. Without saying anything, she walked past the boy and run down the stairs, waiting for the kid to follow her.

She didn't really know what do to next, whether she should talk to him about what happened or she should just leave it. She decided to pick the second option, waited for Jake to be next to her and walked outside. She realized she was probably lucky she hid the toy in time, so Jake would know for sure she had been masturbating.

This text is based on a true story... Names in the story might be as they are or might be changed due to privacy issues... You won't know ;)



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2011-09-16 02:24:19
Oh I'll take a guess. sexy story. i'm gonna read some poetry now keep writing where's the next one on the captured girl paige ? kliton

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2011-02-23 16:31:48
Sexy bitvh, fuck him when hes 18

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2011-02-18 16:13:21
Hey thanks for your story. Unfortunately it sucked, you had all the right ingredients, however it turned out so lame. Probably due to the new regime as lately all the stories on this site have sucked, content is so minimal that all stories seem to be lame, wishie washie not even erotic. Also all the good writers have disappeared, I’m thinking of not using this site anymore

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2011-02-18 10:21:39
and so???....... There must be more.

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2011-02-17 08:40:28
Love this story, Kaya (sexy name) part 2 please, I love facials, perhaps she can take one in the second. Great story.

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