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Baby Sitting Bobby

Now that I am 30 and happily married to you Rick, I now have the confidence to tell u how I lost my virginity. It all started in a small town called Lake Forest in Ohio. . .

I was 16 and I was still living with my fucking parents! Ive already told you about 10 times how big of assholes they are! Well enough about them, to earn some money for a car or a new handbag I baby sat. Amazingly I was the only baby sitter for a 3 block radius, so almost every night I was baby sitting babies and twirps who ran around in their underwear screaming that they wont go to bed.

Except there a few that were not twirps. There were a few that were 13 and 14. they were children of rich ass parents who were always out on business trips. So I babysat them a lot. They were cool, we had the same interests, egging and t-ping other houses, and maybe knocking there roadside mailboxes with baseball bat, ya they were cool.

They had only begun to start their puberty phase so their minds were always frustrated and on the fritz. Sometimes they wanted to vandalize some property and sometimes they wanted to be left alone, except there was the one night when I caught one of the kids doing something naughty.

The night began by me knocking on the door saying hello to the parents and in the next instance saying goodbye to the parents, everything was going as usual. I was babysitting a kid named Bobby he was on the couch watching TV so I decided to watch with him. “so what do u want for dinner” I asked Bobby

“I don’t know I’m not hungry but theres some food in the fridge.” So I got up and walked to the fridge to see wat was in there. Theres was some ham, some bologna, apples, cheese, noodles in the cubard, and some spices. Damn all I wanted to eat was a steak err some chicken. So I walked back to the couch and noticed that Bobby wasn’t there. So I walked up the stairs and checked the bathrooms, nobody. Parents room, nobody. Since there was no where else to check, I walked up to the door of Bobby’s room. I didn’t want to barge in, that would be rude and yet I didn’t want to knock because that would give Bobby to hide whatever he was doing. So I decided to look through the key hole and saw something I wasn’t ready for.

He was masturbating, while a baby sitter was there, I thought of how unprofessional he was. i mean he was masterbating while a baby sitter was there. And so then I didn’t know wat came over me but I opened the door and walked right up to bobby. He was astonished and was fumbling all over the place, he couldn’t pick up the porn he was masturbating too. He was just looking at me and I looked at him and looked down at his full boner. He was just sitting there, and I was just standing there. Oh I was so horny, seeing his cute little body just sitting there with a boner. Like I said he had not gone through all of puberty but he had some ball hair and some armpit hair.

"Need some help with that Bobby?" And then i knelt down and put my mouth over his cock and started giving him a blowjob.

“WAT THE FUCK!” he screamed, “what… are… u doing” he said gasping for air as licked his balls.

I got up and said “what does it look like I’m doing. Im sucking your balls.” So I started sucking his balls again. He just gasped and gasped and with out warning I felt his balls twinge and then he cummed in my mouth. After that he just laid back and put his hands behind his head like he was in the zone. After I saw that I got up and walked out of his room he just looked up and got up and said, “awww, that’s it?” then he got up and walked after me he saw me walk into his parents room. He walked into the room and stood at the bed looked around but didn’t see me behind the door so I walked up to him and jumped on him. I started to giggle as I didn’t let him up. Finally I let him up and I threw him on the bed and climbed on the bed.

while he was looking for me I stripped naked. I crawled up to him and placed my cunt right over his mouth, “lick my cunt Bobby.” He started licking it and then I saw that he couldn’t breathe and I got up. He was gasping for air and looked at me. i was sitting by the pillows on the bed with my legs wide open. “Now lick my cunt!” he crawled over and started licking my pussy. I moaned and moaned. “Oh god, Oh god! Bobby I want u in u me! Fuck Me bobby! Fuck me” I screamed at Bobby. He barely got in me since his penis hadn’t grown at all and when he was in me he didn’t even come to my mouth so he just licked my boobs. He started out humping me slowly and then he started fucking me with a rage he then said “OH god Im gonna cum again!” and then he cummed. He was gasping for air he said “Oh, this is no fun, I cant get in all of you. But there is some place I can get in.”

“my mouth? Ok.” He laid back as I crawled up to him and sucked his cock a light shown down the driveway. “oh shit your mom is home, go into ur room and get changed and go to sleep!” he ran into his room. I fixed up the bed, and got into my clothes and ran down the stairs and laid on the couch.

The mom walked in and gave me my well deserved 50 dollars. I walked out of the house and i looked up at bobby's window and he was grinning at me, as i walked down the block i felt as if Bobby was still grinning and watching me until I turned the corner and was out of site.

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2012-05-19 10:38:20
I wish I could be a babysitter

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2012-05-19 10:37:27
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2011-09-28 20:15:33
Please run submissions through a spell check. Thanks!


2007-05-24 19:03:22
Great potential for the future stories For some reason my parents alway had older women sit with
me when they went to football games, etc I never
had one who would play with my cock, but would
have like it, I'm sure. Anyway, on to your next one.
Very nice.


2007-04-25 18:00:08
great story! ! !

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