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Found this in the depths of my computer from a few years ago. Damn it stills gets me hot though. Name of recipient has been changed for privacy sake.
gijanemaccoy: i'll grab your hair and pull you to me and push our lips together
BB: hmm ok
BB: sounds good
gijanemaccoy: i'll wrap my other arm around your waist and pull you against my body feeling you on fire
BB: hmmmm
gijanemaccoy: both our bodies feeling like electricity is flowing through them
BB: hmmmm
BB: come
gijanemaccoy: my fingers play along the waist of your pants
gijanemaccoy: and my other hand slips down your neck to the front of your throat
BB: hmmm
BB: hot
gijanemaccoy: my hands feel under your shirt caressing your skin
BB: baby
gijanemaccoy: i reach around to the small of your back and pull you closer
BB: now whos teasing
gijanemaccoy: your hands move underneath my shirt and you drag your nails down my spine
BB: my fav spot and place
BB: way
gijanemaccoy: hmmm....i love that done to me too.
gijanemaccoy: you pause over my lower back and push them in deeper and i bite your lip in response
BB: more baby
gijanemaccoy: i start to kneel down and pull your shirt up over your stomach and kiss it down to the top of your jeans
gijanemaccoy: your hands are resting on my shoulders, your nails poised and ready to strike
gijanemaccoy: i unbutton you jeans and kiss the skin there
gijanemaccoy: i unzip them and kiss that skin too
BB: hmm
gijanemaccoy: i work them over your hips still kissing every inch of newly exposed flesh
gijanemaccoy: i let them fall to the ground and you step out of them
BB: hmmm
gijanemaccoy: i put my hands on either hip and start to take your underwear off with my teeth
gijanemaccoy: i can feel the heat off your pussy as the fabric is pulled away
BB: hmmm
gijanemaccoy: i flick my tongue at your clit and your fingers dig into my shoulders
gijanemaccoy: i look into your eyes as i continue to move your underwear further down your legs
BB: hmmm
gijanemaccoy: they finally fall to the floor with a light shushing sound and i stand back up fto remove your clothing from the upper part of your body
gijanemaccoy: i slowly come to my feet taking the hem of your shirt with me and pulling it over your head, kiss your neck
BB: hmmm
gijanemaccoy: your hair falls into my face as your shirt comes above your head, your arms dropping slowly onto my shoulders
gijanemaccoy: i kiss your neck some more as i start to take off your bra
gijanemaccoy: it snaps off your body and i grab your breast firmly in my hand and tease the nipple between my fingertips, rolling it around
BB: )
gijanemaccoy: you inhale sharply as the electric current begins to pulse from your nipple
gijanemaccoy: you grasp the hem of my shirt and pull it over my head, along with my bra, in one quick movement as the lust takes control of you
gijanemaccoy: your hands quickly move to my pants and you begin to fumble with the button as your hand shake with anticipation
gijanemaccoy: again you take off both my regular clothers and my underwear off in the same motion.
gijanemaccoy: you pull them to the floor
gijanemaccoy: i put my finger under your chin and lift you off the ground and bring your lips to mine again
gijanemaccoy: i step forward and out of my discarded clothes and move towards the bed
BB: finally
gijanemaccoy: i spin around so you're on top of me when i lay back
gijanemaccoy: at the same time my hand moves between your legs and i feel the wetness there
gijanemaccoy: i move my fingers along the slit of your pussy, caressing your clit to your pussy hole and then back to your clit again
BB: hmmm
gijanemaccoy: i slide a finger into your pussy and you breathe harder into our kiss
gijanemaccoy: i move in and out of you slowly, wanting to make you cum a little slower
BB: hmmm
gijanemaccoy: i rotate my finger inside of you touching every wall
BB: hmmm
gijanemaccoy: my other hadn is massaging your right breast, keeping the electricity going
BB: :0
gijanemaccoy: i break off our kiss and move underneath you between you legs
gijanemaccoy: i blow gently on your wet pussy and smile as you stiffle a shudder
gijanemaccoy: i barely touch your clit with my toungue and already you're moving your hips for more
gijanemaccoy: i reach around your legs and pull you up on top of my face making you sit up
gijanemaccoy: i bring you closer and start to flick my tongue out
gijanemaccoy: each time i hit your clit you rock your hips wanting more
gijanemaccoy: i finally start to rhythmically rub my tongue over your clit
gijanemaccoy: i keep my pace steady
BB: hmmm
gijanemaccoy: i begin to move around in circles as your hips grind in sync with me
gijanemaccoy: i move my tongue lower to your pussy hole and push it in as far as it will go
gijanemaccoy: i can taste your warm cum on the tip of my tongue
gijanemaccoy: i move back to your clit knowing you're close
gijanemaccoy: my tongue starts to circle faster on your clit
BB: hmmmm
gijanemaccoy: i feel your cum starting to drip onto my chin
gijanemaccoy: i push on your clit harder making you jump each time i hit it just right
gijanemaccoy: i grab your legs hard and pull you even more on top of my face
gijanemaccoy: i lick furiously now, wanting your cum on my face and my mouth.
BB: hmmm o baby
gijanemaccoy: your head tilts back and you start to pinch your nipple as i bring you closer to orgasm
BB: hmmm
gijanemaccoy: you bady starts to shake as i suck your cli`t between my teeth
BB: hmmm
gijanemaccoy: i bite down gently and your pussy clenches and you moan
BB: hmmmm
gijanemaccoy: i keep you clit between my teeth as i suck on it and feel more of your juices flowing over my chin and down my neck
gijanemaccoy: i flick my tongue back and forth faster and faster
BB: hmmm
gijanemaccoy: you take your hands offf your nipples and sink your nails into my shoulders again
BB: you know it
BB: gotta hold on
gijanemaccoy: everytime i lick across your clit your hands clench deeper into my skin
gijanemaccoy: your nails carves deep grooves, coming close to drawing blood.
gijanemaccoy: i lick your entire pussy from hole to clit adn your nails finally break through
BB: hmmm
gijanemaccoy: a trickle of blood slides down my skin and absorbs into the sheets
BB: omg
gijanemaccoy: my last move and attack your clit for one final go
gijanemaccoy: ]i pull you into me and i lift my head to get even deeper into you
gijanemaccoy: i thrust my tongue in and out of your pussy fast and hard
gijanemaccoy: you moan
gijanemaccoy: i lick your clit faster
gijanemaccoy: and you moan
gijanemaccoy: i feel your body starting to tense and you nails in my shoulders confirm it
BB:if only you were here
gijanemaccoy: your rocking your hips against my tongue as i lick against your clit
gijanemaccoy: your hips grind back and forth for more
BB: hmmm
gijanemaccoy: your motions get less and less as your clit starts to pulse hard against your coming climax
gijanemaccoy: you shudder to a stop and i lick as fast as i can
gijanemaccoy: you body tenses and you cum is flowing all over my face
BB:you have no idea
BB: hmmm
BB: baby
gijanemaccoy: i dont stop until your body collapse across mine
gijanemaccoy: i work my way up from underneath your body
BB: hmm
gijanemaccoy: your breathing is hard and you're still shaking
BB: welll ya
BB: duuuuuuuuhhhh
gijanemaccoy: i hold you on top of me and wince as your nails still sporadicaaly twitch into my shoulders
gijanemaccoy: i wrap my arms around you and kiss the top of your head as you finally begin to come down
gijanemaccoy: your body finally relaxes and your nails fall out of my skin
gijanemaccoy: i watch as your eyes fight to stay open
gijanemaccoy: i caress your sides and back as you slowly slip into sleep

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GVcBGO Yeah, it is clear now !... Just can not figure out how often do you update your blog?!...

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