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I am seduced by a wonderful girl
I was 16 when I was found masturbating by my big brother – he was 6 years older than me and lived away from home.

I had been doing that for a few years but had never been caught before – I had done it with a couple of other guys when I was about 13 when we would all wack off at the local swimming hole. This day there were a few of us and a couple of girls. A couple of guys went a bit stupid and flashed themselves in front of the girls. They told them to grow up so the guys left. The girls had no swimmers and somehow we all skinny dipped together. Afterwards we all ended up sitting around in the nude to dry off. Nobody was worried as we all seen each other naked quite a few times when we skinny dipped there occasionally. The only thing now was we had all reached puberty and we were growing hair and the girls boobs were growing.
I was the last one to leave as someone had hidden my clothes. This girl Jan came back while I was still looking to see if I had found them. I was still nude, but she was dressed. We had been out a couple of times and apart from kissing and a bit of feeling of her tits on the outside nothing had happened between us. She said she hid them deliberately because she wanted to talk to me alone and not with the other guys around. She wanted to know why I hadn’t asked her out recently.

I said I had no reason – and when she asked me if I had another girl I said no which was true.

The she asked me if I still liked her and I said yes. I don’t know why because nothing happened to make my cock go hard but it did – well it got firm but not sticking right out. She said I think I had better get your clothes that thing is getting excited, it seems to like me and laughed.

I was a bit embarrassed and she took me to where my clothes were hidden and as she gave them to me she kissed me. I was till naked and my cock just stood straight out so now I was really embarrassed. She hugged me close and put her hand down and touched my cock, I nearly came on the spot.

Don’t worry she told me I have seen them like that before. In fact yours looks nicer than the one I have see – it looks different – his had skin over the top of it – yours doesn’t. Somehow it feels better too.

I said I am circumcised.

She asked me about what that was, and I explained what happens when you have it done.

She said I like the look of it better.

We were still cuddling and kissing and we were both getting a bit wound up, I know I was enjoying it.

Then she said – have you ever made love to a girl before.

I said No.

Would you she asked.

What do you mean.

Would you like to make love to me – I would consider it an honour if its your first time.

I said shit – you are asking me to have sex with you.

Tip marks she said – that’s exactly what I want.

God I have never done it before. Are you sure.

She said I have – and I like you and I want us to be together and if I do this with you the two of us can be lovers as well as friends.

Hell – why.

I like you and I said it would be an honour o let you have sex with me for the first time for you. That’s why I hid your clothes – to get you alone down here so we can do it. I didn’t know you were a virgin and that makes it better for me – guys like to have virgin girls – I want a virgin boy. Do you cum yet.


Well you are lucky – this time you can cum into me – I am in my safe cycle – I cant get pregnant – I have just started taking the pill so in a week or two, I will be really safe but until then I am prepared to take a risk with you but I know I cant conceive for a day or so.

She didn’t wait for an answer – she began to undress and I stood there watching her and I said where can we do it.

Just lay our clothes out on the ground and that will be good enough for me.

Are you sure you want to.

I would not have hidden your clothes or come back if I didn’t want to – that’s why we came down here today – we knew you were all here and I knew I wanted to do it with you.

Come on – lets do it.

I said you look beautiful naked.

And so do you – and that cock looks wonderful, I am sure I will enjoy it.

She lay down and got into position and she said do you know how.

I said I assume so, I have watched people do it on porn.

Well lets start this way and we can experiment later.

I got down and I didn’t seem to be having any trouble – I had my cock in my hand and I guided it into her hairy patch where I could see her slit and pushed it in. She was sitting up on her elbows watching me and as I went into her. Then she lay back and she gave a soft moan as I went right down and into her warm wet hole. It felt amazing in there,

How is it she asked.

God I never knew it would feel so good. Now I know why guys want to fuck girls – this feels amazing.

How dos it feel to you.
I love it - and you feel great.

I said how often have you done this.

Twice she said – with my uncle who is 22.

Nobody else?

Not until you - He talked me into it one night when we were home alone and at first I didn’t want to but somehow he talked me into it and after the first few minutes the first time I never wanted it to end. His cock is a bit bigger than yours but I don’t think it matters – yours feels just as good in there as his did.

What happened I asked.

Well when he fucked me at first it hurt but not for long and it soon began to feel good. As I said I didn’t want it to end after about five minutes of him in there, it felt fantastic. We did it twice that night and we have done it once since. I shouldn’t really – its incest with him – but I like it and I like him so I don’t care.

Do you masturbate?

Yes – doesn’t everybody.

A lot do but wont admit it – I do and I did it a lot more after that night – my orgasm then was amazing – it was the best night of my life and don’t worry this is as good believe me.

I have never done that to a girl – I have never seen a girl have an orgasm except on the PC and that looks fake to me and they moan all the time.

I you last long enough I will – and that makes doing this even better.

I said I will try just for you.

I knew I liked you.

I fucked her for about 10 minutes and we talked as I did and we both seemed to be really enjoying it. It was all about having sex and masturbating. She asked me if I liked her with her hair around her vagina.

Yes - It made you look older.

I am going to shave it soon. Maybe you can help me.

What are you going to shave it all off again.

Not all off – I will cut it into a shape.

What will it look like then.

I am not sure – I want to experiment a bit and have a look how other girls have done it.
How can you do that.

On the porn pages – a lot of girls are shaved clean and other leave it in a shape so I will look and decide which way I want it to look.

You want me to help you.

If you would – I want it to be nice for you – I want to do this more often now with you.

God I said – from a wanker to a barber – do you ant to do it to me.

No – not really – I think boys look better with air around it. Yours looks great.

I was beginning to get worked up and I said I think I am going to cum soon.

Ok then go harder and faster on me and I think I will be able to as well.

I began to really fuck her hard and fast and I pulled my cock out of her a couple of times but it went right back into her without a problem – it was amazing.

I heard he begin to grunt and she lifted her legs up and wrapped them around my waist and squeezed her body up and into me and as she did she came – I was pressed all the way into her and she put her hand down and rubbed her clit and she really came off – she acted and sounded fantastic. She grunted UUUUHHHHHHH, UUUUUHHHHHHHHH and moaned aloud and each time she squeezed her cunt up hard onto my cock she did the same thing UUUUUUhhhhhhhhh – UUUUUUhhhhh, oooooohhhhhh and finally one long loud AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGG, Her whole body shook and shivered and bucked about with her orgasm – it made me feel really good.
Shit that was good she said how close are you and I didn’t answer – she could tell I was into filling her up. I was a bit shy and tried not to make any noises, but I couldn’t help grunting a bit each time my cock spurted my cum into her – four or five time I guess – uuuuuhhhhh, uhhhhh, uhhhh, uuuuhhhh each time. It was fantastic and the sensation ran right through my entire body – I don’t think I have ever had an orgasm as good as that., even when somebody else wanked me off when w had wanking circles.

I slipped out of her and she looked down at me kneeling above her with a soggy cock dripping cum on her hair. That was amazing – I think you were better than Mike – you were fantastic – I knew you would be. Now I know how good you are we can keep going for as long as you like. I will be the envy of all of them.

I think I will be pretty big too – I know how I feel now I have done it, and with you – I will be the envy of every guy I know.

We both picked up our clothes and it was now almost dark and we walked back to the pool and we washed ourselves and cleaned up where all our cum had leaked or dried on her. I had a lot on me too.

We dressed and we walked back hand in hand and we both talked about how good it was and she was so happy I had my first time fuck with her. I wasn’t a virgin any more – the first of our group to be broken in I think – nobody else had boasted about fucking any girl ----Yet.

We are still together a year later and virtually hundreds of sex experiences since that day – we do it all now – in every position and we go oral on each other as well. She learned to swallow my cum and she doesn’t mind doing it now, at first she spat it out – now it goes straight down.
We beat them all starting to have sex by weeks and we were the recognised experts on sex – and we enjoyed it.

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2013-03-28 07:21:08
can you believe it i'm 39 and still virgin. From Ethiopia

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2011-06-01 23:00:23
I will never understand why anyone ever writes anything about contraception in a fantasy story. News flash, it a friggin fantasy, you can't get pregnant from fantasising. There is nothing sexy about contraception. So, unless it is relevant to the story, for example, if pregnancy is a part of the story, please just leave it out. Also the last paragraph I refuse to believe was written by someone older than 15.

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