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How I would like this to be a reality in my life!!
You would come into my room ready for a good bondage and pleasure session together. I would firstly tie your hands behind your back and blindfod your eyes, and then just let you stand there for a few minutes, and talk to you about some of the sexual events that could occur during our session together. We would both begin to get wet between the legs.

I then ever so slowly and without any warning I would begin to run my hamds over your still clothed body, - across the front of your breasts, - this would cause you to shiver with pleasure in your bonds, then I would run my fingers down your body and up the underside of your shirt to feel the moisture on your panties. This would really get you excited, - especially as you can't see what I am going to do next, - the suspense will be dramatic for you. Then I will simply stand there watching you all tied up, and wait until I am ready for the next move.

I would then tie your hands up over your head, and ever so slowly begin to undress you piece by piece. First the blouse you are wearing, - I would cut that off your arms, - so don't wear anything expensive. Then I would unfasten the clasp of your bra, and let your breasts fall free. I might give thme e slight tingle with my finger tips. Then I would slowly lower your skirt down over your knees and take it off completely. You now only have your little pair of panties on. I would run my finger up and down your slit to feel the moisture now flowing more freely. Then suddenly without warning I would strip off your panties and gaze ever so lustfully upon your now fully naked body, - what a beautiful sight for me to behold!! I would just have to make some appropriate sexual comments!

With your eyse still blindfolded I would run my fingers overe all of your now naked body, but especially the tips of the tits and of course up and down your clit, - ever so slowly going in deeper and deeper. You would squirm in your bonds but you can't escape no matter how hard you try. Without any warning I would dart from one sexual spot to the other, and being still blindfolded all you can do is to wait suspensefully for my next move. It will be all so frustrating for you, - but at the same time, how pleasant!!.

I would then come close and begin to kiss you passionately, pushing my tongue ever so deeply into your mouth, - where it would be hungerily received by you. You would return the favour to me deeply pushing your tongue unto my open mouth. Whilst that was going on I would continue to play with your naked body with my hands and fingers, - and you won't be able to stop me!.

I might then just let you stand there knowing that I am looking ever so lustfully at your naked body strung up before my eyes, and waiting for my next move. When I felt like it I would then unblindfold your eyes, sit down in front of you up close and let you see me just gazing at your nakedness. I would blow on your breasts, - to make them stand out straight!

I would then ever so slowly undress myself as I stood before you, - again piece by piece until I stood before you also fully naked. I would very cheekily play with my enlarged tube in front of you and finger my tits and my balls one by one, - talking very sexually as I did this. I would then come up and rub my now naked body up and down your body ever so slowly. I would ever so slowly come up to pinch the tip of your tits, one by one, as you watch my fingers coming closer and closer to your tits. I would hover over each one and only give them a pinch when I felt like it, leaving you to just wait in your bonds for me to do that whenever I wanted to. I would pick up my now long tube and rub it over your stomach with its pre-cum leaving a silver sticky trail all over your body. I would come close and suck each one of your tits ever so seductively, - they would be standing out prominently by now almost asking to be sucked.

I would then get two nipple clamps, and again ever so slowly come towards you opening and closing the clamps in my fingers before your eyes. Then after playing and teasing you in this way i would put the first clamp over one tit and ever so slowly close its teeth over the tip of your tit, and watch yoiu squirm with the pain now shooting through your naked body as you swung from side to side to try to dislodge it, - but to now avail at all. In fact the swinging only caused more pain to you, - and more pleasure to me as I now sat down and watched you the whole event. I would then do the same ever so slowly again with the second clamp until it too found its rightful place on your second tit. As you swung in your bonds I would again play with your clit running my finger up and down it, and insdie as well, to feel the moisture by now flowing ever so freely.

After you had endured this for a few minutes, I would take the clamps off one by one, as you really felt the pain of each clamp being taken off each tit. I would then untie your hands from above your head and now tie them behind your back. You would then kneel before me for the next action. I would then bring your head up to very graciously accept my tube deep into your mouth. You would suck it ever so sweetly and deeply as I swung your head back and forth to allow you to feel the full length of my tube deep within your mouth until I shot my load of seed deep within your mouth. What a wonderful evening this would be for the two of us.

I wonder in the next episode if you would like to reverse the roles, - and get your own back on me for what I had just done to you. This will depend on the comments that I get for you the readers. Would you like the reverse role to be played out? Let know with your comments.


2004-09-03 10:04:19
like to see it from the subs prospective, that wud be cool.. cool story tho

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