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This is not my work. This wonderful little piece was writen by an author known as "Thumb" about ten to fifteen years ago. I repost it here in hopes a new audience will get as much enjoyment out of it as I have over the years.


From the beginning of the first class Mary knew she would be in for a long day. The silken material rubbing on her engorged nipples was sending electric charges directly to her pussy. The plug in her ass was moving with every step she took and she could feel her pussy beginning to leak its hot juices. By the middle of the second period her thighs was slick with her nectar and the tops of her stockings were beginning to get wet. Fortunately she didn't have a class third period and was headed for the restroom to clean up when she remembered that Lisa had forbid her to use the restroom. She returned to her room and after locking the door used Kleenex to dry her thighs and pussy. She was so hot she couldn't imagine going the whole day in this state. Just before the beginning of her next class she dried her pussy again and then taught the class. She was sopping again by the end of the period. Thank goodness lunch was next.

Before going the faculty lunch room Mary again dried her pussy and thighs with Kleenex. Then she walked to the lunchroom with the lunch Lisa had packed for her.

She went off to the counter area to open her lunch. Inside she found a note which said.

Dear pet,

You are to use all the "salad dressing" and save the container.


Mary quickly folded the note and put it in her pocket. She opened the salad container and almost passed out when she saw the "salad dressing". The cum filled rubber from the night before was placed directly on her salad. With no choice, she carefully squeezed the cum from the rubber on to her salad and hid the rubber in the bottom of the lunch bag. She did her best to act normal and converse with her fellow teachers while she ate her cum covered salad standing in the lunch room. She had to decline offers to sit several times saying her back was bothering her and it was better to stand.

She was deeply ashamed to be eating a strangers cum as salad dressing in her school in front of her fellow teachers even though they had no idea what she was doing. She had to eat quickly so she could get back to her class room and masturbate for the second time today. She knew she wouldn't be able to masturbate for long because she was already at a high level of excitement.

By the time she got back to her room she wanted to throw up and yet she locked the door and while standing away from the door she slide the huge black dildo deep in to her sopping pussy. Three stokes and she was near her peak and with great effort she managed to stop and put the dildo back in her purse. She quickly dried herself and cleaned her slick thighsjust as the bellrang for Lisa's class When Lisa came in she walked near Mary and whispered, How was lunch?"

Mary blushed deeply and watched Lisa take her seat.

"What is that smell Mrs. C?" asked Lisa in a loud voice.

Mary suddenly realized the there was a definite odor and then she knew it was the smell of sex. Her constantly leaking pussy and the Kleenex she had used to clean up were making her classroom smell like her bedroom after a long hot sex session with her husband. With a red face she answered, "I don't know. I noticed it this morning."

The remainder of the day she couldn't concentrate. She couldn't stop smelling her sexual odor or tasting the cum she had voluntarily eaten for lunch.

At the end of the day Lisa came to her classroom and removed the bands from her nipples. The feeling as the blood again circulated through her nipples almost drove her to her knees. "Leave the used rubber on top of the garbage for Bubba to see and lets go meet Amy at the car." Lisa handed Mary a note on the way to the car. "Your instructions for the gym pet."

The overwhelmed teacher slide the note into her pocket and followed Lisa to her car. Since they were dropping Mary at the gym Lisa drove.

"We'll pick you up in 2 hours right here Mrs. C." said Lisa as she and her teacher's daughter drove away.

Mary enter the gym and signed in and proceeded to the locker room where she removed the note from Lisa. She read the note:

Dear pet,

Remove your plug in the dressing room You are not permitted to use to thr estroom other than to shower and fix yourself up. You are to do one hour of the same exercises as yesterday and add 15 minutes of stomach exercise and 15 minutes of upper body (chest) exercise. After your shower you are to lube your ass and put the plug back in your ass while in the dressing room. Meet us outside in 2 hours.


Mary looked around the dressing room. There was no way she could remove the plug with anyone in there with her but she couldn't wait too long because she had to be ready and outside in 2 hours. She move to the most secluded part on the dressing room but still in clear view if any one was watching. After hanging her clothes in the locker Mary snuck a quick peek around the room and quickly removed the plug from her ass and shoved it into the locker. It came out easier than the first time as her ass ring stretched from using it. Quickly dressing in her tight leotard and spandex shorts she hurried to the gym to complete her workout.

Mary rushed through her prescribed exercise program with out resting and then ran to the shower. Her pussy was soaked from the friction on the leotard on her clit as in slide into her slit. Her nipples were sore from the constant stimulation and banding all day.

She only had 10 minutes to get ready. A fast shower and then drying her hair and putting on her makeup and her time was up. She was going to be late. When she went into the dressing room she saw it was crowded with women and she panicked as she thought about putting her plug back in her ass. She didn't have time to wait for the locker room to empty out she dressed and then facing the locker room lifted the back of her skirt and dabbed a little lubricant on her ass. As inconspicuously as possible she reached behind herself, grabbed the plug and slide it home.
A small gasp slipped from her lips as the plug plopped in easily through her stretched ass hole.

Gathering her things she rush out the door looking at her watch. She was 12 minutes late. Spotting the car Mary rushed over and opened the door. "I'm so sorry I'm late. Please forgive me for delaying our dinner." gasped Mary as she slid into the car.

"No problem Mom." said Amy.

Lisa just stared sending chills through her teacher.

Lisa drove to the local mall and after parking the car told Amy to go in and get them a table at the restaurant.

As soon as Amy was out of sight Lisa slapped Mary hard across the face. "Don't ever make me wait again pet. Tonight you will be punished." Lisa turned and strode to the mall leaving the shaken teacher rubbing her cheek in the parking lot.

Mary rushed to catch Lisa just as she was entering the mall. They went to the restaurant and Lisa left Mary standing near just table just long enough for her to get uncomfortable and then aid, "Why don't you sit next to Amy Mrs. C."

A very nervous uncomfortable teacher sat next to her daughter and picked with her fingers at the dry lettuce salad and and fruit cup which Lisa ordered her while Amy was in therestroom. Lisa and Amy ate full meals including dessert.

After dinner Lisa said, "Now for your surprise Mrs. C. Amy and I have decided that you need to have your hair done professionally to help you to achieve the look you are trying to create."

Mary had no idea what she was talking about but said simply "Thank you".

Mary sat in the chair and Lisa talked with the stylist. Amy and Lisa left telling May they would be back in an hour.

Mary was turned so she could not see what was being done to her hair. It took about 50 minutes but when she got a look her hair had been styled in a very short young looking style and it was now frosted. She look much younger than she thought possible. The stylist then said," The young lady also requested we pierce your ears for you."

Mary thought they were going to pierce her ears with a second hole so she said. "Whatever they said will be fine. They are surprising me with his new image."

The stylist moved into position and before Mary realized it she had 5 new piercings in each ear giving her 5 holes moving upward from the lobe and one at the top of each ear. All the piercings were clearly visible with gold hoops because of the short stylish hair cut.

Just then Amy and Lisa returned. "WOW mom", cried Amy. "That's so cool." Lisa just smiled at
the embarrassed teacher.

Lisa sent Amy off to the music store to meet her friends and told her to meether and her mom back here in an hour.

Lisa went with Mary to pay the bill and whispered to her "Make an appointment for a complete body waxing for Friday at 6:00."

Mary did as she was ordered.

Lisa then took Mary to a jewelry store and had her ordered an ankle bracelet with the name "Pet" inscribed. As they left the store Lisa told Mary, "We will put that on tonight after your punishment."

They next went to 'The Limited', a clothing store for teens where they had purchased a good deal of Mary's new wardrobe. Lisa handed Mary a pair on size 8 jeans. "Try these on."

Mary went to the changing room and struggled into the jeans. They were definitely a tight fit. Remembering their previous shopping trip Mary slipped on her heels and walked out to show Lisa.

Lisa had her turn and examined the fit. They were as tight as she could fit into with any comfort at all. "Good take them off and meet me out front." When Mary got changed and met Lisa in front of the store Lisa handed her a package from the store. "They put these on your charge pet." ( Mary didn't look but in the bag were a size 7 jeans and a large t-shirt). Soon Amy joined them and the three returned home. All the way home Mary was thinking that she was going to be punished for being late like a little girl but the punishment she was sure would not be like what a
little girl would receive.

When they got home Amy went off to bed as it was getting late. Lisa told Mary she would be in as soon as Amy was asleep.

Mary went into her room and immediately stripped and changed into her 5" heels. She didn't want to draw the further ire of her owner. 'What was she thinking "owner"' she wondered as she buckled her collar around her neck.

Lisa came in 10 minutes later to find her teacher standing naked in 5" heels wearing her collar and waiting for her. She walked over the Mary and grabbing a nipple with each hand she squeezed the sore buds pulling Mary to her knees. She continued to pinch and twist her teachers nipples until her tears flowed down her cheeks. "Don't ever make me wait again. Do you understand?" asked Lisa with a cruel twist to each nipple.

"Yes Ms. Simon your pet will never be late again. Your pet is sorry". sobbed the crying teacher.

Lisa was pleased that her pet had slipped so easily into her owned role. She was learning fast. "Remove your plug pet." ordered Lisa.

Mary reached behind and slide the plug out of her ass.

"Put in all the way into your mouth pet and don't make a sound."

Mary struggled to get the entire plug into her mouth and not to throw up at the same time. Lisa watch with a cruel smile on her face. Finally Mary had the entire thing in her mouth and it was filled to the limit.

"Put your face to the floor, ass high and hands between your legs."

Mary assumed the humiliating position.

"Spread your legs pet."

Mary spread her legs and her ass and pussy were totally exposed to whatever her student wish to do to her.

"You have made me very angry pet being late but you have been fairly good otherwise so I will limit your punishment to 12 swats with your paddle. One for each minutes you were late. And to make in bearable you are to take this (handing her her black dildo) and fuck your pussy for me but you are not to cum. Understand?" ordered Lisa as she looking at the teacher gapping asshole.

Mary nodded since her mouth was filled with her plug. She took the dildo and slide it into her wet pussy. 6" slid in easily.

WHAM the paddle cracked her ass.

"Muhhh" moaned Mary as she slide the dildo in out out.

After 6 swats about 8" of the dildo was disappearing into her stretching hole. That tied her record. Her ass was moving to meet the paddle as the dildo plunged in and out. Her ass was on fire and her body was burning. Lisa could recognize her teacher impeding orgasm as a full 9" was sliding in and out and pulled the dildo from her pussy. She then applied the remaining 6 swats quickly with no break.

The carpet below Mary had 2 wet spots. One from her tears and the other from her leaking pussy.

Lisa bound Mary's hands behind her back and setting the alarm for 5:30 am went off to bed. Then she placed the ankle bracelet around Mary's right ankle. "You are never and I mean never to remove this"

"Wake me when you get up to remove your cuffs pet."


Mary awoke the next morning and found the plug still deep in her mouth. She struggled to her feet and after fumbling with the door knob made it to Lisa's room where she nudged her owner awake with her nose. Her mouth was sore from being stretched all night but otherwise she was her normal exhausted self.

Wednesday and Thursday went as the previous two days. Semi revealing outfits and little food with extended exercise. Since Amy was around most of the time there was no serious activities. Mary was not plugged nor were her nipples or breasts abused during this time. the lack of food and daily exercise was taking a toll on Mary but she was losing some weight and firming up in the right places. Her feet and legs were getting used to being constantly in
heels and she was thankful that she only had to wear the 3" heels to school or when Amy was around.

During those two days Lisa basically left her alone and spent most of her time with Amy which was a source of worry to Mary.

Friday morning everything changed back to serious training. After breakfast where Mary was not permitted to eat at all she was taken to her room and forced to insert the Benwa balls into her pussy. She had never felt anything like this and the movement of the balls deep inside her was intense exciting.

"You are not permitted to cum nor are you permitted to clean yourself pet. I hope you don't drip too much"

Lisa picked out a pale blue camisole and white blouse with a pale blue short skirt. Of course a pale blue garter belt and white stockings completed the outfit. Today Lisa ordered Mary to wear a pair of 4" heels to school. "No restroom and be sure to drink your 6 glasses of water."

By the time Mary was dressed and into the car she could feel her juices beginning to make her thighs slide smoothly over one another. She feared a spot on her skirt by the time she got to school.

As soon as they arrived at school Mary hurried to her classroom. She had to remain standing but Lisa had not ordered her to move around so maybe if she stood still the balls would stop moving around inside her. She soon discovered that the slightest movement caused them to shift inside her and setting her pussy on fire and causing her juices to flow.

By the end of the first period her thighs were soaked and the tops of her stocking were getting wet. By lunch the dark stain had moved down her stocking to the hem of her skirt and she was very concerned it was wetting her skirt in the back.

Lisa had not given her a lunch so she remained in her room and after a very quick bit of masturbating with her black friend she stood very still trying to control her overcharged body. She had been constantly brought to the brink and refused release for almost a week now and she was losing control more each minute. But she knew she had to obey. Her ass had finally stopped hurting today from her last spanking.

Finally lunch was over and Mary had gained a little control over her body but the balls were still doing their thing. Lisa's class was next and as soon as the students were all in and seated Lisa raises her hand.

With dread Mary calls on her,"Yes Ms. Simon." (She called all her student Ms., or Mr. as per Lisa's order.)

"Mrs. C. There is the funny smell in here again." said Lisa with a wink.

"I'll speak to the janitor about it." stammered Mary.

"Could you please and do it today Mrs. C. that smell is funky."

Mary knew she had just been given an order and would have to say something to Bubba tonight.

The rest of the afternoon was torture with the constant fear on her juices becoming visible and her legs were aching from the higher heels. Just before the end of the day she received a note from the principal to report to his office after dismissal to discuss a budget item.

With the tops of her stocking soaked through Mary walked quickly to the principals office. The balls were keeping her pussy fired up. When she got to the office Mr. Amos, the principal asked her to sit down and they spent 15 minutes discussing the books she wanted to order for the next term. When they were finished she got up to leave and as she turned Mr. Amos said."Oh dear it looks like there was something on that chair. I'm sorry ."

The mortified teacher mumbled, "That's ok, I'll take care of it", as she hurried out of the office. Fortunately there was no one in the hall as she rushed back to her room. Lisa was waiting.

"Hello pet. We have to get moving now I changed your waxing appointment to 4:00. I'll wait for you in the car while you tell Bubba about the smell."

Mary looked at her skirt and it was worse than she imagined. There was a huge wet spot that almost covered the her ass and two spots on the front where her stockings touched her skirt. She picked up a pile of papers and tried to hide the spots in the front as she walked out into the hall to find Bubba.

He was down the hall in the first room and Mrs. C. stood in the door with the stack of papers hiding the wet spots on her skirt. "Excuse me Bubba."

"Yes Mrs. C. What can I do for you?"

"Bubba the students have been complaining about an odor in my room could you check it out?"

"Sure thing Mrs. C. I thought I smell something the other day but I didn't notice anything the last couple of days."

"Thanks Bubba," said Mary as she backed out of the room and hurried to the stairs. She didn't look back to see Bubba watching her tight spot stained skirt swaying down the hall.

Mary climbed in the car and begged, " Please Ms. Simon your pet needs to clean up before going to the salon."

"Nonsense," said Lisa, "We don't have time"

Lisa went into the salon with the embarrassed teacher. She talked with the girl who would be doing the waxing. Mary didn't hear what was said as she was removing her clothes and get on the table.

Lisa took a seat and watched as the girl applied the wax strips and the heated wax to her pussy, under her arms, on her legs and her upper lip. The girl talked to Lisa, acting as if Mary didn't exist "She's so wet here I need to dry her to get this to work right."

Mary wanted to crawl under the table. With the girl working around her pussyand the balls still doing there thing with every movement she looked like a horny slut to the girl.

Finally the procedure was finished and as Mary dressed she heard the girl talking to Lisa. "Is she gay or something? She was so wet from me working around her pubic area."

"I'm not sure. She just gets excited easily." answered Lisa.

"Bring her back in 3 weeks for her next treatment."

Mary paid the bill and made her way to the car. Her pussy stung from the waxing and the balls wouldn't let her have a moments peace.

Lisa dropped Mary at the gym. She told her to remove the balls in the dressing room and be back out in 2 hours.

Mary ran into the gym and after signing in hurried to the dressing room. There was no one there and she reached under her skirt and dug the silver balls from deep in her pussy. After they were safely in her bag she undressed and rushed through her exercise program. She managed to finish and get showered, fixed up and outside in 1 hour 59 minutes. Thankfully Lisa had not ordered her to put the balls back inside her pussy. The leotard had done the job of
keeping her excited.

When they arrived home Lisa told Mary the Amy was spending the weekend at a friends. Mary heart sank as she knew Lisa would make the weekend hell.

Mary was ordered to strip and then Lisa redid her make-up and hair into a wilder style. She changed her small stud earrings to progressively larger hoops so that Mary's ears were actually pulled by the weight. Then Lisa had Mary get the medium sized butt plug. In front of her owner Mary strained to get the larger plug into her ass. It felt huge and stretched her ass further than ever before. Once it was in she felt full and it touched places the smaller one hadn't.

Lisa then ordered Mary to put her vibrator in her soaked pussy. She didn't turn it on but she now had both holes filled. Mary handed Lisa the new jeans she had purchased the other night. "Put these on pet."

Mary struggled with the jeans which were smaller than the ones that had been so tight in the store. After much squirming, pulling and tugging, which caused the plug and vibrator to raise her excitement level again, Mary managed to get he jeans up. Lisa had to help her to get them snapped and zipped. When they were finally on Mary could hardly move. The jeans were uncomfortable to say the least and they forced the plug and vibrator deeper
into their holes.

Mary then put on the t-shirt Lisa handed her and discovered that it had been cut off so that the bottoms of her breasts were almost visible. A pair of 5" heels completed her outfit.

Lisa dressed more conservatively took her teacher by the leash and lead her to the car. Without out a word they started the drive across town. Mary had no idea where they were going.

After driving for over an hour Lisa pulled into the parking lot of an under 21 dance club. "Here we are."

A panicked teacher begged, "Please Ms. Simon, Your pet can't go in there."

"Sure you can pet. It is dark and loud . No one will recognize you. Take off your collar and you may leave your purse in the car."

After they got out of the car Lisa gave Mary the following instruction:

1. You are to dance with anyone who asks you and permit any liberties they take.

2. You must dance every dance.

3. You are to meet me here at the car at midnight with a 'date'.

4. You may eat anything you like and you must drink at least 3 cans of soda.

5. Lastly you may not under any circumstances go to the bathroom.

"But Ms. Simon your pet needs to use the bathroom.

"You heard my instruction now let's get inside and have some fun. Here chew on this all night," said Lisa handing the frightened teacher a pack of gum.

Dressed as she was Mary had no problem having dance partners. From the moment they walked in she was on the dance floor. She danced fast but carefully because of her breasts moving under the short top. She danced slow and had guys feeling her ass and rubbing her breasts. And the entire time the plug and vibrator were working inside her tight jeans. When she paused to drink a can of soda she noticed her jeans were wet and she was glad it was so dark.

After about 2 hours her legs were so tired from dancing after all her exercise and her feet were killing her. She was so hungry but the jeans were too tight to allow her to eat anything. Just drinking the soda made them even tighter. As the night wore on she began to lean more and more on her dance partners which only encouraged their hands to roam even more. One guy even put his hands under her top and fondled her nipples. She was ashamed that she enjoyed the attention.

As midnight approached she began to look around to see who she wanted to take out to the car to meet Lisa. She decided on a tall muscular blond guy about 20 years old. She had danced with him three times and he had been a gentleman. Even during the slow dance when she could feel his manhood hard and engorged against her stomach he had not done anything inappropriate.

Just before midnight she asked him to walk out to car with her. He was more than willing.

When they arrived at the car Lisa was there with another boy. "Hello pet." called Lisa.

An embarrassed Mary answered "Hello Ms. Simon."

Lisa introduced her friend and had Mary introduce the boy she had brought. She didn't even know his last name.

Lisa handed Mary her collar and said to the boys, "My pet here is trained to obey my every command."

The boys looked open mouthed as the humiliated teacher fastened her collar around her neck.

"Take off your shirt and show the boys your tits pet."

Mary looked at Mary with pleading eyes hoping she wouldn't be forced to do this but she saw a look that told her she better expose her breasts to the leering boys. She slowly lifted the t-shirt over her head and bared her hard tipped breasts to Lisa's audience.

The boys were speechless staring at Mary's bare breasts with the hard swollen nipples. "Go on and play with them if you like," said Lisa.

The boys wasted no time reaching out rubbing and squeezing her breasts. Mary could do nothing but stand in the parking lot bare chested with two boys mauling her breasts. She was glad they were in a secluded part of the parking lot. An involuntary moan escaped her lips and the manipulation of her breasts combined with the plug and vibrator had her body betraying her.

"I bet you guys would love to get a piece of her but that is not possible. Explain to them why they can't fill your holes pet."

Reluctantly with a quivering voice Mary whispered, "I have a plug in my ass and a vibrator in my pussy."

With a sharp tug on the leash Lisa hissed, "Louder and say it properly slut."

Louder Mary said, "Ms. Simon's pet has a plug in her ass and a vibrator in her pussy," as a tear leaked from her eye.

"I would love to see that," said one of the boys.

"That's not possible but I'm sure pet would love to suck you off instead. Ask them if you can pet."

A totally humiliated teacher asked "May this pet suck your cocks?"

"Yea" chorused the boys.

With a look from Lisa Mary struggled to her knees. The tight jeans making it difficult. She reached out and opened the first boys pants as if in a daze. She couldn't believe she was kneeling bare chested in a parking lot sucking a boys cock and had another waiting. Yet her body was ready to explode.

Soon the first boy exploded into her sucking mouth as his hand continued to pinch and twist her nipples. The second boy was much larger than the first. He had no pity on the sucking teacher as he forced the entire length of his cock into her mouth and down her throat causing her to choke. He rammed the tool in and out of her mouth as she tied to take it all and get the disgusting exhibition over. He really had control and she was forced to kneel and suck him for 10 minutes before he shot his thick hot cum down her throat. She didn't notice but as she was sucking the second boy her hips were rocking back and forth as her body sought release.

With cum leaking from her lips Mary continued to kneel on the hard asphalt of the parking lot
while the second boy put has deflated cock in his pants. "What else does she do?" he asked with a leering look at the used teacher.

Lisa took a flashlight from the car and shone it on Mary with the cum running down her chin. "Stand up pet."

Mary struggled to her feet and as Lisa played the light over her body everyone noticed that her jeans had a huge wet spot in the crotch. "You are really a slut pet to get so excited sucking these boys cocks."

"I will give you one more thing to remember this night by boys." said Lisa as she turned and whispered into Mary's ear.

A shocked look came on to Mary's face and she shook her head No.

With a stern look Lisa nodded her head yes and Mary gave up. She spread her legs and with Lisa shining the light on her crotch she relaxed her over extended bladder and felt the piss running around the vibrator and soaking her jeans. The boys broke into uncontrolled laughter as she continued to piss herself and soak her jeans. She could feel the warm liquid run down her legs all the way to her heels. Her face was crimson and her body shook with embarrassment.

When the flow finally stopped Lisa said to the boys."Hope you enjoyed your self and maybe next time her holes will be available." She picked up Mary's abandoned shirt and tossed it to her telling her pet to sit on it so that she didn't stain the seats with her soaked jeans. Mary rode home with her breasts exposed and her jeans soaked as she slumped in the corner of the seat and whimpered softly.


When the car stopped Mary looked out the window and was surprised to see that they were not at her house. She didn't recognize where she was at first and then she realized they were at Lisa's parent's home. By this time it was very late and Mary was totally exhausted.

Lisa lead her piss soaked teacher into her parent's house and down to the basement where she ordered the Mary to crawl into a metal dog crate about 3' by 4' and 3' high. Mary crawled into the cage and after Lisa had locked the door she tried to make herself as comfortable as possible and fell into an exhausted sleep. Her jeans were still wet and her holes were filled but she just had to sleep.

Mary didn't know how long she had slept. When she woke up it was still dark and there was no sound from upstairs. She did hear a soft breathing from somewhere in the basement but she couldn't see anything. She was shivering cold and extremely uncomfortable. There was little room to move around in the cage and nothing covering her but her stiff tight smelly pants. The odor of her continual excretions and piss were overpowering. She did her best to get comfortable and again fell into exhausted sleep.

Mary was shocked awake by a blast of cold water from a hose. Lisa's mother was directing the hose over her entire body. The cold water was stinging her bare breasts and soon she was shivering more than ever.

"Boy do you stink teach. I hope this cleans you up. Maybe I'll have to shove it up those holes of yours that keep leaking all over you."

The hosing stopped as quickly as it started and Mary was left in the dark again. A shivering shaking mass locked in a dogs cage.

Sometime later the lights came on and Lisa's mother and brother came down the stairs. Her mother came to Lisa's cage and her brother went to a cage on the other side of the room. Mary had not noticed the other cage last night. Lisa's mother unlocked her cage door and grabbing her leash pulled the stiff cramped teacher from her cage. Mary saw a naked young blonde woman crawl from the other cage.

"Teach this is kimmy, Mike's current slave." said Lisa's mom. Both women averted their eyes of
the other. "She has been Mike's for about a month now and is progressingnicely. Bring her her Mike."

Mike attached a leash to Kimmy and led her over the Mary and his mom. Both owned women were looking at the floor. Mary noticed the kimmy had 6" heels locked on her feet.

"Kimmy give teach a nice kiss," ordered Mike.

Kimmy leaned forward and placed her lips on the shocked teachers. kimmy tried to insert her tongue into Mary's mouth. Mary pulled away from kimmy's searching lips.

Lisa's mom pulled sharply on Mary's lease and hissed, "Listen bitch. You will do as we say or I'll call your little girl down here to join her mommy. Yes bitch, Amy spent the night with her friend Lisa. Of course we entertained her until Lisa got home from "work" but she is having breakfast upstairs now.

'NO" screamed Mary. "Please don't involve Amy. I'll do whatever you want."

"That's better now give kimmy a nice big open mouthed kiss."

Mary stepped to kimmy and placed her lips on the other woman and gave her a fleeting kiss.

A swift stinging slap on her left breast and her mouth flew to kimmy's and she gave her a more substantial kiss. kimmy flicked her tongue into Mary's mouth causing her to shudder in disgust. She had never even entertained thoughts of another woman let alone kissing one. FLASH

"teach we expect more enthusiasm from you or we WILL call Amy down here. Now try again."

Mary tried to block out the fact the kimmy was a woman and thought of her husband as she gave the young slave an opened mouth tongue kiss. She could feel kimmy tongue swabbing her mouth and much to her dismay she could feel juices start to flow. It had to be her two stuffed holes not the kiss. The kiss lasted until Lisa's mom said to stop. kimmy pulled away immediately but stayed close to the confused teacher. FLASH "I want to see the bitch naked.
kimmy take those ridiculously tight jeans off of her." said Mike.

kimmy dropped to her knees and began to struggle with the tight jeans. After some effort she was able to get the button open and the zipper down. It took a greater effort to peel the jeans over her ass and down her legs as she stood passively and allowed herself to be stripped naked.

Once the jeans were pulled down to her thighs the vibrator shot out of her slippery pussy and fell to the floor. She felt an emptiness and a longing for something to fill her empty hole. kimmy continued to skin the jeans from the trembling teacher's legs and pulled them off her feet, putting her heels back on immediately. Mary was standing before Mike and his mother and a naked collared young woman in heels and collar with a plug in her ass.

Mary was shocked out of her daydream by a stinging slap on her breasts from Mike's mom. She was holding a thin flexible rod with a wider leather tip. It really stung but only left a red mark. "Spread your legs teach." she ordered.

Mary complied and heard Mike order kimmy to remove her plug with her mouth. She could feel kimmy breath on her ass and her lips and teeth working around the base of the plug. She felt the plug begin its painful slide out of her ass as kimmy pulled back with her mouth. The plug popped out and Mary was left with another yawning empty hole. She couldn't believe she would miss the full feeling the plug and vibrator had given her but she did. "What am
I turning into,' the bewildered teacher thought.

Mary was lead over to a table like affair with a V shaped extension on one end. She was ordered to kneel on the extension and her ankles and calves were strapped into place. Then she was forced to lay back with her shoulders on the table and her head hanging over the edge. Straps were tightened across her body above and below her breasts. Her arms were strapped to the table on each side of her body. The extensions were opened wider which cause her now empty pussy and ass hole to be fully opened and exposed. Mary lifted her head and could see her obscene position in the large mirror mounted above the table.

"Well teach you were not very enthusiastic on your date last night I've been told. You didn't encourage your dance partners enough to sample your charms. You hesitated to piss when you were ordered by your owner. You dropped your slimy vibrator on my floor without permission and your actions with kimmy have not shown enough fervor to suit me. Apparently you desire some punishment to help your correct your ways." said Lisa's mom.

"No Mrs. Simon. I'm sorry. Please don't punish me." begged the bound teacher.

"Call me Mistress teach." ordered Mrs. Simon.

"Yes Mistress." responded Mary quickly.

"Well you want one of two thing teach. You either want to be punished to help you learn to obey OR you want me to call your daughter down her right this moment so you can explain your position to her. Which is it?"

"Please don't call Amy down here Mistress."

SMACK The leather tipped rod strikes Mary's right breast just below the nipple. "I didn't say to tell me what not to do but rather you are to make a choice and beg me to do one of the two".

Her breast was stinging and her legs were already beginning to cramp the reeling teacher had to make a choice immediately. "Please punish me to help me obey Mistress." stuttered Mary.

"Then punishment it shall be. I wouldn't make too much noise or they might hear something upstairs." (Mary didn't know the basement was soundproofed.)

Mrs. Simon took the leather tipped rod and began smacking it on Mary's breasts harder and harder each smack. All around the nipples. Mary moaned and bit her lip to keep quiet as her breast became red and inflamed. Suddenly the leather smacked very hard directly on her left nipple causing Mary to gasp. This was swiftly followed by a smack to the right nipple eliciting a small yelp from the trussed up teacher. The smacking stopped and Mike moved forward andattached a pair of nipple clamps to her abused swollen nipples. He gave a tug on the chain connecting them to be sure they were on tight. Mary moaned.

Mrs. Simon moved between Mary's spread legs and began smacking her swollen mound. "teach you must really like this you are leaking all over yourself."

The confused teacher didn't know what was happening. She could feel the fires raging inside her but her nipples were aching and her legs were cramping unbearably. She felt the leather hitting her mound and shivers went through her with each jolt of pain. Tears flowed from her eyes as the smacking of her pussy went on and on. Finally it stopped. Her body was on fire inside and out.

"Are you ready to obey teach?" asked Mrs. Simon.

"Yes Mistress", babbled the incoherent teacher.

"Beg Mike to fuck you in the ass teach." demanded Mrs. Simon.

The dazed teacher said. "Please Mike fuck me in the ass."

SMACK His huge hand slapped the inside of her thigh. What are you supposed to call me bitch?"

"Sir" she blurt. "Please fuck my ass Sir."

Mike moved between her legs and slowly inserted his hard cock into her ass hole. It was much larger than the plug but with the her juices that had been running down her crack he was able to get the head in past her tight ring. Grabbing the chain between her clamped nipples Mike forced himself forward until he had sunk his entire cock deep in her bowels. Mary's head trashed back and forth as her ass was stretched and the pain in her cramped legs became more than she could bear.

Once Mike was all the way in he began to slowly slide in and out watching her ass cling to her cock. He would pull on her nipple chain as he sawed in and out to add to her discomfort. Mary was beside herself. She didn't like any of this yet she could feel her body getting hotter and hotter. She was petrified that she would orgasm while he fucked her ass and didn't even touch her inflamed pussy. Just as she was beginning to reach the point of no return she felt Mikes cock shoot gob after gob of hot cum deep in her ass. And involuntary groan escaped her lips as she felt Mike pull his cock from her stretched ass.

Mike ordered kimmy to clean his cock which she did with no hesitation. "See bitch that is how you must respond to avoid more severe punishment. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir."

"One other thing bitch. Remember you must always answer as "Lisa's pet'. anymore slipups and the punishment gets worse.

"Yes Sir, Lisa's pet understands."

That's better. kimmy get teach loose and we will see if she can follow orders.

kimmy released Mary from the table. Mary wanted to scream as she moved her legs from the cramped position.

"Give her a kiss to make her feel better kimmy". ordered Mike.

Mary opened her mouth and accepted with enthusiasm a hot wet kiss from kimmy. FLASH

"I think it is time we get a good video of you teach. We have enough pictures but I want to have some videos to enjoy. You will do exactly as you are told without hesitation. You will act eager to be involved and you will be smiling when we can see your face. Any questions?"

"No Sir, Lisa's pet has no questions."

"Good. First kimmy will fix your make-up and get you all ready."

Mary sat impassively as kimmy applied her makeup expertly. Her nipples were still clamped and throbbing. When she looked in the mirror she saw she was made-up like she used to do her makeup. Her hair while shorter and frosted looked respectable. You could recognize her even with all the changes Lisa had made. (Hair, exercise., weight loss.) She was glad to look like her old self but then she realized they wanted her to be recognizable in the video.

When kimmy finished Mary was told the plot of the video She shuttered and fell to her knees begging not to have to do what they wanted.

Mike simply waited until Mary had gained control of herself and said, "Either you do it or we will have to find someone else up stairs to take your place."

Hearing what Mike said caused Mary to stop immediately and say. "Sir Lisa's pet will do as you order."

"I expect a very good job or we will not hesitate to replace you. kimmy fix her makeup again and lets get started."


2016-09-16 16:16:16
I want to be somebody's slave or pet. I like the idea of being punished. I want to be forced to wear a butt plug and to obey.

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2015-12-11 06:27:07
all mothers of female students should also go thru this training also. so that th eir husbands can control them better at home. yelling them to do some thing and them obeying without questions. like giving the ups man a physical tip on their knees perhaps

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i think all layteachers should go thru this training

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Whaoooo what an obedient slave

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