Les goes camping and gets into a real mess.
Part V
When I Was a Kid #14

That night I slept outside again hoping Paula would come by. I guess I fell asleep about 10:00 P.M. I got up at the usual time, delivered my papers and went to the ranch. While at the ranch I talked to Smokey about condoms. I asked how much they cost and he said about $4.00 for a dozen. I handed him the $5.00 from my old bike and asked if he would buy me a box. He chuckled and put the five in his pocket.

When I got back from my tour just after noon he handed me a small paper bag from Walgreens with my change and the condoms in it. I thanked him and reminded him I was going to Scout camp in the morning and would be gone the whole week.

That night I packed my backpack. I didn’t have much. I carried only two pairs of jeans, two or three sweatshirts, seven pair of underwear, seven pair of socks and some soap, toothpaste and a toothbrush. I stuck the box of condoms in a side pocket and put my mess kit in the rear pocket.

I rolled my sleeping bag up tight and tied the strings up tight.

Saturday morning my mom took me to the church where the Scouts meet. I was riding with my tent mate David, whose dad was a Scout leader. He had a cab-over camper truck and David and I rode in the back. That was cool fun!

When President Kennedy took office he encouraged everybody to become more physically fit. There was a national award offered for “50 Miles Afoot or Afloat”. David and I signed up for the 50 mile hike during the week.

We got to the Buffalo Bill Scout Camp just after noon. David’s dad provided a two-man tent for us.

On Sunday we got organized, briefed, and our permission slips checked. There was a team of pack horses that would carry our tents, sleeping bags, and dehydrated food. We had to carry our own backpacks with clothing. They also told us that we would be joined by a group of Girl Scouts and we were expected to make them welcome.

Normally the boys and girls camps were separated by a stream. The girls had tent-huts with bunk beds. They had indoor showers. The boys had tents and they slept on the ground and had outdoor showers.

For the 50 mile hike we were divided into two-man pup tents like the military used in WWII. Again my name caused trouble when the leaders saw Lesley tented with David but David’s dad set them straight.

Monday morning we were up before sunrise, ate breakfast in the communal mess hall, and assembled with our packs, sleeping bags, and tents.

I was surprised to see Cheryl and Paula there along with Phyllis an eighth grader. The other girls, totaling eight were from other towns.

Of the boys there was only David and myself from my hometown. David had a crush on Phyllis. I kept telling him she’s older than he is, then he pointed out that Paula was older than me. I quibbled over a few months versus over a year for Phyllis.

It seemed like forever for us to get underway. We headed off and the first crack out of the canon we had to wade a creek. I guess I wasn’t ready for that in my mind because I stopped on the other side to change socks. One of the older boys said I would be changing socks almost every hour as we would be crossing many streams.

The delay put me behind but I walk pretty fast. I caught up to a group of girls that included Cheryl, Paula, and Phyllis. I walked behind a good spell watching their butts in their pants. I noticed that most of the girls had some kind of a roll hanging from their belts.

I kept watching and listening as they walked along. After about an hour and two more streams, Cheryl, Paula, and Phyllis dropped back and started talking to me.

I felt really uneasy with both Cheryl and Paula together. I was concerned that they had talked about me and I didn’t quite know where I stood with either of them.

Phyllis broke the ice by saying, “So…are the three of ya going to sleep in the same tent tonight?”

My ears started ringing, my eyes were watering, and I know I must have started shaking. My mouth was dry as I stammered out, “Why…whatever gave you that idea?”, looking to Paula and Cheryl for support.

“Oh crud Les!”, said Paula. “You act like Cheryl and I don’t talk to each other.”

Now I must choose my words carefully. I’m a little steamed that what I considered personal between the respective girls was now common knowledge. I had always been disgusted with guys that would “kiss and tell” about a girl. I hadn’t told a soul about Linda, Cheryl, Paula and certainly not Debbie and me. I had too much respect for them to do anything like that. I wanted to rebuff them for doing just that but was not prepared to end our relationship just yet.

I started, “Well, I do expect you to talk. I also expected you to, how should I say this, respect our privacy. I didn’t expect everyone in town to have all the details of our….activities.” My hackles were up now. I felt betrayed. The girls stopped in the trail and watched me as I marched on. I walked pretty fast and quickly out distanced them. I heard Cheryl call my name but I just kept walking.

During the lunch break David tried to find out what got me upset but I didn’t let on. Cheryl came up to me by herself. She looked me in the eye. She looked sad and like she wanted to say something. Her eyes said it all. She was sorry.

She undid that roll on her belt and used it to sit on. Later I found out they are called “Sit-upons”. It keeps your pants clean when you “sit-upon” the ground.

We sat without talking while our lunch cooked. Cheryl placed a hand on my left knee. I looked over to her. She had tears in her eyes that made me tear up too. I placed my left hand on hers. We hadn’t said a word and yet everything had been communicated.

She got up, smiled, and said, “Can I come see you later?”

I smiled back and said, “Sure.”

The cool thing about the “Sit-upon” was that it was attached with cord to the belt on both sides and stayed with her as she walked back to her group to eat.

After lunch we set a fast pace. I found myself walking alone. David had dropped back and was walking with Phyllis and they seemed to be getting on well. Cheryl and Paula were walking together but weren’t talking. The rest of the group was pairing off some but there wasn’t any serious interaction.

When we took our five minute break about 3:00 or 3:30 Paula started walking my way. Her body language told me she was not conciliatory. Before she got close I walked away.

After the break Cheryl joined me and Paula hung back. At first we didn’t say much. We were in some awe inspiring wilderness.

Cheryl started, “You still upset?”

“I don’t know.”, I said. “I just feel…betrayed.”

“Oh I see.”, she said. “I can understand that.”

“Look!”, I said stopping to talk. “I hear it all the time in the locker room. I screwed so and so, I felt up her, I fucked that one. Crap! That sort of thing is private. I only thought guys did that, not girls.”

“Yeah, well, you’re right!”, she said hanging her head.

By now Paula had joined us and heard everything I said. We walked on. “Well the cat’s outta the bag now!”, I said. “Soon your folks will know. My folks will surely know soon. Your folks won’t let me within a mile of ya. Paula’s dad will probably just kill me. Life is good!”

“Les, we have put you through a lot, I know.”, Cheryl said. “Let me come clean with you.” She took a deep breath. “First, my mom already knows. Linda’s mom called her. Second, Paula’s mom knows because my mom called her. Third they are OK with it. Not happy because we didn’t wait ‘til we were older but OK. Forth, we both got prescriptions for the pill.”

“The pill? Are you both sick? Do I need to get checked?”, I said worried.

“No no no! It keeps us from getting pregnant.”, she explained.

“Oh…..ooohhh! Really?”, I said. “What about the dads?”

“They don’t know and our moms can handle them.”, she said.


When I Was a Kid #15

That evening David and I set our tent up in a wild strawberry patch. Cheryl and Paula asked why we chose that location and we just pointed at the ripe strawberries. They set their tent up next to ours and Phyllis and her tent mate set up on the other side of us.

We fixed our dinners, ate, and then gathered around the main campfire for camaraderie and an update. We had made fifteen miles today and we would push tomorrow to get another seventeen. If we made the seventeen miles we would get Wednesday off as a free day.

As we retired from the campfire Paula and Cheryl fell in beside me.

Cheryl said, “Got any condoms?”

“A whole box.”, I said. “I thought you were on the pill.”

“Not yet, I have to finish my period, which is almost over, then I start taking the pill. It takes a week to take effect.” She explained.

Then Paula jumped in, “Oh, and I’m not pregnant because we were tested. You can’t get a prescription if you’re already pregnant. My period should start this week.”

“So, what are the plans for the night?”, I quarried as we got to our tents.

“Well, you need….., no, I would like for you to move in with us.”, said Cheryl.

“I could sleep in your tent if you two want to be alone.”, Paula said.

“What about David?” I said.

“Haven’t you noticed? He’s with Phyllis.”, they said in unison pointing at Phyllis’ tent. “And her tent mate is with her boyfriend from Cody.”

Paula and Cheryl each took one of my hands and pulled me into their tent. It was almost comical as I hit the little post holding up one end of the tent.

I backed out, stood, and headed for my tent to get a couple of condoms out of my backpack just as one of the leaders came by and he said, “Where’s your tent-mate?”

“Latrine.”, I said.

“OK, lights out! Get some sleep.”, he said.

I waited a minute then stuck my head out. The coast was clear. I scurried over to the girls’ tent. As I crawled in I was mobbed by two naked girls.

Paula pushed me down and Cheryl rolled me to my back. Cheryl started kissing me all over my face. Paula undid my belt and opened my pants. Cheryl pulled my sweatshirt over my head then started back kissing me and rubbing her hands over my chest and stomach.

Paula tugged my pants down with a little help from me. She went to my briefs and again pulled them off. I was naked in less than a minute. Both girls started kissing and tonguing me. Paula had a hold on my raging hard-on and Cheryl was cupping my balls in one hand.

They both bumped heads as they got to my dick. They were both trying to lick my dick then Paula took the head of it in her mouth.

Cheryl flicked on a small light and watched as Paula bobbed up and down on me. Cheryl bent down and kissed me on the lips and ran her tongue over my lips.

Paula came off my dick and said, “Condom.”

I handed her one from my hand and the other I handed to Cheryl. Paula took the condom out of the wrapper and rolled it smoothly down my penis.

Cheryl resumed kissing me and she was very passionate.

Paula squatted over my groin and impaled herself. The smell of their musk was heavy in the small tent. Paula groaned. Cheryl cooed. I was in ecstasy. Cheryl kept a hand on my stomach moving it slowly over my pubic area when Paula would rise up a little.

It didn’t take Paula long to begin to cum. She grunted and groaned as she ground her prickly pubis into mine. Just as her pussy began to convulse I felt fluid rolling over my balls. Feeling that and Cheryl’s caressing I was a goner. Loads of cum shot out of my shaft filling the condom. I was exhausted and they did all the work.

Paula kept at it. I was trying to help but was fading fast. Even at that her rubbing on my pubic bone got her cumming again. Her pussy was squeezing my semi-erect dick, her breathing labored and she was sweating.

Paula slumped over to her right. Cheryl continued kissing me all over and was fondling me. Paula flicked on her small flashlight. Looking at my now flaccid dick she took hold of it and removed the condom taking care to keep the semen contained. She held it up examining the contents. “You came a lot!”, she said.

“Taste it!”, said Cheryl.

“Eeewww gross!”, said Paula.

“No, Linda says it’s not bad.”, Cheryl countered. “She sucked him off and swallowed.”

“Gack, you try it first!”, said Paula.

“Um…OK! Hand it to me.”, said Cheryl.

She took the condom and stuck her index and middle finger in to the bottom. She gathered a dollop on her fingers and, looking Paula in the eyes, put it in her mouth and swallowed.

“Well, what does it taste like?” Paula said anxiously.

“Nothing really! Doesn’t taste like anything! Just kinda blah.”, she said.

Paula looked at her distrusting. She put two fingers into the condom and pulled some jism out. She looked at it then looked askance at Cheryl. She took a lick of her fingers.

Just then we heard a little ways off, “Light out girls!” Paula flicked the light off.

“Well?”, Cheryl whispered.

“I don’t know. It has just a little taste like antiseptic.”, said Paula. “Not really much taste at all.”

By now I was getting a little cold so I knew the girls had to be. I sat up a little and pulled the sleeping bag over me and the girls cuddled in next to me.

“Ummm…you’re warm.”, cooed Cheryl.

Cheryl’s cool hand grasped my tool and resumed fondling me.

Paula said, “Well are you two going to screw or what?”

I said, “Or what. I think I’d rather make love to Cheryl, if she’ll let me.”

I heard a, “Emmm..”, out of Cheryl and she leaned against my chest kissing me sweetly on the lips.

Paula said, “Alright, I’ll leave you two to your knittin’ then.” We heard her pulling on her shorts and slipping on a sweatshirt.

As the flap of the tent opened Cheryl said, “Where you going?”

“Les’ tent.”, came her answer.

“Don’t use up my condoms. I only brought a dozen.”, I chided her.

“You’re bad!”, said Cheryl.

“I know!”, I said rolling over on her kissing her hard on the lips. My hands found her taught breasts and then her nipples grew hard at my touch. She cooed as I started kissing her neck and then took her whole left breast into my mouth. My left hand wandered across her smooth and lush belly. I caressed her pubis and inside each thigh. She was warm and smooth. My hand came up and cupped her pussy. As my finger ran over her pussy lips she grabbed my wrist with her right hand.

She said, “You don’t want to do that. I am still on my period.”

She rolled me off her to the side and got up on her knees. She flicked on her flashlight and said, “Hand me the toilet paper in the corner.”, pointing with her flashlight.

I handed her the toilet paper, she took a wad and handed it back to me. She then pointed the flashlight at her pussy and I saw a little white string hanging out. She pulled the string with one hand and caught this white plug in the other with the wad of toilet paper.

I was fascinated, the plug was like cotton and half filled with blood. Her smell was acrid and not very pleasant. “How’d you get that up in there?”, I inquired.

“It comes with a cardboard applicator. You push it up in there, push a plunger, and then remove the applicator leaving the string hanging out so you can pull it out later.”, she said, wrapping the little plug up in the TP and putting it in a paper sack next to the toilet paper.

“Can I watch next time you put one in?”, I asked.

“I suppose. Not much to it really. Where’s the condom?”, she said.

“I don’t know. You had it last.”, I said.

We found the condom and she handed it to me after taking it out of the wrapper. I rolled it on my turgid dick and she grabbed a jar out of Paula’s backpack. She slathered a bunch of the lubricant on the rubber and then said, “Let me make love to you.”

I lay on my back holding my slippery tool up for her. She straddled me and I put it to her entrance. She flicked off the light just as I saw the last of my dick disappear into her. I could feel her heat through the condom.

“Does it hurt?”, I asked.

“Yeah, a little.” She replied. “Not like the first time. More like tightness and stretching.”

She lay on top of me and I felt her pert tits press into my chest. She put both hands to the sides of my head and kissed me. She buried her face in my shoulder and kissed me lightly on the neck. I could feel her eyelashes tickling my collar bone.

She moved her hips a little and scooted down taking me deep into her velvet gloved love tunnel. We hardly moved but I could feel her muscles gripping me. I was getting really turned on.

Her left hand moved to my chest and her fingers were running over my right nipple. It stood up and became quite sensitive.

Her hips slowly began to move up and down. It felt like she was getting wetter and she purred like a kitten. The smell of her auburn hair was in my nostrils as I began to breathe harder.

She began to go, “UH…uh…uh…uh!” I could feel her pussy muscles clamping and unclamping around my shaft. This was a very long, slow, and passionate session. We were both sweating our bodies becoming slippery.

My rod was growing thicker and longer and was completely filling her cavity. I was getting close to erupting.

She was gasping for air. “Uh…uh…uh!” Her voice going up in pitch with each throb of her cunt. “Uh…uh…uhh…uhhhh. OH…oh..ahhh!”

I pushed up hard into her. I couldn’t take it anymore.

Her right hand gripped my shoulder and the fingers on her left hand were pinching my right nipple. I felt a rush of fluid around my shaft and on my loins. She was gasping and holding her breath. My dick was pumping hard trying to fill the condom.

I heard what sounded like Paula cumming next door. Her little squeak sounds she makes could be heard in our tent.

Cheryl relaxed on me. We cuddled and held each other tightly in the dark.

Finally, after what seemed a long time, Cheryl said, “That was much better than the first time.”, she sighed. “We need to get cleaned up and get some sleep.”

“Do we have-ta?”, I said.

“Unless you want to clean up the bloody mess and I ain’t sleeping in this sleeping bag with a mess in it!”, she said.

She pulled off me with a slurp sound and squatted next to me flicking on the light. She grabbed the toilet paper and wiped herself. It came away with a mixture of blood and mucous. Setting up on my elbows I watched as she cleaned up. I pulled the condom off with some tissue in my hand. It too was coated in blood and mucous. She fetched a small blue box that said “Tampax Tampons” on the side. She pulled out a small packet wrapped in paper and put the box back. She lay on her back with her knees up and spread. Taking the contents of the little packet out, she put it to her opening in her pussy and inserted it. Gripping the tube with two fingers she depressed the plunger then removed the tube leaving the little white string dangling from her hole.

“Oh cool!”, I said.

She flicked off the light and said, “Go to sleep! Boys!”

We snuggled close and covered back up with the sleeping bag.


When I Was a Kid #16

All too soon we heard the counselors trying to wake everybody up saying we move out in an hour.

I nuzzled Cheryl and kissed her. My right hand cupped her left butt cheek. It fit nice in my hand. I patted it lightly then said, “Better get dressed.”

“Umm…what’s for breakfast?”, she said with morning breath.

“Well, it’s either blueberry pancakes or powered scrambled eggs.” I teased. Dressing quickly I slipped out of the tent and into mine. Paula was lying on her back on top of my sleeping bag naked with her legs spread sound asleep. I couldn’t resist. I dove between her legs and roughly assaulted her clit. She woke with a start and pushed my head away. “Mornin’ sleepy head.”, I said coming up to kiss her on the lips.

“Brush your teeth!”, she rebuffed.

“Yes ma’am! We move out in an hour.”, I said.

I watched her dress quickly and I tweaked a tit. Again I was rebuffed. This just wasn’t like the usually easy going Paula.

I changed underwear, brushed my teeth, and set about fixing breakfast. David showed up with a “shit eating” grin all over his face.

“Have a good night?”, I asked.

“Oh yeah!”, he said.

“Break camp for us and carry the stuff to the pack horses and I’ll have breakfast ready by the time you get back.”, I said.

Everybody was scurrying about. I noticed Phyllis, who was very petite for a 13 almost 14 year old, was walking somewhat bow-legged.

After breakfast we gathered into a group for roll-call. I took the opportunity to get next to Phyllis. As we broke I whispered to her, “Popped your cherry did he?”

She looked at me angry, “He told you?”

“Nope!”, I said. “I could tell by the way you’re walking. You gonna be alright?”

“I guess I’ll have to be.”, her voice softening.

“If you need help just ask us.”, I offered. “We’ll take care of you. Did you use protection?”

“Yeah, he had a condom.”, she said.

I just grinned and put my pack on. I helped Phyllis put her pack on and we joined the others. Cheryl gave me a strange look as we joined them. I smiled at her and whispered in her ear, “I’ll tell you later.”

Paula came out of the bushes and announced, “Aunt Floe is here.”

“What? How’d she find us out here?, I asked.

Cheryl giggled and whispered in my ear, “She means her period started. Get it? Flow!”

“Oh….oohhhh.”, I shook my head. “Girls!”

As we walked along David and Phyllis fell behind a little. I took the opportunity to ask Paula and Cheryl to help me keep an eye on Phyllis. I explained that she wasn’t walking real well and might be hurting a little.

“Why?”, asked Cheryl.

I just looked at her. Paula caught my look.

“Oh she didn’t! She was a ….”, Paula gasped.

“What?”, said Cheryl.

“They did the deed last night.”, said Paula.

“Yeah, so what?” said Cheryl.

“It was her first time.”, I said.

“How do you know?”, said Cheryl, incredulous.

“I could tell by the way she was walking.”, I explained.

“Oh…oohhh!”, Cheryl giggled. “I remember my first time. I couldn’t walk right for a couple of days.”, she said and poked me in the ribs.

“I was just poking fun at ya.”, I said chuckling.

“Well my first time was a hairbrush then Ol’ hokey pokey there.”, said Paula.

We all got a good chuckle out of that. I noticed David was carrying Phyllis’ pack. I dropped back and took her pack from him. I placed her pack on my chest and set off on my usual fast pace.

I soon past the girls and said, “I’ll see you at the lunch break. Watch over them for me.”

I’m not a big guy but I’m strong. I ride my bike a lot with big loads of papers so I have developed strong legs and I have very good stamina. Our group was only about 25 individuals plus the leaders, about 4 of them, then one guy riding a horse leading about 8 pack horses. We were spread over an eighth to a maximum of a quarter of a mile. Walking at my pace it would take about ten to fifteen minutes to traverse the whole group. A leader at the rear wouldn’t let anybody fall too far behind and of course at the front were leaders that wouldn’t let you pass them.

Since I was carrying some extra weight I felt that if I was near the lead and needed to rest I could stop and not have a problem with falling behind. My little group of David and the girls were in the back third but far from being last.

When we got to our lunch area I took some time alone to count my condoms. There were only 8 left from the original dozen. I used two and I was sure David “borrowed” one, so now I had a mystery.

Our group arrived and I asked the girls to go collect our rations while David and I made the fire. Once the girls were gone I asked, “David, where did you get the condom you used last night?”

“Uh….well, I noticed your backpack was open and I didn’t think you’d mind if I took one. I’m sorry.”

“No problem.”, I said. “Glad I could help. How many did you take?”

“Just the one. Why?”, he asked.

“You tell anyone else where you got it?”, I interrogated.

“Just Phyllis, she wanted to know why I had one.”, he said as the girls returned.

“Hi ladies. What’d we get?”, I asked.

“Chili Mac!”, they said in chorus.

“Oh yeah!”, said David.

“What else?”, I said.

“Blueberry nut bread!”, said Cheryl.

I looked at her and said, “I knew there was a reason we brought you along.”

“Yeah, why?”, she asked.

“To do the dishes!”, I said.

We all laughed and as a team we fixed lunch. While we ate I asked the girls if they had “borrowed” any of my condoms. The answer was all negative. Again as a team we did the dishes and we were back on the trail in an hour.

I let Phyllis take her pack and watched her walk out ahead. She has a nice petite butt. She and David would occasionally hold hands. Paula, Cheryl, and I stayed close behind.

It was getting to be dusk as we crossed a stream and set up camp just on the other side. It was lush grass and salt cedar bushes making for maze like conditions.

David and I set up our tent on a space between two real bushy cedars. I suggested that the girls set up directly behind ours. The illusion was that we were separated by several feet but in fact we connected the two tents to make one long tent with a middle pole supporting both tents.

While we were fixing dinner, Cheryl pulled me aside and asked, “Do you mind if we don’t screw tonight? I’m just a little sore and I stink down there.”

I put my hands on both sides of her face and said, “Sweetheart, I don’t mind. There was never any expectations on my part.” She hugged my arms. “Did you bring something to swim in?”, I asked.

“Yeah, why?”, she replied.

“In the morning we could take a bath in the steam.”, I said. “I’ll even lend a hand. He-he!”

“I bet you would too.”, she said with a smile.

“Hey, I aim to please!”, I chuckled.

“Yeah, I know what you’d be aiming for. My pussy!”, she countered.

“Who? Me? I’m innocent. He-he.”, I said.

“Oh…you!”, and she hugged my arm again. “I took my first pill this morning.”

“Oh yeah? And?”, I said.

“Oh nothing. It didn’t seem to bother me none.”, she said.

“That’s good.”, I said. “Are there any side effects?”

“The doctor said that I might have some “Morning Sickness” while I get used to them.”, she said.

“Morning sickness? What’s that?”, I asked.

“When a girl gets pregnant, she sometimes gets sick just in the morning, from all the hormone changes that a baby causes.”, she explained.

“Oh.”, I said.

At dinner we were pretty quiet, tired mostly. My mind was still working on the missing condom. I went back to my conversation with David. He had said my pack was open, but I had closed it before leaving.

“Hey David, did you see anyone near our tent before you borrowed the…you know what?”, I asked.

“Just Miss Miller and the counselor from Greybull. What’s his name?”, he said. “Why?”

“Someone purloined one of my condoms yesterday!”, I said.

The girls all gasped and looked around to see if anybody heard me.

“How many do you have?”, asked Phyllis.

“Just eight now.”, I said.

“You have enough?”, she asked kind of smirking.

“I guess. Why?”, I said.

“Could I borrow one?”, Phyllis asked.

“No! I’ll give you one or two. I just don’t want it back when you’re done with it.”, I chided.

“Eww…grossss!”, said Cheryl and Paula.

On that note we did the dishes and attended the campfire meeting. We were given the choice of taking a short hike in the morning on up to the Yellowstone River for some fishing or staying in camp to rest and relax. Our little group decided to stay behind. It was split almost down the middle for the total group.

We returned to our tents in time to see Miss Miller start to enter David’s and my tent. She raised back up when she heard us approaching.

“Is there something I can help you with Miss Miller?”, I said.

“Uh…no! I was just looking for Paula’s tent.”, she said. “I have something for her.” She held out a blue box for Paula. Paula blushed a little and took the box. I recognized the box as a box of tampons.

“Was there anything else you needed?”, I asked.

“Uh…no!”, she stammered and it was her turn to blush.

“Come now, is there something you need? Like maybe a condom or two?”, I questioned.

It got real quiet. Her face turned beet red. She was obviously flustered. Cheryl looked at me with a quizzical expression. Paula had a wry smile with one eyebrow cocked. Phyllis and David just stared at me then to Miss Miller.

“Miss Miller, it’s ok. I don’t mind.”, I continued. “I noticed that you and Mr. Johnson were spending quite a bit of time together. It’s only natural that you might want to…uh…get together.

“It’s Mr. Johnston and that’s none of your business.”, she said trying to regain control.

“Well, suit yourself. I was just trying to be of help.”, I countered. “I had just noticed that you two were pretty chummy. After all, one of you borrowed a condom already. I just assumed….”

“Oh…OK!”, she cut me off. “We didn’t think you’d notice!”

“No problem Miss Miller. I didn’t mean to cause you any embarrassment.”, I said. “How many would you like?”

She looked at me sternly then I guess came to realize the gravity of the situation. She sheepishly held up two fingers.

I slipped into our tent and got the condoms. Back outside I handed them to Miss Miller. She looked at them then looked at me questioning.

“We have three more nights on the trail.”, I said.

“Oh…OK. Thanks.”, she said and lowered her head to walk away.

“Miss Miller?”, I asked.

“Yes?”, she stopped and turned.

“Isn’t Mr. Johnson…Johnston married?”, I asked. I caught her stare! “Oh never mind. I was just going to say…I mean, we would like to take a bath tomorrow and was wondering if you could keep the others away so we might have some privacy.”

“We can arrange that.”, she said sternly and walked away.

I watched Miss Miller’s fine ass fade into the darkness then turned back to my little group. The girls were staring at me and David had a silly grin on his face.

“Well, what’s next?”, I said to break the ice.

“Bed!”, said Phyllis.

“Yeah, bed!”, said Cheryl.

“I’ve got to take care of something, then bed.”, said Paula holding up her box of tampons.

“Can I watch?”, I said.

“No!”, said Cheryl.

“Hummm, wonder where that came from?”, I thought.

Paula shrugged and walked into the darkness.

Cheryl and I crawled into the tent. She was right. She stinks down there but somehow it excited me.

As David started snapping the tent flaps together Phyllis was getting undressed.


When I Was a Kid #17

I lay down next to Cheryl on our sleeping bags staring into the darkness of the tent. I was wondering where this was leading me. Cheryl seemed jealous of Paula. Even if I looked at Phyllis she would take notice. Paula was my friend and she had made it clear she wasn’t in love with me…or did she? It was as if she was honoring someone’s wishes. I may have misinterpreted her actions. It may have been an agreement with someone that I belonged to them. Cheryl! Cheryl wants me for herself…???

I hear David and Phyllis making out on the other end of the tent. Paula is fumbling with the snaps on our end. Paula’s head pops in the opening and she crawls right up my body, kisses me on the cheek, and flops down next to me. Cheryl on my right, Paula on my left.

“Well how’d everything come out?”, I said to Paula.

“Just fine.”, she said with a little laugh.

Cheryl got up on her left elbow facing me. I could tell she was thinking. She sighed heavily. Paula was struggling out of her shorts then she pulled her arms into her sweatshirt. She emerged from under her sweatshirt with her bra. Cheryl kept gazing at me. I hadn’t moved my head to watch Paula nor had I looked at Cheryl. I finally looked to my right. Cheryl smiled. Had I been being tested?

The silence was broken by Phyllis having an orgasm on the other end.

Cheryl kissed me tenderly on the lips. I kissed her back. She became more passionate. She lay across my chest with hers, holding my face in her hands she kissed my forehead, my eyes, and my nose. Kissing my cheeks, my mouth, then my chin. She pulled my sweatshirt off with my help. She cuddled to my chest rubbing her cheeks over it. Again with the kissing starting on my forehead.

Paula was looking on. She was watching us go at it. She reached down and undid my belt, popped my snap and undid my zipper. Together the girls tugged my jeans down and I arched my back to help them. The bulge in my briefs was evident and Paula ran her hand up and down the shaft.

Cheryl resumed passionately kissing me and pressing her chest into mine. She still had her sweatshirt on but I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra. Up ‘til now I hadn’t moved my hands but they soon started to roam.

I ran my hands up under her sweatshirt. I felt the goose-bumps come out as my cool hands hit her flesh. The smell of her and Paula’s acrid aroma tickled my nose and excited me more.

Cheryl was kissing down over my chest to my belly. Her warm soft hands slowly caressed my ribs and sides. She slowly lifted the front of my briefs with both hands exposing my granite hard cock. With Paula’s help they tugged my briefs down and Paula made haste to remove them.

Cheryl seemed to be on a mission. I knew we weren’t going to screw. At least she said as much earlier.

Paula moved to my head and sat on her haunches pulling my head up into her lap. Cheryl put the head of my dick into her mouth. I shivered and gasped at the sensation of her warm wet mouth on my turgid shaft.

Rising up slightly Cheryl said, “Linda said I need to try this. Let me know before you cum.”

I nodded my head and looked up at Paula holding my head. She was being turned on too. I could feel the heat from her crotch on my head and neck and her scent was strong. Over my shoulder I heard movement from David and Phyllis. Phyllis crouched next to Paula and I presumed that David was behind her. I could see Phyllis’ pale breasts with the dark pink areolas and bright pink nipples standing out.

Cheryl continued to take as much of my cock into her mouth as she could. My mind felt like I was whirling around. The whole center of the universe was at the tip of my penis. Cheryl was circling my tip with her tongue then plunging down while running her tongue down the underside of the shaft. All eyes were on Cheryl.

Almost without warning my testicles tightened up. I gasped, “Cheryl…I’m….I’m….Oh…!” She quickly pulled back but not off. Her lips created a seal around my shaft. “Cheryl? Cheryl….OH God!” I gasped as my jism flooded her mouth. She swallowed then more jism flooded her. Again she swallowed. I could hear murmuring from Phyllis, Paula, and David. They were asking each other, “Did she swallow that?”

A slight smile came to Cheryl’s mouth allowing a little of my cum to escape and run down my shaft. She pulled off me and the other three said in unison, “Let us see!” Cheryl opened her mouth to show a large wad of my cum in her mouth then she swallowed.

Phyllis said, “I can’t believe you did that! What does it taste like? That was awesome!”

Paula was just sitting there with her mouth open. Finally she spoke, “Oh…My….God!” Then she shivered.

Cheryl cuddled to me and had this look like…“Top that!”

Cheryl and I scooted down and over to make room for Paula. Cheryl kissed my cheek and I turned and kissed her on the lips running my tongue over them. I could taste myself on her lips. She looked at me quizzically but said nothing.

I turned to Paula to give her a kiss goodnight but she just held up her hand in a gesture of “no thanks”. I smiled and reached down and undid Cheryl’s shorts and tugged them down. Now she was in just her panties and sweatshirt like Paula.

I reached over and turned off the two flashlights that had provided the light this whole time. “Goodnight!” Cheryl was still cuddled to me and I placed my right hand on her butt. I cupped and squeezed a cheek.


When I Was a Kid #18

There wasn’t much room for three of us in the small pup tent. Paula was lying on her left side with her butt towards me. I was sort of laying on my right side with Cheryl cuddled to me.

David and Phyllis were on the opposite end of the tent. I think they were still screwing.

I came over the top of Cheryl’s right hip with my left hand and pulled her to me. I maneuvered my right hand to the front of her panties and cupped her Mons. There was a very wet spot in her panties just below her Mons.

My left hand was exploring her butt and she would clinch her butt cheeks every time I ran my middle finger over her butt hole.

My middle fingers met at the area between her pussy and her butt hole. The aroma was powerful. She was very wet. My right hand continued to massage her mound and she began to hump into my finger. I snuck my left hand into her panties and as I ran my right over her clit I would circle her little rosebud with my middle finger.

She was sucking on my neck. I think she was trying to give me a hickie but was unable to continue the suction because of what I was doing to her. She was trembling and quaking, thrashing and rolling side to side. She came but I didn’t let up.

My left middle finger sought lubricant and I transferred it from her pussy to her asshole. I got my right hand into her panties and rubbed with four fingers across her pussy slipping my right middle finger into her vagina seeking more lubrication. Holding her tight with both hands I plunged my middle fingers into both holes. She gasped and sucked hard then blew air out her mouth and nose. My fingers met again only separated by the thin membranes of skin tissue between anus and vagina.

She couldn’t even reach my hands to push them away. She was exploding with lust. I could tell she was tiring and I let her come down.

She whispered, “Oh god, I thought my insides were going to explode!”

Paula piped up and said, “It sounded like you did explode!”

Giggling could be heard from the other end of the tent.

Cheryl said, “Shit, he stuck his finger in my ass!”

More giggling. Then Cheryl grasped my very hard cock and said, “What are we going to do with this now?”

Paula placed a jar on my chest and said, “You think a finger in your ass is bad? Watch this! Les, lube me!”

Paula lay on her stomach and pulled her butt cheeks apart. I flicked on a light to see what I was doing. Taking a large dollop of lube on my finger I put some in her very hot rectum. I smeared more on my cock.

I climbed over Paula’s legs as she continued to hold her butt open for me. I slowly applied pressure to her anal opening. She seemed to be more relaxed this time.

David said, “What’s he doing?”

Cheryl said, “He’s putting it in her ass!”

I glanced over at Cheryl who was sitting cross-legged. She had a questioning look on her face.

I bottomed out in Paula’s ass as my balls came into contact with her ass. Paula moved her hands under her to her pussy while I started fucking her ass. By now the smell of sex was intense. The heat from Paula’s rectum was like an oven. She seemed very relaxed although she was incredibly tight. She must have been working her pussy with her fingers because she began to hump back to me.

I was nearing my peak in spite of having cum once already. The stimulus was just too great. I started to push harder and faster. Paula began to grunt. I couldn’t tell if she was getting close or not. I started to feel waves of muscle contractions on my dick and I exploded deep within her bowels. She must have felt it and was pushing back hard. She was gasping for air and I think she came. My ears were ringing from the intensity of it all. I lay down on her back and kissed her neck and shoulders. She turned her head so I could kiss her cheek and lips.

“Whew!”, she said. “That was something else. I hadn’t expected that.”

“Wow!”, said Phyllis.

I looked up to see our audience. It reminded me of the three monkeys, Hear, Speak, and See. Cheryl actually had her hand over her mouth with the look of astonishment.

Paula “pooped” my dick out of her ass and I got off her. I looked down at her gaping hole and watched a glob of cum run down toward her pussy. I grabbed the toilet paper and quickly caught the glob. I then took some more tissue and wiped her butt leaving the wad of paper in her butt crack. She said, “Thanks.”, rolled over, got dressed, and exited the tent.

When she came back she said, “Look guys, what we do out here in the woods goes no further than this tent. Understood?”

I guess she had time to think about it while she was out. She took off her shorts and cuddled to my left side while Cheryl cuddled to my right side. I laid there looking up into the blackness of the tent wondering how this was all going to end. For now, I was at peace. How could I be so lucky?

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