Until today, I only thought one of my four best friends had started to go through puberty. I was so wrong.

We all live in an establishment of apartments in a large town. I moved in about a year and a half ago, and I made three good friends. Two were a year older than me --- Matt and Jimmy (I'm 12 now and they're 13). Matt's brother, Danny, is 10.

My name is Jeff. I am about average height and weight, and I haven't started puberty yet. Matt was the one who I had suspected as having started since his voice is deeper than the rest of us --- it had been since I moved in. He is very masculine, sort of arrogant, stocky and muscular. Danny is rather short and chubby, and he is much more friendly than his brother. Jimmy is also friendly; he is also taller than Matt and very skinny.

My other best friend, Kevin, only moved in about two months ago, two houses from me. He is a year younger than me; he is friendly but always seems to bite off more than he can chew in social situations. He had almost gotten beat up by two much larger classmates than him because he had mouthed off and offended them. He is short and very skinny.

We all played basketball last night, and agreed to go to the establishment's pool at 10:00 the next morning to swim, since that was when it opened and we were likely to have it to ourselves. However, I got there ten minutes late, having forgotten the clothes I was going to change into after swimming. They were all there, and they were huddled, talking amognst themselves. No one else was there. They were still in their clothes, but getting ready to go in.

"What's going on?" I asked Jimmy, when I got there.

"Nothing," he replied. "Matt and Danny are arguing."

"Well," I heard Danny say to his brother, "I'm not sure when anyone can start puberty, but I've already had personal experience!"

"Oh, comon," Matt said. "That's a lie. I know for a fact you've never had-"

"All right," I interrupted. "We know at least Matt has started because of his voice, but I admit that I haven't. Does anyone else have as much courage as I do?"

For a few seconds, no one spoke. Then Kevin piped up, "I've started!"

"Yeah, right," said Matt. "But I can see the courage there, you're about as far along in puberty as Jeff's four-year-old sister."

"Really!" Kevin replied. He was about to say more, but thought better of it. Five seconds later, he apparently became lost in thought.

"Speaking of sisters," said Jimmy, "I caught my older sister in bed with some 19-year-old guy last week."

All our mouths fell open, except Kevin's, who was still lost in thought.

"Yeah, since she turned 16, she feels that she can do anything she wants for some reason," Jimmy finished.

"Well, anyway," said Danny, "I wasn't lying, I have started."

"All right," said Matt, "I'll admit that I saw my brother naked by accident once, and he has some hair. But you're not showing it here, or I'll tell Mom."

"Told ya, guys!" said Danny triumphantly.

"Ready!" said Kevin suddenly, coming out of his trance.

"What is it Kevin, your big moment?" said Matt sarcastically.

Kevin didn't respond, but proceeded to lift up his shirt and pin it to his chest with his chin, revealing his huge outie bellybutton about the size and shape of a poker chip.

"That's all, huh?" said Matt. "I could go to the beach any old day and see about a hundred of those."

Kevin didn't stop there. He then pulled down the front of his bathing suit to show his penis. There was no hair surrounding it, but it was erect and HUGE. At least eight inches long and 1 1/2 inches wide. It just didn't seem to fit on that body. Matt opened his mouth, wider than before, in complete shock.

But Kevin still wasn't done. He aimed his penis at Matt's face and ejaculated. Everything hit him, some of it going right in his open mouth. He let out a squeal and rushed to the pool to clean it, apparently finding it disgusting.

"Way to go, Kevin!" I said. "You showed him, all right."

"I knew I could do it," Kevin said. "I just pictured Jimmy's sister with that guy and I guess it
just got me going."

"I'll say," said Jimmy. "Hey, I'm gettin' going too... it could be your bellybutton, it's very cool."

"Psst," Danny whispered. "I've seen my brother naked also. If you're telling the truth, Jeff, his dick can't be bigger than yours."

Meanwhile, Matt was having no luck in the pool, so he headed to the bathroom.

"I've always thought of him as being arrogant," I said. "You've also started, Jimmy?"

"Of course, look," he said. He pulled out his penis, which was slightly smaller than Kevin's, but could not have had more hair surrounding it.

"I think my bellybutton's really cool, too," Kevin added.

"How 'bout a swim?" asked Danny.

"Let's turn on the filter first," said Jimmy.

"Good idea," I said, then turned it on.

Matt never returned. We decided he'd ran home, not having the guts to face us again. We didn't blame him, and after what he said to Kevin, we wouldn't have shown him any mercy at all.

After 10 minutes of letting the filter run, we took off our shirts and went in. As soon as we got in, Jimmy began to tickle Kevin's bellybutton. Danny and I joined, but after a little while Kevin had another erection. We let him out to ejaculate again, and he did.

"What was that for?" he said, although the look on his face and his tone of voice suggested that he thoroughly enjoyed the experience.


(20 years later)

I started puberty about a year later, though I never showed my parts to my friends. My penis finished at just over five inches long. I met a nice girl in college. We are now married and have two boys, 5 and 2 years old.

I found out from Danny that Matt was not arrogant again until he could prove that he had started puberty (he never spoke to me again). He had trouble making friends in college and is single. He is currently trying to meet people online.

Jimmy, like me, also met a nice young woman in college who, as I have seen, has a huge outie bellybutton. They are engaged. I have no idea how he found a girl he could like so much.

Danny got very good grades in high school and went to a great college, just below Ivy League status. He married in the summer after his sophomore year and has a girl, 14, and a boy, 12. He reports that his son has not yet started puberty, possibly following in the footsteps of his notorious uncle (hope not!).

The last time I saw Kevin (about five years ago) he still had that same bellybutton, and his stomach was very muscular. He is about 5' 6" tall. He barely got by high school and attended the local community college, where he transferred with improved grades to a better college. He is single but has been dating the same girl for four years, who loves him and his (get ready) 13 INCH PENIS!

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I'm sorry but... My nem is jyeff

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at the age of 12 i was like one of the tallist in my class


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i started puberty at 9 y.o not kidding


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this was an odd story but i dont give out negative opinions... hope your next work will be more creative and less odd... depsite every one's opinion do not quit. keep going and work at it but dont make another one like this...its odd i rate this a 5/10 for creativity.

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