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This is just me setting up a story that I will be posting soon. It will be long and will actually have a plot so I apologise if it isn't sex,sex,sex. If you do like it then I love you and keep an eye out for the 1st chapter coming soon...
Tyler pulled my head forwards and bought our lips together, entwining our tongues. I should?ve pulled him away, asserted my masculinity, but something inside me stopped me. It wasn?t hard to work out what it was either as my boxers had transformed into a tent propped up by my erection. Tyler let go and commenced his laughing. As did all the other boys in the changing room. Two months ago Tyler had discovered I was gay when he stole my phone and looked through my internet history, to say the least it was quite explicit. Ever since then he had bullied me even worse than he had every other day since I met him in pre-school. He would grab my ass or rub his hand along my legs in public just so everyone could see my reaction and follow up with some awful joke about puffs. He?d never gone this far before though?
He didn?t stop there; he pulled my boxers down and pushed me back onto the bench. Three of his friends held me down while Tyler pulled them over my feet. Then he walked out. The guys were all laughing at me as I tried to struggle but I gave up when one of them, Craig, sat on me. Besides, thought it better then to fight against them anymore seeing as I still had bruises from our last encounter. After what seemed like foreverTyler came back in with his girlfriend, a big girl with a big mouth called Chelsea. He also had in his hands her school uniform.
?What the fuck are you doing this time?? I gasped under the weight of Craig.
?Get off him? Tyler said to him. Craig obeyed but the other two were still holding me down. ?If you like boys so much then perhaps you?d be better off being a girl? he suggested barely unable to control his laughter over his humorous antics. I protested as he pulled one of Rachael?s thongs up my legs. He pulled them up high to make sure they rode up my asscrack. They were followed by a skirt, black tights and high heels. He fastened a bra and stuffed it with toilet paper. Seeing as the two boys were still holding onto my arms they had to help Tyler with the shirt, Craig then fastened a tie around my neck.

They all backed away and admired their handiwork, gripped by uncontrollable laughing. Just as they saw me about to pull the clothes off they restrained me again, this time with jokes as well. Chelsea leant into my face and started applying make-up while the boys worked on some stupid banter: asking me for my number, asking me to marry them etc.
Chelsea finished and waved her hand ordering the boys to move me like a queen ordering her subjects and I was thrown out the door. Half of our year group was doing sports at that moment. Every one of them turned to face me. It was so silent that you could hear a ball drop over the other side of the courts. Even that stopped soon enough. Tyler naturally took it upon himself to break the silence.
?Chelsea your dumped? He shouted, not to her, not to me, but to everyone around us. ?I?ve got a new girlfriend, she?s well fit.? This was enough to bring down the dam of silence. A tidal wave of humiliation spread over the school. I pointlessly tried to cover myself up and turned to the door seeing it blocked by Craig. With no other option I just ran. All the way home not caring about whatever lessons I missed.
It was empty when I arrived, luckily. All I wanted to do was tear the clothes off of me and burn them. Forget about this awful event. I dashed upstairs to my room but for some unknown reason I stopped in front of the mirror. Mascara was running down my face but there was still something attractive about me, I thought so anyway. I was a wimpy specimen and dressed in these clothes there was nothing masculine about me whatsoever. Unconsciously I began to pose, placing one hand on my hip and placing my weight on one of my legs. I started to cool out of my ecstasy of panic and actually thought about it. I quite liked the feeling of a thong in my ass and the grip of the tights on my leg. The high heels weren?t actually that uncomfortable either.

Little did I know but this was the beginning of the rest of my life.

I didn?t realise just how important it was until a few nights later. My parents were away and my sister, who was three years older than me, was left in charge. Katy was beautiful and she had a boyfriend to match. After she thought I had gone to bed she invited him over and I could hear their groans coming through my wall. I started to imagine what it would be like to be Katy, to be an object that men lusted over and fought for. To be able to pleasure a man and have him inside of you. I was gay but I had never had any kind of relationship before or even any proper contact besides Tyler?s jokes. I had only had my fantasies. I decided then what I wanted to do. Every day after I would slip into Katy?s room and take a pair of panties. Eventually I built up and took whole outfits; I was careful to choose ones she rarely wore to avoid suspicion and whenever I was home alone I would dress up in her clothes and walk around the house. I watched everything she did, how she applied make-up, how she did her hair, how she walked and talked, even how she ate. It wasn?t just her I was obsessed with it was women in general. It?s just that Katy was a beautiful girl who I had a lot of common with and had plenty of opportunities to study. Every so often I would notice something I liked about a girl from school and I would add it to my act. Then, when I was alone I would try it all out. Sometimes I even filmed myself and watched it back just so I could see how well I was doing. I shaved my body, not caring about how much the boys would laugh in the changing rooms. I wondered why I hadn?t done it years ago. It felt so good, especially with the tights. I started watching straight porn instead and just imagining that I was the girl. I would get in the same position as her and use my fingers to imitate the man. I no longer knew if I was gay, or if I was straight the wrong way round.

This was when I was 14. That was three years ago. I?ve practiced nearly every day since and I?ve got to admit I?m quite good. I call my alter ego Emily, a girl completely separate to my own life. I?ve bought some of my own clothes, a wig, make up, everything I need. This is where my story starts?

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