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Part 2 of 3, where a widowed step-father reluctantly starts sleeping with his college aged transsexual step-daughter
"Wake up Daddy."

I groggily opened my eyes and found a sexy filipina/vietnamese girl in my arms. She had a concerned look on her face.

"What is it sweety."

"You have to tell me... did you mean it?"

"Mean what?"

"Do you really want to marry me?"

"Of course!"

An angelic smile broke out on her face. "I love you Daddy."

"I love you too Kimmy."


I put in a transfer to the Netherlands, Kim quit school, and we moved to a very accepting community making many new friends.

Kim was non-stop horny, and so was I.

Setting up crazy sexual situations was like a full time job for her. One of the craziest times was when I was at work. At that time I was working in an office building, and one day as I went to the restroom, sitting in a stall, I saw a very sexy female foot in a dark stocking slide over toward my stall from next door. I knew this was a unisex bathroom but I couldn't believe some woman was flirting with me so audaciously. When the foot was withdrawn, I then heard a little tap toward the back of the stall. I turned around and saw, for the first time, that there was a hole there. It was cleverly disguised amongst the graffiti. A pair of feminine fingers appeared there, and then a cock pushed its way into my stall. I couldn't believe it. I wiped my ass quickly, believing that that was my little girl.

But as I approached the back of the stall the cock was gone. I looked down at the hole and saw that on the other side was a mouth painted with lipstick, held wide open. This was crazy! Yes, I figured it was my daughter, but I wasn't sure. As I got my cock out of my pants I realized that this could be some gay guy who had put a stocking on his foot and lipstick on his lips.

Didn't matter. My cock was thinking it was Kim. I was almost fully erect when I plunged my dick into that gloryhole. On the other side it was received by a wet, warm mouth. The blowjob was incredible. The lips stayed clamped around my cock the whole time as the tongue worked overtime on the sides of my dick. I didn't have to do any work. The mouth was sliding hard and fast up and down my cock, deep throating all the way until I could feel the lips pulling at my pubic hairs. This kept up for about 10 minutes until I started feeling some teeth lightly glide across the glans of my cockhead. That triggered my explosion. I felt my cock slide out of the mouth and a hand jerk my cock as jets of my cum shot out of my cock.

After calming down, I pulled my cock out and immediately did a pull up on the stall and peered over the edge. I saw what appeared to be a woman with one of those purple hentai wigs in a jet black business suit and very smart dark stockings. She had her face down where I couldn't see it. I whispered, "who are you?" to no response. When I got back down, I saw a beautiful leg hooked up underneath the stall wall extending into my area. I licked and kissed that sexy leg and foot for a few minutes, thinking it was Kim's but not being sure. Abruptly, the leg was pulled back. As I grasped around for it I heard the stall next door open and a pair of high heels clatter across the floor. I pulled up my pants and tried to see who it was, but all I could see was the back of a sexy, curvy woman exiting the bathroom.

When I got home that day, Kim was dressed in a pair of frumpy pajamas. Her hair was up, tied in a knot, she had no makeup on, and she was wearing granny glasses. It was her best attempt to look unattractive, and she failed miserably because she still looked adorable. I grabbed her, kissed her against her protests. When I slung her across my shoulder to carry her to the bedroom, she kicked her little legs exclaiming, "Daddy, don't! I'm ugly today. I'm having my period!"

That caused me to laugh so hard I almost fell down. By the time I put her down on the bed, we were both laughing. Her ass was already pre-lubed, so once I ripped off her pajamas, I plunged my cock right into her. We had hot sweaty sex the rest of the afternoon.

Afterwards she asked me how my day was. I asked her if she was on the other side of the gloryhole. She acted surprised.

"Daddy! That wasn't me! Did you suck some guy's cock through a gloryhole! Oh my God, Daddy. You couldn't just ignore it and wait for me at home? You're going to have to get tested for HIV now. Daddy! Fershame!"

She acted all put out the rest of the evening. I found it all very funny, but I went along and played the part of the scolded lover.

The next day at work, when I looked at my email, I found an anonymous email with a picture attachment. When I opened it up I laughed in surprise. It was a picture of Kim in a dark business suit. She had her awesome legs open and I could see her girl cock underneath some dark pantyhose. But the most surprising part was she had a purple hentai wig in one hand, while a finger of her other hand was tracing little streams of cum that covered her face and sexy pair of dark rimmed eyeglasses. One eye was in a sexy wink while her lips were pursed in cute little pucker. I was so turned on I had to race to the bathroom to jack off. I checked the other stalls but sadly she wasn't there. I jerked off to the image in my mind of my cute little asian daughter covered in my cum.

That night she asked leading questions about whether I had received any interesting email. I told her that I had received some junk mail but deleted it. I told her it was against company policy to open anonymous mail with attachments as they might contain viruses. She pouted the rest of the night. But after we went to bed, she slid her sexy body against mine and whispered in my ear... "If you tell me the truth about the email, I'll give you my ass."

I laughed. "Baby, I get your ass whenever I want." I paused as she frowned. Then I whispered, "But I did go against company policy and opened a picture from one of my junk mail pieces. It was a picture of a little slut who frequents bathrooms and has sex with strangers. Whoever that girl's daddy is should spank the hell out of her."

Kim squealed in delight, getting up on all 4's and offering me her ass. "Spank away, Daddy!"

I spent the rest of the night spanking that ass until it was red and fucking her raw asshole until she fell asleep in my arms.


The games never ended. She would dress up as a nurse, a police officer, a librarian, a geisha, and every other conceivable profession. We fucked on the train, in parks, on the beach, and in the bathrooms of hosts who invited us over for dinner.

My favorite was returning home to see her in pigtails, a plaid skirt, white knee sox, a white blouse and a necktie. She would look up from a big textbook and exclaim, "Daddy, I'm studying hard but I don't understand this part." She would point to some piece of paper she was writing on sandwiched within the pages of the book. Invariably it would be a crudely drawn cock or pussy or asshole.

I would have her sit on my lap and explain the birds and the bees. All the while we would both be getting hard. She never wore panties.

"So Daddy, when you stick your big penis in the cunt of a girl -"

"Where did you learn such a nasty word, my princess."

"Ohhh, from school. One of the boys there says I am not a real girl because I don't have a cunt."

"Well, you ignore those boys, ok?"

"Okay Daddy. So... when your penis is inside the vagina of a girl and you ejaculate your semen into her, then she has a baby, right?"

"Mmm hmm."

"But if you push your big giant penis inside of the anus of a girl, there is no fear of pregnancy, right?"


She kissed me long on the lips.

"Daddy, I don't want to get pregnant so you better insert your penis in my ass... or my mouth."

By this time her own cock was jutting up erect outside of her plaid skirt. I stroked it, and replied, "Mmmm Kimmy. Maybe you would like to insert your girl cock into Daddy's mouth."

Her eyes flew open wide. In the past, I'd stroked her off to ejaculation. We'd also done mutual ejaculation rubbing our cocks against one another. But I'd never received her cock in my ass or mouth.

Her roleplaying seemed to stop. "Are you sure baby? We've never done that. Are you sure you won't feel gay after that. I want my same old heterosexual lover. I don't want you to change. I'm afraid."

She might have been afraid, but she wasn't turned off. Her cock was as stiff as ever. In fact, a drop of precum was sitting on top of her pee hole. I scooped it up and swallowed it. "I'm not gonna change darlin'. I don't care about labels... gay, straight, bi, whatever. I just want to please you."

Her face was visibly excited... "Yes Daddy. Suck me off."

I got down on my knees and she stripped off her skirt and blouse quickly, offering me her sexy tranny cock. It smelled and looked wonderful. For a moment, I tried to imagine that this sexy penis was connected to a man, but I couldn't. It looked completely girlish. She had a small piece of foreskin surrounding most of the deep purple head of her cock. Her smooth and soft skin surrounding her small and straight erection was a deep rose color. When she was limp it was a light brown. Her sexy little balls hung tight within a wrinkly little nutsack that just begged to be licked. I looked up into her sweet face as I tongued her testicles.

"Oh Daddy! I love looking down into your deep blue eyes."

I kept eye contact with her as I slid my tongue up and down the shaft of her cock. She was very excited, and at times tried to help by stroking the base of it, but I slapped her hands away.

"This is Daddy's job."

I would go low and lick her nuts at times, and then go lower and tongue her ass.

"Ohhh Daddy... I didn't wipe good last time. Clean me up."

I almost started laughing. Her ass was always squeaky clean.

As I tongued her shithole, she would cried out... "Oh Daddy, I love it. Toss my salad. Eat my ass"

I took my time, sucking her cock and ass in every thinkable way. As I took her boner into my mouth, I gradually learned to put more and more of it into my throat. I gagged a little, but eventually my throat relaxed. I got a little more past my tonsils, and then finally I stuffed her full rod all the way in. Working my throat muscles to give her extra sensation.

She was going crazy. Moaning, pulling my hair, attempting to give me instructions. Tears were flowing from her eyes. It must have been an overwhelming experience for her. Eventually, after she got used to it, she started fucking my face. At one point, she dropped her voice an octave...

"Suck it. Suck my cock. Be my bitch." She was trying to be a man, but failed as her voice had never changed. Even cracking at that fake tenor octave, she still sounded like a sweet little girl. I almost laughed with a full mouth of penis. She could see the humor and started giggling too at the thought of being the man in this relationship.

Finally, as I put in extra effort into the blowjob, I whispered to her... "Cum my child. Cum in my mouth. Give me the sweet nectar that I want." She became extremely agitated. She actually grew weak in the knees and collapsed in my arms. I dropped her onto the carpeted floor while never releasing her tasty prick from my mouth. As she thrashed about on the floor, she eventually released.

"Ahhhh Daddy! I'm cumming! I'm squirting my babies into your mouth!"

I pulled about half of her dick out of my throat, used my hand to stroke the base and coax more cum out of her. I fondled her balls while sticking one of my fingers into her ass. This caused her to explode. She shot jet after jet of creamy girl cum into my mouth. I hungrily swallowed it all. I had no idea what it tasted like. I only knew that swallowing my own daughter’s cum was the best feeling in the world. I kept sucking at her penis non-stop until every drop was gone and she was limp. At that point she leapt up into my arms and we kissed the rest of the night. Whatever cum had remained in my mouth, she had scooped out with her own tongue.

For days after that, she was as sweet and soft as a kitten. We always argued from time to time... about what to watch on tv, where to eat, etc. But not this time. She was super agreeable with me for a couple of weeks. She would sit on my lap, and sometimes shyly ask for me to go down on her. I never said no.

Since she was so agreeable, it was at this point I asked her again if I could watch her pee. For a girl who was so uninhibited about sex, she was super shy about urinating, always with the door closed and never with me watching. She relented now. And, of course, she made a game of it. She would yell from downstairs in our flat.. "Daddy, I have to pee!"

I would dutifully go downstairs, carry her up to the bathroom, remove her panties and hold her penis as she released her yellow stream.

"Daddy, you're the best! You help your little princess pee." she would smile up at me and I would give her a kiss. Then she would frown.. "but Daddy, it will take more time before I'm potty trained. You need to keep helping me."

"Okay, Kimmy."

I surprised her by playing my fingers into her pee stream. She gasped.

"Ahhh baby, your pee is delightfully warm." When I brought my wet fingers to my mouth and sucked them, I continued, "tasty too." I winked at her.

"Daddy! That's very naughty. Don't do that." But after she finished she french kissed me, and I could see she was pondering about the taste.

One time, during a bath we took together, she had an idea. "Daddy, let's both pee together."

"Really hun? You want to do that?"

"Sure, but together."

We both held our cocks out of the water, and in a little bit of time, I let go of my bladder and a stream arced across the distance btwn us and landed on her breasts. She giggled and released her own stream and it shot up into my face. She apologized, but I simply opened my mouth and caught it.

"Daddy! That's naughty!" But she lowered her own head to catch some of my pee too. Afterwards we cleaned up and then continued kissing.

Always kissing. She never seemed to get enough, and I never tired of it.

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