what happens when a confused teen posts a ad on the internet
I have always wondered about my sexuality even though i have a girlfriend i still find the opposite sex very very appealing,
well before i get into the story my name is jack am a averagely built 16 teen year old boy who just like most have raging hormones so i get hard often and easily to both genders.

This all started one night i was horny as usual when i started thinking about cock so i eventually wondered on to the gay personal section on kijiji so i decided that i should post a add and see what i get ,

the add really just said you know that i am new to this and i am just looking to try it and see if i like it after about two days someone replied and with the reply was a picture of his perfect cock and right there i knew i had to fuck him, after about a month of emailing back and forth i decided to finally meet him in person we did at the river front it was the winter so it was basically deserted

. When i meet him he introduced him self his name is Ben and he was 32 years old , his cock was about 7 inches as i would later find out we sat there at the river for about 20 minutes talking randomly then we got on the reason why we were meeting and i started to get hard after about ten minutes of that i decided i was gonna suck his cock i couldn't handle the hornyness i was going to explode,

so i found the nearest bathroom and we went in a stall as i sat on the seat of the toilet i could see his large cock harden soo i knew he wanted it too.

i was undoing his pants to let that cock free and when it got it was instantly attracted to my mouth the smell alone almost made me cum his cock tasted amazing i must have sucked his cock for about ten minutes before he came and man did he ever cum,

when we were done and cleaned up i asked him what he did for a living and stuff he said his job has him travelling a lot and he said he is leaving tomorrow and will be gone for about 2 weeks i said OK knowing that i will get together with him when he comes back.

We talked back and forth for the two weeks he was gone and about 2 nights before he came back he told me he has not master baited i told him to save his cum for when me and him get together
finally after he came back we decided to get together.

He came and pick me up so we could go to his house i was in the car debating should i give him a blow job or not and after about 5 minutes i decided i should ,
i put my hand on his cock i could feel his cock wanting its freedom so i took it out of its cage and lowered my mouth and taste the best cock i have ever tasted again, after 5 minutes of me sucking his cock he told me that we where at his house and that we can just do this inside.

When we got inside we went straight to the bedroom and when we got there we started kissing i couldn't believe the hard on i was getting from this, by the time we were done kissing i decided to finish the job i started in the car so i went back down to his cock and began sucking again he was taking of his shirt and other clothing while i was doing this,

after about 10 minutes of me sucking his cock he said he might cum soon i told him to wait i wanted him to save that cum for something special. I stopped sucking his cock and got undressed my self when i was fully naked we started to make out again are cocks touching they both were harder then a rock. When we were making out his hand drifted to my ass and he stuck a finger in my ass hole some how i think he knew that i wanted to anal and before he asked i said yes , he then put me in doggie position and he went into the night stand beside his bed and grabbed some lube and a condom i told him i didn't want the condom on and that i wanted him too cum deep and hard into me,

he agreed quite happily so as he lubed up his cock i braced myself for my first feeling of cock up my ass and did it ever feel so good it hurt at first but after the head was in it was nothing but pure pleasure, he kept going slow and fast it was amazing that his cock felt so right in my ass and i really felt at one with him after about 15 minutes of his incredible fucking i could feel is dick go completely hard and i knew he was going to cum then he announced it, like a rocket 6 spurts of his hot cum entered my ass and i loved ever second of it and it made me cum a huge load all over his bed he kept fucking my ass until he was soft and slid out then after with a ass full i cum i went to the spot were i cummed and i farted out his cum on my cum and ate both of our seeds as one the best taste every it was about 1 am at the time so i decided to sleep there and he was inside of me the whole night

if you like this story i will write a part two about the morning and all comments are welcome but if u r going to extremely harsh then pl don't say them i hope u enjoyed the story and this a origanal story so plz dont copy and re name just create your own or just dont post any
if u want to contact me my msn is

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2011-02-25 23:25:41
that was a good story. for pedophiles.

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2011-02-22 17:14:42
that was a good story

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2011-02-21 23:30:32
Just an FYI, when the word starts with a vowel, it is an, not a.

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