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Answering an add online gets me a hot black cock.
Let me start by saying I've always considered myself straight. Totally attracted to women, and not finding men's bodies sexy at all. That being said, when I watched porn I always preferred to see penetration. There was just something about watching a hard cock plunging in and out of a hot wet pussy that got me so hard. But more often I enjoyed watching blow job movies. The sight of a woman sucking on that hard member and getting a big load in her mouth was such a turn on. I later discovered I had what is referred to as and oral fixation. At a young age I developed a habit of sucking on my lower lip. During adolesence I surpressed the urge, I would only find myself doing it while watching porn. Specifically blow job scenes.
You could say I watched a little too much porn, and started to develop some odd fetishes.
Ever since 7th grade I've been turned on by women's panties. I can still remember the girl who sat in front of me in social studies, Susan. She always wore these silky smooth little panties, and they were constantly sticking out of her pants. So as the years went on, and I browsed all the panty porn I could, my fetish began to change. Until one day when I was 17, it occured to me it would be an even bigger turn on to watch porn while I was wearing panties. So I sneaked into my older sisters room and raided her panty drawer. I took a nice silky pair, much like Susans, and hurried back to my room. Putting them on I was in ecstasy. Wearing them and masturbating with them was an amazing thrill.
Fast forward 8 years, and I'm now 25 living together with my girlfriend, who I am very much attracted to. Still indulging in my panty wearing fetish when alone, but my oral fixation had intensified and changed. I had been having fantasies about sucking cock for the last year. I didn't feel gay, or ashamed, it was just a lusty fantasy. I am still attracted to women, not men really at all. Just a nice big cock.
So my girlfriend had to go away on a business trip for five days, leaving me all alone. This cock sucking fantasy was foremost on my mind. For the past few weeks I had been perusing craigslist, in particular the men seeking men personal ads. Just to see what these sex ads were like. And I was turned on at the idea of how easy it seemed to solicit sex over the internet. It was a surprise to see how many men liked to dress in women's panties. That gave me the idea of posting my own add on cl. Not with the intent of actually meeting anyone, but just to see what sort of responses I would get.
After looking at some hard cocks on the internet, and chubbing up my own cock, which was a nice 7 inches and fairly thick, I took some pictures. I got on to cl and started to type up my posting. Basically what I said was; I'm a slim young guy looking to suck a dick. With a little more detail than that, but you get the idea. The amount of responses I recieved was a real turn-on. A lot of men told me I had a hot cock, and I loved the attention. I got the great idea to snap some pictures of myself in panties and post them on cl. And I did. It wasn't long before replies started coming to me. All men sending me pictures on their dicks and telling me how they wanted to fuck me. It did get me hard, real hard. I wasn't considering any of them, I was just in it for fun. Until I got one hot email.
The message was from a guy named Thick. As he described himself he was; 36 and 6'1 225, with an 8" THICK black cock. And it was beautiful, just he biggest thick piece of meat I'd ever seen. I knew from the moment I saw that monster I had to have it in my mouth. His message described how he liked my tight ass, and desire for young white boys to hook up with. There was a certain turn-on with the way spoke, or wrote, with an er of command. He was dominante and I wanted to submit.
Over come with lust I wrote him back. Telling how hot his cock was and how much I wanted to touch it. I went on to explain my fears that he was just too big for me though. He wrote back assuring me we could just meet and see how it goes. Thick left his address and phone number, inviting me over.
Before I really knew what I was doing I found myself in my car and heading to his apartment. When I pulled into his apartment complex I was so nervous, but had come too far to turn back now. I called him and got the apartment number.

I walked into his apartment, he shut the door behind me and locked. I looked at him with slight alarm.
"We gotta have our privacy." he said.
He walked by and took his shirt off. He really was big, just massive and muscular. Thick sat down on the couch and started to unbutton his pants.
"I thought we were just going to take it slow." I said a little uneasy.
"Yeah baby, we'll go nice and slow." He got back up and walked right over to me, resting his hand on my lower back he pulled me close. Our hips touching. "You can't tell me you didn't come here looking for a little fun. Did you wear some sexy panties for me? And don't you want to see how excited I get when I see 'em?" I could feel his thick member pressing against me already.
"Yeah...I guess.." I answered.
"Good." he replied. Letting his hand slide down by back and rest on my butt. He walked back to the couch and sat down. This time pulling out his big thick cock and balls.
Now I was turned-on all over again. I turned my back and unbottoned my pants, pulled down the zipper and let them drop. My panty covered ass was in his full view now.
He let out a long whistle, "Nice!" he said, "You look real hot! Come over here, baby!"
Before I could react his large hands encircled my waist and pulled me onto his lap. He held me there kissing my neck and gyrating against me. He was too strong to resist. Grabbing me again he pushed me onto the couch and got on top of me. His cock rubbing against mine, only a thin silky layer between us. He kissed his way up my body to my mouth. I tried to resist his tongue but he was so powerful. And sexy! I opened my mouth and accepted his tongue. He kissed me long deep for quite a while. His hands stoking my hair and face, gripping my ass and rubbing my body against his cock. Suddenly he sat up and left me laying on the couch. He sat there rubbing his cock.
"Damn, I need some relief." he told me.
"Aaahhh...What do"
"Don't be shy, you know why you came here. Tell me what you were thinkin' about when you saw my pics."
"I was thinking about that cock." I managed, "About sucking that big fat dick!"
"Now's your chance, baby. I'm hard and ready!"
I got down in front of him. His hard-on standing right in front of me like some deity to be worshiped. I reached up and wrapped my trembling hand around his thick base. It was so warm. I began to slowly pump my hand up and down, squeezing his shaft. It was exhilarating to have another cock in my hands. I could move it all around and stroke at different speeds, knowing what he liked by hearing him moan. While stroking was fun his cock was just too delicious not to get my mouth on. Leaning close I let my warm breath caress his big plump balls. I let my lips touch his balls. Then my tongue, sliding it under his balls. Trying to scoop them into my mouth, they were huge. Like two plums, ripe and full of juice. Leaning back on my knees I positioned my self above his cock. Gripping his base and squeezing hard I moved my hand up his shaft to the head. Pushing a nice pool of precum out of his slit. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. I pressed the head of his cock onto my tongue, and ran my tongue up over his head. Licking the precum off his cock.
"Mmmm, yeah baby!" he said. "There's more where that came from, but you gotta work for it."
And with that I lowered my mouth down over his head. His cock was so thick I really had to open wide fit it in. Holding it in my mouth I caressed his head with my tongue. It was hot feeling his dick with my mouth. His head engorged and so defined. Using my tongue to explore his ridges. I was aware of him thrusting his hips forward, wanting to get in deeper. I opened my mouth wider and pushed down further on his cock. I could feel his head pushing into the back of my throat. I only had half his cock in my mouth, and that was about all I was really comfortable with. I started to pull back when I felt his hand on the back of my head.
"Not yet baby."
He started pulling my mouth down on his cock, forcing it further down my throat. When I felt his head push against the back of my throat he still didn't let up. Panicking I tried to pull back, pushing off his hips. But it was no use he was too strong. He raised his hips, changing the angle of his dick in my throat, and suddenly his cock slid down my throat. It felt like he was choking me, I could barely breath. He eased his grip on my head and I immediately made a move to pull my head off his cock. I almost made it too. He quickly forced my head back down his shaft, ramming his cock down my throat till my lips touched his pelvis. I could hear him snickering in between little moans. This went on for awhile yet. Him letting me up then forcing me back down, until his hand left my head completely. I was finally able to get his dick out of my mouth.
Gasping and swallowing, my eyes welled up with tears, I angrily demanded "What the hell!?"
"Suck me dick, bitch!" he answered. I tried to resist but he shoved his slick gleaming member at my mouth. "You can suck it or I can fuck that mouth. Either way your swallowing what I give ya."
Reluctantly I opened my mouth and let him back in. "Yeah, that's a good girl." he told me. Though I resisted, I was secretly turned on by his domination, or not so secretly considering my own erection.
I started sucking his cock passionately. Acting on my desire to please him. Bobbing up and down, slurping on his thick shaft. I knew he was nearing orgasm when he was bucking his hips to meet me. I felt his hand on the top of my head again, he started pushing and pulling, controlling the action. His pace started getting more wild, he was fucking my face passionately. His cock getting harder and harder, until it was a piece of steel in my mouth. He took a sudden deep breath and grunted while trying to keep himself from orgasm. Thick pulled his cock out of my mouth so only his head rested on my tongue while I caressed his sweet spot. Looking up I saw him with eyes closed and head thrashing from side to side. All at once he released his breath and his orgasm. A gargantuan amount of thick, hot, sticky cum erupted from his cock. He kept his head on my tongue, shooting his cum in my mouth so I would have to taste him. He was so salty and masculine. After three big blasts he began pumping my head up and down on his cock all while cumming, shooting in my mouth and down my throat. Finally he held me down on his shaft and just squeezed and pumped his cock, emptying his balls. After he released my head from his strong grip I just stayed there, gently sucking on his member.
I sat back in stunned silence. In awe of the sexy that just took place in my mouth. My cock was rock hard and pointing straight up, and surprisingly so was Thick's. He looked at me in a way that suggested he wanted something more. Getting nervous I jumped up and headed for the bathroom, which was in his bedroom. Thick was up and right behind me.
When we got into the bedroom he grabbed me threw me face down on the bed and layed on top of me. I could feel his raging member poking my panty covered ass.
"What are you doing?" I asked, fear evident on my voice.
"I'm going to make you a woman." he said while kissing my neck.
I protested "No! You're too big! Please, don't!"
"Yeah, struggle. That's hot!"
He continued kissing my neck and rubbing his cock on my ass. Grabbing my face he turned my mouth to him and kissed me long and deep. Probing my mouth with his tongue. It was sexy, and I kissed him back. This went on for ten minutes, his large naked body on top of mine. Gyrating against me, his tongue in my mouth swirling and exploring. He leaned over on his side and grabbed my head with one big hand, pulling my mouth to his again and kissed me deep. With one big muscular leg he pinned both of my legs down. His hand moved from the back of my head down to my butt. Thick's big warm hand caressed and groped my ass, squeezing and pinching. Curling his fingers around the waist band of my panties he began to slide them down my legs. I didn't think it was possible to feel even more nude but my feeling of vulnerability skyrocketed. The reality of what was about to happen suddenly hit home. I made a sudden move to jump up and run for the door. But Thick was faster. Seeing my sudden jolt he vaulted on top of me, hands on my shoulders, straddling my legs, the shaft of his hard on pushing down on my ass.
" This is gonna happen, Baby." he said in my ear. Keeping one hand on my shoulders he pushed himself up. The other hand went to his raging cock. Positioning his head on top of my tight hole he said "If I can't trust you I can't lube up. I'll fuck your ass dry if I have too." And with that he raised his hips and let his weight drive down on my ass hole. The pain was enormous, it felt like he was going to tear me apart. I knew I had no choice but to do what he wanted or suffer serious injury.
"Ugghhhh....Oh god! Please stop!" I begged. "I'll do what ever you want!"
"Good girl. Tell me you want it!"
I was torn with uncertainty. Being extremely nervous about the size of his cock, but on the other hand I didn't appear to have much choice. I decided to go with it.
"Yeah, I...ah...want you to fuck me." I stammered. "Fuck my ass." It was kind of a turn-on to talk like this, I could feel my cock getting hard. "Fill me with me with that huge cock! I want to feel you cum in me!"
"Yeah baby," he said, "You're gonna get it! I'm a fuck that ass all night!" He reached underneath me and wrapped my panties around my cock. Thick's big strong hands grabbed ass and began kneading it. He paid lots of loving attention to my ass, caressing and massaging. His thumbs found their way between my cheeks and spread them apart. I felt Thick shift his position on the bed, then I felt his hot breath on my exposed ass. His lips soon found my hole, he kissed and teased me. It was hot, and wonderful. His lips were soft and loving, I could tell this was something he was really into. The length of my taint all the way up my ass was treated to his warm wet tongue gliding up over me. Thick pushed himself up and let his heavy cock fall onto my ass. Feeling sexy I pushed up into his cock, rubbing myself on his shaft.
"Ummmm, yeah." he said. "You want it now."
Thick leaned over me, pressing his balls and shaft on my ass, and reached into the night stand. Reaching in a drawer he pulled out a tube of lube. Returning to his position above me I heard him pop the cap, then I felt something foreign and plastic pressed to my ass. My crack was filled with cool slick lube. He stuck his finger between my cheeks and began to rub the lube around. Soon his finger found my hole and began to enter. It was odd to feel something going in, a little uncomfortable at first. He would push his finger in a little then easy out. Every time he would go back in he would push it in even further. Soon he had his entire thick finger in me, and began to wiggle it and rub my prostate. It really felt good, I knew I could cum if he kept it up. But he withdrew his finger, and soon I felt a second finger pushing on my hole. Thick's middle and index fingers began entering my butt, probing in and out again. This time he wiggled and move his fingers around, stretching me, preparing me for his monster cock.
Feeling my ass was good and wet, Thick removed his fingers from my ass and started lubing his dick in earnest. His hands grasped my cheeks again and spread me open, his thumbs rubbing my hole. Then he leaned forward, laying on top of me. One hand supporting him the other guiding his cock. Rubbing it on my ass. His throbbing head was extremely hot and trying to force its way into me. He nuzzled my neck and whispered, "Relax baby. It'll go easier." While sucking my ear lobe and kissing my neck.
I tried to relax my ass while grabbing the blankets beneath me in a death grip. Began slowly pushing. It hurt like hell. I held my breath and bit my lip and continued his slow thrust. So far just the tip of his engorged head was in my tight ass, so much thickness to go. But he just kept pushing and pushing. The pain was mounting, increasing as the circumference of his cock grew and rammed its way into my ass. The rim of Thick's head, The widest part of his head, reached my hole I could no longer hold it, a whine of pain escaped my lips. But suddenly his head was the the way in. The pain greatly diminished, I was finally able to relax my ass.
"That's it, baby. Relax. Now we can have some fun."
Thick pulled his head out then pushed it right back in. It was much less painful this time. He did it again and again, getting my accustomed to his massive girth. But after ramming his head back into me he didn't pull it back out, instead he resumed his slow push into my ass. His shaft was thicker and rounder than his head, and it was now forcing its way in me. I knew his goal was to get his entire enormous cock in me. He wasn't going to finish until he was balls deep. He continued his slow and steady push, after every inch he got into me he would back out and inch then push back in. It was like a mini-fucking to celebrate each inch he forced in. This went on for a long time. Thick slowly thrusting his dick in and out of me. I could feel him entering deeper and deeper into my body. Knowing my ass would soon meet the base of his tool. I could feel him holding back, gently fucking my ass with almost his whole cock in me. In one swift, hard, motion he thrust the rest of his cock into me with such force it pushed me up the bed. His flat, hard, stomach now rested against my ass, and his big juicy balls were rubbing on top of mine. Thick reared up and slapped my ass hard.
That was when the real fucking started.
He withdrew his cock, all but the head. In one hard, swift, motion he was all the way back in side me. Thick began fucking me hard and fast, unleashing his animal lust. Thrusting in and out, making me feel the length of his cock in me. His thrusts were so powerful they shook the bed, slamming the headrest against the wall. He sounded like wild beast, grunting and moaning with such passion.
"Oh yeah! Fuck!" he yelled, "You want it don't you? Tell me you love it!"
"Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Fill me with your hot cum!" I replied.
His strokes got wilder and more erratic. One hand went to my hip and pulled me into him as he fucked me. His grunting became more ragged and quick. I felt his dick become like a steel rod again. The length of his cock pushing my prostate took me over the edge. I shot a huge sticky load into the panties Thick tied around my cock.
Amidst his wild thrusting he drew on long ragged breath and held it. His cock buried deep in me thrust in and out in short, hard, strokes. He held back as long as he could, till I heard the breath leave him in one big grunt. My ass was suddenly filled with a hot liquid as he came in big hot blasts, shooting deep in me. Thick grunted and thrust until he emptied his balls. Then he just collapsed on top of me in a hot, sweaty heap. Just laying there squeezing his cock in me, and I squeezed him back.


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Damn anonymous white married woman, I wanna fuck u too!


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Too bad this really didn't happen to you panty sub; cause it even turned on some chicks reading your story.

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This married white bitch would love to have a huge black cock fill me full of cum

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I wish a big black cock would find me and fuck my brains out. I'd be a good bitch and hopefully he'd share me with his black cocked friends.

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I'm a married white woman been married for 7 years now I love my husband very much and love having sex with him but that's all it is . I work for a big irrigation company and about four years ago one of
The guys I work with ask me out to have a drink with him after work nice tall young athletic built good looking black guy . We really hit it off even me being 13 yrs.older than him .it soon became a every day thing drinks after work . I've been want to fuck him for awhile I week my husband went out of town I made it a point to tell my coworker so that Friday night he take me out to his favorite bar .i wanted to fuck him so bad and he knew it . He fucked me so many times and so hard that weekend and filled me fiull of cum in every hole that I love black cock so much . To this my husband doesn't know that that not only am I fucking and sucking Chris cock at work but he shares me with his black friend .hes made me his whore and I love every minute of it black cock is the best

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