A story about a striaght guy who ends up fucking his girlfriend's male roommate
Jason knocked on the door and waited in the hallway for his girlfriend to answer the door. He had a bag of groceries in one hand and Chinese take-out in the other. The groceries consisted entirely of a bottle of whiskey, a six-pack of beer, a bottle of wine, and condoms. The beer and whiskey was for him. The wine was for her. And the condoms weren’t for anybody, just Wendy’s peace of mind. Hopefully by the time the wine was gone she’d forget all about them.

When the door opened, Jason’s girlfriend Wendy wasn’t the one on the other side.

“Jason!” squealed Robbie, Wendy’s gay roommate. “It’s so good to see you!” he exclaimed as he rushed forward, wrapping his arms around an obviously uncomfortable and unresponsive Jason, who didn’t even lift his arms in response.

Robbie was shorter than Jason and quite heavyset at 5’10” and about 220 lbs. He was tan skinned, some mixture of Mexican and some European ancestry, with wavy dark hair bleached blonde. He also had the stereotypical gay demeanor: full of energy, cheerful, and just a little bit annoying. At least to Jason.

Jason was a man’s man. He was straight, good looking, liked sports, drank beer and whiskey, rode a motorcycle, and worked a blue collar job driving a garbage truck for the city. He had short dirty blonde hair, a constant 5 o’clock shadow, was 6’2” and 180 lbs. of muscle. He didn’t consider himself homophobic or anything, it’s not as if he hated gays. He just didn’t really like them. He had nothing in common with them and had simply never met one with which he cared to spend any time with. As far as he was concerned they could go and do their thing and he would go and do his.

That was until he had started dating Wendy. They had met at a bar about a month ago and he had taken her back to his place. They’d fucked and saw each other a few more times before he ever came around back to her place. That was when he met Robbie. Her over-weight, overly energetic, gay roommate. Jason didn’t really see anything wrong with Robbie; he was a nice enough guy. Jason just didn’t really care for spending any time with him. But, he was Wendy’s roommate, so from time to time Jason was forced to put up with him.

“Ooo! Treats! What did you bring me?” Robbie said looking at the two bags Jason was holding as he released him from the hug, which had lasted much too long for Jason’s taste.

“Um, Hi Robbie. This is just some stuff for me and Wendy, is she home?” Jason said gruffly.

“Oh poo! Ha, I’m just kidding! You’re straight to business aren’t you? No small talk for you! Ha!” Robbie laughed and waved his arms as he stepped aside and motioned in. “Well come on in, Wendy is in the shower, she’ll be right out. You know how girl’s are, always making their fellas wait, am I right?”

“Yeah, I guess so.” Jason said as he walked in. “Um, I guess I’ll just wait in her room.”

Robbie closed the door behind him. “Nonsense! You can stay out here with me! We can chat and catch up! Let me help you with those!” Robbie grabbed the grocery bag before Jason could protest.

Looking inside Robbie said, “Oh let me put these in the fridge for you!” He set the bag down on the counter and pulled out the beer and wine.

“Uh, thanks.” Jason said awkwardly as he stood in the middle of the room.

“Um, you’re welcome!” Robbie laughed, mimicking Jason in the irritating way he did when he knew Jason was uncomfortable. Robbie walked to the connected kitchenette and put the bottles in the fridge. Looking back at Jason he said, “Go on! Sit your sweet tushie down!”

Setting down the bag of take-out, Jason rolled his eyes and took a seat at the table next to the kitchen.

“Does this go in the fridge?” Robbie asked holding up the bottle of Wild Turkey.

“No, you can leave that out. You don’t refrigerate whiskey.”

“Oh, okay. I knew that,” Robbie said, sounding embarrassed. Then suddenly, he exclaimed, “Well what do we have here?! Planning on a big night, eh?” He waved the box of condoms in the air.

Jason didn’t respond, he just audibly sighed and rubbed his forehead. It’s not as if he was embarrassed, but Robbie’s attempts at humor and friendly banter were exasperating.

“I’m just kidding!” he said with a laugh. “I’ll just put these back in your bag. Do you want a beer while you wait for Wendy?”

“Sure,” Jason said reluctantly. “Help yourself too, if you want one.” As much as Robbie annoyed him, Jason always tried to be polite; especially considering this was Robbie’s apartment too.

Looking back at him Robbie smiled and said, “Oh you’re so sweet to offer, but no thanks. I’ll just have one of my wine coolers!”

Robbie came back into the room and sat down next to Jason, handing him a bottle of Yuengling.

“Thanks,” Jason said taking the bottle.

“Oh, do you need a bottle opener?” Robbie asked already getting up.

“No, no. Don’t worry about it, I got it,” Jason said, popping the cap off with his thumb and taking a long pull from the bottle.

“Ooo! Impressive? Can you do that to mine?” Robbie asked, holding out his bottle of Bartles & James.

Looking at it and then up at Robbie, Jason burped and said, “Uh, that’s a twist off. I think you can manage.”

“Oh, of course! Ha ha ha!” Robbie blushed, twisting off the cap and then taking a small, dainty sip. After a moment’s silence, he turned back to Jason asking, “So what’s new with you?”

“Nothin’,” Jason said, taking another long drink. “Same old, same old…”

“Well, that’s nice I guess.” Robbie said. “But you wouldn’t believe what happened to me at work the other day!” He then went off on some long-winded story about something or other that happened at the store where Robbie worked. Jason tended to tune this stuff out and just nod politely. Robbie worked in some kind of clothing store, Jason had never really cared enough to know much more about it, despite the fact that Robbie always seemed to be talking about it or some other facet of his life.

Drinking his beer, Jason kept nodding and added the occasional “Uh huh,” or “Yeah” when appropriate. Sitting there, trying to look as if he was paying attention Jason drank his beer and thought to himself, I’m gonna need something stronger if I’m gonna sit here while he goes on like this.

Finishing his beer, Jason said, “I’m just gonna go toss this.” Robbie nodded and kept on with his story, all the while making extravagant hand gestures, the meaning of which Jason could only guess.

Walking into the kitchen, Jason continued feigning interest by mumbling, “Uh huh.” He tossed the beer bottle in the garbage and opened up the cupboard looking for a glass. Finding a dusty looking old fashioned, he wiped it off and placed it on the counter opening the bottle of whiskey and pouring about three fingers in. Jason always drank it straight, and he tended to drink a lot. He had planned on getting drunk with Wendy tonight anyway, looks like he was just gonna do it ahead of schedule. It had felt like she’d been in the shower for an hour, but he’d probably only been there five minutes so far.

Coming back to the table, Jason nodded along to Robbie’s story and took a pug of whiskey, sucking on his teeth. Sitting back down, it looked to Jason as Robbie was finishing up his story so he started listening again.

“…and then he ran out of the store! Can you believe that? I mean, who does that?” Robbie finished.

Taking another sip before putting the glass down, Jason said, “Wow Robbie, that’s a hell of a story you got there. Can’t quite understand that myself. Must have been some weirdo.”

“You’re so nice to listen to my boring stories Jason!” Robbie said, playfully slapping Jason on the knee. “You’re such a good listener. No wonder Wendy is with you.” At this point, Robbie’s hand didn’t leave Jason’s knee. And it might have been the booze, but Jason doubted it because he hadn’t had that much to drink yet. He also might have been imagining it, but Robbie seemed to be rubbing his thigh. Before he knew it though, Robbie was up and clapped his hands saying, “I’m going to the bathroom! I’ll be right back.” And he was off.

Jason just sat there with a puzzled look on his face and shrugged, taking another sip of whiskey. Setting the glass back down he noticed Robbie’s wine cooler was empty, which surprised him. He didn’t the think the guy would drink so fast, but figured that might be why his hand had lingered. He probably couldn’t hold his liquor either, which was why he probably rushed to the bathroom.

Jason just shrugged again and pounded back the rest of his whiskey. Leaning back he closed his eyes and waited for Wendy. He thought about her supple little body in the shower, soaping herself up and caressing her small, but beautiful breasts. Water running down her back and over her tight sexy ass. Jason began to feel a tingle in his cock and reached down grabbing his crotch and giving it a squeeze. He readjusted his growing cock and pulled his hand back away as a smile spread across his face.

Then Jason heard something and opened his eyes, seeing Robbie sitting back down next to him. Embarrassed for a moment, Jason didn’t know what to say so he just looked at Robbie who didn’t let on like he had seen anything, but just said, “Duh! I forgot Wendy is using the bathroom, but I heard her turn off the shower, so she should be right out.”

Noticing his empty glass, Robbie asked, “Do you want another drink? I know I could use one!”

“Sure, thanks,” Jason said.

Taking the glass and his own empty bottle, Robbie asked, “Do you want more whiskey or another beer?”

Scratching his stubble Jason thought for a moment. “Um, do you know what a boiler maker is?” he asked Robbie.

“Oh that’s a beer and a shot of whiskey! That sound like fun! Do you think I could have one too?” Robbie chirped.

“Uh, if you think you’re up for it.” Jason said, surprised.

“Oh I can hang with the tough guys sometimes!” Robbie exclaimed.

“Alright,” Jason gave in. “Go for it then.”

As he heard clinking and rattling come from the kitchen, Jason looked at his watch. He’d only been here 8 minutes. Then he heard the bathroom door open and Wendy’s voice called out, “Jason? Are you here?”

“Yeah, I’m here baby,” he responded.

Before she could say anything, Robbie called from the kitchen, “Oh I know you’re here Jason! Just kidding Wendy! I’m entertaining him, don’t worry! We’re drinking and doing guy stuff!”

Jason just shook his head. Wendy then called back, “Okay, that sounds nice you two. Jason I’ll be out in a couple minutes!”

“Okay, sweetie,” Jason said.

“Okay sweetie!” Robbie mimicked.

After Wendy’s bedroom door closed Robbie came out carefully carrying two shot glasses of whiskey and two bottles of beer. Placing them down on the table.

Sliding a shot in front of himself, Jason took one of the bottles and popped the cap off with his thumb like last time.

“Oooo! Now you can pop me!” Robbie squealed. Jason gave him a sidelong glance. “I mean mine!” Robbie blushed.

“Here,” Jason said grabbing the other bottle and popping off the cap.

“Yaaay!” Robbie clapped. “Now what do we do?”

Holding up his shot Jason said, “First you take the shot.” Then picking up the beer with his other hand, “Then you chase it with the beer.”

“Oo, fun!” Robbie said.

“Ready?” Jason asked.

“Ready,” Robbie answered.

Jason pounded back the shot and took a long hard pull from his bottle of beer, drinking back about half the bottle.

Robbie tried to do the same but he didn’t get past the shot. Gently holding it up to his lips he poured it back, make a sour face as he swallowed and immediately began coughing.

“Whoa, whoa there,” Jason said, setting down his beer. “You okay, there?” he asked patting Robbie on the back. Robbie continued coughing. Taking Robbie’s beer, Jason held it up for him and said, “Here, drink some beer.”

Reaching out, Robbie’s hand slid over Jason’s as he tilted the beer back and took a sip, still coughing slightly. Then grasping the beer with his other hand, he moved Jason’s hand away and started pounding back the beer, guzzling it down. Pushing away Jason, Robbie held his own hand out against Jason’s chest as he finished the entire beer.

Eyes wide, Jason was surprised. So surprised in fact that he didn’t even brush away Robbie’s hand as he placed it firmly against his chest.

“Ah!” Robbie gasped as he set down his now empty beer. “Looks like I beat you,” he smirked as his hand slowly dropped from Jason’s chest and rested on his thigh.

Noticing what he was doing, Jason started to look down, but Robbie moved his hand away and motioned to Jason’s still half full beer, “Finish up there partner.”

Distracted by this, Jason lifted the beer to his lips and pounded back the rest. Raising the empty bottle in Robbie’s direction he said, “Way to go, but I didn’t realize we were racing.”

“Oh, just having a little fun!” Robbie said, playfully slapping Jason’s jeans, dangerously close to his dick. Feeling the tight fabric tense over his crotch, Jason noticed his cock stiffen slightly. He shook his head, trying to clear it. Drank too much, too fast, he thought. Robbie was smiling at him now with a slightly drunken grin. Before Jason could say anything though, Wendy walked out.

“What have you two boys been up to?” She asked with a big grin on her face. Wendy knew Jason didn’t exactly love spending time with Robbie, so she was pleased to see the two of them getting along.

Wendy was a short, but athletic girl. She used to be a gymnast and was very flexible in bed. She had short dark hair and cool blue eyes. She wasn’t very tan, but had a fair, clear complexion, with almost no freckles or blemishes whatsoever. She had somewhat small breasts, but they were perky and well shaped, like tear drops. And she had a nice body, tight and toned, but not overly muscular. Jason didn’t really like muscular girls. He was traditional, and muscles seemed unfeminine.

Relieved to see her finally, Jason stood up and walked towards her. “Hey baby,” he said and leaned in, kissing her.

“Oh, we were just doing guy stuff!” Robbie said. “Drinking, talking about cars and girls and sports, weren’t we Jason?”

Looking back at Robbie and then back to Wendy, Jason said, “Uh, yep. Guy stuff.”

Grabbing the bag of take-out, Jason said to Wendy, “So babe, you wanna eat in your room and watch a movie or something?”

Looking back at Robbie, Wendy said, “Uh, is that alright Robbie?”

Looking somewhat red in the face Robbie said, “Why would I mind, you two go ahead! I’m fine.”

Walking towards her room Jason said, “Hey babe, I got you some wine, you wanna grab that and the beer from the fridge.”

“Okay, sweetie,” she said making her way to the kitchen.

At this point, Robbie leapt up and grabbed the bag from the kitchen saying, “Oh, and don’t forget these!”

Taking the bag from Robbie, Wendy looked inside, then clutched the bag closed against her body. “Jason!”

Shrugging, Jason looked back and said, “What? Would you prefer I not buy them?”

Staring back at him she said sternly, “I would prefer if you wouldn’t show them off to everybody.”

Shrugging again Jason just said, “Sorry” and walked into her room, sitting down and setting up dinner.

A few moments later, Wendy walked in with the beer, the wine, and a glass for herself. She opened the bottle with a corkscrew from her desk and poured herself a glass as Jason opened yet another beer. They cheers’d and drank as Wendy flipped around looking for something to watch on TV and Jason served the food.

Wendy found some movie on that she liked, Jason didn’t recognize it, but he didn’t really care either. Somehow he had gotten so worked up and he was just really horny right now. They ate and drank, but Jason just kept watching Wendy, waiting to fuck. She kept drinking wine and watching the movie though, even after they were done eating. So Jason just started throwing back the beer bottles, one after another.

Jason was a pretty heavy drinker, so he could handle his booze, but it still got him pretty drunk after the whiskey he had been drinking with Robbie. Wendy meanwhile, was not much of a drinker, but really seemed to be liking the wine tonight. In fact, before he had noticed it, the entire bottle of wine was gone and she was getting drowsy.

They moved to the bed, once the drinks were gone, but she didn’t seem too interested in sex. She watched the movie with half closed eyes and shoved him off, every time he tried to make a move.

“Nah righ’ now, sweetumz, m’washeen the movieeee…” she’d slur until she eventually fell asleep.

Frustrated, Jason didn’t know what to do. He had a raging hard on by this point and he couldn’t fuck Wendy when she was asleep. He tried to rouse her, but she just kept pushing him away in her sleep saying, “Go’way!”

Flipping around the channels, Jason started getting the craving for another drink. All the beer was gone and he wasn’t that drunk. That’s when he remembered he still had that bottle of whiskey out in the kitchen.

Leaving Wendy in bed, Jason made his way out into the hall. Flicking on the light to the kitchenette, Jason spied the whiskey bottle, more than half of which was left. He picked it up and turned off the light, about to make his way back to Wendy’s room and drink himself (and his erection) to sleep.

“Hey there stranger,” he heard Robbie say. He was sitting in the TV room, which was on the other side of the counter of the kitchenette, connected to the dining room where they had sat earlier.

Jason looked up, surprised. “Oh, Robbie, you’re still up.” Robbie was sitting on the couch, several empty bottles of Bartles & James around him, the TV on glowing, illuminating his face, but no with no sound.

“What’cha got there?” Robbie said, nodding towards Jason.

Jason looked down embarrassed, seeing a large tent in his pants. “Uhhh…” he stammered.

“More whiskey?” Robbie asked.

“Uh, yeah…” Jason managed as he awkwardly positioned himself to hide his erection.

“Want to sit down a share a drink?” Robbie asked.

Not wanting to seem rude, Jason agreed and made his way over, sitting down on the couch quickly, so Robbie wouldn’t notice his boner. Nervous, Jason unscrewed the cap and took a quick pull from the bottle of whiskey. Looking around he then said, “Sorry, I forgot glasses. I can go get some,” but he didn’t get up, not wanting to expose himself again.

“It’s okay,” Robbie said. Reaching forward and wrapping his hand around Jason’s and the bottle, pulling it towards him. Jason let his hand be carried a few moments before releasing as Robbie took a pull from the bottle himself, this time not coughing.

He licked his lips and handed the bottle back to Jason. “Thanks,” he said.

“Don’t mention it,” Jason replied before quickly taking another swallow.

“Whoa, slow down there, big guy, what’s the rush? Something the matter?” Robbie asked, placing his hand on Jason’s thigh again. As Jason lowered the bottle, he looked down at Robbie’s hand resting on his leg. This time Robbie didn’t pull away. And Jason could swear Robbie was inching closer to him.

“You two have a fight?” Robbie asked, still inching closer. “I didn’t hear anything.”

Jason took another drink. “No, that’s just it. There was nothing to hear. We didn’t do anything, she fell asleep, leaving me… Nevermind.”

“What? What’s the matter?” Robbie asked, now slowly starting to rub Jason’s thigh.

Jason let out a sharp breath as this stimulation was exciting him further as he felt his cock growing in his pants. “I’m just a little… frustrated is all.” Jason said, still drinking whiskey and getting more and more light-headed by the minute and more and more uninhibited.

“I just thought… that I’d be getting laid tonight,” Jason blurted out.

Robbie was now right next to him, shoulder to shoulder, with his hand now rubbing Jason’s inner thigh, right next to Jason’s bulging crotch.

It was at this time that Jason looked up to the TV, trying to find a distraction. And he finally realized what was on the TV. It was two guys fucking. Robbie had been watching gay porn with the volume turned all the way down. A chubby tan guy was bent over a bed with a gag in his mouth as a muscular white guy wearing a dog collar rammed into his ass with a huge cock.

Jason was shocked, but he didn’t look away. He just sat there, transfixed as his girlfriend’s gay roommate fondled him as he watched gay porn.

“Do you like that?” Robbie asked.

“Uhh…” was all Jason could manage.

“You’re so cute,” Robbie said, now leaving behind all pretenses as he fully grasped Jason’s crotch and began rubbing his hard cock through his jeans.

Jason now turned to Robbie, mouth open. Robbie didn’t waste a second, he pressed his lips firmly to Jason’s. Robbie’s tongue darted in and out, swirling it around and rubbing against Jason’s own. Jason didn’t fight back. In fact, he slowly started to give in. It felt good to be fondled like this and desired so badly. He just closed his eyes and gave in. He started kissing back.

At first Jason thought of Wendy, but his mind couldn’t stay focused on her, it kept returning to the fact that he was making out with Robbie. Various images of girls he would jerk off to flashed through his mind, but none would stay. Eventually he just opened his eyes and accepted the fact that he was making out with a guy. His cock grew even harder. In fact, it was starting to chafe, rubbing up against his jeans.

Pulling back from Robbie, Jason said, “Wait a minute.” Taking a long pull from the whiskey bottle, Jason set it down and unbuckled his pants. He reached into his boxers and slid his now huge cock out of his fly.

Robbie, looked down at it and his eyes widened. “Wow,” was all he could say. Jason had a huge dick. It must have been 8 inches and very thick. He was circumcised and the skin looked so smooth. Robbie reached forward and wrapped his fingers around Jason’s hard cock and began stroking it.

“Ooooooh yeah,” Jason groaned leaning his head back.

“You like that?” Robbie teased.

Looking back at him, Jason just said, “Shut the fuck up.” He then grabbed Robbie’s head and pulled him in for a kiss. Jason now was being the aggressive one, forcing his tongue into Robbie’s mouth and swirling it around. With his right hand he grabbed Robbie’s hand that was jerking him off and began guiding it up and down.

Surprised by Jason’s forwardness, Robbie became submissive and followed Jason’s lead. He held his large cock firmly, but let Jason guide his hand and maintain the rhythm and speed. Meanwhile he let Jason’s tongue roam freely within his mouth, moaning softly as he did so.

After several minutes of this Jason got frustrated and pushed Robbie off of him. “What’s the matter?” Robbie asked, afraid he had done something wrong or that Jason had finally come to his senses.

“Shut. The. Fuck. Up.” Jason repeated again. He then stood and kicked off his boots and dropped his pants and boxers.

“Kneel,” he said, pointing to the floor in front of him.

Turned on by this surprising and aggressive behavior, Robbie did as he was told. Now wagging his huge cock in front of Robbie’s face, Jason leaned forward and said, “Now suck my cock, bitch.”

Robbie started to open his mouth, but before he could do anything else Jason thrust his cock inside and gripped the side of Robbie’s head as he began to face fuck him.

Robbie had blown a lot of guys before, some almost as big as Jason, but rarely did they ever get as rough with him as Jason was. Robbie loved it. He moaned as Jason forced his cock into Robbie’s mouth. The head of his penis pushing up against Robbie’s throat.

“Oh, fuck yeah!” Jason grunted as he continued to thrust into Robbie’s willing mouth. He couldn’t believe how good it felt to have another man’s mouth wrapped around his cock. And Robbie really knew what he was doing. The way his lips formed a tight seal around his shaft and the way his tongue slid up and down and around felt amazing. Better than any blowjob he’d ever had by a woman! And the suction Robbie maintained, God! It felt so tight in there, he couldn’t believe he had been missing out on this!

Robbie was enjoying himself, too. It was so hot to have a straight guy pleasuring himself in his mouth. He had always thought Jason was hot and couldn’t believe he was blowing him right now. It turned him on so much to fuck with a straight guy. He began pushing his face deeper into Jason’s pelvis. He reached around and grabbed Jason’s ass, pulling him into his hungry mouth. Jason’s cock moved back into his throat, which Robbie opened as best he could, relaxing the muscles and feeling his esophagus stretch and fill with Jason’s huge meaty cock.

Jason was in bliss. It felt so good his hands began to slip from Robbie’s head. Robbie was the one now forcing Jason’s cock into his mouth. Jason felt his balls slap against Robbie’s chin with each thrust and slowly Robbie wormed him tongue underneath Jason’s shaft and out his mouth until it was tickling his balls.

“Oh God! That feels good you little faggot cocksucker!” Jason said. Hearing Jason say that turned Robbie on so much. He loved dirty talk. He loved being called a faggot and a cocksucker by a straight man who was drilling his face. Robbie moaned in pleasure.

“Oh, you like that you fucking faggot? You cock-sucking whore? You like my dick in your throat?” Jason began to rant, clutching Robbie’s head again and giving strong, powerful thrusts into his face.

Robbie moaned in the affirmative as best he could as Jason forced his cock as far back into Robbie’s throat as it could go.

Jason looked down at his cock, buried in Robbie’s throat, feeling his balls slap against his chin and Robbie’s tongue slide underneath. “How about I fuck that fat faggot ass of yours?” he said. “Yeah, you want that, don’t you?”

Robbie managed to nod his head, looking back up at Jason, whose eyes were wild with lust.

“Alright faggot,” Jason said ripping Robbie’s head off of his cock and throwing him back on the floor. “Strip.”

Without saying a word, Robbie started taking off his clothes as Jason stepped out of his pants and pealed off his t-shirt, revealing a flat stomach with rippling abs and pecks. Stripping off his own clothes, Robbie revealed a chubby body with a fat ass. Jason stepped forward and pushed him to his hands and knees facing away from him.

Kneeling behind him and positioning the tip of his hard cock at Robbie’s ass crack he said, “You want me to fuck this fat faggot ass?” giving him a hard smack on his ass cheeks. “Tell me you want me to fuck your fat faggot ass, bitch!”

Robbie turned his head back to look at Jason, so turned on by this wild and drastic change in behavior from his roommates straight boyfriend he said, “Fuck me in my fat faggot ass baby!”

“Yeah…” Jason said as he spread Robbie’s cheeks and spit a large gob of saliva right onto his asshole. Jason’s dick already lubricated from Robbie’s own saliva he pressed the tip right on Robbie’s asshole and with one strong motion, forced his cock all the way up into Robbie’s ass.

“Uuhngh!!!” They grunted in unison. Jason left his cock in deep, impaling Robbie’s fat ass, his pelvis pressed tight up against his butt cheeks, his balls dangling slapping against the skin.

“Feel that cock inside your ass,” Jason said. “Get used to it there, because I’m driving this baby home!”

With that Jason grabbed Robbie’s hips and began violently thrusting into his ass. Robbie moaned as Jason powered into him. Jason had a big dick and it had been a while since Robbie had had one in him. It felt so good to feel Jason’s cock stretching out his anus and filling him up.

Jason could feel Robbie’s ass flexing and tightening around his cock. He’d always wanted to try anal sex, but this was his first time, with a man or woman. He’d tried to convince Wendy, but she would have none of it. Now he was finally getting his first ass, and it was the ass of her gay roommate!

Each time he thrust in he could feel Robbie’s fat ass cheeks ripple and bounce around his cock. He loved the feeling of his balls slapping against his chubby ass. Jason couldn’t believe how much he loved Robbie’s fat ass. It turned him on so much. He gripped and squeezed his ass cheeks as he penetrated his tight butthole. It was amazing.

“Take that you fucking faggot!” Jason began yelling. “You fucking love it in the ass! You fucking faggot fuck!” He couldn’t quite explain it, but it really got him off to yelling that. Even though he was fucking another guy in the ass, it turned him on to call the other guy faggot.

“Tell Daddy you like it!” Jason said. “Tell Daddy you like it when he fucks you in the ass!”

Robbie couldn’t believe what was going on. He couldn’t believe what a crazed sex machine Jason had turned into and all the hot, dirty talk that was spewing from his mouth. Robbie’s own cock was rock hard and bouncing in front of him as Jason plowed into him. He started chanting back, “Oh yeah Daddy! Fuck me in the ass! Fuck your little faggot in the ass! I love it!”

This drove Jason wild. He began reeling back and thrusting forward with even move power, throwing his entire weight into each thrust, forcing his cock as deep into Robbie’s ass as it would go. “Take that bitch! Take that you fucking faggot!”

This was too much for Robbie, he was gonna cum from getting fucked alone, without even any external stimulation as Jason’s cock deep inside his ass was massaging his prostate.

“Oh, Daddy you’re gonna make me cum! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me in my faggot ass! I’m cuuuuuumming!!!”

Robbie began spurting cum up against his belly and on the carpet beneath him as Jason continued grunting and forcing his way deep into his ass. Robbie came for about a minute, his load shooting out in quick spurts as he bent forward on his elbows panting, Jason still fucking his ass raw.

“You wanna make Daddy cum now, bitch?” Jason said behind him, ramming his cock repeatedly into Robbie’s ass.

“Oh yeah! Daddy cum for me! Cum in your sweet little faggot’s ass! Please Daddy! I want you to cum in me!” Robbie repeated over and over again as Jason continued his long powerful strokes, but the speed increased.

Faster and faster now, Jason’s huge cock hammered Robbie from behind. Jason felt his balls tighten as they slapped against Robbie’s ass and he shouted, “Oh yeah, I’m CUMMING IN YOUR FAGGOT ASS!” And with one final thrust, he dove his cock into Robbie anus and it exploded inside, blasting cum up inside Robbie’s ass and filling his bowels with the white-hot creamy load.

Jason squeezed Robbie’s ass cheeks tight as Robbie clenched his asshole, tightening it around Jason’s dick. Blast after blast of hot cum unloaded into Robbie’s ass until it was overflowing and seeping out around Jason’s cock and out Robbie’s tight butthole. Jason’s panting began to slow and Robbie felt Jason’s cock slowly began to shrink. Letting go of Robbie’s ass, Jason slowly slid his cock out with a loud SLURP!

“Of fuck that felt good,” was all Jason could say as he looked down at Robbie’s shrinking asshole, which was now pouring cum out onto the floor in front of him.

“Mmmm…” Robbie said. “It sure was Daddy.”

“WHAT THE FUCK?!!” They both heard suddenly.

Wendy was standing there in the hall, looking at the two of them incredulous at what she was seeing.

“Oh, Hi Sweetie,” Jason said standing, his semi-soft penis flopping in front of him dripping with cum.

“Sorry, Wendy…” Robbie managed to say, still bent over and leaking cum.

“Oh my God…” she said. “I can’t believe this. My boyfriend and my roommate… That’s so... so… HOT.” A wild look of lust crossed her face.

Surprised and raising an eyebrow Jason asked, “Really? You’re not mad?”

“Mad?!” she said. “The only thing I’m mad about is that I didn’t get to join in!”

Looking down at Robbie and then back at Wendy, Jason said, “Well how about you come over here then and clean off my dick?”

A smile spread across Wendy’s face and she replied, “With pleasure!”

And with that she walked right over, dropped to her knees and wrapped her mouth around Jason’s cock, sucking down the dripping cum that had just come from Robbie’s ass.

“Mmm…” she said as she closed her eyes in bliss.

Looking down at Robbie who looked back at him, Jason said, “Oh yeah, this can work.”

The End.

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2011-09-26 08:26:58
When my roommate caught me sucking her boyfriend's big cock she called him a dirty fag and left the flat. He pulled out, pushed me down, knelt behind me and said that I would owe him an ass to fuck und come in. We are together still today.

anonymous readerReport

2011-03-23 04:31:47
realy hot, last line is hillarious


2011-02-24 01:51:34
Hey thanks for the feedback and thanks everyone for reading and rating.

Don't know if I'll do a sequel to this, kind of went where I had planned for it to go.

Who knows though, maybe if I get enough demand I can think something up.


2011-02-23 20:42:15
Pretty hot. Definitely deserves a sequel.

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