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weed is a harmless and smokable plant. use of marijuana makes everything better. includeING sexi
my name is jake. I'm a average bodied teenage guy. not flabby or sculpted. recently got the girl of my dreams to go out with me. her name is kary. she's a cute thin mexican girl. but she has a ass to die for. light shines in my bed room window. my mom and dad are already leaving for work. the tv in my bed room is showing saturday morning cartoon. I'm sitting on my floor leaning against my bed with a bowl of fruity pebbles. I'm wearing a gray tee shirt and black basketball shorts. iturn my attention from the tv to glance out my window as my mom pulls out of the driveway and off to work. she's a lawyer and is gone most of the time. my dad already left he's a stock broker and is also gone most of the time. but their marriage was going great they loved each other and took time to show it. as soon as mom was out of sight i went out to the back hard. and hoped the wooden fence. pretty easy. like i said I'm not flabby. i walked bare foot through the grass to the woods. and carefully stepped over sticks and other shape things. about thirdy feet in. i found my first stop. a four foot plant with purple flower. i checked the marijuana plant for ready ness and decided it was ready. i took out my pocket knife i was never with out. and cut thought the thick base of the plant. after collecting the buds and re planting the seeds. i continued my journey. i got back to the house hour later with a backpack ful of weed. i laid my bag down and grabed my phone off the night stand. kary had texted me ( hey. can you come over my parents are gone and my freinds are comin to hang out.) i replied that i would be over after a shower.with in second she replied , hurry. i jumped in the shower and washed my self twice just to be sure. after my shower i pulled on a pair of blue jeans and a white and blue tee shirt. i grabed a handful of weed out of my bag and climgbed into my car and drove the six blocks to karys house.i pulled up next to a blue cobalt i knew the girl who drove it a nice asian girl who kary hangs out with often. i walked up to the front door and knocked.before i could finish my knock kary opened the door and smiled a big happy smile. i had no choice i smiled back happy to see her pretty face. she pulls me in and bounces down stairs. i smile as i watch her ass. her freind mary was wait in the basement. it was a finished basement with carpet and furniture. kary sat on the couch and i took my place next to her and set the weed on the table. mary took it and started grinding it to smoke it. i took kary hand in mine. with a smile she leaned over and kissed me. i met her lips with my own. she tasted sweet my tongue found it'd way into her mouth and rubbed against hers for wat seemed like hours we broke the kiss and she climbed on top of me. her hand slides down my pants and she wiggles her cute Little ass on my hardening cock. oh kary, i moan out loud forgetting mary and i hear her giggling. i looked over at her and blush. sorry sweety. its ok jake iv hear it before. you what? i look up at kary and she gives me the cutest smile iv ever seen. last night when we played over the phone? yeah. mary moves onto the couch next us. it was a three way call big boy. she also gave a little smile.did you enjoy it. well i had my phone on mute or you would have heard me enjoying it. yer smile got even cute as she lite a blunt. and passed it to kary. with her hand wrapped around my now fully erect cock.kary blow smoke out and put the blunt in my mouth. i took the smoke deep into my lungs. and blew it out looking down as karys hand started rubbing up and down. mary was also watching her. we continued to pass the blunt Intel it was gone. by the time it was gone kary had pulled my cock out of my jeans. i was not small. 8 inches is pretty good for a 18 year old virgin. her fist bounces up and down quickly. i moan as i raise my hips at her. mary reaches out and takes hold of my cock. her hand moves much faster then karys had. i moan and watch kary take her shirt off. her littles a cup breast where topped with little brown nipples. i leaned forward and sucked her left nipple into my mouth she moans softly as my tongue rubbs over her little nipple. mary put her hand on my shoulder and pulled me away and leaned me back on the couch. i looked down at her. she had taken her clothes off she leans down and licked the head of my head tilts back as i moan. kary stands up and pulls her jeans off. and gets on her knees in front of me mary sits up and kary lowers her mouth over my cock taking it deep into her mouth, oh god baby yes. i run my fingers through her hair. she boby he head on my cock. the head making her gag each time she got it all the way in her mouth. mmmm baby yeah. she looks up into my eyes and i look back still running my fingers though her hair. oh baby I'm gonna cum. she pulls up off my cock. i spray my thick cum on her cute little face.she licks her lips and smiles at her freind who was now rubbing her pussy furiously

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2012-09-21 21:25:25
m op[oo oo
k j j
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2011-02-21 22:08:02
you should reread it and everything. im a stoner and i think you smoked a lil to much to write this

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