True incedents of my learly life..............
I am a horny girl. Watchin porn gets me really wet. In fact as I write this, I am reading porn as well as watching porn videos. What ever I am writing is all true and has happened with me since I was a small girl. I never realized it is called sexual abuse or molestation or what ever but well, here it goes-

It all started when I was just about 8 or 9 years old, I don’t remember exactly. One day me and my friends were all playing outside together, I think the game was hop-scotch. This guy walked up to us and asked for some one. Another girl named Keri had her turn on and there were other 7 or 8 boys and girls turn before it would be my turn to play hop-scotch. No one wanted to miss their turn and there were still 10 minutes before it would be my turn so when one boy asked me to help that guy find the person he was looking for, I did not hesitate at all not knowing what was about to happen. I started walking and asked him what the name of that person was; the one he was looking for. Instead, he placed a hand on my mouth and dragged me in to a corner where it was dark and no one came by. He pushed me against the wall and held me against the wall with one hand and then, pushed his other hand my legs and started to massage my clit (did not know back then it was called clit) and I tried to push his hand away a few times I TRIED but he would not stop till I started enjoying what he was doing. My mom had never taught us any thing about sex but still when he kept rubbing my clit, it felt good. Suddenly my eyes went down and I saw a big bulge between his legs and I was scared. I did not know what he was doing to me, but I remember at that time, all I wanted to do was take him some place where no one would see us and do things that I did not even know about. Call it primitive, call it natural instinct, call it what you may, but I wanted to do something. But then the fear of getting caught and also doing some thing I did not know what it was; I just pushed him with all my strength and ran back to my friends. No body knew what happened. When that guy came by after 10 minutes or so, I just tried to ignore him but he came next to me and very softly, just so that only I can hear it “I know you loved it” and gave me that leech smile and walked away. It’s been I don’t know how many years, but even today I wonder how it would have been with him I had let him continue and let him had his way. He was right about one thing though, I did love what he did to me that day in the corner and since then, I have been rubbing self down there. As recently as 5 years back I got to know it is called masturbation. Now look, I don’t find it dirty or sumthing but the family I come from, we are liberal but not to that extent and talking bout sex is total taboo in the house. But I do it every night. Shit as I write this, I am all wet.

This another time, I was to meet my dad at the station to buy something, I was bout 11 or sumthing. I took the bus to the station. I was sitting alone and from no where this guy comes and sits next to me. Don’t know if he just got in or was sitting some where else, but he came and sat next to me. Then slowly inch by inch, he started spreading his legs, trying to get comfortable I guess. I kept scooting as much as possible till then I realized there was no place for me to move further. I shifted and sat at a slight angle such that I was half off the seat and then, I crossed my hands over my chest. The next thing I feel is this guy had also crossed his hands and was using the hand closest to me and stroking and squeezing my breast. I did not realize for 5 minutes or so. Suddenly I realized and I looked down and saw him knead my breast. I frantically tried to push his hand off me but I could not. So I did the next best thing, I just changed my seat.

There was this another time at the theater. I had gone down to the movie theater to catch a new film which had just realized along with my mom. I was in collage I think. The theater was almost empty say it just had bout 100 people in for that movie. We all were really spread out across the theater. Some were sitting in groups here and there. I and my mom were sitting a little ahead, away from the crowd and also the seats were empty. So we walked down this row of seats which were empty and went right to the middle row seats and then mom sat on 1 seat and then I left 1 seat and sat. Some where in the middle of the movie screening this guy comes and sits next to my seat which really put me off because the entire row was empty, but he chose to sit right next to me. Well any ways, I continued watching the film with me keeping my left hand dangling across the handle and the other hand limply put to rest on the right arm-rest. I did not realize what happened or how but after quite some time I realized he had put his hand on my left breast. It was just there; he had just cupped it in his hand and kept putting light pressure every now and then which I could not even feel. Suddenly, when I realized what he was doing, I just straitened, moved away and crossed my hands in front of my chest. I was wearing a stole and it was hanging down my left leg. In the dim light- I have very good eye-sight so I can see in the dark very well- I saw him play with the stole and tried to creep his hand up again but I just turned away from him facing my mom.

so there, just a few of the incidents of my life, suggestions and comments most welcome......

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2012-02-08 14:41:52
This is one of the worst pieces of writing I have ever seen. Don't quit your day job.

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2011-07-14 23:14:01
Dear Anonymous reader 2011-02-21 09:03:28
she was sitting next to her mother. most people live in the real world where it is socially improper to "placed your hand on his and guided it to your pussy and then you should have taken his dick out and sucked it" in front of people in a public place.


2011-03-24 13:54:30
Tell me how you met your husband.

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2011-03-08 20:47:20
By the way the story is written, I do not believe that you were in college.
They may be half truth, but there has to be more to it.

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2011-02-23 18:07:06
You might be a loser, but you do not have to be ugly.

When did you really get started having Sex?

Sex with a Rubber does not count.

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