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I guess I should tell you a little about myself. I am about 5'5'' a curvy figure with long brown hair. I had never been very good with relationships, there was a couple boyfriends but nothing all that serious. Sex was always something tolerated but not something I ever really enjoyed.

I spent most of my younger years in a small farm town. Recently I decided I needed a change and moved to a small city, with a modest job as a medical receptionist. Everything was pretty quiet for a while going to work then going back home, walking the dog, going to sleep. It would all start over in the morning.

Then the dreams started. At first just bits and pieces. I would always be restrained in a strange place, I would hear sounds all around me that I did not understand, but before long I would always wake up. I would have this dream almost every night, it started to get more clear. I would feel my clothes being pulled on and metal touching my skin before I would finally wake.

This went on for several weeks night after night until the dream changed. I fell asleep like any other night expecting to have the same dream, expecting to wake up feeling a little used, however this time the dream started with a large orange figure coming towards me. It came closer to me untill I felt its weight on top of me. I tried to stir to get away but it held me firmly. A second later something hard was at my mouth. Whatever it was it was hard and thick, about the thickness of pop can. It was moist, but in the liquid there was also rough sand like particles inside of it.

I kept my lips closed tight, and had no interest in opening them. I started to hear the noises so familar in my other dreams and a moment after something grabbed the back of my head and pulled it back, the object at my mouth went away. I had a quick moment of relief before the object hit me hard across the cheek.

I called out in pain, which was clearly a mistake because as soon as I did the object was forced roughly into my mouth and down my throat. I am not sure what caused this, I could still breath, I did not feel drugged, but with only a second of this cock like object in my mouth I passed out.

I woke up later to a slap across my face. I tried to look around but it was too dark and I could not see anything. I knew that I was standing with my legs apart and my hands held above my head like a giant X. I have always slept in bra panties and a tank top, and I could still feel these things, I guess it could be worse at least. I tried to move, but there was no give. I began to yell and scream as loud as I could. I went on like this for at least 10mins before I gave up.

It must have been hours before anything happened. The whole time with me thinking what could possibly be happening to me. Or who could have ever done this to me. My whole body was sore from the position I was in.

Finally I heard something crack like a heavy door opening. I again started to scream and yell. I stopped in fear when I started to hear the strange noises again. When I stopped screaming I could also hear the footsteps getting closer to me. they must have been just feet away when I dim light hit the room.

Standing right in front of me was really a creature. It was about 6 feet tall and bright orange. Its head was a oval shape and bald, it had brood shoulders and thick arms, I started to look down when I saw a third arm around where a persons belly button would be, following down a little farther I saw a small penis like organ. I could also see from my position that the creature had a tail.

It started to walk to the far wall, I was so fixated on the creature I had not noticed the small table till the animal started walking towards it. I could not see a lot of what was on the table other than a couple jars and some sharp looking items. Sure enough be picked up something that looked like a knife and walked back towards me.

He came towards me till he was just a reach away, he took the knife and cut my tank top into several pieces and removed it. He seems to stare for a moment before his tail came from around him and wrapped around one of my breasts. I was quiet in fear untill this, but from the sudden sensation I again yelled. He quickly slapped me, and started to walk towards the table again. He picked up one of the jars and brought it back to me.

I could see a small long animal inside that seemed to have a ball at the end of it about the size of a golf ball. He oppened the jar and brought it to my mouth. The animal wasted no time climbing out of the jar and forcing its way into my mouth. To my surprise it had a very hard plastic like body, I tried bitting it, but the animal did not even seem to notice, once it got the ball part into my mouth it started to expand until I was gagged by the animal.

The orange creature seemed satisfied and began to cut one side of my panties, and then the other. Now I was standing there in just my bra. Again the creature seemed satisfied. He walked behind me and did something to the restraints holding me. The ones holding my arms came down and foward, so that I was bent over at the waist.

I tried again to yell, but the animal filling my mouth kept me from making any real sound. I saw the creature out of the corner of my eye walking back to the table and getting another jar. This jar was much larger with a much larger animal inside. This one was deep purple and very wormlike.

I saw him opening the jar and taking it out. It must have been a foot long. Again he walked behind me. I felt one of his hands on one side of my ass, then another hand on the other side of my ass. Roughly he pulled my ass cheeks apart he must have been holding the worm with his third because a moment later I felt the thing rubbing my anus. I tried to jump away, hoping with a final effort I could get away from the restraints but I still could not.

The animal rubbed around for a second as if it was looking for the mark, and without warning it violently started to force its way straight into my ass. I fought and tried to scream and this thing was stretching my never used ass, but nothing helped, it continued its way straight inside me causeing intense pain and other confusing feelings as it went.

I keptgoing till its whole body was all the way inside of me. I was sure that was it, that this animal can not invade me anymore, however it kept going father and father inside of me. My whole body was on fire with this violation and with tears in my eyes I again passed out

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2012-02-12 10:48:57
pdDqbD Of course, I understand a little about this post but will try cope with it!!...

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2011-08-11 00:43:22
I like your storey and I cannot wait until the third part comes out. When will it be out

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2011-06-29 19:57:55
good story keep going

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2011-06-24 02:42:46
I like hot stories about rape and restrant and good little bitches being hurt and suffering in pain. would have licked to see some tit and nipple torture going on and some piercing of her hard nipples would have gone down nice. I did not lick the gag in her mouth though, I like to hear the little sluts screem. One thing that I have always liked to do is take hose clamps, thay come in all sizes, and placing them at the bases of a young,under age is best, bitch's breasts and screw them down as tight as I can get them and let there young tites swell with blood and there nipples protrude and then pierce them, boy do thay squirt blood and the baby bitches screem so good. Then I fuck them in there cunts and ass holes, when you squeeze there brests it makes then screem more and clamp down ther holes nice and tight even if thay have bean streched out of shape badly. It is hot. !!!

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2011-06-20 05:56:44
What the fuuuuuuck.... Shit son. Dat shit was like... the fuuuck?

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