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Fucking Sara from the Woods.

A memory of mine…

I grew up across the street from a wooded area, we just called it ‘the woods’. All us 18 yr old boys and some girls love to play all day over there. My dad and brothers warned me that there was a family of hillbillies that lived way back in there and to watch out. They were a wild bunch and the two boys Jack and Larry D. would sneak up on you, hold you and butt fuck you.

They already tried it with my middle brother, but he was a fighter and kicked their ass’s, and sent them running home. They had a sister named Sara too. I was in the woods with my .22 hunting (killing tin cans) or whatever. When I noticed a girl peaking at me from behind a tree. I stopped and sat on a tree stump. I figured It was Sara. First time I had ever seen her. She was real cute, slim with good size tits and built good. She had long brown hair, short shorts and no shoes.

She just watched me, never saying a word. I decided to talk to no one, just jabber about shooting rabbits, frogs etc. like there was someone there with me. Sara quietly moved around to see who I was talking to. Finally she moved in closer behind a tree and said in a quiet voice: “Who you a talk’ in to?” I didn’t look at her at first, I didn’t want to scare her off. I talked to the tree in front of me. I said: “Wow, you’re the first tree I’ve found that can talk!” She began to giggle, but stayed hidden.

I kept talking to the tree about general nothing. Soon she slowly crept up and said: “Trees cain’t talk, yer a crazy boy.” We both laughed and I said: “Hi Sara.” She was startled and said: “How’d you know my name?” I said that the tree told me. She began to giggle and shake her head. She said: “What’s yer name?” I told her _____. She said: “I’m a gonna call you “Blue”, cuz yer always a wearin sumpin blue. I said: “Ok Sara”.

(she had been watching me for some time, and I didn‘t know it.)

That was how I met Sara.

Day after day we met at the ’tree’ and slowly became buddy’s. Her folks didn’t send her to school at all, so she asked me all about school and what is was like. I passed on about the abc’s, how to read, write and math. Sara didn’t know about ‘discreet,’ or common manners’. She had those beautiful blue eyes. An innocent, lost, and even fearful look at times. I became her link with new world she was learning about.

I wanted her to go to school. I decided to introduce her to my aunt who lived just down the street. Aunt Val was a very sexy woman, about 38, Tall and hot legs, always wore shorts and had great tits. She always wore her long brown hair in a pony tail, kind of a rough woman, grew up on a farm and I hoped they would hit it off.
I was right. Aunt Val had two older boys, grown and gone and never had a girl. I held Sara’s hand and we went to meet Val. Sara was scared as hell, but Val quickly took to her and they soon were giggling and laughing. Sara was at Val’s house all the time, learning and getting ready to go to school. Val soon told me privately, “I guess you know Sara has a crush on you, real bad.

Your all she talks about. You got the hots for her too?” Val looked at my smiling face. “No need to answer, ’Blue’…ooooo“, she teased me about the name Sara called me. She looked at my ½ boner and whispered: (“If you guys want a place…you can come here, I’ll let you know when I’m not going to be home for a while.”) Val went and got a door key for me, and said: “shhhhhh about this, and oh yes, I got her on the pill now. ” I kissed my aunt Val and hugged her… and then, she squeezed my boner! She whispered: (“ooooo blue!, what’s this?”) I joked and told her that I had always had the hots for her…and I laughed. She kept a hold on me and whispered in my ear:

(“…you need to practice, before you ride Sara.”)
I said: “Val…what have you been up to?”
She told me that a backwoods girl like Sara didn’t hardly know anything about guys. So…she had a few ‘training’ sessions with her. She said all Sara knew was about dogs and chickens, so they had some ‘training’ sessions and Val showed her what it was all about.

I thought…….. (Val has always been my crazy horny aunt and my mind went crazy with what she had done with Sara.)
She continued holding me tight to her, whispering in my ear and rubbing her pussy on my boner. She said: “I showed Sara about eating pussy, fucking face to face, not all doggy style...and a few other things..”) (“…like what ’other things’, Val?”) I asked. (“…like girls can have sex with each other too, you know.”)

Val was making me hot now, so I said smiling: “Maybe I do need some practice.”
She locked her door and took me into her bedroom. She closed the door and it was real dim in there. She started undressing me, as I did her. She whispered: (“..Sara won’t be by here for another hour, just enough time for our first….practice.”)
I’d fucked plenty of girls, but to fuck Val, call it what you want, I just wanted to fuck her bad. We started kissing and rubbing each other. I tongue kissed her and I don’t thing she was expecting that as she gasp for breath. I put her on her back and put those long hot legs on my shoulders and started licking her pussy and clit. She moaned and jumped each time I licked right on her clit. (…who was training who. I wondered what she was thinking…)

Val thought to herself….
(“….son of a bitch!…this kid and his hot fucking tongue made me almost orgasm…damn…and he knows how to eat a girls pussy…I’m going to tell him he needs lot’s of practice though…I’ll make something up…”)

Val seemed to forget about teaching me anything as she pulled me up and fumbled around to put my dick in her. Her hands were shaking and she keep taking deep breaths. Damn she had a nice tight pussy. She quick started fucking me and never stopped until she began to moan …’oh baby, I need this….make me cum….oooooo…Oh…Yessss… that point she went wild with gyrations with her hips, make them slap against me faster and faster. I unloaded a big load in her pussy, pumping my cum over and over in deep. Then her whole body went stiff as she pushed her pussy hard down on my dick.

Her face got real red and she shook and moaned until she went weak. Wow, she was a great fuck, as I went a little dizzy. Her arms and legs slowly dropped off me as she smiled all weak and spent. I got off her and let her rest all content.
Sara didn’t show. No where to be found. That night I snuck down in the woods to spy on her house. I saw her in the window, messing with the window lock. It looked like they had locked her in a bedroom and nailed the window shut. She kept working the one nail out. I came up to the window and gave a light tap. She smiled big and motioned for me to lift on the window. I had a pocket knife and pried up on the window. We finally got the window up enough to pass the knife inside to her.

In a few minute she had the last nail out and we quietly raised the window and she crawled out. She hugged me tight as I just carried her running away back out of the woods. We stopped outside Val’s house to catch our breath. Sara kept a tight grip on my arm. Her beautiful smile never left her face as we kissed. I knocked on Val’s door and she had us come in. We told her what had happened. Val ask Sara if she got the paper. Sara reached in her panties and pulled out her birth certificate.

Sara was now of legal age in this state. She would stay at Val’s and never have to go back to her hillbilly parents house again. Val jumped up and her and Sara danced around the room, pulling me up to dance with them. I was a wonderful night.

Val called my dad, (her brother) and said she had kidnapped me for the night to fix some things around here. My dad laughed and said I worked cheap, for a hamburger or hot dog. They laughed and hung up.
Val said: “Sara and I are going to take a shower, then you, then I’m going in my bedroom for the night…get it?”….I smiled and nodded yes.
I could hear Val and Sara singing and laughing in the shower. I also heard some little moaning sounds too. Val came out smiling in her robe, then she announced Sara. Sara had on one of Val night gowns all pinned up to fit her. She came out and paraded around like some princess.

She wiggled her ass, and held her tits up for me. Val faked a yawn and said it was her bedtime, and went in her bedroom and closed the door. Sara sat by me all smiles and leaned her head on my shoulder and held my arm. She said: “I dopped Val.” …I said: “Do you mean you adopted Val?” She giggled and said ’yeah’.
Sara was still a ’wild child’, girl, woman and would always probably be. I was in for the wildest fuck I’d ever have.
Sara stood up, grabbed my hand and led me into the other bedroom. She kissed me like no other and said: “I gotta show you what I’ve learned. Start tak’in my clothes off real slow blue, and I’m gonna do the same to you.” I smiled and followed her instructions.

She had the most beautiful body, full tits, and she loved to rub them up against me. She also rubbed her pussy against me as we kissed. She led to the bed, and got on her back. She said: “See this here..(her clit)..lick that real good.” I put my arms under her legs and began to lick her pussy and clit. He eyes glazed over in pleasure. She squirmed and moaned and started breathing heavy.

“Oh god blue, you’re a slice of heaven, I got new feel’ins in me, keep that up.” She held my head and ran her fingers thru my hair. She started raising her hips up with each lick.. “Oh blue, I’m feel’in something good in me cumin up…Oh god, Oh blue… it’s still cumin don’t stop…OH …GOD….” She must have had her first orgasm. She pulled my head into her pussy tight and fucked my face as she squirmed and moaned loud. She shook and pulled my hair…. then went all calm, and just twitched, and took deep breaths.

She lay there a while with a twitch now and again. “Blue.”…she said. I said: “Yes.” “Yer beautiful blue.….come up and kiss me some more.” I scooted up, stopping to suck on her nice tits. “Oh blue…oh blue..” she said. We kissed and she showed me how she could tongue kiss as she felt my ass. She reached down and started guiding my dick in her. She whispered: (“..wait till you feel this, it aint like fingers now. Let me work it in a bit for ya. Is it start’in to feel good now?”)

She figured it was my first sex too, so I played along like it was. “Oh Sara, it’s feeling wonderful, your making me so hot, I feel good all over,” I said.
She smiled with her closed eyes, so pleased with herself as I started taking slow strokes in her very tight pussy. She whispered: (“…I been a dream’in bout this for a long time blue, (breath) I ….oh god blue….more good feelin’s are a cumin…Val sure was…(breath)…sure was right.”)

We started in fucking as she only said…’oh blue, oh blue’…over and over again. I took her hand and put her fingers on her clit and told her to rub it. She did and her other arm was around my neck. She continued moaning in my ear, sounds of immense pleasure. We speeded up to the impending climax, I went first with a big load in her pussy. She shook and pulled me tight and moaned one long moan…..
I kept pumping my cum in her as she gasp with each pump.

Her body twitched as she pushed my dick deep into her pussy. “oh blue”… she kept moaning. Finally we lay spent, with little jolts of spasms at times, making her pussy twitch on my dick, and me pump out the last drops of cum.
I don’t know how long we slept, but I awoke to Sara slowly fuckin me. I raised up to look at her smiling face. She said: “How’d I do?” My kisses answered her question as we fucked one more time…or was it two?…. that night it seemed like one continuous fuck.

She didn’t need any training, or teaching. Her natural sexuality blossomed beautifully. She just did what came naturally.
We like to fuck in the woods a lot now. We have our favorite tree that we both like to fuck next to,…. the same tree that I said told me,.. her name was…“Sara.”

The last time I went to that tree, someone had carved:

“Sara + Blue” in it.

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