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This is my first story so please be gentle. And if you wish me to continue massage me. Enjoy!!

A Little Surprise
Moving was always hard, and the fact that we were moving to a new state was even harder. I was leaving all my friends and little did I know that would be the best thing in the world.
Chapter 1
The sunny was beaming down, with such fury that I could barely breath in the cramped car. We had been driving for over two days now. My parents were at their wits end from the endless driving. My brother hadn’t even said a word since the day he was told we were moving. He sat quietly, looking out the window.
I looked out the window as well. We had just entered the sunshine state about an hour ago. Mom told use a little while ago that we would reach our new house in about 10 minutes. Just the thought of the new house made me sick to my stomach. I want to go home to my house and friends, back to where things made sense.
“We’re here kids,” dad called out.
We pulled up into a short drive where a Victorian house stood. I hated it already.
“Come on,” mom said, “let’s have a look around.”
“I don’t want to look around. I want to go back to New York. I HATE IT HERE!!!” I screamed.
“TORI, don’t you raise your voice at you mother,” dad yelled out, “now apologize.”
I apologized to mom then ran down the road. I could feel the tears welding up in my eyes. Nothing seemed to be going right. I hated everything, the sun, the fresh air, everything. My world seemed to be closing in; the walls were enclosing and I couldn’t handle the pressure.
I blindly ran I didn’t see the girl in front of me walking; I crashed into her sending both of us onto the pavement.
“I’m sorry,” I was trying so hard to hold back my tears. But they came out like a rushing waterfall. The past few months of frustration finally caught up to me. I was finally letting it all out, everything that has up to this point I could no longer keep bottle up.
“It’s fine. I’m not hurt, are you….,” she looked up to meet my face. A look of sadness came over her face. “Hey, hey are you alright? Why are you crying? Are you hurt anywhere?” Her questions only made me cry harder.
She sat next to me, trying desperately to calm me down. After a few minutes she was successful in getting me calm. Once I was calmed, she helped me to my feet.
“I’m sorry for all the trouble I caused you and my um… problem a little while ago” I stuttered.
“It’s fine. I’m Ashlee by the way. Ashlee Rice.” Her smile was genuine smile, which only made me feel sorrier than I already felt. I looked at her and saw that she was beautiful. She had long blond hair that was cut in layers, and her face was a nice pale not scary pale like most people. And she had crystal blue eyes, they were breath taking. She looked to be athletic because her body didn’t seem to have an ounce of fat on it and her breast looked to be about a large C. She had nice long legs and stood to be around 5’5”. If she had turned around she would have an ass like no other. Just standing in front of her made me feel incompetent.
I must have been staring because she asked if I was alright.
“Huh… oh yes… I’m fine now. Sorry, I’m Lisa. I just moved here and… um I was having some issues” I murmured.
“Nice to meet you, Lisa, and welcome to the neighborhood.”
Ashlee looked at this girl in front of her and the strangest feel wash over her. She just met her and she couldn’t help but want to know her more. This girl is cute, was all she could think about. Lisa seemed to have a voice of an angle and to see her on the ground crying was the cutest things ever. Ashlee thanked God that she ran into her first. Lisa was seriously hot. She stood about an inch taller than herself and had a head full of lushes brown wavy hair that stood cropped to her shoulders. And that chest blows her mind they had to be Ds maybe bigger.
Ashlee had a sudden urge of wanting to see this girl naked. But she pushed that emotion away; she scared herself at that sudden thought and want.
“So I have to go” Lisa’s words pulled Ashlee’s mind back to reality.
“Ok, you be careful on your way back home. I don’t want you to go into another fit of tears now,” Ashlee walked down the street for about a second before Lisa called her attention back towards her again.
“Hey Ashlee, What school do you go to?” Lisa asked. The question made Ashlee’s heart flutter for some unknown reason.
“I go to Smith High, how about you?” she answered.
“Same,” the thought of Ashlee going to the same school put all kinds of images in her head of befriending this girl, “maybe you can show me around?”
“Yeah, sure I’ll like that” A lot actually, I’ll like that a lot. Was all Ashlee was thinking about, she walked away smiling.

Chapter 2

A month had passed since the meeting between Lisa and Ashlee. And they had grown close to one another. They spent most of their time with each other. They did everything together, shopping, double dating, sleepover, everything. Even at school they were known as tweens.
Lisa was in fourth hour history, trying hard to pay attention, but it was a fail. She was just too excited. This weekend her parents were going out of town for a week and they were taking her brother with them. She was going to the whole house to herself. But the bonus was the fact that she would be on break the whole time they were away. They even said that she could invite Ashlee to stay the week with her so that she would be alone and could have full access to the car, as long as she put gas into the tank. It was going to the best break that she ever had, and the fact she could share her joy with Ashlee was even better.
The bell rung, Lisa grabbed her stuff and walked out the room. School was out. The pure excitement of this weekend was finally here. She practically ran to her locker and shoved everything inside. Ashlee was there a few minutes later to give her a ride home.
“Hey Ash, do you want to stay at my house tonight?” she asked.
“Yea, that would be awesome. Should I stop by my house to grab some clothes?”
“That’s fine”
We reached Ashlee’s house to find it was totally deserted. We walked up to her room. Her room had a punk rock/girly-girl theme to it. It only worked for Ashlee; I don’t think anyone else could pull it off better than Ashlee.
Then again Ash did mention that she wanted to be a fashion designer. She’s going to make one hell of a designer, I thought. Ashlee had grabbed a duffle bag and began to stuff some pjs and other clothes into the bag. Then went into the bathroom and grabbed some toiletries. While she was doing that Lisa had sat at the computer and noticed it was on. Clicking the mouse she found a web browser open. What she saw was surprising it was a porn site, which wouldn’t have been her surprising, hell she watched porn sometime. It was more what the site showed. It was an all-girl porn site and what showed now was two women in a 69 position.
Crazy thoughts were running in her head, Is Ashlee bisexual, gay or just curious? What is with this site? Can they actually do that? I wonder how it feels to do that. Wait, how do I feel about this? What am I going to do? All these thoughts formed in my head. When I heard Ashlee coming out the bathroom I closed out the site and shut the computer off.
“Alright I’m ready to go…” she looked at me and gave me a funny look. Shit does she know what just happened. God, I’m some turned on right now and I don’t know why. “You ok over there Lisa?”
“Yea I’m fine, you ready to go?” I tried to cover up my nerviness. She still had a funny look on her face, but otherwise believed me.
“Ok let’s go” a wave of relief wash over me as if I was caught doing something I shouldn’t have. We left Ashlee’s house and head for mine.

Chapter 3
The car ride was awkward we didn’t really say anything to each other. When we finally reach my house, I started to relax, and told myself that I was being silly for think my best Ashlee was gay. And even if she was that isn’t going to change our relationship with each other.
After opening up the door, she called out to see if anyone was home and she could only here the echo of her own voice bouncing of the walls.
“They must have left already” she shrugged.
“What do you mean they already left? Did they go somewhere?” She asked.
“Yea, it was going to be a surprise but they already left and they said that you could stay the whole week if you want. So do you want to?”
“Hell yeah I will. You should have told me earlier I would have brought more clothes.” She laughed and play pushed me. I pushed back than it went from playful shoving to a friendly wrestling.
We ended up in the living room I was on the bottom squiring underneath her. I tried to left up my lower body and roll her over so I could be on top. But she was heavier and stronger than me since she played all kinds of sports. When she tried to grab my hand to pin them do so she could win, I resorted to the last possible move that I could think of.
I leaned forward and kiss her right on the lips which stunted her enough long enough for me to switch the positions, were I was on top. I pinned her hands down to indicate my victory. I laughed so hard at the confused look on her face as she finally realized what happened. When she finally came to an understanding she looked mad as hell and told me to get off.
The first thing you learn about Ashlee, was she can be quite competitive in any sport or game that she participated in and would get mad when someone would cheat or use the lazy way of winning.
“That’s not fair. You cheated” she stated.
“Ha-ha… all is fair in love and war” I laughed.
She was still mad and asked me to get off of her. But I stay just like we were and took in my first winning against her.
“Can you please get off Lisa” she looked pissed.
“Umm let’s see umm… that would a no” I laughed.
“Come on let me up, your heavy” she whined.
“No I think I’m going to torture you for a bit” I teased.
She looked frighten as I moved one of my hands towards her sides. I then began to tickle her sides. I watched her laugh and try to pull away from my hand. She was moving all over the place trying to get away and then her leg broke free and hit me between my legs. The contact was surprising and shocking but somehow pleasant. I was getting turn on by just that simple gesture. It felt good and I wanted more, so I real got into tickling her, to the point where her legs would repeatedly hit me on my pussy. She went unnoticed of was really going on with me or so I thought.
I was tickling her so much that she was turning red. Once I saw the color change in her face I stopped tickling so she could catch her breathe. When she finally calmed down, she asked if I was ready. I didn’t understand her meaning until I found myself on my back. She had rolled us over where she was on top.
“Now it’s my turn to torture you” she smiled. She got an evil look in her eyes and her smile didn’t ease my uneasiness. She lowers her head towards mine. Her lips were so close that I could smell her lip gloss. She closed the small space between our lips and when they touched. I almost melted the kiss was slow and soft. It was so much better than kiss a boy. I wanted more. I wanted her to touch and caress me in such a way that I would scream her name and then do the same to her.
The kiss grew more passionate and deep that I was moaning into her mouth. Her hands were roaming my body the paused and then started to caress my breast with such ease I could barely feel it. She let go of my hands she had pinned above my head.
I pressed her body into mine hoping I could absorb her. We broke apart and looked into each other’s eyes. I could see lust in her and could only hope she saw the same in mine.

Chapter 4

“Lisa are you sure you want to do this with me?” she asked looking doubtful that this was really happening.
“Yes, I’m sure do you not want to?” I asked hoping the answer would be a no. She smiled and looked down at me with something else in her eyes I couldn’t tell what it was, but I knew I was happy. And I didn’t want to let it go just yet.
“Yes, I want to do this” She answered and then lowered her head again for a deep kiss that seemed to be more passionate then the last one.
She lifted up and pulled her shirt over her head. She was wearing a black laced bra. Which she unclipped from the front to let her breast free. Her perfect Cs hung graceful, they screamed lick me. I reached up a grabbed the right breast that I careful knead. The touch caused her to moan loudly. I grabbed the other breast and stuck it into my mouth. I sucked and flicked the nipple with my tongue. I gentle bit her nipple, and her moan grew louder and I could hear her breathing getting louder with each lick.
After a few more moments, I replaced my hand on her right breast with my mouth. I was slowly driving her crazy. I raised my head from her breast to meet her lip for a hot kiss. I felt her tongue gentle press against my bottom lip. I opened my mouth to allow her tongue pass to meet mine. I gentle massaged her tongue with mine and slowly sucked.
All while were having a kissing match, she pushes me gentle back down and starts to fill me up. I could feel her hand grabbing at my breast slowly and painful kneading them. I could hardly contain myself. I want her to touch my bare skin; I want to feel her soft skin against mine.
She must have read my mine because she than lifted up my shirt and unsnap my bra. I then grabbed her and start to tear at her pants. I want her pussy in my mouth we were going painful slow. I WANTED her now. The urge to have was too great to go slow. Once I got her pants and she had mine off as well, I climbed on top of her and began to work my way down her body. Keeping in mind I had no idea what I was doing but I felt that had to make her mine. I slowly kissed my way downward until I came face to face with her pussy, which was oozing with her juices. I leaned forward and pressed my lips to her outer lips. I could hear her breath catch as I worked her outer lips. I gentle sucked a fat lip into my mouth and could taste her sweet juices. I spread here lips apart and stuck my tongue and licked her up in down.
She placed her hands on my head and pushed my face father in. Which only made me confident I opened her wider and straighten out my tongue than rammed it into her hot little hole. She was so tight; I could feel her walls squeezing my tongue. She became speechless, from the excitement I was giving her. I moved my tongue in and out of her while rolling her clit between my thumb and forefinger of my other hand. I could feel her juices flowing freely on to my face as I her to the brink of her orgasm. However I didn’t want her to cum yet I removed my tongue from her pussy, her protest was great. I kissed my way back up her body and kissed her so she could taste herself on my lips.
She eagerly sucked on my bottom lip and we kissed. I then rammed two fingers in to dripping hole and rubbed her G-spot and pumped my fingers in and out she began to hump my hand as I picked up the pace. I was fingering her so fast and hard her moans turn into screams. I could feel her contracting and then explode with a powerful orgasm. I slowly worked her down from her high then removed my fingers completely.
We were both sweaty and Ashlee was just catching her breath but I was too impatient to wait. I need to get off fast before I busted with sex fury. I spread Ashlee’s leg and so that I could put my pussy on top of hers. I began to grind our pussies together; Ashlee quickly recovered and began to move her hips in time with mine. The feel was incredible; the slickness between our pussies was too great. I moved my hips faster and harder as I could feel a powerful orgasm coming. I moaned and panted as I increased the pace. I reached in between us and rubbed my clit as fast as I could.
I pushed hard against Ashlee and came all over; the orgasm was so powerful it made Ashlee cum again, which made me cum once more. Now spent I moved next to Ashlee and held her in my arms. We both fell asleep on the living room floor.

To be continued

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2011-03-19 14:41:38
I'll agree with the fact that your grammar effected your story. However, I loved the theme and the characters.
Take time to proofread your story. You could also try to imagine this is someone's story that you're reading. How does it sound to you? Good Luck. You'll be fine.

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2011-03-05 12:51:53
very niceeeee.plz continue

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2011-03-05 12:38:57
PLEASE follow the advice of senorlongo. The story plot is interesting, but all the misspellings and wrong use of words was so distracting that I didn't bother to finish the story. You don't have to be an English Expert, but you should show some respect for your readers. Examples: then instead of than (they actually have different meanings); "grab my hand" instead of "grabbed my hand"; "pushes me gentle back" should be "pushes me gently back". I got so tired of translating what you said, into what you must have meant, that I lost interest in the story.


2011-03-04 23:40:28
I have several stories on this site and I'm glad to pass along some of what I have learned from experience. First, proofread your work several times. I usually spend 25% writing and 75% editting. Also, after uploading it's a good idea to edit again--to put back the spacing that was lost in the upload. It makes the story much easier and enjoyable to read. Good luck.

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2011-02-19 12:31:57
Great start, good pacing and interesting characters. The few errors did not distract enough to make the story less intriguing. Keep it coming, you'll get better as you go on. Writing is like everything else, practice makes perfect and if you work at it you can acheive greatness.

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