After an accident, I meet a beautiful girl, but there's something off.
My first story really, and if I get decent comments and a decent rating, I'll make a part 2. Enjoy the story

"Ok Mike, talk to you later". I hanged up the phone. I was walking home from school on a near summer evening, getting ready for the weekend. As I was thinking about my schedule for the weekend ahead, I noticed the cloudy skies. "Ah boy" I said under my breath, knowing that it was going to rain. I checked the weather forecast earlier that morning, and it said there was going to be a large thunderstorm. I didn't actually mind the weather, except for the fact I was 15 minutes walking distance from my house, and it was going to pour on my ass. I started picking up speed. Moments later, I felt rain drops. It started pouring out in literally seconds, and I was just running at this point. I had my cellphone in my pocket, and my laptop in my backpack, and I sure as hell wasn't going to get them wet. All of the sudden, it became darker out, and it was already hard enough for me to see where I was going with rain coming down. All of the sudden, I slipped, and the last thing I remember was rain running down on me.

I woke up on a couch, covered in a warm blanket. At first I thought I was back at my house, but I remembered I slip and fell. I looked around, and I was sort of scared. "How did I end up here?" I thought to myself. Then out of nowhere, someone appeared in front of me. It was a beautiful girl, long black hair down to her waist, the cutest cheeks, and amazingly hypnotizing green eyes. She looked just about my age, but something felt off about her the second you saw her. It was like one of those times you were running out the door in a hurry, but you KNOW you forgot something, but you didn't know what it was. "Hi!" she said, with her beaming smile. "I was looking out the window on this 'beautiful' day and I saw you completely knocked out on the ground. I dragged you inside and you were bleeding a bit on the head". That's when I felt my head, it hurt like a bitch. "OW" I yelled, trying to hold myself up, even though I was extremely tired. "You need to rest for a while" she said. I pretty much listened to her, since my head hurt, I was tired, and she was just absolutely beautiful.

I woke up about 3-4 hours later, in a bit of a daze. I saw her watching tv next to me. She didn't seem to mind having me on the couch next to her at all, it felt as if she was moving closer to me. Before I would probably fall back to sleep, I asked her what her name was. The answer came back very quick, as if she knew I was awake, even though her eyes were glued on the tv for the past 5 minutes. "My name is Zoey" she said, in a cheery tone. "Oh, nice to meet you Zoey, my name is N-"

"Nick" she said
"When you were unconscious on my couch, I went through some of your stuff, I hope you didn't mind". "It's fine" I said, "I have nothing to hide". I tried to strike up a conversation with her, but I was just hypnotized by her sheer beauty, it was as if someone sent me an angel. "So didn't you watch the weather reports?" she asked in a "you dummy" sort of tone. "I did" I retorted back, "but I thought I would've made it home before it started.". "Well, ya didn't" she replied in a playful tone. 10 minutes went by, me dazing in and out, I could just barely focus. "When can I go home?" I asked, not that I wanted to go exactly, but my dad would be worried sick, not to mention my girlfriend, who I promised I'd call the second I got home. She touched my arm after I said that, it felt so warm and comforting. "You should probably stay the night here, it's bad out there and probably no one can drive.". I was convinced, not only could no one get out there, I felt safe in her arms. "Would you mind if I called my dad?" I asked politely, after all it was her house. "No problem, just try not to break a leg getting off the couch". I got up, sort of tripping everywhere. She giggled a bit louder, but I didn't mind really. I managed to stagger to the kitchen, pull up a chair, and use the phone. I called my dad first, and told him I was okay. I simply told him I was staying over a friend's house, and he bought it. I then talked to my girlfriend, Katie, saying the same thing. "I see the caller ID on my cell phone, and its none of your friend's numbers" she said, in a matter of fact tone. "Where are you?" she asked, demanding me. I heard slight breathing on the other line. "Are you okay?" I asked, sort of trying to change the conversation. "I'm fine, but just tell me where you are, I'll pick you up". I loved my girlfriend, and I would never lie to her about anything. "Okay one moment" I said, I took the phone which thankfully was cordless, and walked to the living room. I noticed Zoey was gone. "Meh she probably went to the bathroom" I thought. With the large window nearby, I peered outside. It was all thunder and lightning outside, and would be me too if Zoey didn't pick me up out of there. Even though I was still whoozy from before and it was dark and stormy outside, I knew the neighborhood because I walked back and forth from school everyday through it. "Alright" I said, leaning my head into the phone. I heard more breathing, probably just Katie, nervous. "I'm at 284 St-", then the line went dead.

I was sort of startled by it, but I tried re-dialing. No dice. I called Zoey, and she came running down as fast as possible. "Hey, the phone line went dead" I said, in a nervous tone. "That's weird" she said, "the power must've went out." I looked around, the tv, and the lights were still on. I didn't question it though, it was probably just the phone itself going out. She wouldn't lie to me.... right? I was extremely tired, and I just plopped down onto the couch. I noticed the time, and it was 8:30. I said that I was just gonna go to sleep. "Alright, well I'll see you in the morning" she said, and before she went upstairs, she plucked a kiss on my cheek. It felt weird, but right at the same time.

I woke up feeling much more refreshed in the morning, but it was still pretty cloudy out, but at least it wasn't raining. I called Zoey, and she appeared right next to me without noticing. It scared the crap out of me. "Sorry for scaring ya" she said, in a playful tone. "It's fine" I said. We started a conversation about the weather going on lately, how crappy it was etc, also about school. Apparently, she goes to my school, same grade etc. But I haven't seen her a day in my life. There was only 200 kids in the sophomore grade, and I knew most of them by faces. I simply shrugged it off. It was only about a 15 minute walk from my house, so I figured I'd walk. Before I went, she grabbed my hand. "Let's hangout sometime" she said. I had a girlfriend, but I just couldn't resist her. "Okay" I said. "Great!" she replied. And with that, I went back to my house. I played some halo.... then some mw2. I just couldn't take her off my mind though. I think my girlfriend is phychic though, because she called me just around that time. "What the fuck happened last night?" she asked in a rude tone, I had to lie to her, otherwise she would get even more pissed. "I was at a friend's house, sleeping over". "What 'friend'?" she demanded. "A new friend" I said, in a 'matter-of-fact' tone.

"Well why the hell did you hang up on me last night?"

"The power went out"

"Funny, no other house went out of power"

I was convinced that it was simply just that house.

"I have to go now" I said

"To do what?!"

"None of your business", I hit the end button, then slammed down my cellphone.

"What a bitch" I thought. I kept on thinking of Zoey, how beautiful she was, how nice she was. The phone rang again. "What now?" I said into the phone. "Oh..... Hi.". It was Zoey. "I thought that maybe you could drop by my house today, so we could watch a movie.". "Sounds great" I said, happy to hear her wonderful voice. Then it struck me. "How did you get my phone number, Zoey?". There was a pause for about six or seven seconds. "Oh you told me earlier" she replied. Weird, I thought.... I didn't remember handing it out to her. "Oh okay" I said. "I'll see you later."

I arrived at her house at around 6 pm, in a nice t shirt and a nice fit pair of jeans. I knocked at the door, and it instantly opened. She was absolutely stunning. She was dressed in a silky shirt, with black jeans, she was just so gorgeous. "Hello" I said, I couldn't even think of anything else to say, she just froze me. "Would you like to come in?" she giggled, and with that, I walked in. We sat down and she ordered pizza a few minutes before. We started watching some comedy movie, but I was paying the most attention to her... She put her head down on my shoulder. I sort of put my head back and closed my eyes. Then, I felt something warm on my lips. She kissed me. It just felt so right. I just turned off the tv, and we both went to the bed room. I stretched out on the bed, with her on top of me. We kissed each other passionately. I could barely even breathe either, but I kept going. Then she took my arms, and held them down. She was actually very strong, since I couldn't move my arms back up. It felt like she was draining the saliva out of my mouth, she kept on going, and going. I tried pushing her away for a moment, then when she was kissing me, I felt something sharp in her mouth. I pulled my head back as far as possible. She had 2 fangs come from the sides of her mouth. Even if she didn't have my arms pinned down, I was completely frozen from fear. She moved herself and her fangs so close to me, I could see my reflection in her eyes.

"Are you scared?" She asked gently. "Sort of" I replied. I could just barely talk, I was near shaking. "Are you going to kill me?" I asked, it took almost everything in me to ask that. "No, of course not" she said softly, with a seductive smile on her face. "Then what do you want from me?" I asked. "I want to be with you, Nick", with a smile on her face. "Aren't you like, a vampire or something though?" I shot back at her. "Well yes, but I'd never hurt you Nick". "Why's that?" I asked. "Because I love you", and with that she kissed me even deeper, her tongue deep in my mouth. "You deserve someone better than Katie, someone who cares much more, and will always be there for you. Be with me, and you'll experience true happiness. So what do you say?". "Yes, I'll be with you Zoey" I said slowly. And with that we both just kissed and went to sleep.

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