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Hi thids is my first story tell me wat u think about it
Sheyla Discovery of Sex
Part I : Cassie

“ Oh yeah DAAADDDDYYYY!!!! Fuck me harder, fuck your baby girl like you’ve never fucked a woman before.”

That was what Sheyla was hearing in her room. The moans where coming from her sister Cassie’s room. She couldn’t believe it, her 14 years old sister was getting fucked hard by their 32 years old dad.

Well, let us start with some details, Sheyla is a 17 years old girl, with long blond hair, a very nice ass that any man wants to grab and play with and a 32 DD boobs that call out to men, and in some cases women, to be touched and suck like babies. She is a pretty horny teenager, and even if she sometimes dresses slutty, she is actually a very reserved girl. However, her sister is another kind of story. Cassie, short for Cassandra, dresses slutty, and actually is a slut. She has fucked every boy in the football, basketball and soccer team, and even the maskots, and the coaches. She is the known whore of the school. Even the teachers have tried to make the moves on her, but she finds them too old and too out of shape. She wants men in shape and healthy like her daddy. Cassie has a great amazing ass that is meant to be slapped and boobs that are C cup.

Well, the real fun part begins one day when Cassie decides to skip her last class of the day to go home and relax. Perhaps find some hot stud online and get fucked, it has been ages since she has had her pussy licked by a hot guy and drank some hot juicy cum. So she entered her room, and went into her computer. She went to one of her usual chat web pages and began looking for guys. She wasn’t lucky this time, only old perverts who were just looking to get pleased, she wanted to please men, but she also wanted something back. She was so bored that she didn’t realize that the front door had opened and that someone was coming up the stairs. She didn’t had the time to hide when she heard:

- What the fuck are you doing here Cassie? And what is that site u r on?
- Daddy! OMG I’m so sorry, i can explain.
- U can, can u? Well, do you think I’m an idiot? I know the stories going around about u fucking around with any guy u can find. How can u do that? Why can’t u be like ur sister?
- Fuck dad, it is not my fault if I’m not a prude like her. I need sex, I’m horny all the time and I want a fucking cock in my mouth, and come on, ur not well placed to give sermons, u fucked and got mum pregant when u were just 15 years old, so u see, I’m just following on mum’s and ur footsteps.
- Shut it Cassie, I just want to protect u.
- Well u can’t, I need a cock, I need to get fucked, it’s a need inside of me.
- Well, that is what u really want, then fine.

He then began to take his shirt off and to his daughter’s astonishment, his pants. He lowered his pants revieling not only that he did not have any underwear, but also his 10 inch cock. Cassie was speechless, she sure was a slut, but to suck her own father, she wasn’t sure. However, her dad didn’t give her the time to think, he took her by the head and made her suck his cock. “You like that baby, you like sucking daddy’s big cock?” She answered by just sucking faster and faster. She looked like a pro putting all that meat into her small beautiful mouth. Her dad was liking it, it was even more exiting knowing it was his own 14 year old daughter sucking his big fat juicy cock. After a while he couldn’t take it anymore. He told her to stand up and began to kiss her, and she kissed back. It was such a beautiful sight. Then he carried her to her bed and told her if she wanted to get fucked hard, she hesitated for a moment, thinking perhaps that his cock was to big for her small beautiful pussy.But then she let her, she needed to feel that monstrous cock inside of her and also, hoping her father would get her pregnant. He was fucking her hard missionary style when suddenly, Cassie put her arms around her daddy’s neck and said to him : “Fuck my ass daddy.”

His face began brighter, he was finally going to get that beautiful ass he always wanted to put his mouth and cock in. So, he took her and turned her, went directly to lick her ass so he could lubrify it before putting his amazing cock into her asshole.Before beginning, he asked : Are you ready to be fucked in the ass baby? “Yes daddy do it” she answered. So, he began to enter her magnificent rear hole, when at the same Sheyla was entering the house. He began pounding her ass harder and harder, going in and out while Cassie cried out in pain and pleasure. It was at this moment that Cassie moaned and said : “ Oh yeah DAAADDDDYYYY!!!! Fuck me harder, fuck your baby girl like you’ve never fucked a woman before.”

That’s what Sheyla heard, and she was speechless. She decided to go see what was going on. She silently stood up, and went as quietly as possible towards her sister's room, which was just down the hall. so she went, and just took a pick through the door and saw her sister getting fucked doggy style by their hot dad.

To be continued…

Srry if it’s not very hot and sexy, I’m new in this.

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2014-10-17 06:26:25
Linda Herman - Cassie, congratulations on your magirare. How beautiful you are! (Always have been a really lovely girl inside and out!) Your sweetheart looks pretty handsome himself! Bobby and I wish you two the very best! Love, LindaApril 14, 2012 1:39 pm

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2014-10-16 10:29:35
Harriet Briscoe - Cassie and Paul,Bob and I thank you so much for sharing your fndreis, your family, your beautiful wedding, and all the accompanying events with us. These pictures truly pay tribute to the perfect wedding you experienced and the beautiful young people you are. God bless you in your life together Harriet BriscoeApril 14, 2012 9:00 am

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