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We were hanging out when all of a sudden we were making out.
One night my friends and I were watching movies spread around the room on couches, air matresses and chairs as well as the floor. Slowly everyone was drifting off to bed when eventually it was just Sage and I in the room. Things started to get a little foolish we we're tickling each other and play fighting on the couch when all of a sudden Sagehad me pinned down so I couldn't move my arms. I was sorta getting turned on by this and noticed she was as well. Slowly I reached down to stroke her nipples that were staring to grow inside her shirt. She slowly reaches down and starts to lightly stroked my breasts which are D 44s and slowly lifted my shirt over my head kissing my neck softly as she did.
Her touch is light and very soft almost like a silk scarf drifting over my body. She slowly worked her way down my stomach and started to lick my bellie-button . Moaning I started to undo her jeans so I can get a better look at her love hole. All of a sudden my friend Ashley walks into the room. She looks at us funny as I start to pull the blanket up around my shoulders but she reached out her hand to stop me " Wait I want to see them." She says. She isn't very big about a B cup I think So slowly I let the blanket slid down me with Sage's help. The all of a sudden she kneels down and slowly takes my nipple into her mouth and starts to suck on it while I feel a tounge slid down my stomach area to the tingling triangle in between my legs.
Slowly I realize that Sage was slowly working her tounge to get at my large mound so I spread my legs to help. As I feel her tounge circle my clit I reach out to Ashley and slid my hand up the shorts that she had worn to bed. I notice that she isn't wearing any underwear so I slowly stoke her groming mound while trying to focus on her mouth slowly working it's way to my other breast. I start to work my fingers in and out. I curl my fingers around her bud making her scream. I kiss her to stifle it knowing that if we're to loud then we'll wake everyone else up and it'll be over.All of a sudden I feel Sage thrust her tounge in side of me working her tounge deep inside of me. The she did someting that I have never experienced before, she swirld her tounge inside as if to scrape my insides to get off all of the jucies that I am dripping. I start to twitch and grab at her head then think against it.
I grab Ashley instead and rip her shorts off and start to lower her to my face. I wanted to taste her and feel her cum. I licked her lips with my tounge just to taste her mmmmm she tasted sweet. I slowly entered her hole with my tounge and slowly worked one of my fingers in to her hole at the same time. When I knew it was well lubricated I slipped it into her asshole. She jumped because she had never felt that before. I slowly work my tounge around the inside looking for her bud and finally find it. I gentle nip at it with my teeth making her moan out in delight. I wrap my tounge around her bud molding it like a blanket wrapped around a new born baby. Much to my delight I look up to see her doing the same thing to Sage.
This gets me going even more I suggest we go to my bedroom which is in the basement and has a locking door so we don't have to worry about anyone walking in on us. As we start down the stairs I turn around and get a good look at Sage's shaved cunt mmmmm how I wanted to taste it. I make my way into my bedroom and head straight for the closet where I keep all my toys. I bring out two sets of restraints and a strap on dildo. Ashley takes one look at it and dives for it. I hold it out of her reach and say " Wait till I tie you up then I'll be sure to make certain that you get your turn with Lorn." ( That's what I named it) I have a king size bed big enough for me to tie them both up. Slowly I do this making sure I take the time to give them each a big french kiss and a fondle of their breasts. I strap on the dildo and look at them " Who wants Lorn first?" I ask. Ashley shouts " Me please me." So I slowly lower myself on to the bed making sure I spread her llegs wide enough to take the 8 inch dildo. Suddenly I thought I can't leave poor Sage unattended so I turned my-self so that I was able to eat her while I made sure that Ashley got the fucking of a life time.
I slipped my tounge into her as I slip Lorn into Ashley's wet, hot and very willing cunt. As I moved in and out of Ashley I moved my tounge in and out of Sage hoping that I can make them cum at the same time. I started to feel Sage's cunt walls start to clench at my tounge knowing that she was on the verge of an orgasam I started to quicken my pace with Ashley. I stop and listened god hearing them makeing those crys of pleasure was really making my hot. I started again making sure that my pace was fast and steady. All of a sudden Ashley let out an ear piercing scream I knew that she had just came. I started to quicken my pace with Sage knowing that it wouldn't be long now. I started to curl my tounge when all of a sudden she went stiff then trembled. Mmmmmmm damn she tasted good I thought and I gulped down her love juices. I quickly got up and went straight for Ashley cunt licking away her juices. As I started to slip Lorn into Sage's waiting hole I took my head from Ashley's hole so I can look to see what I was doing I felt a velvety feeling on my own juice dripping cunt I turned and realised that Ashley had gotten out of her restrants and turned herself around and was starting to eat my waiting mound. I grinded my pussy into her face not caring if I was hurting her or not because it was feeling so good. I almost came right then but I thought I want to make them both cum when I do as I returned my mouth to Ashley's unoccupied hole. I started at her with the same force she started with me. I began to tremble knowing that it wasn't long before I would send my hot juices into Ashley's waiting mouth. I looked up at Sage and cried " I'm going to cum ! " Ashley must have heard because she started to lick and swirl faster and faster as I started to do the same to her. I felt one final suck from Ashley and delivered one final pond to Sage's streaming cunt and finally let myself feel the wave of pleasure passing through me knowing that I had just brought two of my best friends along the same trip as I had just taken along with me. I untied Sage when I could finally get up and we fell asleep together. I made sure I was in the middle with one arm around each but they also made sure that they had a hand on each of my heaving breasts.

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2013-01-03 13:57:03
Erica - it's T O N G U E


2006-05-30 14:31:02
I think the writing sucked,but it was your first story so I guess it was okay...


2005-12-11 00:23:04
=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=) i likey very muchy


2005-09-22 13:42:45
a double ended dildo would have been good but on the whole good 1st story


2005-07-27 03:55:19
Spiffy indeed

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