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A 23 year old college kid delivers a pizza to a mature widow. The hit it off, fall in love and fuck a bunch.
Just before nine o’clock an order came in, a medium pepperoni pizza and a small salad to be delivered. I worked as a driver for Paolo’s Pizzas and this would be the last order of the day; we closed at nine.

My name’s Chris Coleman, I’m a college student and it’s the summer break between my junior and senior year. I’d really like to be able to take on a full time summer job but I’m carrying classes during the summer quarter so part-time work is all I can handle. I want to graduate in December and get a job. Although I do intend to pursue a post-grad degree it will have to be something I can accomplish while I’m working. I’m a scholarship student so, between that and student loans I make do, but they don’t leave much for gas and entertainment, thus the part-time job.

Paolo gave me the order to deliver; it was going to 12 Robin Lane. I’d never been to that particular address but I knew the area: affluent, very affluent. I thought maybe I’d get a good tip.

Unsurprisingly, the house was huge. A brick two story with a ramp leading to the front door.

When I rang the doorbell an intercom answered, “Yes, who is it,” a female voice inquired.

“Pizza delivery,” I replied talking to the speaker.

I heard a buzz then the voice in the box said, “I’ve unlocked the door, can you bring it in.”

I entered the foyer when the voice called, “I’m back here, can you bring it back.”

As I walked back I looked around. I passed what I assumed was a formal living room. There was a huge fireplace fronted by matching chairs. Further in was a dining room, it looked as though it could seat twenty. Toward the back of the house was a brightly lit area, a breakfast area off the kitchen.

There I found the voice.

She was sitting at a table and asked that I put the pizza down there.

I did then, I looked at her. I thought it strange that she’d let me in and had me wander through the house, she had no idea who I was, only that I was the pizza guy.

I guess she saw my questioning look, she said, “I know I’m imposing on you but it’s easier than answering the door.”

She was an attractive woman of early middle age, late thirties I guessed, she had honey blonde hair that was nicely styled and she used just a hint of make-up, lipstick was all that I could readily identify. She was wearing a pretty summer dress that seemed to accentuate her small breasts. She remained sitting and finally I saw why, she was in a wheelchair.

I put the pizza on the table. She read my name tag saying, “Thank you Chris.”

I replied, “You’re welcome,” and asked if there was anything else I could do for her.

“Well, since you asked, I would like it if you could get me a glass filled with ice for my Coke. The glasses are in the cabinet,” she pointed.

All of her cabinets were low. The counters were cut down even the range was shorter than a standard model. She noticed me looking.

“The house was remodeled for me, Chris, so I can work at the counter and cook.”

I got the glass, filled with ice and poured her Coke.

She said, “Have you eaten yet, this pizza’s far more I want?”

She seemed to want company and I didn’t have any plans so I said, “No, I haven’t.”

“Well come share with me, get a Coke or, if you’d prefer, there’s beer in the refrigerator.”

Hey, I’m a college guy, if there’s pizza there’s gotta be beer, I got a cold one and joined her at the table.

She’d opened the box and put a slice for me and one for her on napkins.

“If we’re going to share this sumptuous spread I guess I should introduce myself; I’m Mary Matlin.”

“Mary, when I’m not delivering pizzas I’m a college guy, this is about as sumptuous as it gets.”

With a wistful look Mary said, “Yeah I remember.”

“What, you were a starving student, too?”

“Oh yeah, Friday and Saturday nights we’d all pitch in a few bucks and get pizzas. Some beer or maybe a bottle or four of cheap red wine and we’d have a party. I loved to dance back then, we’d put on some music and dance the night away. Yeah, I remember.”

I guess it was the way I looked at her when she mentioned dancing. Mary said,

“Chris I haven’t always been in a wheelchair, there was an accident nine years ago and I suffered a spinal injury.”

I let her talk; I’m a good listener and she went on.

“I got my degree in English Literature, I thought I wanted to teach but I never did. When I was a junior I met someone. We were married shortly after I graduated. Mal, his name was Mal was a post-grad student working on his Ph.D. And we were in love.

After we’d married Mal took his degree, his doctorate in electrical engineering and went to work for a big German firm. He had a good future there but he felt stifled, he wanted to do some things on his own. After several years he put together the financing and started his own firm. He invented and held the patent rights to quite a few devices. Some of those patents are quite valuable. Along with what insurance paid, I live on the royalties.

We’d finished the pizza, Mary said, “Oh I know I’m rambling, I’m sorry Chris.”

Her loneliness was evident, I said, “Mary if you want talk I want to listen.”

“Well if you have to hear my mournful tale, at least get yourself another beer and Chris, if you don’t mind could you fix me a vodka tonic, I can’t drink too much but an occasional one’s good for the soul, there’s a bottle of Stoli in the freezer.”

I fixed her drink and got a beer.

She continued, “I thought Mal and I had a pretty god life. We had a child, a son and our futures looked bright then, nine years ago, that life ended. We, the three of us had been to a movie and were on our way home; a tractor trailer ran a red light and that life ended. Mal and our son, Robbie were killed on impact. I didn’t have my seat belt on; I was thrown out of the car. I guess if I’d been belted in I wouldn’t have survived either, the car was totally demolished. But I was thrown clear. I suffered multiple injuries, a broken pelvis and internal injuries but the most severe was the broken back, it left my legs paralyzed.”

Mary’ eyes were damp from the memories when she said, “Chris, I’m tired, I need to go to bed but I’d like you to come visit me sometimes; do I have to have another pizza to get you to come?”

“Mary I’d love to come back and, no you don’t have to order another pizza.”

“I get Sundays off, would that be ok?” I asked.

She brightened a little, saying, “Make it around six, I’ll fix dinner.”

“We have a date,” I replied. I got up and patted her hand. “I like you Mary; I’ll look forward to it.”

After I left I thought I’d never met such a sad person. Melancholy, living with her memories and in her memories, if I could bring her even a little happiness it would mean a lot to me and, I thought to her.

Sunday was a surprise, I really didn’t expect much in the way of supper, but then I didn’t realize Mary’s abilities. I’d picked up a bottle of wine as a gift, it was a Claret. I hoped it would go with whatever she was serving.

Again my ringing doorbell was answered by the squawk box.

“Chris?” the disembodied voice asked.

“Yes Mary,” I replied.

There was a hint of excitement in her tone, she said, “Come in, come in,” as the door was unlocked.

“I’m back in the kitchen just finishing up,” she called.

She gave me a smile when she saw me then exclaimed, Oh you’ve brought red wine, perfect, dinner is beef. Would you like a drink or a beer before we eat?”

‘That vodka tonic you had the other evening looked good, I think I’ll have one of those, can I fix you one?”

“Please,” she answered.

She hadn’t moved from the table when I first met her so I hadn’t seen. Her wheelchair was a fancy device, motorized and able to move up and down if she wanted to be higher.

She motored over to the table and we sipped our drinks.

I commented on her mobility and she chuckled, “Chris this chair is a technical marvel. It’s too bad they aren’t produced any more but they’re so darned expensive that the market wouldn’t support their continued production. You know what a Segway is?”

I nodded yes.

“The same guy that invented that invented this chair. This thing is an iBOT mobility system. Its got four wheel drive so I can go outside and over the yard, it’ll climb over curbs, shoot it can even climb stairs. If you want, after dinner I’ll give you the grand tour of the house. We’ll even go upstairs, I’ll show you.”

That I did want to see and even more I wanted to see Mary excited about something.

I said, “Mary, I’d love the grand tour.”

We finished our cocktails and Mary asked, “Chris do you mind eating here, I can serve in the dining room if you’d prefer but it’s so big it’s almost Gothic without a large group to fill it.”

“Here’s fine Mary. Can I help?”

“You can set the table if you don’t mind; the silver is over there,” as she pointed to one of the drawers, “I’ll get everything else out.”

She served and she carved. Dinner was delicious, a standing rib roast, Yorkshire pudding, steamed broccoli with lemon butter and the best potatoes I’ve ever eaten. I asked about those, I’d never had them prepared in that manner. They were Idaho bakers cut almost through that fanned out. They were crispy on the outside and soft and luscious on the inside.

She said, “I cheat just a little, everything else is typical English but the potatoes are Swedish. They’re called Hasselback Potatoes, and I just love them.”

We’d finished dinner and I’d cleared the table, Mary wanted to do it herself but I insisted and we were just finishing our wine. Mary asked,

“Ready for that grand tour?”

I was, she led the way.

We went out to a large sun room. She said, “I think this my favorite room, I like to sit out here, let the sun warm me and read or just look at the view.”

She opened the drapes, they were electrically controlled. The push of a button and the parted; her back yard was huge with mature trees.

I could imagine it in daylight, the furnishings were light print fabric, several chairs, a love seat and a day bed, it would be a delightful place to wile away an afternoon. She closed the drapes as we left the room.

We passed by the dining room, she switched on the chandelier and said, “See what I mean?”

I did.

In the living room she commented that she liked to sit by the fire place on winter nights.

There was a large family room with a big screen TV.

“I don’t turn that thing on too often, I’d rather read, the English Lit. Major I guess, but occasionally I do enjoy a movie.”

My bed room’s down stairs too, I’ll show it to you but be prepared, it looks a little like a school yard playground jungle gym, lots of bars and stainless steel.

It did, the scent of her perfume filled the room lending femininity to it but the bed, a king sized bed was like a hospital bed, it could be raised behind her back or under her legs and there were bars hung above it.

“I need the bars to get in and out,” she said.

“Take a look at the bath; it’s more space age than this. It was.

The commode was specially designed to accommodate the handicapped; there was a smaller chair that she could use when she showered and a huge Jacuzzi style tub with multiple jets.

“They tell me that the Jacuzzi is good for my legs, I wouldn’t know, I can’t feel it but the rest of me likes to relax and get a massage from the bubbles,” she smiled with a little glint in her eye.

I was wondering about that when she said,

“Ready to go upstairs?”

“Lead the way,” I answered.

This I had to see.

And up the stairs she went, I was amazed. There were two sets of wheels that rotated over each other, one set rolled onto the next higher step pulling, the back set pushing, the dammed thing was an engineering marvel.

She showed me around, additional bedrooms, two with private baths like master suites and lots of storage space; all unused.

She said, “I don’t often come up here.”

We went back down; the final room she showed was her office/study. There was a computer work station, a writing table, shelf upon shelf of books and a smaller fireplace.

“This is my room, when I’m not in the sun room I’m usually in here. Chris would you like to make us a couple more drinks and sit with me in here?”

“Of course Mary.”

I fixed the drinks; she was parked beside the chair in front of the cold fireplace.

“Come sit with me,” she said, patting the chair next to her.

I sat beside her and she took my hand, giving it a little squeeze.

“Thank you Chris for putting up with an old lady’s musings, I’m enjoying this evening so much, do you suppose you can come back again sometimes?”

“As often as you want me,” I answered.

“And Mary, you’re hardly an old woman. That’s not who I see.”

“What do you see Chris, what do you see? A wheelchair bound invalid, someone to take pity on, a sad and lonely woman? Sometimes I wish I’d gone with Mal and Robbie.”

“You asked, so I’ll answer. I see a woman, one that’s smart and pretty, one that can be just about as independent as she wants to be, you pretty well demonstrated that tonight, most of all I see a person I like. What I hadn’t seen was someone wallowing in self-pity, but that seems to be what you’re showing now. Why?”

I saw a flash of anger in her face; the self-pity comment had struck a nerve. She came back at me,

“What do you know; you’ve got your health and your life ahead of you. I’m looking at years of pain and nights of loneliness. Sometimes it’s just too much.”

“Don’t you have friends, someone to talk too?”

“Chris most of my friends were shared friends with Mal. Couples: when I wasn’t part of a couple anymore they drifted away. Even the friends I had stay away, the look at me like my disability; my paralysis is a communicable disease. I make them uncomfortable so they don’t visit. The only people I see are my housekeeper who comes in two days a week and my physical therapist; he comes three mornings a week, though I don’t know why I bother with him.”

“Does he help?”

“Chris, he massages my legs, I’m never going to walk again but he massages my legs. I can’t even feel it but the doctors want me to continue, they say it will help me retain some muscle tone. But why, I’m never going to be able to use them and besides it doesn’t work. “

“What do you mean, “It doesn’t work?”

She tugged at my hand saying come here. I got up and stood in front of her.

“I’ll show you what I mean.”

With that Mary raised her dress to her hips. Her legs were as thin as a child’s, white, not a healthy flesh tone but white.

“Touch them,” she instructed.

I hesitated, then felt them, the flesh was flaccid almost desiccated, nearly skin and bone. I also noticed her panties, the flesh they were covering looked healthy, I could see her slit where the gusset rode into her and I could see her bush. She truly was a honey blonde. She watched me looking at her and she saw where I was staring. She lowered her dress.

I sat back down. “I’m sorry Mary; you didn’t really have to do that.”

“Yeah Chris I did. Yes, sometimes I feel a little sorry for myself. I confess, I do; usually I’m ok but sometimes I get down.”

“Am I depressing you Mary, would you like me to leave?”

“No, no please don’t go Chris,” her voice was almost panicky.

“Mary I won’t leave if you don’t want me too, tell me, though, what’s bothering you?”

“Chris, I, I, I just can’t say.”

“Of course you can Mary, I think you need too.”

She shook her head no. It wasn’t fear I was looking at, it was embarrassment. She’d reddened and her respiration had changed.

I don’t know why, I took her hand and knelt in front of her chair, saying, “Mary, you can talk to me, if I can help, please let me.”

She turned her head away, she didn’t want to look me in the eyes but she did answer, “Chris, you looked me, not just at my legs, you looked at me. Chris, oh damn, how can I say this, Chris did you like what you could see, that flesh isn’t dead Chris, it feels and it wants. Nine years Chris, nine years since a man has looked at me there, touched me there. I’m so embarrassed, please don’t think badly of me, please don’t, I want you as a friend.”

“Do you want me ask more than just a friend Mary?”

She sighed, “Yes Chris, yes.”

I stood up and wrapped her with my arms, holding her body and I kissed her, a wet passionate kiss.

Her voice was trembling as she lay the wheelchair back, “Oh yes Chris.”

I unbuttoned her dress; the bra had a front clasp, I unfastened it exposing her breasts, they were small but beautifully shaped, conical and firm with dusty rose colored areolas and light brown nipples. I took a nipple into my mouth and sucked it. Mary quivered and softly moaned. I alternated between her breasts, sucking and nipping on one while I twisted and gently tugged at her other nipple. I unbuttoned the rest of the buttons on her dress; fortunately buttons ran clear to the bottom. It was probably easier for her to get into I thought, I opened it exposing her.

I could see her snow white legs and I could see her panties, they were pale blue but the crotch was darker with dampness. Mary was already lubricating. I trailed kisses down her body, over her tummy then asked her to raise her hips. She did, I slipped her panties off.

Her mound was covered with honey blonde curls. She was untrimmed, just the way I preferred. I opened her slit with my fingers and admired her.

Her labia were darkened, as with an adult woman and her vulva was a light red. I took in her scent. She smelled of musk, the aroma of arousal. Her arousal was evident; fluid was oozing from her vagina. I licked her, tasted her for the first time. I snaked my tongue along her, licking her juices then tugged at her labia with my lips.

Mary was already trembling and working her hips, moaning softly, begging for more, “Please Chris, taste me,” she rasped.

I took her clitoris between my lips and sucked her into my mouth, playing with her sensitive tip with my tongue. It didn’t take long, the tremble increased in intensity, she was shaking, her blonde hair flying as she whipped her head from side to side. I had a finger in her and could feel her vagina clamping it, clasping me with every contraction as she climaxed. Her first big one was followed by a series of smaller orgasms; she had four or five before she tapped my head pleading,

“No more, aaah, no more.”

I released her clit and laved her vulva cleaning her before I looked up.

She had a cockeyed little smile on her face. She said, “My God Chris that was fantastic, intense, it had been nine years, but fantastic. Come up here and kiss me.” She held out her arms.

I went to her and she did kiss me, holding me in a tight embrace. When she broke the kiss she said, “Me, I don’t taste too bad.”

“Mary, I think your taste is wonderful,” I answered.

She was unzipping my slacks when she said, “My turn, I want a taste.”

My pants fell to the floor then she pulled my underwear down. I was already rigid. She adjusted her elevation until it was perfect and took me in her mouth. She deep throated me several times and I started pumping her mouth, she knew I was almost there. She came off me and asked,

“Let me.”

She sucked on one of her fingers, encircled my bottom with her arms and took me back into her mouth. Three or four trips up and down on me and I started to swell. When I did, she opened my cheeks and stuck a finger in me; she probed me deeply, found my prostate and milked it while she sucked. My God I exploded, I roared when I came, God what that finger did to me. I’ve never cum so hard. I pumped gush after gush of my seed into her mouth, Mary swallowed then sucked me dry. I thought I was going to collapse over her.

“Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I’ve never cum like that before, damn.”

“I guess that means you liked it?”

“You could say that smarty.”

“Put your pants on and come to my bedroom, I’d like you to lie down with me and hold me if you don’t mind.”

“Oh I don’t mind.”

She took off, over her shoulder she called, “Bring my panties would you?”

Sure I would, I picked them up and followed.

Mary was parked along side the bed and was reaching for the bars; I scooped her up and put her on the bed.

“Why’d you do that Chris, I’m not helpless,” she flared at me.

“Didn’t think you were but I wanted to carry my lady to bed.”

“Oh I’m your lady now am I,” she retorted.

It gave me a little queasy feeling in my stomach as I digested her question, damn I was thinking of her as my lady.

I said, “Yeah, if you want to be.”

“Chris I’m not just a one night stand for you am I? Are you gonna come back after tonight?”

“If you want me too,” I answered.

“Oh yes Chris, I want you too, and, yes, I’m your lady if you want me to be.”

She was lying on the bed. I bent, hugged her and kissed her, saying, “I want you to be.”

I helped her out of her dress and brassiere; there wasn’t much to do, just take the garments from her shoulders.

She lay naked on her bed. I undressed and climbed in beside her.

“Mary, I want to lie with you, hold you and snuggle but I want something else first, I want you.”

“You want in me, you want to make love to me, oh Chris, my legs, I can’t squeeze you and hold you against me, you won’t like it.”

I opened her thighs and rolled between them saying, “I think I’ll like it just fine.”

She was sopping, lubricating heavily, waiting for me. I entered her, oh yes, she had feeling there, I slowly stroked her. We were looking into each other’s eyes. It was different; her dead legs didn’t do anything, just lay split. They went where I put them and nowhere else but the muscles that didn’t work there were compensated for by those that did. She was squeezing me with her vagina.

We hadn’t reached the heights of arousal, we could still talk. I stroked slowly and she squeezed me.

“You like,” she asked.

“I like a lot, how about you?”

“Oh yeah, I like but Chris, I’m not breakable, you can go harder, please go harder.”

I pumped her, deep into her and she moaned.

Then a scary thought crossed her mind.

“Oh damn,” she said, “Chris I’m still fertile, do you have a condom?”

I didn’t want to quit but I did, I had two in my bill fold. I got off and got one out.

“Give it to me, let me put it on,” she asked.

I handed it to her and she rolled it on. Before I could get back on her she asked, “Chris, you’re really going come back?”

“You couldn’t beat me off with a stick.”

“I’ll call my gynecologist tomorrow and get on birth control, much as I might like it with you I’m a little too old to be a Mama again.”

I slid back in.

“Would you mind if I lifted your legs Mary?” I asked.

“They’ll go wherever you lead them.”

I lifted them to my shoulders, I had to hold them in place but that was ok, Mary was open and available, I thrust into her deeply and pumped her hard.

I watched, Mary’s eyes were open, big as saucers, she was panting and thrusting her hips at me and I fucked her all the harder. It was different, I’d never watched a woman have an orgasm, guess I’d always been too busy concentrating on mine but tonight I watched, suddenly she scrunched her eyes shut and flailed me with her long hair, she was whipping her head back and forth, moaning then getting louder her tone changing, no longer, a moan but a wail. She was using her ass to power her, she was bucking hard against me, I never even noticed her legs, how could I, she was so active, pounding back at me, she didn’t need legs, hips and groin were more than enough, God I swelled and shot into that damned rubber, filling it, wishing I was filling her instead. She’d climaxed with the wailing sounds, her cunt, yes, I’ll use that dirty word, clenched me, when she began to come down from her high she concentrated on me. I was still in her, softening but she wouldn’t let me go. The fox, when she had normalized I was still in her, she used her muscles “down there” and squeezed me, milking the last of my ejaculate into that damned rubber.

I lowered her legs back to the bed. What ever they might have once been able to do I hadn’t missed. I’d never felt anything like what she could do with her vagina. I was still in her and I was still being pleasured even as I shrunk.

“Kiss me Chris, lie to me, tell me you love me. Please tell me you love me.” Mary had tears in her eyes.

“Do you want me to say I love you Mary, do you want me to say it even if it’s a lie, tell me what you want.”

“Chris, I’m so lonely and so blue. I’ve been in this wheelchair for nine years. At first, after I could understand what had happened; and Chris, that wasn’t immediate, I was in a coma for several weeks, when I finally was able to understand what had happened I suffered survivors’ remorse; I simply wanted to die. I hadn’t even been able to attend their funerals, Mal’s and Robbie’s, I was comatose when they’d been laid to rest; when I finally awoke I was alone and paralyzed, but they were gone and I was still here. I was living and breathing and I was alone. Chris, I need someone, someone to love me, so if you have to lie to me, lie to me. I want to hear the words, Mary, I love you.”

“So if you have to lie to me I don’t care, I just don’t care. Chris I’ve known you what, two days? I already love you, I know it’s foolish, a foolish old woman but I do love you. Chris you’ve given me more time and attention than all of my purported friends combined, you’re fun to talk to and you are unafraid to get into bed with me; nine years, Chris, nine years I‘ve been waiting, hoping to be treated as a women, to feel what you’ve made me feel , to experience sensations that have been dormant; waiting, hoping, then yes, lie to me, lie to me if you must but please don’t leave me, please don’t,” she begged.

I held her, crushing her to my chest. Mary was so slight, no more than 110 pounds. I was lying beside her. I rolled her on top of me, I’m not sure why, I just wanted to feel her weight.

“Mary I don’t have to lie; I do love you. I love you Mary.”

She sighed a deep sigh; my chest was being moistened from her leaking eyes. She took my nipple between her lips and suckled on me. No one had ever done that, I had no idea that it was a male erogenous area, I found out it was.

While Mary teased my nipples I caressed her bottom, kneading and rubbing her. I slipped a finger between her cheeks and pressed her tight rosebud, she ground her pelvis against me.

“Oh you naughty boy,” she said but she didn’t tell me to quit.

She felt me stiffening, her belly was on me. She asked,


I rolled her off and got the second condom.

I rested on my knees for a few moments admiring her; except for her flawed legs she was truly beautiful. Her wild curly mound, the womanly flair of her hips, her flat tummy and her exquisite breast, small firm and pointed they the rose from her chest. And her face, even nicer now with her inviting smile. I slid into her.

‘Let me do it Chris,” she asked.

I felt what she meant. She was using her vaginal muscles to masturbate me.

“Do you like this?” She asked.

I did and I said so.

“Touch me, please touch me.”

Her clitoris was waiting; I took it between my fingers and stroked her. She mewled.

“I’m about to cum,” I said.

She replied, “Me, too.”

I kept my fingers on her while I pumped deeper into her. She quivered under me as an orgasm washed through, her love tunnel spasmed as I released. We stayed as we were, me in her, her squeezing me for several minutes.

I petted her body, her sides and breasts saying, “You’re a remarkable woman Mary.”

I rolled off her and lay beside her holding her.

When I started to rise she asked, “Are you going now?”

“I guess I should, is there anything I can do for you before I go?” I asked.

“Promise to come back, that’s all, I’ll do everything else after you’re gone.”

“When do you want me back?”

“Chris, I don’t want you to leave so come back as quickly as you can.”

“Tomorrow,” I said, “But I have to work, it’ll be around nine thirty before I can get here, is that too late?”

That became our routine, Monday through Friday I’d arrive at nine thirty, Saturdays we’d spend the day together before I had to go to work and Sundays we had all day and night.

I’d often bring a pizza or sub sandwiches during the week but Mary always prepared a Sunday dinner.

We got to know each other; I’d discussed my upbringing and my plans after college. She told what her life had been like before the accident. Nothing was out of bounds.

I learned she was a pretty independent gal; she had a custom van that was handicap equipped. She drove herself to doctor’s appointments, the hair dresser and did some of her shopping. In fact I learned that on the morning after our first Sunday she’d driven to her OBGYN and after a physical exam had gotten a birth control preion. I continued using a condom until she’d completed a cycle.

Mary did let me do some little things for her. I know she accepted it because I loved her not because I pitied her. In fact it was easy to forget her handicap when we were together.

And our sex life, she was a sensual woman who liked a lot of attention. Sundays were an all day love fest. We explored each others bodies, learning the others sensitive spots. She’d already introduced me to the pleasure she could give me with a finger in me, milking my prostate and I’d learned that my nipples were sensitive to her attention.

Mary was anal erotic; she delighted in her bottom getting my fingers or tongue. Her nipples were like little hot buttons and she liked me to nibble on her ears. She tried that with me; all I got out of it was a bitten ear. But wow, did we have fun.

Fingers and hands, tongues and lips, vagina and cock, we went at each other. The only down side was that for actual penetration we were pretty much limited to the missionary position. There her legs did have an impact. She couldn’t really ride me, her on top and of course she couldn’t get up on her knees.

One Sunday, I wanted her on top of me, I asked if she’d let me help her ride me. Reluctantly she agreed, she was afraid that it wouldn’t work that I’d be disappointed. I told her that my only disappointment would be if we didn’t try.

It did take a little experimenting before we got it right. She was a lightweight, I could pick her up. I’d set her in a sitting position and lay her legs along my sides then lift her so she could guide me in. I could get really deep into her, her weight pushed her down on me and we’d sit like that while she worked those fantastic muscles. Mary had immensely powerful arms for a little person, compensation for the loss of the use of her legs; she could put her hands on my hips and lift herself up and down like a gymnast. It wasn’t perfect but it worked. It gave us another way we could please each other.

Sex with Mary wasn’t like it would be with a young woman, not as wild and raucous but then again Mary wasn’t twenty something. I was twenty-three; she’d be forty on her next birthday.

That evening, after dinner, Mary and I were sitting at the table sipping the last of our wine when Mary said,

“Chris, I love you and I know you love me. I like it when you’re here and I hate it when you’re gone. I’ve thought about this. I want you to stay here, to move in. We could fix up one of the bedrooms upstairs for you and you wouldn’t have to work anymore, you’d have more time for your studies and, well, selfishly, more time for me. Would you consider it?”

I sat quietly, not answering her for several minutes, digesting what she was offering. The opportunity to spend even more time with her was attractive.

Finally I said, “Mary if you want me here, I’ll come but I do have a couple of things we need to talk about. First, I would continue to work, I don’t want to be your “Kept Man,” and second, I’ll come only if I can share your bed. The bedroom upstairs is fine, for appearances sake I can use it for my clothes and the like but I want to sleep with you, I want to be able to hold you, hug you and make love to you at any and all hours. I want to come, yes, I want to come but only so I can have more of you and your love.”

“You’d have my love wherever you were but I’ll get to show it more if you’re here, why don’t plan on you moving in next weekend, it would give me time to get the room ready.”

“Ok, I’ll bring my stuff over Saturday morning.”

With that settled, we went to the bedroom.

The following Saturday I brought my things over, there wasn’t much, my clothes and a few pieces of sports equipment and stowed them upstairs.

We had a great time, that day, maybe because it was new, us living together. We spent our time on the day bed in the sun room.

I had to work that evening, 4 ‘til 9, I told Mary I’d bring home an Italian foot long and salads for supper and kissed her good-by.

She received a delivery around five and set it up in the sun room.

When I got home it was nearly nine-thirty. Mary was in the kitchen, seated in her chair. She was wearing a robe, unusual for her; she liked to be dressed up a little when I got in. I think she liked me to undress her. I gave her a hug and a kiss. She smelled fresh; she must have just gotten out of the shower.

I put the sub in the oven, I liked my Italian heated, her, too and got out some plates for the salads. I said,

“If you’ll get the drinks I’ll run upstairs, shower and change. I smell like a pizza.”

“Ah, pizza, one of my favorite meals,” she said with a twinkle in her eye, “Go ahead, what do you want, wine or a beer?”

Over my shoulder I said, “You choose.”

I passed her bedroom on my up, the door was shut. When I came back down I was casually dressed, shorts, a pull over and bare feet. Mary had already gotten the sub out of the oven, they were on the plates with the salads and we each had beers in frosty mugs.

After we’d finished our meal Mary said,

“I have a surprise for you, well maybe it’s for me but you’re going to participate. Give me a few minutes. When I call you come out and I want you naked when you come.”

With a quizzical expression I said, “Ok.”

She wheeled out into the sun room. I could see that the lighting was subdued and I heard rustling but I didn’t peek.

Mary called, “I’m ready, get naked.”

I dropped my clothes there on the kitchen floor and followed her voice.

I wasn’t quite sure what I was seeing; Mary was on the day bed draped over a device that looked like a traffic bump. It was about one and a half feet tall, white padded leather. Mary’s head and shoulders were resting on one side of it and her legs trailed on the other, she was bent over it at the hips. She still had her robe on.

“Come over here and unwrap your gift,” she said. She was grinning at me like the cat that ate the canary.

“What the…?” I uttered.

“I always liked it this way and I want it again. It’s been way too long. Now unwrap me,” she said as she laid a tube of lubricant beside her.

As I helped her out of her robe I said, “Mary, I’ll hurt you.”

Her reply, “Probably but I’ve got a high threshold for pain and I’ve got my pillow, now fill me up.”

I looked at her and immediately got ramrod hard. She was open and inviting, I used the lube. I put some on her and some in her then slathered some on me. Her prop was narrow, just wide enough for her hips. I straddled her, my feet outside her legs and guided my cock to her, pressed against her rosebud and slid in.

Mary moaned when I popped through her sphincter. She pulled her pillow to her face, making little mewling sounds as I thrust, burying myself in her dark depths. I paused for a moment.

In a raspy, pleading voice Mary breathed, “Fuck me Chris fuck my ass I want your cum in me, oh fuck me man.”

I was mounted on her and I pounded her, hard and fast, I powered in and out.

Mary was wailing, “Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me, oh damn Chris my ass is yours, fill me up, oh God, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum.”

Me, too, I thought as she started to tremble under me. I thrust rapidly, then buried myself in her, grasping her hips, Mary wailed and jerked hips back as she climaxed. I exploded, I gushed into her, bathing her guts with my semen, spewing pulse after pulse of my hot cum deep in her. As I slowed she started milking me, her muscles taut as she contracted them, squeezing me, draining me. I quit pumping and let her empty me. Finally we both were spent.

I rested draped over her back for several minutes while we both recovered then helped her back into her robe and sat her in her chair.

“Wow that was intense,” she said, “I’ve always liked it that way, now we can do it anytime we want. I’m going to leave this bed set up this way; we can come out here when I want it or when you do. And I’ll tell you, I’ll want to be out here a lot. I’ve wanted to feel you in me, in my bottom for a long time. It’s wonderful just sitting here, I can almost feel your cum boiling in my bowels, damn, I’m getting wet just thinking about it. I’m leaking fore and aft but I’m one happy chick. Let’s go to bed.”

She motored to the bedroom. I started to get her a gown but she stopped me with,

“I don’t want a gown. I want to sleep naked with you so I can feel you against me you can touch me.”

I was going to lift her into bed but she insisted on doing it herself.

When she was comfortable I crawled in beside her. I gave her a hug and a kiss and rolled her onto her side so I could spoon with her. She wiggled her bottom against me and I responded.

“Again,” I asked.

She wiggled and I slid in.

After we’d climaxed I stayed in her. That’s how we drifted off to sleep. She in my arms, one hand on her breast and us joined.

I’d started my senior year and I’d taken Mary up on her offer, I was no longer working. My classes took enough time away from us. It was during the Christmas holiday season, Christmas Eve and we were in the living room sitting in front of the fireplace sipping snifters of Aramagnac, thoughts of home, hearth and family were going through my head.

I took Mary’s hand, “Mary, if I asked would you say yes, would you marry me?”

She looked into my eyes and said, “Are you asking Chris?”

I slid to the floor beside her chair and said, “Yes, I’m asking, will you marry me?”

“Chris, I’m paralyzed, what kind of a wife could I be?”

“Mary that’s a spurious argument, your legs have been paralyzed as long as I’ve known you. I love you and want you as my wife, don’t you love me?”

“Chris you know I love you. More than life itself even. I’m not thinking about me, it’s you man.”

“What do you mean me?”

“Chris I’m sixteen nearly seventeen years older that you. I’ll be an old, old woman when you’re still a virile man barely into middle age, what kind of a life would that be for you?”

“The life I want with the woman I want, that’s what kind of a life it would be.”

“What about children Chris, I’m forty, past my child bearing prime, don’t you want children?”

“Mary I’d like a kid, sure, but not at the expense of losing you. I want you as my wife. If we can’t have children, so be it.”

“I don’t know.”

“Mary it that no? Are you telling me no?” I asked.

“Chris, that’s I don’t know. Give me a couple of days, please.”

“You’re not giving me much of a choice are you?”

“I guess not but I will answer you later this week; now let’s go to the sun room, maybe you can help me make up my mind,” as she motored toward the back of the house.

Oh, I’d help her make up her mind alright, screw with my mind, yeah, her ass was mine.

I helped her out of her clothes. When she was down to just her panties I lifted her and lay her in position. I gave her a swat on the bottom.

“Are you going to spank me Chris?”

“I’ve a mind to,” I answered as I gave her another swat.

“I’d rather you did something else with my bottom but if that’s what you want then go ahead.”

“No, I’d rather do something else with it too,” I said as I rolled her panties off and lubricated her.

She wiggled at me in invitation.

I accepted it. Opening her cheeks I thrust into her burying myself to the hilt.

Mary wailed as I bottomed out. I didn’t hesitate; I pumped her with hard driving thrusts, deep into her guts, slamming my hips against her bottom, my balls against her lips. I rode her like a dog on his bitch, a rapid stabbing onslaught, stretching her, hurting her.

She was sobbing into her little pillow as I continued my assault; punching into her straining rectum while she shed tears of pain.

“Chris you’re hurting me man, you’re hurting me,” she pleaded.

Realization hit me. I was allowing my frustration with her answer to overpower reason. I love Mary; I didn’t want to hurt her, not really. I relented, slowing to long leisurely strokes, gliding back and forth in her velvet chute.

“That’s better way better,” she sighed.

I rubbed her back and caressed her sides and hips, letting her take pleasure, taking my pleasure. She was making little mewling sounds of contentment.

Her quivering started, she whispered, “Chris, I’m ready, I’m gonna cum, oh I’m gonna cum.”

Tremors shook her body as she convulsed, writhing under me, I could feel her contractions as she turned to liquid. I hadn’t cum yet; I continued to gently stroke her.

Then that fantastic clasping of her bottom started. I let her finish me, bringing me off, I flowed into her. When she’d drained me she looked over her shoulder and asked, “Feel better now.”

With a sheepish grin I said, “Yeah I do.”

“Me, too, now take me to bed, I want you in me when we go to sleep.”

Chris was still on his Holiday break when Monday came. Mary got up early leaving Chris sleeping. She had a private call to make.

She called her doctor asking if she could see her for a complete physical. The doctor asked if she could stop by a private laboratory, she wanted blood work and a urinalysis. She’d call in the preion and ask for a rush. They set the appointment for four.

When I got up breakfast was already on the table. We ate and Mary said that she was going out, she had some things she wanted to do and she wanted to take advantage of some after Christmas sales. She probably wouldn’t be back ‘til after six and she wanted to go out to dinner when she got back, she wanted to go to a little Italian joint, reservations wouldn’t be needed.

Mary was dressed in a cute woolen jumper and sling back pumps when she motored away in her van. I wondered what she was up to; she didn’t often go out alone except for her doctor’s appointments.

Mary made the lab her first stop, gave her samples and headed to the mall. She bought a few things and had a late lunch. At four she arrived at the doctor’s office.

Doctor Tran told her that the lab work was in and there was nothing abnormal so that was out of the way. Since Mary couldn’t sit up the doctor did her ear, throat and eye exam with Mary sitting in her chair. She unzipped her jumper, lowered it and helped Mary out of her bra. She checked with her stethoscope back and front.

Mary, I need you on the examining table. Mary looked at it; there were no bars to assist her.

‘Let me get my nurse, I’ll be right back,” Doctor Tran said.

The doctor explained her problem then she and the nurse came back. They picked Mary up and lay her on the table. The nurse pulled her jumper off and rolled her panties down over her feet.

“Lila, how about staying with us in case I need your help,” the doctor asked the nurse.

Dr Tran examined Mary’s breasts and nipples then asked Lila to put Mary’s legs in the stirrups.

“Please use the Velcro straps,” she instructed.

“Lila, help Mary get into position,” she asked.

Lila slid her down the table ‘til her bottom rested on the edge.

The doctor probed her abdomen the snapped on gloves, bringing the overhead light down close she inspected Mary’s labia and vulva then took off her right glove and lubricated the left. She probed into Mary checking her ovaries while she prodded her from the outside.

“Looks ok there,” she said, “Almost done.”

She threw away the glove and replaced it with another. Lubing her gloved fingers she slid two into Mary’s anus.

The doctor gave Mary a quizzical look and commented, “Mary, you’re pretty loose down here.”

Mary reddened in embarrassment.

Doctor Tran gave her a little smile, “Oh, I understand, most gals don’t like it all that well.”

Mary reddened further.

“Mary, it’s not a problem, I like it too, just be sure to use plenty of lubricant and take precautions hygienically, it’s a major erogenous zone for me and I guess you too.”

Mary nodded assent.

Doctor Tran pushed deeper into her, feeling her uterus while pressing from above, checking that it was positioned properly.

She pulled her fingers out and tugged off her glove. She put another glove on her right hand and taking a wad of tissues she wiped the lubricant from Mary’s bottom.

“Lila, please give me a hand,” she asked.

They helped Mary get dresses and lifted her back to her chair.

“Let’s go to my office Mary,” she said as she led the way.

“Mary, except for your legs you’re in perfect health. But, a spinal injury can make you more fragile. I don’t see any real evidence of that. So, the real question comes down to age. Mary, you’re forty, that’s late but not impossibly so, I think if you’re prepared to be careful, take good care of yourself and slow down and rest you could have a baby, but are you sure that’s what you want?”


“Well then Mary, you have my cautions which I already gave you and my blessings, good luck.”

I was dressed casually, grey slacks and a shirt, open at the collar. Mary decided to stay in her jumper so we left for the restaurant as soon as she got home. We had salads, pasta with garlic breadsticks and a bottle of Chianti. I thought we’d talk about her decision but she never brought it up and I didn’t want to pressure her. She was bubbly though.

I said, “You’re in a good mood, you must have had a fun day.”

“Chris I had the perfect day.” She didn’t elaborate.

It was still early when we got home but Mary wanted to go to bed, she said she wanted me in her. She went to the bedroom, I followed.

“Help me out of these clothes, I’m in a hurry,” she said.

It was an unusual request but I helped.

“Lift me into bed,” she asked.

Even more unusual, she was normally so insistent upon being independent.

“Hurry up, don’t keep the lady waiting,” she urged.

“What, no foreplay,” I kidded.

“Nope, I’m plenty hot right now, hurry damn it.”

I climbed on the bed and parted her thighs. Her blonde bush beckoned, I answered its call.

I parted her lips with my left hand and guided myself with my right. I slid in and she sighed.

Then I noticed, my left hand, my fingers were sticky; I smelled them and tasted them. That wasn’t girl I tasted, it was KY and we hadn’t used any.

The thought flashed through my mind that she’d been with someone else but I didn’t believe it. So I asked,

“May I ask, what’s my lady been up to today?”

She gave me a moue then said, “Yes!”

I looked at her and said, “Now that’s a non sequitur if I’ve ever heard one. I ask what you’d been up to and you answer yes.”

“Yep, yes.”

“Explain.” I queried.

“I was answering your first question first then I’ll answer this one.”

It took a couple of seconds for it to register.

“You’ll marry me?”

“Yes Chris, I’ll marry you. I’d like to do it here in the backyard over the Easter Break then we can fly down to the Caribbean for a week.”

“Mary, you’ve made me so happy.”

I wondered if I was the first suitor to get his positive answer with his cock in the prospective bride; probably not.

“Now as to your second question, by the way the answer to the first question was determined by the cause of this second question, that’s KY Jelly, from my doctor’s hand to my vagina, bottom too for that matter, but it’s from the examination I got today. Chris, I wouldn’t have married you if I couldn’t give you a kid, it didn’t seem fair. She gave me the green light, I may have to take it easy but she doesn’t anticipate any problems.”

“So I’m gonna be a husband and a daddy?”

“Yeah, and in that order; I’m going off birth control so my body can flush out the drug by the time we get married but I don’t want a “preemie” so, for the next few months it’ll have to be my mouth or my bottom, think you can live with that?”

“Oh I think so,” I winked.

“Ok, enjoy the fore slot tonight cause after tonight you’re banished to the aft for the next three months.”

I felt like Brer Rabbit sentenced to three months in the briar patch.

I leaned into her and pumped, she felt different tonight; it was probably just my mind, knowing I was going to put a baby in there but it felt different, a little nicer.

I lifted her legs to my shoulders and stroked her deep, reaching for where our baby was going to be formed. A husband and a baby, God how I love this woman, I gave it my all.

When she came it was with a shudder and a rush, her sweet vagina spewed out its precious liquid and I replaced it with mine, shooting pulse after pulse of my sperm into her luscious pit.

I lay down beside her and held her; I told her much I loved her and how much I looked forward to her being my wife. She just snuggled, comfortable and happy in my arms. After a while she rolled on her side so I could spoon her.

“Would you Chris?” She asked.

I knew what she wanted; I reached toward the night stand.

“You won’t need it, I’m still kinda squishy down there,” she said.

She arched her back and I slid in.

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