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She really did have a sweet little pussy.
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Sweet Little Pussy

I had gone back home to East Podunk for my father’s funeral. I had not been back for about seven years. I almost married a girl there but when she called off the wedding I left town and she married someone else. I was devastated and I never did get married. At thirty years old I was pretty sure that it wouldn’t happen any time soon. All I could find were other guy’s rejects. Any girl my age has been married and divorced, usually with kids. I was not sure that I needed the extra baggage at that point in my life.

At the funeral I saw my old girlfriend. She was there with her mother, her much younger sister, and of course her three children. They were age six weeks old, three years old, and six years old. It sure didn’t take her long to get pregnant after leaving me.

My old girlfriend Julia was my age but her younger sister was only fifteen years old. Chloe was sort of a change of life baby. Somehow they invited themselves back to my father’s house after the funeral services.

The first thing that Julia did was open her blouse, pull her breast out of her bra and feed the baby. It had been a long time since I had seen Julia’s bare breast but it still made me hard. I couldn’t help but think about the past.

We were only twenty-three years old and we had been going together since high school. She had given me her virginity and I remembered it causing her a great deal of pain, however she let me finish anyway. After that I got a whole lot of blowjobs and anal sex about as often as I wanted it. She never did let me get back in her pussy but obviously she let her husband in there often enough to get her pregnant three times. Soon Julia was digging out the other tit to offer that one to her daughter. In doing so she was basically topless. Her mother and sister didn’t think anything of it. Her mother offered to take the two boys over to her house so that we could talk more freely. The six-year-old would tell his father every little detail. Chloe asked to stay behind and Julia welcomed her company.

As we talked about old times, I learned things that I should have been told about years ago. Julia was my half-sister, we had the same father. She had been told that information before our marriage but no one had ever told me. She also told me that she had a little pussy. I could still remember that sweet little pussy of hers. She then told me that her mother, her sister, and she actually had a female defect that gave them a very tiny pussy. When I took her virginity I had inflicted a lot of pain on her and I never knew it.

She told me that not marring me was the worst thing that she had ever done. Then she thought about it and said that marring her husband might have been worse. She had consented to him impregnating her six times as part of the marriage contract. What happens is, about every three years he ties her down, gags her, and then rapes her every day for a week during her fertile time. It takes him two or three months to get her pregnant. During that period of time she is raped and hurt badly fourteen to twenty-one times. She hates it and vows to never subject herself to it again, but she does. The other days he fucks her in the ass and shoves it in her mouth afterwards. The cruel bastard does it right before she goes out so that her breath smells like shit.

As digesting as it sounded, I got an erection. Chloe was the first one to notice it and told me that she would be happy to take care of it. I looked at her in disbelief. She told me that she would love to give me her virginity, like her older sister had. Julia had told her how special I was and how much I had cared about hurting her. Julia had told her that I was the best thing in her life, even though we were related. Chloe on the other hand had a different father and even though she was Julia’s half-sister she was nothing to me.

For a moment I actually considered fucking that sweet little fifteen-year-old pussy of hers. Chloe was the same age as Julia had been when I took her virginity.

It dawned on me to ask Julia how she could give birth if her pussy was too small for a cock. Well cesarean was the answer. Then she stood up and lowered the front of her pants. There was a bright red scar across her lower belly. I could also see her pubic hair. It made me even harder.

At Chloe’s request Julia dropped her pants and her panties to the floor and sat on the edge of the couch and leaned back. I had seen a few pussies in real life and of course I had seen hundreds more in movies, magazines, and on the Internet. Julia had a very tiny opening. Chloe wet her thumb and slipped it into her sister’s hole causing her some discomfort but not that much.

Then Chloe removed her pants and her panties to show me her tiny pussy. When she asked me to slip my thumb into her vagina I told her that my thumb was a lot bigger that her thumb was. She laughed and said that her pussy was bigger too. I had it all the way up inside her when I looked into her face. She was trying to smile and she was trying to hold back her tears but it wasn’t working. When I tried to pull my thumb out she grabbed my wrist and wouldn’t let me. She told me that I was the first boy to ever enter her and she was going to enjoy it if it was the last thing that she ever did.

I hated inducing the pain that she was feeling but she really wanted it. Chloe said the thought of letting a boy fuck her was all that she ever thought about lately. She also dreaded the thought of some guy sticking his cock up her ass and then shoving it in her mouth. She certainly had a dilemma. No she didn’t, she had me.

With both girls begging me to take Chloe’s virginity and my cock hurting like hell I figured, why not. I rammed my thumb into Chloe’s pussy and folded it over inside her. She cringed but she asked for more. I then realized that Chloe liked pain. It was unusual but she wanted more. Before I was aware of what I was doing I had Chloe on the floor, her legs were spread, and I was just about to push myself into her. I hesitated, then Chloe begged me to shove it into her, and Julia pushed on my ass. I heard a popping sound and then I heard Chloe gasp. I pushed in further and saw her face change. As I pulled out, her eyes widened and she begged me not to stop. I was not going to pull it all the way out, I was just starting to stroke it into her again.

I fucked into Chloe again and again as I watched her face. She really was enjoying the pain that I was inflicting on her. She actually had an orgasm and that is what finally convinced me that she liked it. When I did cum inside her I left my cock in her.

She thanked me for the best orgasm ever. Even Julia thanked me for fucking her sister. That was when I helped myself to one of Julia’s nipples and tasted her mother’s milk first hand.

I had planned on selling Dad’s house and staying where I was, but Chloe sure changed all of that. With her mother’s permission Chloe moved in with me and gave me all of the sex that I could ever want. When she turned eighteen we got married.

By then Julia was back to getting raped nightly and she was on her sixth month of it too. She told me that she wanted to die. When I suggested a divorce she told me that she had made a commitment and that she was going to stick to it. She also said that I was no longer available.

The End
Sweet Little Pussy
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